Friday, March 29, 2024

I have found that, quite possibly, certain words/wording set off whatever g***le censor-minded

clown was putting that notice on some posts.  So, in the spirit of avoiding that, the first of the twice-weekly stuff is waiting below

Be it noted:

When a couple of coworkers screw up and one starts hemorrhaging, it's not funny.
It's hilarious.*

*At least when you figure only a few stitches will fix it.

Since this doesn't involve a evil 'assault weapon'

it'll disappear from the news, other than local, pretty quickly

I have to wonder if they're 'planning for a crisis' or

their next step of "If the EU controls the food, we control the people."

Thursday, March 28, 2024

A bit of clearing

I don't think I've mentioned that I love Sta-Bil

If you're not familiar with it, it's a fuel stabilizer: add some(amount on the bottle) to a gas can or gas tank and it helps keep moisture away, also helping prevent gum or varnish from forming.  If you add it to a gas tank, run it a few minutes to get the stuff all the way through the system.

I think it also helps, for long-term, if you're using straight gas instead of ethanol blend.

What brought this to mind?  Dad's roto-tiller had been sitting in the shed for three years, and when I decided to make a small garden this year I got it out.  He'd made a point- especially since his mower and the tiller were old models- to use straight gas, putting the dose in the can and then filling it, then using that to fill the tanks.

Set the choke, put on full throttle, started on the third pull, and ran normally.  Which was wonderful.  After got it home I added some fresh gas, started it- on the first pull- and made the first run over the ground.

So if you're storing a motor for a while, and you don't already use something, I suggest this stuff.

Isn't it wonderful how Pres. Gropey can screw us

and our allies, and help Russia, at the same time?
The administration’s second line of defense for the “pause” is examining whether U.S. LNG exports are impacting domestic prices. The data demonstrates that exports are not impacting domestic prices. The price of natural gas in the U.S. is nearly at an all-time low, currently under $2/MMBtu. The reason? LNG exports are spurring upstream production and creating jobs along the way. This is a good thing for our domestic prices and the economy. The biggest threat to domestic prices is the lack of pipeline infrastructure in the United States, a problem that the same people behind this bad LNG policy have caused.

Halting LNG permitting not only undermines the security of countries depending on these future shipments, but it also would likely send LNG prices soaring, leading to windfall profits for the Kremlin’s war chest. Such a move could force allies to revert to Russian gas or less eco-friendly energy sources like Chinese coal, adversely affecting global decarbonization efforts. Intensified pressure in the coal market could also significantly impact the prices of solar, wind, and batteries, as their supply chains heavily rely on it.

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

One more politics thing and then I'm done for a while

Someone I know has been going through the "How could a Christian vote for Trump?" thing, and I remembered something from the 2016 period.

There was a lot of the same thing going around then, much of the "Oh, brothers and sisters, how can you?" from the same sources as now*, and one guy got an answer.  He'd mentioned he knew a bunch of evangelical Christian people, some who he greatly respected, and he kept asking them that question; some basically said "You just don't understand"(he truly didn't), some refused to go into it, but one man gave him a hard answer, something like
"He's divorced, he's slept around, he's not the kind of man you respect normally, how could you vote for him?"
Hard look.  "Because he doesn't look on us as the enemy, and the other side does."

A hard, simple answer.  The guy admitted that he hadn't really considered that before, but it made sense to him that in a choice between someone who considers you someone to be either altered or gotten rid of and someone who considered you another American who has care for the country, you'd vote for the latter.  Even if he's not what you would consider a good man.

I'd told that to the lady back then, and she either couldn't understand it, or couldn't accept it.  Apparently she still can't.

*A source she used to beat people with is a 'Christianity Today' or something site that, if I recall, has an awful lot of leftist crap added in.  Considering they seemed to have no trouble supporting Hillary Clinton, and Biden, I doubt a lot of people they're supposedly talking to consider them a fine resource on how to think and believe.

Some general stuff before I become productive for a while

Mexico can't (or won't) defeat the cartels, so they've become 'job creators' and such.  Yeah, that'll work out.

Remember the Littoral Combat Ships that were supposed to save us all?  Holy crap, the Navy is screwed.

Great, a worm that could be used to disable trucks.

Because it pisses me off so bad, I'm going to talk a little more

about a bunch of Biden supporters.  In particular:
Biden's treatment of women and girls.  The girls in particular.  There are pictures and video going back, what, at least a decade? of Biden putting unwanted hands on women and underage girls, sniffing hair, all of it.  But apparently that never really happened, or it's 'disinformation' or just plain ignored.

Hell, there were a bunch of people on the left right up there with people on the right saying "Why is Biden allowed to get away with this?  Why the excuses and willful blindness, especially from people who scream 'Believe All Women!' and such?"
Well, the answer is, I'd say two things:
First, he's a leftist Democrat and they'll excuse anything for someone like that.  Remember Ted Kennedy and his equally drunken and abusive friend Chris Dodd?  Waitress sandwiches and other horrible behavior?  Someone pinned down one of the bigshots of the Women's Movement at the time and asked how they could tolerate someone who does this being supported by them?  The answer was "He votes the right way", that was all that mattered.  Especially(I suspect) because it was mostly lower-class women like waitresses being abused, "We can tolerate those women being abused if it helps the Cause."

Second, a lot of them have chosen blindness.  Not long ago I pointed out Biden's handsy ways and this somehow became "You're talking about his daughter, she explained that was all misinterpreted from her diary."  Nothing about all the other women and girls, they don't exist.  Either ignored or they refuse to admit the existence of because "He's going to save democracy!"  And, of course they hate Trump so badly they'd rather see the place burn down than have him reelected.

It's friggin' amazing.

Added, because I'm ticked off:
The border isn't really a problem, or not his fault.  The ongoing betrayal of Israel because a bunch of muslim voters in a couple of states hate Jews and Biden needs their votes(let's ignore all the State Department and other staffers who don't like Israel and work hard to influence things) is fine because 'he needs their votes to save us!'.  The economy in horrible shape and getting worse.  The military being screwed to the point that we wind up in a shooting war it's going to be really, really bad.  And the left doesn't care.  Some because they're idiots, some because they want the country trashed because it's part of the leftist plan.

Throw in the long march through the institutions by the left which gives us lots of colleges where you don't dare criticize the left in general and some groups in particular, but you can actively call for the death of Jews and the college will protect you from consequences.

Monday, March 25, 2024

People have been talking about this for years, but when Wray comes out and talks about it,

a crapload of people act like they'd never heard of the idea of terrorists sneaking across the border...

It'll happen.  It'll be bloody and awful, and unless we're luckier than I can believe REALLY bloody and awful.

And the Usual Suspects will scream and whine that it's not their fault(it'll be Trump's fault, of course) at the same time they're trying to control everything we do and say about it.  And, without doubt insisting on honest people surrendering the arms that, in some states, will be the main thing used to fight the bastards.

And the people really responsible for it will get away with it.*  Maybe some people forced from office, but I have doubts; the ones most responsible are in blue states where they'd have to be caught with a live boy, a dead girl, and literally bloody handed for a lot of the idiots who vote for them to actually want to do anything about them.

I can't argue with Schlichter: carry.  Spare mags and all.  Because most of the .gov won't be of much help.  Hell, they'll be the ones who made it possible.

*Especially Wray and every other EffingBI clown who was too busy going after traditionally religious people, and home schoolers and such rather than actually chase down illegal aliens and terrorists.

I swear, I may have to stop arguing about politicians,

because I'm sick of the bullshit.  In particular:
"You criticize Biden, but you support a convicted rapist!"
Leave aside that Trump was not convicted of such(and Stephanopoulos may get his ass handed to him in court for saying he was), "Says who?"
"You didn't condemn the Bad Orange Man in the right words!"

Crap like that, then add in when they read what you wrote and interpret it- and accuse you of saying- what they want you to have said, and attacking that.  On and bloody on.

Apparently the idea that I can dislike a lot about Trump AND despise Biden at the same time just does not compute.  Or they can't believe it.

For the most part you're not going to convince those people of anything except that you're against democracy("We're a REPUBLIC, dammit, and for good reasons!"), or love rapists, etc. ad Bullshit.

It's really enough to ruin any willingness to talk to people.

I know, I have too much "Surely they can argue in good faith!" in people.  Losing that rapidly.

Announced over the weekend is the latest "Screw civil rights and due process,

someone said you're a risk so we're here to take your guns" work by Pres. Gropey & Veep Kneepads:
Known as the National Extreme Risk Protection Order Resource Center, this latest office will put the DOJ's $2 million allotment to use under its Byrne State Crisis Intervention Program. The ERPO center was established with the help of the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Violence Solutions. A simplified website guides prosecutors, attorneys, judges, clinicians, victim service providers, social service providers, and household members on how to file protection orders against gun owners they deem at risk.
'At risk' often meaning "Someone decides they're pissed at you and want to screw with you, so they can do it anonymously and pay no penalty for doing so".  Isn't it just wonderful?

For what it may be worth, this is a time to yell at the Congresscritters.  Loudly.

Yes, I know that they just, among other things gave the EffingBI many millions for a new headquarters as a reward for breaking laws, violating civil rights, and otherwise being Stasi-type assholes, but it can't hurt to yell at the senators and reps.  Again.

Nurse once asked me if I smoked, and I said

"Only when I'm on fire."

She gave me a dirty look, and I added "You think I'm joking."

Sunday, March 24, 2024

When you show up to testify as an expert,

and you're really not.

As Irish puts it, call 911 and report this murder

"Men: it's ALL YOUR FAULT!"

As usual.

Ever notice these people always find a way for women to avoid responsibility for something they're involved in?  Apparently saying "No, unless you wear a condom!" or "No, I'm not laying down on a first date/at a drunk party/who the hell are you?" isn't possible.  Or sexist.  Or something."

I'm reminded of a sign a lady had on her desk: "When women act like men, why can't they act like nice men?"
Short version: "Women, don't be jerks yourselves."  Which would probably get her reported to HR or hanged on social media today for being a misogynist.

According to this guy it's not oil production the Ukraine is aiming at,

it's the feedstocks for explosives and rocket fuels.  Which makes sense.

And it would not surprise me at all if he's right about the Biden people getting it wrong.