Saturday, August 27, 2016

Things that really suck to realize

That some day, or night, you'll get that phone call about someone else you care about.

That, barring some real nice discovery, you'll never be in the shape you used to be.

That there seems to be no good balance between 'save for the future' and 'do things now, you can always get more money!'

That no matter the time that passes, some things still hurt.

That no matter the time that passes, some things still piss you off.

That at times you feel like one of the greatest blessings you could have is a real, full nights sleep.

That, even knowing you did what you had to, you still feel like it was a failure.

Yes, I'm having deep thoughts tonight.  And there's no booze.

I have actually been somewhat constructive today,

so it's time to kick back for study time

Yeah, I'm real worried about the opinion of people who either can't or won't

deal with the cartels, and the corruption, and who lie about where the actual military weapons come from.
“Mexico’s Foreign Minister Claudia Ruiz Massieu on Monday asked the U.S. Congress to restrict the sale of assault weapons as ‘they cause harm on both sides of the border,” China’s Xinhua News Agency reports. “Ruiz Massieu made this call at the Second Conference of States Parties to the Arms Trade Treaty of the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.”
Not to mention the "We actively encourage, and help, Mexicans and others to violate your border, but if you object you're a racist" bullshit from you.

Madam, you are most cordially invited to kiss my ass.

Reason #537 to get rid of the EPA: if some mining company did this, they'd be screaming to put the people in charge in prison, but since it's the EPA
Local officials said this week's release was not large enough to warrant a public advisory.
Oh, of course not!

Yeah, that about the 2000 election tends to get glossed-over or just not mentioned.  You have two choices: those high-paid news readers are incompetent, and so is the staff, or they did it deliberately.