Saturday, January 12, 2019

Scene from the range

From cleanup, in particular: five and a half five-gallon buckets of brass for the day.

For most of it 'busy' is understatement.

I suspect in part because the Usual Suspects are screaming to ban everything; that always causes a boost.

The numbers also include people who hadn't shot there before, and brand-new shooters.  Every one of whom left with that smile on their face.

A lot of people who come in, many regularly, would count as People of Colour to the racists, said idiots would crap their panties if they knew how many.  And the friends they bring to get started, male and female.  There's an older black lady who I've seen come in three times, each time with a different friend to introduce to shooting, for instance, and the number of Asian names in the store system would also induce gibbering fits in the bastards.  I wonder if said bastards truly have any idea how many of their supposed 'supporters'* they're pissing off with "You can't have such arms, you're not capable of being responsible with them!"?

Because it would make it

SO much easier to cheat and steal elections.

Saturday, getting late,

relax and check out the data

'The wisdom of children' is the excuse

The bill came from Students for Change, a group of Lake Oswego teens formed last year after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. They lobbied lawmakers and Gov. Kate Brown last year and pledged to come back this year with a legislative proposal.

Rep. Andrea Salinas, D-Lake Oswego, and Sen. Rob Wagner, D- Tualatin, submitted Senate Bill 501 on their behalf.

And just what did the socially-conscious little shits come up with?
A bill set to appear in the Legislature this year would require Oregonians to obtain a permit before buying a gun, limit the amount of ammunition a person could buy, outlaw magazines with a capacity of more than five rounds and create gun locking and storage requirements.
And how much ammo could you buy?
Capping at 20 the number of rounds of ammunition a person could receive in a 30-day period, exempting shooting ranges.

And- surprise!- it seems to be all Evil Party asshats pushing this.  Because 'The Childrens!'

Friday, January 11, 2019

Icky Friday night,

rainy and chilly, so stay inside.

How effing stupid are some media?

This effing stupid.

'unwanted home visitor'...

They'll attack on various fronts,

financial being one of them.

Oh, Canada,

you really are screwed.

You could be in violation of the impaired driving laws even two hours after you’ve been driving. Now, the onus is on drivers to prove they weren’t impaired when they were on the road.

“It’s ridiculous, it’s basically criminalizing you having a drink at your kitchen table,” Paul Doroshenko, a Vancouver criminal defence lawyer who specializes in impaired driving cases, told Global News.

“If you start to drink after you get home, the police show up at your door, they can arrest you, detain you, take you back to the (police station) and you can be convicted because your blood alcohol concentration was over 80 milligrams (per 100 millilitres of blood) in the two hours after you drove.”
The politicians behind this need to be hanged.

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

She destroyed his life with a fake accusation, yet

...Los Angeles prosecutors have said it is unlikely Gibson will be charged with making false accusations, saying it would be a tough case to prove.
I call bullshit; she was recorded admitting it, and now she's admitted it in court.  The problem is the prosecutors figure they'll get yelled at for 'attacking a survivor' and they don't have the balls to deal with it.

And his lawyer at the time should be beaten, disbarred, and thrown out a high window.

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

When Chris Cuomo is the voice of reason,

you know the CNN clowns are going off the deep end.
CNN’s Don Lemon says drastic measures — such as a broadcast delay — may be needed to edit out “propaganda” when President Trump addresses the nation.
Oh yeah, that'll go over well.  About like Zuckerbitch & Co. deciding what is 'real news' that should be allowed on Fecesbook.

I am leaning more toward the Michael Z. Williamson method of dealing with some of these asshats

A: Complaining because someone defending life and home didn't fight 'fair'

is pretty damned stupid.

B: So, would he consider it 'fair' if said homeowner had fought bare-handed against three home invaders, at least one of whom had brass knuckles(other weapons not mentioned)?

Guy, I understand you grieve for your grandson, but this is bullshit.

Tab clearing

Well, they won't be able to blame it on Viking shipping or South American SUV use.
Considering the possible effect of the Little Ice Age on deep Pacific temperatures and modern climate change, study co-author Peter Huybers, a professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Harvard University, said that the findings make it important to look deeper into what might have caused the Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice Age. This, he stressed, should be done in order to “better understand modern warming trends.”

Occasional-Cortex doesn't know what she's talking about.  Again.

She also doesn't like being fact-checked.  But then, what socialist does?

But, the left assures us, this couldn't possibly have any effect on elections.

It is the most totalitarian form of blacklisting: not just to be prevented from speaking on a university campus, or to be kicked off social media, but to be shut out of the entire financial system. That is the terrifying new threat to freedom that western societies must now contend with.

The decision, released Friday, concludes that Phillips has developed at least some evidence of misconduct by the Colorado Civil Rights Commission.
They must be having some nervous moments over this.  Good, they deserve them.

Monday, January 07, 2019

Never heard a Ruger called a 'do it yourself kit' before,

But I have now.

Thanks to Wirecutter for the link

More on that wonderful Brit NHS we're supposed to love the idea of

NHS doctors are prematurely ending the lives of thousands of elderly hospital patients because they are difficult to manage or to free up beds, a senior consultant claimed yesterday.
He added: ‘If we accept the Liverpool Care Pathway we accept that euthanasia is part of the standard way of dying as it is now associated with 29 per cent of NHS deaths.’
NHS response: "Oh no, we're not!"

Yeah, I really want this crap here.

Looking at the recent history of our 'elites' in government,

the question should be "Trust you?  I'd have to be as stupid as you think I am to do that."

Said it before: the EffingBI, the prosecutors, Congress, the 'Justice' Department, they want people to trust them?  Start cleaning up your own damned houses and maybe- MAYBE- we'll find reason to.

Another "I don't care what Gov. Howler says,

I'm not enforcing this crap" statement.
He noted that in 2013, the U.S. District Court in Buffalo indicated that the provision was unconstitutional, and the 2nd Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals upheld the decision.

"Since becoming the Acting District Attorney in 2016, I have not prosecuted under the section (of the SAFE Act) deemed unconstitutional," Swanson said.
Not as good as "I'm not enforcing this at all", but at least shows some respect for the courts decision.  And probably pisses off the clowns in Albany.