Sunday, October 11, 2009

Some gun bigots are just effing stupid people

In this story is this bit:
Tuesday was her first time shooting even though she’s also a member of the National Rifle Association because “they stand up for the Second Amendment, which is very imoprtant to me.”

Goldstein, who lives in Hallandale Beach, is a Holocaust survivor whose family was forced out of its home in Romania and into a ghetto.

“We went through hell,” she said. “We could not defend ourselves.”

Goldstein said that is part of why she feels passionately about the Second Amendment’s right to bear arms, which she said provides “the freedom that I know I can defend myself.”

And in the comments the clown 'mayor Jim' says
...a right to keep and bear arms...

Does she have a number on her Bare Arm?? Has she not witnessed enough hate and violence in her lifetime. How many more senseless violent deaths must occur to get it through to her that guns are a problem not an answer
So not only is he stupid, he has the bad taste to display it in public. And the bad manners to insult this woman.

Found at SIH

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Anonymous said...

Actually, I bet you could say "ALL gun bigots are effing stupid."