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Be it noted: Paul Ehrlich is a slimy little bastard

Ace notes But then come back here and recall with me that Paul Ehrlich is one of the most discredited pseudo-scientific alarmists of all time. In 1968 he predicted that population growth would exceed the resources available on the planet, resulting in decades of famine and disease. He conned universities and governments into thinking that hundreds of millions of people would die by the 1980s.
I also have to point out that in the early 70's he was one of the Global Cooling Will Kill Us All(unless we act NOW!!!) people; and now he's a Globular Warmering Will Kill Us ALL!!!(unless, etc.) bigshot.

AND a slimy bastard.

What level of dumbass is required...

Michael Eckert, 37, was charged in Comanche County on Thursday with a felony count of cultivation of marijuana and a misdemeanor count of possession of drug paraphernalia.

Two rattlesnakes and "a menagerie of exotic vipers” were removed from Eckert’s home, said Rose Wilson, Lawton animal welfare superintendent.

All but two of the nine or 10 snakes are venomous, she said

Some interesting hearings in Britain on their military

General Lord Gurthrie of Craigiebank, who was chief of the defence staff from 1997 to 2001, also said soldiers died in Afghanistan because Gordon Brown starved the Army of funding when he was Chancellor.

“Not fully funding the Army in the way they had asked ... undoubtedly cost the lives of soldiers. He should be asked why he was so unsympathetic towards defence and so sympathetic to other departments,” he told The Times
But it's all better now, of course:
Senior defence sources sought to limit the damage caused by the attacks.

They claimed that Sir Graeme’s views were “outdated” and did not reflect the “dramatic” changes that had taken place since General Sir David Richards took over as Chief of the General Staff in August
Which, if the changes are indeed happening, doesn't change that troops died at least in part because Brown screwed them.

About damned time, thought the DOT shouldn't have been involved

in the first place:
The U.S. Transportation Department’s office of civil rights ruled this week that the state of Oklahoma did not discriminate against an Iranian couple who wanted to take a driver’s license test in Farsi. The state’s decision did not amount to discrimination based on national origin, according to the ruling.
This crap started when the Governor pushed through allowing the driving test to be taken in Spanish(got to accommodate the illegals and clowns who don't want to be bothered with English, y'know); then this happened.

Happily, enough people had enough working brain cells to say "NO", and there's a bill on the election in November that says 'English only' for this.

Video of pistols being fired underwater

over at Ace.

Please note two things: first, the Southern Poverty LiesLaw Center lies

got across the Atlantic, and second, It's off the main page now...

Gee, I wonder if somebody bothered to actually check the information AFTER they put this crap on their front page?

Also, I wonder if the start of the tea party movement in Britain has the socialists a bit worried?

Malkin, the answer to your question is 'No', an awful lot of the Stupid Party

does NOT have the balls. Which is why so many of the Stupid Party need to join so many of the Evil Party in an unemployed politician line.

James has more "Look what these people made while

in prison."

They can make working firearms while in a prison, but passing another law or two will keep people from making or smuggling them into the country; uh huh.

There's a clown named Chris Barrett at Salon

who apparently has control problems. Among other spewings,
...such vicious malcontents as James Inhofe and Tom Coburn, both from regressive and retrograde Oklahoma, need direct confrontation for the continued harm they do to America.
Hey, asshat, Oklahoma and Inhofe and Coburn aren't the ones with admiration for a type of politics that has led to more murder and misery over the last century than any other: you and your fellow 'progressive' fools are.

And, since you seem to have forgotten, the fascists were part of the socialist circle; YOUR circle, idiot.

Damn, looking at the news is interesting lately

Military(Disgusting Class):
Unfortunately, the latest benchmark isn't one to brag about: being booted as captain of a billion-dollar warship for "cruelty and maltreatment" of her 400-member crew. According to the Navy inspector general's report that triggered her removal — and the accounts of officers who served with her — Captain Holly Graf was the closest thing the U.S. Navy had to a female Captain Bligh.

A Navy admiral stripped Graf of her command of the Japan-based guided missile cruiser U.S.S. Cowpens in January. The just-released IG report concludes that Graf "repeatedly verbally abused her crew and committed assault" and accuses her of using her position as commander of the Cowpens "for personal gain." But old Navy hands tell TIME that those charges, substantiated in the IG report, came about because of the poisonous atmosphere she created aboard her ship
Bleep. Reading the article, one of the big problems in this mess is "How the hell did she get to this rank in the first place?" Yeah, I know, likely people without the balls to say "I don't care if she's going to bitch, she is not equal to this rank and job!". One of the things that stands out to me is this: She also allegedly put a "well-respected master chief" in "time out" — standing in the ship's key control room doing nothing — "in front of other watch standers of all ranks." One thing I DO know about the Navy is that getting to Master Chief generally means you're pretty damn good at your jobs; doing this to one, well, you'd better have damn good reason for it; and from the sound of this, she didn't. Very, very bad.

Add to all this where she was going next: Prior to the IG probe's release, the Navy had tapped Graf for a top job at the Pentagon following her Cowpens command. The Navy better stop this shit; not only is it very bad for the Navy in general, it'll get people killed.

Moving on, we have more rioting bratsstudents in California and other places; in Californicated at least it includes bullshit race-baiting and lies along with the "YOU OWE ME!!! PAY MY TUITION AND COSTS!!!" whining. Screw 'em; they've been getting lots of other peoples' money for years, they need to find out there's an end to that. Especially those who're making a bloody career of going to college.

President Obama & Co. have decided that the trial for Khalid Sheik Mohammed should be in a military tribunal; interesting change, isn't it? Chickenshits.

"That nut who shot those guards must've been one of those filthy teabagge- what? He's a truther? Then dont talk about him if you can avoid it."

Oh, those DOJ lawyers with a past record of terrorist assistance? Nice people, aren't they?

Last for now, because there's a couple of things that, again Deserve Their Own Post,
Borger: No. It's not a done deal, but you know what the president's going to come out and say is, this is the way it has to happen. We've got to have an up-or-down vote.
I was talking with a senior White House adviser today, Wolf, who put it to me this way. He said, "This is the last helicopter out of Saigon," meaning they have made a political decision that they're going to use their Democrats to get this through, because what they need, this aide says, is they need an accomplishment. And they believe that once this passes, people will begin to see the benefits of it, and it will not ricochet against them, but will work for them.

Mark Mardell, North American editor of the BBC, was watching and he blogged in response: "Fleeing a lost war is not the most optimistic metaphor for an adviser to adopt. And it still may go down in flames."

But could Mardell have misunderstood the analogy? Maybe the point of comparison is that the fall of Saigon was a communist takeover.

This from the McDonald case deserves its own post

Quote of the Year:

"What -- in which ways has ordered liberty been badly affected?"


"Justice Sotomayor, States may have grown accustomed to violating the rights of American citizens, but that does not bootstrap those violations into something that is constitutional."

Ain't that the damned truth? Now we have to make them understand that; some of the justices and the states both.

In the Continuing Saga of the 15-22,

that was fast. Notice from the shipper that it's here, picked it up this morning.

This time the 'Repaired' lists three things:
Updated to latest spec.(whatever the hell that means)
Replace mag
Replace/repair springs

Why 'replace mag' I don't know, I guess that's their current way of saying "Sorry 'bout that, here's a new magazine".

So next time I get to the range it's test time: every kind of .22 ammo I've got and see if it works the way it should.

As I say, this was a fast turnaround, which is good; I haven't heard a word from S&W in this whole mess, which is not. I sent an e-mail to customer service with details(the latest e-mail that they either ignored or didn't bother to answer), and while waiting for the shipping label I wrote an actual letter, hoping that might get more attention; no idea if it did, no response at all. Be kind of nice if S&W could bother to spend a moment answering the e-mail at least; why bother having a 'customer service' address if you're not going to bloody ANSWER anything?

Oh, and the shipping label they said they'd e-mail? That never arrived. Wonderful, that is.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

And, since Russia has tested their 5th-generation fighter

while we're cutting off numbers of the F22, this is just icing on the cake:
Following the successful development and tests of the fifth-generation aircraft, Sukhoi’s PAK FA, Russia plans to start working on the Perspective Aviation Complex of Distant Aviation – PAK DA, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said at the meeting devoted to the development of the nation’s defense complex, Itar-Tass reports.

“We do not limit ourselves to the development of only one model. The fifth-generation fighter jet triggers the development of the perspective aviation complex of distant aviation – our new strategic bomber,” Putin said
Yes, there are all kinds of "Can it really?" caveats to this; but considering they've already said they're going to sell the fighters when production starts, and the Russians have surprised us with developments before, do we really want to bet against this working?

Well, what do you think about this?

Russia’s Defense Ministry has shown interest in the new electomechanical rifle the performance of which exceeds that of sniper weapons. The rifle was invented by a schoolboy in the city of Ufa.

Maxim Kotelnikov, an eighth-grader, designed his weapon after he had seen a TV program about the use of similar rifles in the USA and Korea. It took the boy a year to design the new weapon. He used his friend’s broken game rifle as the basis.

The rifle weighs nearly six kilos; it fires special cartridges that need to be magnetized in advance.
“This weapon is unique for it fires noiselessly. There is no shock of discharge and a shot does not produce a flare. No other sniper rifle can do it. I designed my own system, which I called the “Nucleus System,” the boy said.

The rifle is based on the principle of accelerating coil. The rifle is powered with electricity only. A bullet gathers speed immediately, PolitOnline reports with referecne to
Sounds like the railgun principle: using cycling magnetic fields to accelerate the projectile, in this case the magnets being built in coils along the barrel. We know that works; the questions are
How much power needed?
What velocity does the projectile get to?
Can it be powered by a man-portable(without getting a rupture) powerpack?
I do have a question: since you'd be using mag fields to accelerate it, would there be much in the way of recoil?

Thanks to Theo for finding this

Occasionally, progress does occur

In this case, something I've never done before: fitting a beavertail grip safety and commander-style hammer to the project pistolIf you've missed previous mention of this, it's a 1927 Sistema from Argentina: manufactured there to standard GI specs. This one had no finish, a really ratty bore and mismatched numbers on the frame & slide*, so modifying it wasn't changing a collectors item. In the past I put in a new GI-spec barrel (which really did drop right in), did a lot of work cleaning up the surface**, put in a new trigger and generally cleaned & adjusted. And sights; a fiber-optic front sight and a tall MacMillan rear to put it on point of aim; the original sights were a bitch to see in all but perfect light, the new front was taller so the piece shot low, the new rear is both easier to see and just the right height.

The grip safety is a Chip McCormick. I'd never done one of these before, so there was a lot of mark, file and try, mark and file and try until I had a very tight fit on the frame, then used 220-grit abrasive cloth to make it slick. Then, as it stood above the frame in areas, used the dremel(calm down, VERY carefully) to take the bulk down and then file & paper to blend it in. There were only a couple of places where it dragged when moving so that was easy to polish down.

The hammer is one a friend had left over from a repair job***; it fit right in.

When everything is done as far as parts and fitting and whatever, I'll give the surface a final clean & polish and either blue or parkerize it. About the only thing left is either an extended magazine release- this one is really short- or see if I can drill & tap a hole and put a extender on the original.

It's been interesting to work on, I've learned a lot, and I can now detail-strip a 1911A1 faster than I'd have thought possible a few months back.

*The dealer I got it from had received a bunch of the last shipment of these; he had a few with a cracked frame and a few with a cracked slide, so they were mated to good ones.
**Done with abrasive paper wrapped around a file. Started with 120 grit, then went to 220 wet/dry; it cleaned up very nicely.
***Some guy had tried to do his own trigger job by messing with the sear; gunsmith got him a matched hammer/sear set to fix the gun. Yes, it would be better for me to do the same; right now I can't, and the hammer appeared untouched AND was free.

So the SPLC is even MORE full of crap

than previously thought(which is really pushing it):
The Klan group listed by SPLC, the United Northern and Southern Knights of the Ku Klux Klan has an alleged P.O. Box in North Providence, RI. The box number, which is six digits, looks suspicious, but I'm not in RI right now so I can't check out whether it is real. (I tried calling the Postal Service center in the zip code, but they do not pick up the phone.) No contact name is given for the Klan member or members in RI, and there is no other record of the group actually doing anything.

I could not even find a P.O. Box, much less an actual person, for any other Klan group in RI, although SPLC elsewhere lists a second Klan group as being in RI.

Rhode Island may not be representative of the nation, but it is a good example of how SPLC exaggerates the number and scope of hate groups. If the Klan is active in Rhode Island, no one seems to know about it.

Maybe there is someone sitting in a house or apartment somewhere with a white robe in the closet, but I assure you such person wouldn't last two minutes in RI if he tried to wear it on the street.

Who loses from SPLC's political tactics? Most obviously SPLC, whose credibility is undermined. More important, is that the public loses because SPLC's tactics mask the truth.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Speaking of a need for tar & feathers,

read this. And think of just how much of our resources these treacherous little bastards want to lock up, and how much land they want to steal.

Tar, feathers, rope, lampposts...

I say again: any politician, either party, who votes to pass

this abortion should be dragged out of that taxpayer-supplied office and tarred & feathered.

And some of them hanged.

I'm going to start with that possible poisoning case

at Fort Jackson: this just incites all kinds of confidence, doesn't it?

Oh, crap, that last one... and I just ate!

Well, on this I have to wonder: will the Labour Party hacks who swooned over Obama be even more shocked at him crapping on Britain? Or will this fit into their 'Britain must become no more than an EU cog' plans?
What, they expected better out of him?

The Brits have had a bunch of troops injured and killed because of equipment problems(not enough, issued crap); to me one of the key parts of this story isn't the vehicle, it's this:
SAS soldiers were given no instruction on using metal detectors during pre-deployment training and went without them for four months in Helmand because of an equipment shortage, the inquest in Trowbridge, Wilts was told.

Asked what they used instead Soldier O replied: “We visually scanned the ground.” He also added that they picked up training “on the job”
That is just friggin' disgusting.

I have to add my applause for Major Morley; I fully understand the reluctance of a good officer to resign, but if you can't do anything else to get attention to the problem, it's an option.

The Southern Poverty BullshitLaw Center keeps it up; and Mr. Vanderboegh tells Mother Jones they're full of crap. Or deluded. Maybe both.

"Get accused, be stuck on the list forever 'cause we're too effing stupid to figure out how to take you off. Even after the court orders us to." The people in Californicated really are- well, fornicated.

Ok, that's enough for one morning. Got a project to work on.

So, besides general "We've got to take care of a member of the club" bullcrap,

Rangel was also buying goodwill from other politicians. And it seems it worked, up till now. Really still is; he got his hand slapped, and that's it; we'll see if these clowns decide they should start acting like they actually care about ethics and all that crap.

Or, in the case of Pelosi for instance, pretending she cares about ethics; she's helped- insisted on- keeping his corrupt ass in that position for a long time, but he's just getting too much press now(wonder if Gore foresaw things like this when he invented the innertubes?) for her to keep insisting, no matter how much help he is.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The other day the FBI announced "This is the guilty party" in the anthrax attacks

Kevin posted on the announcement, and then got some information from a commenter that pointed to this article at the WSJ; said article seeming to blow the FBI case up.

Interestinger and interestinger...

Little earlier I was thinking "Damn, less than a month to tornado season"

and I just read this:
For the first time ever recorded by NOAA, there has been no tornadoes in February. This news is from the National Severe Storms Laboratory in Norman, Oklahoma, the world’s leading experts in tornado research. While it doesn’t tell us anything about the rest of the 2010 season, it is consistent with the lower numbers seen in 2009, which is below the average of recent years.

Especially with things like the May 3, 1999 tornado in memory, fewer of them is generally to be considered a Good Thing; if it's a matter of trading them for blizzards... have to think about that.

Ref the post earlier on Dr. Jones lying,

here, I just ran across this at Watts Up, a statement from the Institute of Physics on Climaquiddick. Remember Jones'
And he claimed it was not 'standard practice' to release data and computer models so other scientists could check and challenge research.
statement? Point 2 of the IOP statement:
2. The CRU e-mails as published on the internet provide prima facie evidence of determined and co-ordinated refusals to comply with honourable scientific traditions and freedom of information law. The principle that scientists should be willing to expose their ideas and results to independent testing and replication by others, which requires the open exchange of data, procedures and materials, is vital. The lack of compliance has been confirmed by the findings of the Information Commissioner. This extends well beyond the CRU itself – most of the e-mails were exchanged with researchers in a number of other international institutions who are also involved in the formulation of the IPCC’s conclusions on climate change.
I repeat: Mr. Jones, you're a liar.

And I have to also borrow point 7:
7. Fundamentally, we consider it should be inappropriate for the verification of the integrity of the scientific process to depend on appeals to Freedom of Information legislation. Nevertheless, the right to such appeals has been shown to be necessary. The e-mails illustrate the possibility of networks of like-minded researchers effectively excluding newcomers. Requiring data to be electronically accessible to all, at the time of publication, would remove this possibility.
Translation: "The peer review process does not work when the system is gamed to prevent people with different views from being heard."

Remember the screwed-up SWAT raid where they shot the mayor's dogs?

And still say it was the right thing to do?
As a result of this colossal yet not-unprecedented screw-up, plus Calvo's notoriety and persistence, last year Maryland became the first state in the country to make every one of its police departments issue a report on how often and for what purpose they use their SWAT teams. The first reports from the legislation are in, and the results are disturbing.

Over the last six months of 2009, SWAT teams were deployed 804 times in the state of Maryland, or about 4.5 times per day. In Prince George's County alone, with its 850,000 residents, a SWAT team was deployed about once per day. According to a Baltimore Sun analysis, 94 percent of the state's SWAT deployments were used to serve search or arrest warrants, leaving just 6 percent in response to the kinds of barricades, bank robberies, hostage takings, and emergency situations for which SWAT teams were originally intended.

Worse even than those dreary numbers is the fact that more than half of the county’s SWAT deployments were for misdemeanors and nonserious felonies. That means more than 100 times last year Prince George’s County brought state-sanctioned violence to confront people suspected of nonviolent crimes

And- as usual- the cops in the area don't like this law, and really don't like the idea of not being allowed to use SWAT teams in the case of misdemeanor offenses. Considering the crap that's come out about Sheriff Michael Jackson- who ought to be thrown out of that office and forever banned from wearing a badge- and some of the other idiocy, that's the least of the restrictions that should be implemented.

So the Brooklyn DA is corrupt;

wonderful law enforcement you have there, folks.
Today it was announced that ACORN will not face prosecution in Brooklyn.

“On Sept. 15, 2009, my office began an investigation into possible criminality on the part of three ACORN employees,” Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes said in a one-paragraph statement issued Monday afternoon.

Should anyone be surprised? The Brooklyn DA is a member of the ACORN/Working Families Party. That means he signed their pledge, and worked for their endorsement.

Just saying.

Further information on the Chile quake

Including why the tsunami turned out to be not nearly as bad as feared.
Tim Henstock of the National Oceanography Centre at the University of Southampton, UK, speculates that the reason might be that Saturday's earthquake ruptured a relatively small segment of fault – around 350 kilometres. The length of fault rupture determines the distance at which a tsunami begins to lose energy. By comparison, the magnitude-9.1 earthquake that generated the 2004 Indian ocean tsunami ruptured around 1600 kilometres of fault.
I'd wondered about that; I remembered the 2004 quake had shifted a huge length of fault, and wondered if this one might have been a shorter distance, or possibly more a lateral shift than vertical. Looks like it was a much shorter distance.

I'll note, somebody mentioned that Chile has pretty good building standards due to the quake threat; that there's only about 700 confirmed dead at this point would indicate their standards work pretty well.

If you're in Oklahoma City, remember that today you get to vote for a new mayor,

or sit there and be part of leaving Cornett in office.

Why yes, I am voting against him

In defending himself, Phil Jones has just declared himself a liar

Last month, the Information Commissioner ruled the CRU had broken Freedom of Information rules by refusing to hand over raw data.

But yesterday Professor Jones - in his first public appearance since the scandal broke - denied manipulating the figures.

Looking pale and clasping his shaking hands in front of him, he told MPs: 'I have obviously written some pretty awful emails.'

He admitted withholding data about global temperatures but said the information was publicly available from American websites.

And he claimed it was not 'standard practice' to release data and computer models so other scientists could check and challenge research.

'I don't think there is anything in those emails that really supports any view that I, or the CRU, have been trying to pervert the peer review process in any way,' he said
A: Getting data from other sources is NOT the same as getting what Jones & Co. used, so it can be reviewed.
B: Not standard practice? Since when, you corrupt bastard? That's one of THE standards of the scientific method.
C: In those e-mails you and your friends are talking about HOW to damage other people who dare to question, how to prevent them being published in peer-review publications; how the HELL are those things not perverting the process?

Jones, by your own words you have shown yourself a liar and a dirtbag of the first order; your hands ought to be shaking from the guilt you carry and the weight of the lies.

'Green' fuels have a problem?

Using fossil fuel in vehicles is better for the environment than so-called green fuels made from crops, according to a government study seen by The Times.

The findings show that the Department for Transport’s target for raising the level of biofuel in all fuel sold in Britain will result in millions of acres of forest being logged or burnt down and converted to plantations. The study, likely to force a review of the target, concludes that some of the most commonly-used biofuel crops fail to meet the minimum sustainability standard set by the European Commission

This doesn't really surprise anyone who looked at this stuff with non-Believer eyes; it's like the question about electric cars, "Where's the greater generating capacity going to come from?" that a lot of people don't like. However, there's a bit in this story that makes me think of the Climaquiddick mess, in that there's money involved- quite a bit- in not telling the truth:
The EC has conducted its own research, but is refusing to publish the results. A leaked internal memo from the EC’s agriculture directorate reveals its concern that Europe’s entire biofuels industry, which receives almost £3 billion a year in subsidies, would be jeopardised if indirect changes in land use were included in sustainability standards. A senior official added to the memo in handwriting: “An unguided use of ILUC [indirect land use change] would kill biofuels in the EU.”
So, they're deliberately holding back information- facts- because they would endanger an industry that they WANT to keep giving billions of dollars of other peoples' money to, because the industry in question is PC and beloved of the True Believers. And to keep that money flowing, they'll do shit that actually harms the cause of AGW that they claim to truly believe in.

LOTS of lampposts in Europe, aren't there? Enough for all the crooked bureaucrats?

Monday, March 01, 2010

India has a boomer

India’s first nuclear submarine, ‘INS Arihant’, has gone to the high-seas for an extended trial, indicating that the boomer is on course to be inducted by the Navy by 2011.

And I love the quote Ghost ends with:
May your weapons be strong to drive away the attackers,
may your arms be powerful enough to check the foes,
let your army be glorious, not the evil-doer.
- Rig Veda 1-39:2

Well, it's basic,

but I kind of like it

I wonder how Obama would like it if this crap was being pushed on his kids?

At the same time, despite the runaway federal spending and record budget deficits, Barack Obama is including $410 million in the 2011 budget for his “safe schools” czar Kevin Jennings. This is an increase of $45 million over last year’s budget. Obviously, some things are more important than others. These funds ought to buy a whole mess of fisting kits, leather bar guides and child porn books. And, the money will come in handy for the sexual indoctrination of teens and pre-teens.
Citizen Link Blog reported:

So want does Jennings intend to do with this money?

For starters, he says he’s going to make “school climate” measurement a top priority—and, in fact, he’d love for “school climate” to eventually be made part of the “Common Core” national standards movement! He plans to begin with “a new grant program coming out of this department where we’ll be providing possibly as much as $70 million for investments in school climate projects.” (He revealed all this and much more in this month’s Phi Delta Kappan magazine. Scroll down to the “Safe at School” title.)

So at this point, you might be wondering, What on earth does “school climate” really mean? I think it’s best to take that definition from Kevin Jennings–based on his record as the longtime founder and leader of GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network).

Under Jennings’ leadership, GLSEN has provided students with a “school climate” continuum measurement tool. This tool reveals a lot about Jennings’ true goals: A positively rated “inclusive school,” for instance, is defined as one where “LGBT themes are fully integrated into curricula across a variety of subject areas and grade levels.”

Chavez: he actually cares for the people! And he shows it by plotting murder

of the heads of other countries.
The Chavez government assisted Marxist FARC and ETA terrorist groups in a plot to murder popular Columbian President Alvaro Uribe.

The BBC reported:

A Spanish judge has accused the Venezuelan government of assisting two rebel groups which plotted to kill Colombia’s President Alvaro Uribe.

Judge Eloy Velasco charged six members of Basque separatist group Eta and seven members of Colombian rebel group Farc with various offences.

He said he believed Farc had asked for Eta’s help in a plot to kill Colombian officials in Spain, including Mr Uribe.

He said the two groups benefited from “Venezuelan government co-operation”.

In a 26-page indictment Mr Velasco said an investigation launched in 2008 has turned up evidence “that demonstrates Venezuelan governmental co-operation in the illicit collaboration between Farc and Eta”.

Of course, it's not like murder and working with terrorists is new to him:
Particularly shocking is the commission’s account of the role that violence and murder have played in Mr. Chávez’s concentration of power. The report documents killings of journalists, opposition protesters and farmers; it says that 173 trade union leaders and members were slain between 1997 and 2009 “in the context of trade union violence, with contract killings being the most common method for attacking union leaders.” The report says that in 2008 Venezuela’s human rights ombudsman recorded 134 complaints of arbitrary killings by security forces, 87 allegations of torture and 33 cases of forced disappearance. It also asserts that radical groups allied with Mr. Chávez “are perpetrating acts of violence with the involvement or acquiescence of state agents.”
After all, he's a Hero of the Peoples, like that murdering little shit Che.

Two more things: first, "We can't fly that flag because- well,

we'll come up with a reason."

And the other,
AN INTERNAL German army report has revealed serious deficiencies in the European-designed helicopter that will replace Australia's military helicopter fleet in a $4.2 billion deal.

The damning 103-page report recommends using alternative aircraft whenever possible in military operations.

The report says clearance is so limited in the MRH-90 helicopters that soldiers have trouble getting in and out.

The rear ramp is too weak to support fully equipped soldiers and its floor is so sensitive that it can be cracked by boots.

The report by the German army's Airborne Operations and Air Transport School says the helicopter's limited interior space means there is no room for a defensive machine gunner, or a full infantry unit wearing weapons and armour or a combined troop and cargo load.

And it says heavy infantry weapons, such as surface-to-air missiles, cannot be transported

I've heard of inventory control problems,

but not on this level:
About 100 modern Russian tanks have been discovered abandoned on the side of a road in the country's Ural mountains, footage published on Saturday by websites showed.

Video clips from the website that were rebroadcast on Russian television showed local people clambering over some of the unguarded T-80 tanks that were parked in long rows in Kamishlovsk, about 100 km from the Ural city of Yekaterinburg

Pointed to by Theo

Monday, cloudy and chilly

and I've got a bunch of limbs to haul around front for the big trash pickup. In the meantime, something amazing has happened: even the New York Effing Times has decided Rep. Charles Rangel(So Corrupt Even They Can't Stand Him-NY) needs to be removed from his chair:
Congressman Charles Rangel was far from humbled after the ethics committee admonished him for taking corporate-paid Caribbean junkets in violation of the House ethics code. Rather, the New York Democrat berated the panel’s leaders on the House floor.

The moment was characteristic of Mr. Rangel’s arrogance throughout the investigation, which continues into more serious allegations about his official behavior. It is one more reason why Speaker Nancy Pelosi — who championed ethics reform — should stop protecting him and relieve him of his crucial role as chairman of the Ways and Means Committee
First, they act like Pelosi actually meant it; second, they expected anything else from Rangel? He's been allowed to get away with this crap for so long, it must've really pissed him off to actually be told "You've been naughty." Not that the 'Ethics' Committee is being real consistent now, either:
The affair remains something of a tangled ethics web. All five junketeers were ordered to repay the costs of about $11,800, yet only Mr. Rangel was criticized. And a former counsel to the ethics committee was found to have leaked panel secrets to Carib News charity officials during the inquiry. The committee said “false and misleading” testimony from charity workers would be referred to the Department of Justice.
Yeah, we'll see if Holder actually does anything about that.

V.D. Hanson on Obama fatigue, including
3) Laureate Warmaking: Utopians cannot get away with quadrupling the number of targeted killings in Pakistan and Waziristan against suspected terrorists and their wives. Twangy Texans who believe that we are at “war” against non-uniformed enemy combatants logically order Predators assassinations against what they see as a ruthless, bloodthirsty radical Islamic “enemy” in a “them or us” fight to the finish. But, again, not so Nobel Peace laureates, who want terrorists to be Mirandized, the architects of 9/11 to be tried in civilian courts in New York, and CIA interrogators to be investigated for waterboarding known mass murderers.
Also note is taken of the fact that being considered a 'magnificent speaker' while using a teleprompter for everything hasn't worn well; surprise!

With so many in the major media and the liberals and progressives trying- fairly desperately- to tie Stack to the tea party movement, this has some interesting bits about the past of the liberals and progressives I'd not heard before. For instance,
As Kennedy began [to speak at Kansas State U.], his voice cracked, and those near the stage noticed his hands trembling and his right leg shaking.After praising [Al] Landon’s distinguished career, he said, “I am also glad to come to the home state of another great Kansan, who wrote, ‘If our colleges and universities do not breed men who riot, who rebel, who attack life with all their youthful vision and vigor then there is something wrong with our colleges. The more riots that come on college campuses, the better the world for tomorrow.’ ” …

At first he seemed tentative and wooden, stammering and repeating himself, too nervous to punctuate his sentences with gestures. But with each round of applause he became more animated. Soon he was pounding the lectern with his right fist, and shouting out his words.
After I had argued that the war was clearly winnable even toward the end if we had changed our strategy, the 1972 presidential candidate who had offered to go to Hanoi on his knees commented, “What you don’t understand is that I didn’t want us to win that war.” Mr. McGovern was not alone. He was part of a small but extremely influential minority who eventually had their way

Ace points out just how full of crap Al Gore's defense of AGW is; and boy, is that pile starting to stink. I'm just going to go with one of the nuggets:
Similarly, even though climate deniers have speciously argued for several years that there has been no warming in the last decade, scientists confirmed last month that the last 10 years were the hottest decade since modern records have been kept.
Uh, Al? Jones, one of the biggest AGW pushers of all, admitted in an interview a week or so ago that there was no global warming over the last fifteen years; you just forgetting that, or trying to shove it down the memory hole? And, as to your 'more and stronger hurricanes, not so much. As to Jones, "What a difference 20 years makes."

More wonders from Pelosiland: Die for Me and It's bi-partisan even without votes from the other side.

I knew an awful lot of people were signing on in favor of McDonald v. Chicago, but A: hadn't heard of this guy and his reason and B: it's hard to believe he believes this:
Amar told The Wall Street Journal. “The 13th Amendment frees the slaves and there’s no compensation. It’s the biggest redistribution of property in history.” Under this interpretation, the privileges or immunities of citizenship might include the right to health care, to a living wage, or to some other welfare right fancied by today’s progressive activists.
What the Hell? Freeing slaves was 'redistribution of PROPERTY'? Is THAT how 'progressives' see this? If it truly is, then they're even bigger fools than I could have thought.

Liar, liar, progressive pants on fire. Again.

Damn. Go read this, soon as you can. The site's title isn't SFW a lot of places, rest of the site sure isn't, the article is.
Denis Avey, even at the age of 91, cuts a formidable figure. More than 6ft tall, with a severe short back and sides and a piercing glare, he combines the pan-ache of Errol Flynn with the dignity of age. This is the former Desert Rat, who, in 1944, broke into — yes, into — Auschwitz, and he looks exactly as I expected. He removes his monocle for the camera, and one of his pupils slips sideways before realigning. It is a glass eye. I ask him about it. He tells me that in 1944, he cursed an SS officer who was beating a Jew in the camp. He received a blow with a pistol butt and his eye was knocked in.

Other day I left a comment for Daniel Johnson on his 'terrorized by the Constitution' and 'America is the most violent' bull; it appears that Reasoned Discourse did indeed break out. Yesterday it showed 'pending moderator review' but today there's nothing.

And last: Damn. Double damn. I want to see the place.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

In our next installment of "Law enforcement: Sorry Excuse For"

we have this crap.

I've come to the conclusion that an awful lot of these clowns in ninja suits- usually with automatic weapons- make Barney Fife look like a goal to strive for; because they don't seem to be able to reach his level of competence.

I guess it's down to "Is there ANYTHING the Brit government

doesn't want to control?" And the answer is 'No'.
Every dog owner will have to take a costly ‘competence test’ to prove they can handle their pets, under new Government proposals designed to curb dangerous dogs.
But the document admits the cost of setting up such a scheme to cover Britain’s six million dog owners ‘is likely to be prohibitive’, and would have to be met by either charging for the test or by imposing a dog licence fee. Moreover, the officials concede that there were disagreements over what would constitute competence in looking after and controlling a dog.

Like Codrea says, is this ATF ignorance and/or stupidity, or malice?

A local business owner is flabbergasted after a shipment of 30 toy guns for his store was confiscated by ATF agents in Tacoma.

It gets more flabbergasting:

Special Agent Kelvin Crenshaw said the toys can be easily retro-fitted into dangerous weapons.

"With minimal work it could be converted to a machine gun," Crenshaw said
Except, among the 'minimal work' needed would be
The WE TTI M4’s lack any sort of functional gas tube which is integral to an AR15’s operation

The upper receiver of an AR15 fits onto the lower of the WE TTI M4
The stock trigger pack in the WE TTI cannot strike the firing pin of a AR15 bolt

The body of the WE TTI lower is several mils thinner than an AR15 lower, and shims would be needed for any AR trigger pack to work

The trigger pack of an AR15 appears to be able to fit onto the lower receiver of a WE TTI M4, one of the AR15 trigger pack retaining pins is impossible to insert without major modification, and the hammer isn’t operable with the WE TTI lower.

So essentially these Airsoft replicas cannot even operate an AR15 trigger pack without heavy modification with a precise tooling system operated by someone who knows the specific measurements to drill and tap the WE TTI lower receiver

And, getting even better,
It gets better. The business owners victimized by this have been told they need to file a Freedom of Information Act request in order to see the procedures ATF used to determine these toys are readily convertible. And as noted in this YouTube video, ATF's "expert" authority on the matter initially tries to insert a magazine backwards! Seriously!

Mr. Completely has his first postal match for the year

up, info and target here

Y'know, I don't feel terrorized by the Constitution

or the Bill of Rights; maybe that's just a GFW Canadian asshat thing?
Guns in bars. No background checks at gun shows. No permits to carry required. No restrictions on how many guns a person may buy (in some cases now it’s one per month).

What Americans don’t seem to understand is how crazy they look to most of the rest of the world. The reason they don’t understand is because of their one-thought tyranny.

Americans are tyrannized by 1776, The Second Amendment, The Bill of Rights, The Constitution and other colonial-era artifacts. They have been brainwashed into believing that those are the only thoughts there are. This is not freedom. Freedom means having a choice. If they could accept that there are other ways of thinking then they would have a choice! That’s what freedom is about and what many, if not most, Americans don’t understand

Got news for you, asshat: I've got lots of choices. You just don't like the ones I make. And since it appears you've been deleting comments you don't like, you don't care much for actual argument, do you?

I just left a comment, pointing out that- among other things- your declaration of the US as 'one of the most violent countries' doesn't hold up real well; we'll see if you have the integrity to publish it.

I don't much care for Mitt Romney; there are several reasons

I would not want to see him in the Oval Office. And today someone reminded me of something I'd forgotten from the 2002 Olympics:
Even before September 11 the IOC was concerned that the SLOC might incorporate too much patriotism into the opening ceremony, a criticism levelled by some at the 1984 Los Angeles and 1996 Atlanta summer games.

"Around the world it was like, 'Boy, those Americans, always beating their chests,'" said Romney. "This is not our time to talk about how great America is."

Well, Mr. Romney, just when WOULD be a time to talk about how great America is? Did you have some place and time in mind, when such words would not be upsetting to the socialists and nannies and tyrants who rule so much of the world? Or would you prefer we just shut up about such things entirely(except when you're running for office and want to excuse yourself waving a flag)?

There's a nasty little feeling inside when I read those words from Romney. Similar to what I felt when he first defended the personal disarmament laws he pushed when governor, then turned around, joined the NRA and said what a fan of the 2nd he was when running for President; that feeling that we ought to add some carpet tacks to the tar before we apply it and the feathers to him.