Friday, December 16, 2022

Sixth eve, cold out there, and I'm tired

So just browse on through

Holy crap. This from that wonderful 'free healthcare' system the Canucks live with.

Which may also be one reason Trudeau & Co. want the peasants  disarmed.  And anyone who protests against orders ruined.  Wouldn't you think about doing something if you were told "Your child died with our help because, at age 12, they decided they wanted to.  And think of how much money it will save the system over time!"

Canada, the leftist shithole.  And they elected the bastards behind all this.

No wonder Musk could fire so many and the place just keep going along:

When so many of those fired were incompetent, or crooked, or both.  For example,
Former Twitter security executive Peiter "Mudge" Zatko says that he broached the topic of a foreign asset working at Twitter to another executive, who brushed off Mr. Zatko's concern.
Twitter didn't monitor employee computers at all, it was not uncommon for employees to install spyware on work devices
On 1/6, Mudge (the whistleblower) wanted to take action to prevent potential sabotage by a rogue employee. He learned it was not possible for Twitter to secure its production environment.

And on, and on.  Including top brass lying about and concealing the crap.  I have to wonder if some of that could get them legally charged.

And our major media, still, shows little interest.  Isn't that wonderful.