Saturday, May 16, 2015

In celebration of surviving the storms again,

a fairly large data set seems in order

There may be some data points for study later,

after the storms.  In the meantime,

As the thunder moves in, tab clearing before I shut down

No, New York State Police, you cannot pull law out of your ass and act like it's real.  Give us the numbers.

Why do so many Democrats want to ban guns?  Because they think everyone else is as violent and uncontrolled as they are.

No, I don't think every muslim is a terrorist or connected to.  Problem is, the percentage that are or are connected to, especially in some places, is large.  Add to that the .gov being connected to it, you've got a big damned problem.  And with the push for sharia courts in some parts of the US, and some idiot officials liking the idea...

Bill Mahar isn't liberal; he's a leftist at best(also a bigoted asshole).  However, unlike most other leftists and a lot of actual liberals, he's willing to say this where they are not.

It may or may not rain again tonight, but the yard's too wet

to mow anyway; the grass isn't bad, but the mower wheels would cut tracks.  And now it's dark, therefore it's time for something indoorsy to do.  Like continue studies.
I discovered I overlooked posting this last night, so...

Pic clearing