Thursday, October 15, 2009

So the Brady Group thinks to be a Christian, you should be willing to die

rather than fight back. Apparently, with anything, even your hands.

I wonder how many of the bigshots in the Brady Group to Ban Guns have private security guards? For that matter, I wonder if they'd have a problem calling the police if they were attacked? If so, apparently it's properly Christ-like to pay someone else to do violence in your defense, just don't do it yourself.

In the comments at Uncle,
There is a difference between an insult (”if a man slaps you, turn the other cheek”), and a threat to life and limb.

Some people have a hard time understanding that.


MauserMedic said...

I've personally experienced this. Had a young lady asking me about options for apartment security. The other young woman in the room got rather agitated, and told her if she was murdered that it was "God's will", and that it was "better to die than add to the violence". One of the few times I've been literally speechless for a moment, as was the other participant. Makes me wonder how many people seriously think being a victim, and encouraging others to be one, is actually the morally right thing. One of the reasons, besides control issues, that I think so many gun banners are mentally off.

Windy Wilson said...

I came to the conclusion years ago that the "God's Will" card was usually played by someone who wanted to manipulate you into doing something beneficial to them but the did not want to give any benefit to you.
I have also heard two interpretations of the "turn the other cheek" verse. One was, the verse does not say to keep turning it, and the other was the claim that the phrase was an idiom for a verbal insult which in the tribal culture of the day (sound familiar?) required an honor-saving physical attack. The admonition was then a direction to only respond to physical attacks, not verbal insults, but, of course, something got lost in translation.

Another possibility is to say that, "yes, it is important to stop the cycle of violence, but Karma requires that it stop BEFORE the unsolicited recipient is injured." We're not talking about bar fights, her.

Anonymous said...

God's will.....with me it goes a little something like this:

God blessed me with the funds to purchase some awesome firearms for protection, a brain that functions, and a "you're gonna effing die if you're a threat" mentality.

When the CSI's arrive, they will see God's will followed through.