Saturday, June 11, 2022

Seventh eve rolls around again

I will say again, I would not want to do much stop-and-go city street riding, but for highway I can do pretty well.  Which is nice on several points:
Oil & filter changed,
tires checked, 
coolant and brake fluids checked,
and if I use it when I can, it'll save on gas money.  Quite a bit.

Having covered that, we now move on to the usual end of evening post for this day

Which reminds me that there was a bill in Congress, ready to go, to help harden schools

for kids safety; Biden refused to hear about it and Schumer wouldn't even allow a vote in the Senate because 'it would mean more guns in schools(in the hands of GUARDS AND TEACHERS, remember) and WE want more gun laws.'
Translation: "We don't really want fixes for the problem, we want to ban guns."

Friday, June 10, 2022

Now to our regularly scheduled(when I don't forget) sixth evening


Going to throw in something different tonight,

a few one one of the prettier women I ever saw in a magazine,  Laura Alexis

In which Larry says some things that will have the leftists screaming

I'm just posting part of it.

The whole thread here.

Why I have zero patience with cancel culture and the current trans "If you don't bow down in all ways

you should be destroyed!" bullshit.
A few days later, James had his restaurant windows smashed in. Then he starts to get a succession of one-star online reviews, complaining that the restaurant is not welcoming to trans people. “A supporter of transphobia and the food is dry to boot,” says one. Then, when these are taken down by Google, a load more reviews appear saying the food is rubbish and the place is dirty. Google won’t take these down because, who knows, they might be genuine reviews. Trust me, the food is delicious and the place is spotless. But the people who want to bring down James’s restaurant have worked out how to play the game. All this because J.K. Rowling sat at one of his tables and ate his pasta.
So, since you served a customer they don't like, they want to destroy your business.  Because feeding whoever comes in makes you 'anti-trans'.

Go fuck yourselves, you intolerant control freaks.

Somebody watched 'The View' so we didn't have to suffer through it, and these people

are more disconnected and stupid than I realized.  Behar actually thought black people don't/aren't allowed to own guns...

And a lot of their audience probably believed it as well.  And these morons vote.

Twatter weaponized by DHS?

Anybody surprised?

Thursday, June 09, 2022

If this insanity doesn't count as child abuse, what is it?

Whereas other CRT fanatics say, “This-or-that type of teaching is racist,” Gholdy says, “Teaching itself is racist.”

Her model is based on her belief that black children are “enough and genius,” and the job of a teacher is simply to tell black kids “you are enough” and “you are genius.” Black children should find “entitlement in their excellence”; therefore, their teachers must “make it impossible for them to fail.”

Gholdy forbids any measurement of learning. No “tests or assessments.” Black genius simply exists; to seek to gauge it, to ask a black person to prove it, is an act of racism. Black genius is stifled when it’s denied, but it’s also stifled when it’s asked to show itself. Like the famous cat in the box, trying to observe it, kills it.

Behold, Afrodinger’s Cat.

And if you think Gholdy can’t get more ghastly, check this out: Her ultimate aim is to end “skill-based” education for every kid regardless of race…replacing it with “black-based” education for all. Here too, she one-ups other Afrocentric educators, who generally advocate Afrocentric education for black kids solely.

Gholdy wants it to be the standard model for every child of every race and ethnicity:
She wants to destroy the chance of black kids getting a decent education, and then wants to move on to all kids.

This is downright evil

This is kamikaze stuff. Senator Bradford forcing through a reckless bill (that even his colleagues won’t publicly defend) that risks the safety of every kid in California just because he doesn’t want the most irredeemably violent black students to face disciplinary action, and Gholdy Muhammad seeking to rob all L.A. children of skill-based education in order to make it “impossible” for the dumbest black kids to fail.

Being able to use the knee well enough to

get down in the driveway and back up, some long overdue maintenance on the bike was done.  Because they way things are, I'd rather keep a paid-for bike and save some on gas than sell it.

So oil & filter changed, which with a bike like this means taking half the fairing off.  Two other things kept it from being done before now:
Finding the oil I needed(the filter was no problem), and
Getting son to swing by and put it on the center stand.  Which I wasn't willing to try yet.
I found out that the oil I usually use isn't being produced through the end of the year due to some of the supply crap, so a good substitute was found, should do nicely.

And I really need to give it a bath, after all the rain and dust and such the past while.  And check the tires again, I forgot that yesterday.  

The knee is progressing.  The part that's a bit of a problem for riding* is bending that leg enough to get on the footpeg; can be done but that last few degrees is still stiff.  And I can mow and such now.  This afternoon is going to involve celebrating(that's my excuse) by throwing some ribs in the smoker; I lucked into some the other day with 'reduced for quick sale' that made them affordable.  What doesn't get eaten the next few days will be frozen for later enjoyment.

I put some loads together for testing in the .45-70, really want to get to the range and try them.  But that'll require it not trying to drown the region, and a day with enough time.  It'll be a while before the mould arrives and I have some of the new bullets.

*Aside from if the surgeon found out I was riding some he'd probably excrete a brick.

Tuesday, June 07, 2022

Yahoo 'News'

'TV star's daughter marries longtime girlfriend'
'News', I say.

The question someone asked is a good one: How are the Uvalde cops

going to live with this?
Briseno looked outside to see the gunman kneeling and reloading and then heading for the school. He phoned his wife: “Hey, bring me my gun,” he says he told her.

Gunfire was erupting at the school, he said. He says he saw the man shoot into campus windows.

By the time his wife arrived, the first officers were arriving, too, Briseno said. He marched ahead, gun in hand, when he was stopped by police.

Of course.  "We're not going to get him, but we won't let you do it."

I feel guilty man, ’cause I couldn’t stop (him),” Briseno said emotionally. “He was shooting at the windows, and I didn’t have my gun on me.”
Guy, you tried.  Which is more than the Official Guardians seem to have done.

Well, that's just wonderful

A 'Had I but known' moment.

Day or two ago I'd decided to buy a custom bullet mould; knew what I wanted, and the way prices have gone on Lyman, RCBS, and most other moulds have gone, the custom isn't that much more expensive, so made the order.

Yesterday broke my glasses.  So until the replacements get in I'm using a pair of $1(before the dollar store became the '$1.35 to 2.00' store) reading glasses for anything up close.  Had I known* that was going to happen, I'd have held off on the mould.

Fun, fun, fun.

*I know, the ideal is "I'd not have done the thing that damaged them", but that's not the way it seems to work.

Sunday, June 05, 2022

There were a couple of comments in the past couple of days

that would not open, so if you don't see yours that's why

It should be noted that, like every time a bunch of screeching politicians say things like

"...your 'Constitutional rights shit!" and "We're going to ban everything we can!", and try calling it 'common-sense gun safety laws', the same thing happens again:
More people buy a gun. And ammo. And take a class.

Every Damned Time.

Because when the cops have been told to let rioters riot, and when a bunch of prosecutors and mayors and city councils won't even prosecute people who attempt mass murder by arson, and some cops won't even do the job when protecting children is needed, the lesson given is simple:
You Are On Your Own.

And screeching "It's for the CHILDREN!" doesn't change that.