Saturday, December 24, 2022

And, for the season, a little extra fa--la-la

for this evening

The worst of the cold is past here, but still not an evening I want to be out in

So let us get to this seventh eve stuff

Ok, tryout of the Berry's bullets

I tried a few the other day, but had a lousy rest(that's my story) so I loaded some more last night and tried them today.  Did have a better rest, somewhat troubled by having a damn cold draft on the back of my neck.  That being out of the way, indoors range at 30 yards.

the 200-grain Berry's plated bullet, 11.9 grains H4198, ten rounds.  
I'm happy to say the one to the right was called as off.

Second load,
Powder was 11.7 grains CFEBLK, five rounds.  Using the first stadia line below the center dot put it on at this range.

I'm happy with these.  Looks like those will work well as a general practice subsonic loads.

Just how stupid are a lot of 'renewable energy' types?

"Let's cut down trees and turn them into pellets to burn instead of using coal! Because we can grow more trees, and pay other countries to cut down THEIR trees and sell them to us!"
On December 15, Australia became the first major economy worldwide to reverse itself on its renewable classification for woody biomass burned to make energy. Under the nation’s new policy, wood harvested from native forests and burned to produce energy cannot be classified as a renewable energy source.

That decision comes as the U.S., Canada, Eastern Europe, Vietnam and other forest nations continue gearing up to harvest their woodlands to make massive amounts of wood pellets, in order to supply biomass-fired power plants in the UK, EU, Japan, South Korea and elsewhere.

Yes, burning wood is SO much nicer than using that nasty natural gas, or oil, or icky nuclear plants to produce energy!

And why might the do such stupid things?  I suspect money.
Australia, by its decision, is taking a very different course than the European Union, where woody biomass — despite growing public opposition — remains defined as a renewable energy source, is heavily government subsidized as a result, and makes up 60% of the EU’s renewable energy mix...

But don't get too excited: they're still fixed on the 'zero emissions' idea while having fits at the idea of nuclear, so I suspect this idiocy is just being replaced by other enviroweenie idiocy.

Friday, December 23, 2022

It's sixth, and there is data,

and it's still damn cold outside*.  So stay out of the wind and see what I found

A question for the Stupid Party clowns who voted for the omnibus bill:

Did you know about this, or is it another consequence of you being idiots?
“Not less than $575,000,000 should be made available for family planning/reproductive health, including in areas where population growth threatens biodiversity or endangered species,” a draft of the omnibus reads .

It’s unclear why the provision expressly notes it should go toward areas where population growth threatens biodiversity or what type of family planning services would be provided with the funding.

The omnibus spending bill includes $575,000 “for family planning/reproductive health, including in areas where population growth threatens biodiversity or endangered species.”

In other words, in the interest of preserving bald eagles and rainforests, stop having kids.

Also curious, for the people who come up with this: Do you want the whole human race gone, or are you planning on keeping enough around to serve you?

Thursday, December 22, 2022