Saturday, March 07, 2020

The Saturday dump, on the other hand,

done in plenty of time

So not only do these clowns keep raiding the wrong places, (addition)

they violate their own rules to try to cover up what happens.
But not everything that happened during the raid to the family was caught on the police body cameras, because a Chicago police sergeant gave an order to his team. Sgt. Anthony Bruno was caught on those same body cameras saying, “Kill cameras.”

Bruno gave the “kill cameras” order after recording only two and half minutes of the raid inside the house. It appears to be a complete violation of the Chicago Police Department’s body camera policy.
No shit?

Throw in
Bedi said Bruno’s team broke the law when they interrogated children.

An officer is heard saying, “So did you stop selling it, did you stop keeping it here?”

With the body cameras shut off, there’s no recording of what else officers said or did during the rest of the raid.
Wonder if the department pays for repairs for the damage done breaking in, or if they've just been telling people "Too bad, not our problem"?

Despite all the millions the city spent on equipping thousands of officers with body cameras, Bruno can be seen repeatedly giving the kill camera order before the raids were over – making the body worn cameras and policy worthless."
Know what actually makes it worthless?  I'll bet there were numerous complaints, and I'll bet the brass knew what was going on, and they did nothing.  No punishments, no firings, no charges, nothing.  THAT'S what makes it worthless, and that's why people don't trust the bastards.

Addition: in comments I'm informed that I and my lefty pals should thank cops for their work.  Apparently Anonymous never read anything here before.

One more historian calls out the 1619 Project for lies.

...In her lead essay, Nikole Hannah-Jones wrote “one of the primary reasons the colonists decided to declare their independence from Britain was because they wanted to protect the institution of slavery.” But that isn’t remotely true. Today we learn from Northwestern historian Leslie Harris that she pointed this out to the Times before publication but was ignored:
Like all the others who warned them about inaccuracies.

One thing pisses me off about this:
The author goes on to say she was very worried when she saw this had made it into the published essay because she feared it would be used as a cudgel to discredit the entire project.
Considering what a mass of lies and inaccuracies the Project is, and with the actual motive behind it seeming to be 'trash the US from the day it began', the whole damn Project should be discredited.

Friday, March 06, 2020

Thursday, March 05, 2020

You want a red flag law?

Ok, but only if it includes:
'Criminal charges WILL be(not 'may be') filed against anyone who makes a false charge.
Criminal charges WILL be filed against law enforcement officers involved who make no investigation of the charges before taking them to a judge.
Those who file false charges WILL be liable for civil penalties, including the legal costs of the accused.'

If you don't want those things, then screw you and your red flag laws.
Even allowing for Citrus County's inexperience with the red flag law at the time it sought the orders against Morgan, one has to ask why a law enforcement agency would go to court with a case so weak that its own attorney ended up throwing in the towel at the end of the hearing. Police should not seek ex parte orders without evidence of an imminent threat, and they should not seek final orders unless they are confident they can meet the law's requirements. Such caution is especially important when judges can be expected to rubber-stamp ex parte orders and approve nearly all of the final orders police request.

Wednesday, March 04, 2020

When even NBC has someone point that how stupid and/or dishonest Sanders is,

you know it's bad.
I was forced to learn how to read and write by teachers who brainwashed me while teaching me how to write the “F” for “Fidel,” the “C” for “Castro” and so on. The "education" under a socialist regime is probably the most malicious of their programs, because it is — to the eyes of people like Sanders — an unalloyed, irreproachable social good, and yet it is one of the most essential tools of indoctrination and repression. There, according to Che Guevara’s teachings, as a small child I was taught to hate different ideas, looks and behaviors.

The Cuban educational system is not a "literacy program" but a tool of indoctrination, designed for the creation of the “New Man” — one who is removed from what we would recognize as Western civilization’s values, who is intolerant and ready to kill in order to impose the revolutionary ideology. And it starts with those ABCs.

How do you know your city is a third-world craphole?*

This is a pretty good indication.

*aside from all the people crapping in the streets and on the sidewalks, and in doorways, and...