Saturday, November 17, 2018

Saturday, with a chance of freezing rain;

you're lucky I found some data for you to analyze instead of being out in this mess

Under the heading of "That's REAL pretty,

but out of my price range",

I would dearly love to put this one on a rest with some different ammo and see what it'll do.
Match chamber, comes with a pusher tool to more easily chamber cartridge.
I'm guessing this means the bullet engages the rifling when the cartridge is fully seated; oh, I really would like to try this out.

"Why yes, we lied before, we DO want to take your guns.

And send people to kill you if you don't go along."

Not just kill you, Swalwell thinks using nukes is a possibility.  But don't worry, he says he was being sarcastic.

For some reason, I don't trust the bastard.

Sarah Hoyt has written about what close-minded bastards most publishers are;

if you thought she was exaggerating, go read this.  A taste:
But despite that, there is something about my experience among New York’s literati that’s left a bad taste in my mouth. For all the predictable speechifying about “diversity” that I heard at cocktail parties and literary events, I became struck by just how politically monolithic this scene really is. It’s not just that writers and editors have to be PC when it comes to their books and their public pronouncements: There also seems to be a crushing uniformity in regard to their privately held viewpoints.
To put it mildly.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Friday evening has arrived

New data.  Check it out

It's good the little bastard is paying a price,

but I still think the officer who fired the shot should pay one as well.

When Bob Woodward says you're unhinged about Trump, CNN & Co. ought to pay attention.

They won't, but they should.

Speaking of people who ought to pay a price, Sevier County Assistant District Attorney General Ron Newcomb ought to be thrown the hell out of that office for this.  Best I can tell he's trying to protect the police department from consequences for having this idiot on the force, and for this part
Mullinax and Cody spent 42 days in jail on felony aggravated assault charges filed against them by SCSO and directly accusing them of causing Johnson’s panic attack.

The couple were held without a preliminary hearing for weeks. The law requires such a hearing for jailed suspects within 10 business days of arrest. A judge later tossed out the felony charges, but sent the case to a Sevier County grand jury review.
this bastard ought to be disbarred as well.  And face civil and criminal charges.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Soon they'll find the remaining parts,

figure how the whole mechanism went together, the guy rebuilding it will assemble the last piece and start messing with it...

What's the best spray for Old Ones?

That's damn cold

And, I'm sure, somehow caused by Globular Wa- er, Climate Change.
As summer starts heating up, scientists just published the coldest temperature ever recorded on Earth. During the long, dark Antarctica winter temperatures dropped low enough to resemble other planets.

The temperature they measured? A stunning negative 144 degrees Fahrenheit (-97.8 degrees Celsius). At that temperature, just a few breaths of air would induce hemorrhaging in your lungs and quickly lead to death.

The temperature was recorded using satellite measurements in the middle of Antarctica during the depths of winter where the sun never rises. These findings, recently published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, are close to the theoretical coldest temperature Earth can get down to.

Ref the killing of Jemel Roberson the other day,

ran across this at Ace:
...I do not believe that this poor guy was shot because he was Black; I think he was shot because the cops were out of control and didn't use what little cognitive ability they may have. "Oh look! Guy with gun! Let's shoot him!" Four other people were shot, and it doesn't sound like the bad guy was the one firing, so that means the cops shot five people. Impressive!

The problem now is that "this business is already out of control." Policing in America is broken, and I see no rational solutions being suggested by anybody. BLM wants cops out of Black neighborhoods, and that is moronic beyond belief. Ignoring the fact that most Blacks are not insane...they want the police around...that will not fix the problem. And Whites are killed by cops at approximately the same rates as Blacks, so it's a fallacious argument anyway. But reflexive support for the police is a very shortsighted reaction too. All it does is embolden the crooked or arrogant or power-mad cops who are the lawbreakers, and reinforces the status quo, which is unacceptable.

The thin blue line needs to be discredited, because policing as an occupation is nowhere near the most dangerous one in America. Besides, cops become cops with the understanding that it may get dangerous, and that they may need to go into harm's way. So why is their safety more important than ours? That security guard wanted to go home to his family at the end of his shift, just like the cops who killed him.
I've known too many good cops to blanket call all of them bad; I've met some bad ones who never should've been allowed a badge in the first place, or who reached that point over time, but either other cops/management/politicians protected them.  Throw in bad or inadequate training, and that idiot 'street warrior' mindset that many are being taught, and we wind up with cops who act like an occupying force instead of peace officers.  And that never works well.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

When seconds no longer matter because a good guy stopped the bad guy, these idiots

show up and kill the good guy.

And, just as the cherry on this rancid cake,
According to WLS-TV, four other people suffered non-fatal gunshot wounds in the encounter, although it was not immediately clear whether these gunshot wounds were caused by the shooter or by the police response.
Jemel Roberson, I can at least hope that the stupid, incompetent bastard pays some kind of price for murdering you.

Short version: Californicated is screwed,

but the physical damage very often doesn't hit the asshats behind the screwing.

Example: power company wants to clear trees near power lines that are/can be a threat.  Response from idiots:
Some members of the Save the American River Association and the American River Parkway Coalition and others are fighting to stop PG&E from cutting down what they estimate could be 100 cottonwood and oak trees near a major electricity transmission line that runs through the parkway near Discovery Park.
“We do not think that process and planning should be thrown to the wind in a panic over the global problem of dealing with wildfires in California,” the river association’s Betsy Weiland said. “What is the real fire risk here?”
In the current fires, more than 40 dead, huge damage, and the enviroweenies are bitching- again- about doing ANYTHING to help in the future other than getting rid of people.

Also, asshats, your fires are not a 'global problem', other than idiots like you around the globe effing things up.

For the truly dedicated asshats, even if these fires did hit the cities where they live, they'd still insist on not interfering with 'the forces of Nature'; the others would have a real change of mind if it was THEIR home going up in the flames.  But idiots like the Governor they elected want to blame Globular Warmening/Climate Changering rather than deal with the actual problems.

And now they'll want the rest of the country to pay for the damage, guarantee it.

In (formerly Great)Britain,

During the first six months of the year, police recorded 39,332 knife crime offenses -- a 12 percent increase over last year, according to the Office for National Statistics. Other violent crimes, including murder and robbery, also increased by double-digit percentages.
The true tally of knife crimes is likely even higher than ONS' figure, given Greater Manchester Police data was excluded by ONS because a review of its figures found they undercounting offenses. If those figures were included, the total of knife or sharp instrument offenses across the U.K. would climb to 41,884.
I'm sure someone will inform us that this isn't that bad because 'at least they aren't using guns!'

And, gee, I wonder why they were undercounting?  And doesn't that sound familiar...

Another "I hope he wins both ears, the tail, and the balls" case

He's suing the school and the female.
A former student who was expelled for sexual misconduct just four days before graduating is suing the University of Chicago for allegedly violating his due process rights.

That the accused student, "John Doe," has chosen to sue his accuser, "Jane Roe," is indicative of the serious, malicious actions he ascribes to her. According to Doe's lawsuit, their relationship was entirely consensual, and Roe did not dispute that. After they broke up, they continued to have sex, and those encounters were all consensual as well. Roe did not allege wrongdoing until her friends—to whom she had trash-talked Doe, and promised to stop seeing her ex—discovered she was still sleeping with him. She then claimed Doe had engaged in nonconsensual sex with her after she had passed out.

Monday, November 12, 2018

A: "If you're cold, they're cold!"

In a pig's ass.
Me: "C'mon, get back in!"
Sec. Staff: "We don't want to."
"It's cold out here, and wet, get in!"
"Not to us, hairless."
"GET IN, DAMMIT!"   Etc.

Good news: some cookies left.
Bad news: this weather, I keep wanting to eat the damn things.

Listening to the weather weenies hyperventilate: "It's SNOWING, it's a new record!"
Like everyone's going to die from it.  Hell, it's snowed on Halloween before, so mid-November isn't a big deal.  Despite their heavy breathing while warning of incipient disaster.

A bit more on the .310 Cadet

I was wondering what the thickness of the case walls is on actual .310 brass, so I checked around.  Looks like on Bertram cases(Official From Aussieland Brass) at the case mouth the thickness is 0.125".

Thickness of converted Starline .32-20 cases: 0.008".

Thickness of PPU 7.62 Nagant cases trimmed to .310 length: 0.120.

Looks like, for a less-expensive option, getting a bunch of their 7.62 cases and trimming them would come very close to duplicating dimensions of the real thing.

There are reasons we started calling them bird cuisinarts

A study of wind farms in India found that predatory bird numbers drop by three quarters in areas around the turbines.

This is having a 'ripple effect' across the food chain, with small mammals and reptiles adjusting their behaviour as their natural predators disappear from the skies.

Birds and bats were assumed to be most vulnerable to the rise of the landscape-blotting machines.

But their impact is reverberating across species, experts warned, upsetting nature's delicate balance.
But that's a small price to pay for green energy, right?

Personally, I think the retraining of CPS personnel should include viewing the hanging of the personnel involved in this.
The judge found CPS case worker Levar Jones and his supervisor Niesha Edwards lied in order to take Michael and Melissa Bright's 2-year-old daughter and 5-month-old son away from them.

"And the fact that CPS still has those two people employed is disgusting," said attorney Stephanie Proffitt.
The Brights' 2-year-old daughter ended up being abused in foster care.

"We've got a little girl with a black eye and basically an acidic burn in her diaper area," Proffitt said. "She didn't even make it to foster care until 10 or 11 o'clock at night and by the next morning all of these things had already happened to her."

Oh, gee, another fake hate crime

"If you question what we're doing with this election, you're a racist!"
Standard leftist club deployed once again.

From that notoriously right-wing rag, Time

The ongoing and nationwide exodus of insurers is just the latest piece of evidence that Obamacare is a failed law built on false promises.
On the contrary, Obamacare itself is denying coverage to people with preexisting conditions. Just ask the residents of Pinal County, Arizona, where Obamacare has driven every carrier out of the exchange, and may yet destroy the individual market outside the exchange.
Of course, destroying the individual market is what Obamacare was all about.  But I'm sure someone will tell me I hate poor people, or want everyone else to die, for pointing this out.

Ah, more Professional Journalism

So now comes Tom Mountain, a Jewish Massachusetts Republican official who, on Friday, November 2 was blocked from his own office by a group of Democrats wearing Jewish prayer shawls while chanting that Republicans are the party of White Nationalism and are responsible for the mass murder of Jews in Pittsburgh. Mountain, understandably annoyed, told reporters that these people were “a disgrace to the Jewish people” and “an embarrassment to this country.” The mob of Democrats refused to let him through and the police had to physically haul them off.

Globe headline? “Mass. GOP official calls Jewish protesters ‘a disgrace’ and an ‘embarrassment.’”

Sunday, November 11, 2018

'People who need to be publicly beaten by the parent' for $1000, Alex

...On their way back through the bar, a middle aged man stopped my daughter and asked if she was sitting with Tucker Carlson. My daughter had never seen the man before. She answered: ‘That’s my dad,’ and pointed to me. The man responded, ‘Are you Tucker’s wh*re?’ He then called her a ‘f**king c*nt.’
Unfortunately this piece of shit did not get beaten within an inch of his life, as he'd earned. 

And now Creepy Porn Lawyer is trying to game this.  Which makes me wonder if he and the other asshole were working together.  I would not put it past them.

Scene from the range

"My uncle left me this rifle, and I don't know what ammo it uses, there's no markings."

Opened up the case, and it was a 1903 Springfield that had been converted to a hunting rifle.  The work had been done very well: Stock replaced, barrel turned smooth, bead front sight mounted, nicely blued.  For some reason just a plain steel buttplate instead of a recoil pad.  The receiver had been drilled and tapped for a receiver sight, probably a Lyman(that's just a guess).  Bore was in very good condition. 

I told him the cartridge, and that- based on looking it over- personally I'd have no problem shooting it, though I'd either fit a recoil pad or use a slip-on.

They left happy.

People who have to pad their testicles

to keep the clanging from being too loud when they walk