Thursday, August 11, 2005

Just before I leave part 2: various feds

Federals, that is. I can't find the link right now, but it boils down to this: ref the earlier posts on new information about the Oklahoma City Bombing(here, here and here), Trentadue has received more documents from the FBI ref the death of his brother. The current batch include information that the FBI was going to run bugs on him and on an inmate he was going to interview so as to try to find something to either blackmail him with, or use to charge him with a crime so as to shut him up and force him to drop the case.

The following is from a guy who was raised around LE people, to have respect for law enforcement in this country:
WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!? This is NOT the conduct expected of people in your positions; your conduct should be to find the people who did wrong- WHOEVER THEY ARE- and bring them to justice. Or doesn't the concept of 'Justice' mean anything to you anymore? Is covering up mistakes and protecting the Bureau's reputation more important? If it is, we have a real, real big problem; and you should be very, very ashamed.

Enough. See you folks in a few days

Before I leave part 1: Insane or nutcase women

I had- HAD, I tell you!- to do two last things. The first is this: over at the Hog's place I read this the other day, referring to that nut Sheehan who's in Crawford, TX for the purpose of playing victim and annoying people. She's bad enough, but on the radio today I heard some women who showed up to 'show support for this woman who sacrificed her son on the altar of Bush's lies', I believe was the wording.

Lady(using the term loosely), SHUT THE HELL UP! She did NOT 'sacrifice' anyone; in case you haven't heard, this is a volunteer military and her son SIGNED UP! And you are not there to 'show support', you're there to play your little political game and whack on the President. So, I repeat, SHUT UP.

Steve put it this way about women who crave attention: "Cindy Sheehan is a textbook example. Her son volunteered to serve in the military, and he died in a conflict which both major political parties supported. A conflict John Kerry said was justified even if there were no WMDs in Iraq. She got a little attention for it last year, and instead of satisfying her, all it did was make her want more". He just forgot to mention the others who either want their piece of attention, want to use Sheehan for their own ends, or both.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

We will resume your vacation, after this short blogging break

Mostly posting information on gas mileage in the bike since the Microlon use.

Just before heading out, that fillup was 136 miles & 2.7 gallons, just over 50mpg. Going to see my folks was 90 miles at 75-80 with enough of a headwind to be uncomfortable; it also helped trash the mileage: 90 miles, 2.6 gallons, 34mpg! Yikes! I mentioned before I'd not kept really close track of this stuff before, it's amazing what the combination of those speeds and a strong headwind does. I have noticed that with a light wind or a tailwind, 75-80 still gives about 45mpg(in the past), we'll find out about that in the future. The trip back was, by the time I filled up, 100 miles total, 70-75, with the wind a bit more on an angle than a direct headwind, used 2.4 gallons, 41.6 mpg.

Two things here. First is that since I didn't track mileage on highway closely I can't state flatly that the Microlon made that better, but I have definately noticed that I had more left in the tank this trip than under similar conditions before; I have definately noted better mileage on city street and around-town highway travel at 60-65. Second, I changed the oil just before heading out. The instructions say to leave the oil containing the treatment in for at least 1000 miles; I was right at 1000, and decided I wanted to go ahead and change it before I started on the road. Especially if the weather allows me to take the bike to Texas in a couple of days. So we'll see if the improved mileage continues with the fresh oil.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Weather her can be so strange...

The '30% chance of scattered thunderstorms' became steady rain for about an hour. That's not the strange; the strange is steady rain for an hour and the sun shining brightly. Rain that blows from the southwest for the first half-hour or so, then from the east. THEN it clouds over completely for a while.

The day was spent with my daughter trying out her birthday present, then helping some friends pack and load up after a small fair. And I'm going out of town for a few days, so it'll be a while before the next installment of 'How to burn your fingers and swear a lot while making a knife'.

Bye, folks