Saturday, December 30, 2023

The last half of the week has been stressful and wearing,

and I almost forgot the Saturday data dump.  Here 'tis, and I'm going to sit a bit and hope I actually get some sleep tonight.

Some further subsonic experimenting

The last loads I reported on caused this reaction from one of the knowledgeable people I know:
"What?  This was a semi-auto?  And it CYCLED with those velocities?"

A lot of thinking, reading, and digging around followed, and today I tried two loads: one using A5744 propellant, and one using 2400.
There is no published handloading data for this bullet and cartridge, so I'm going by estimates, what some people have written about, and guesswork.  This- so far- has worked for me, which does not mean it'll work for you in your rifle.  If you give this a try, it's all on you.

The first target was two rounds of Hornady factory Sub-X ammo to set elevation.  Second was five rounds with 10.5 grains of A5744.  One round at a time, checking primers and for anything else that looked like a bit high pressure, and all looked like a standard fired primer.

Number 3 target was one round using 9.5 grains of Alliant 2400.  Only one because that primer was pretty flattened, which is not good.  So I'll pull the bullets from the other four, mark this load in the 'Nope' column, and move on.  This one had the same elevation as the factory stuff, but I'm not chancing it again.  I'd hoped for this one to be good because 2400 is a ball powder that flows very nicely through a powder measure.

So I'll try some more 5744, adding a tenth of a grain to several sets to check for pressure signs, and hopefully running them over the chronograph

No, I will not be out celebrating tomorrow night

I plan to be home before the legions of drunks, druggies and stupid are on the road.

Last time I went out for New Years went to a place not far from the house that was having live music  and said would have some Irish dancing.  I got there, managed to park, and made entry.  This involved a sort of Brownian motion to move around.  No place to sit, so damned loud(not including the current band) you couldn't talk to anyone, and if you ordered a drink you could count on it taking a minimum of 15 minutes for the waitress to get back.  If you were lucky.  

Because there were some people I wanted to see, I held out for about a half hour, and then got the hell out.  Haven't been out for New Year's since.

Friday, December 29, 2023

Friday night data,

and due to circumstances I have nothing to say about it.

'Humanitarian ceasefire', 'You need to tone it down because the world objects' my ass

Much of said 'world' wishes Israel would be overrun, and as to the rest, screw that noise.  Been noted before, lots of Gaza civilians took part in the rapes and tortures and murders, so screw 'em.  They did the FA, they need the FO.  Good and hard.

Thursday, December 28, 2023

"What will we do about this invasive fish?"

"Let's eat it."
Sounds like it may be invasive only in that it took a long time to get there.  But they seem to be dealing well with it.

Just another holiday weekend in Chicago, but if it happened

in a center/right-wing governed city it'd be lead news for a week.  And brought up regularly to show how awful such places are.

Special rules for cities run by the left.

I'd forgotten this passage from 'Night Watch', and I shouldn't have;

it fits into our situation with idiot politicians- including those in uniform- very well.
"There had been that Weapons Law, for a start. Weapons were involved in so many crimes that, Swing reasoned, reducing the number of weapons had to reduce the crime rate. Vimes wondered if he’d sat up in bed in the middle of the night and hugged himself when he’d dreamed that one up. Confiscate all weapons, and crime would go down. It made sense. It would have worked, too, if only there had been enough coppers—say, three per citizen. Amazingly, quite a few weapons were handed in. The flaw, though, was one that had somehow managed to escape Swing, and it was this: criminals don’t obey the law. It’s more or less a requirement for the job. They had no particular interest in making the streets safer for anyone except themselves. And they couldn’t believe what was happening. It was like Hogswatch every day. Some citizens took the not-unreasonable view that something had gone a bit askew if only naughty people were carrying arms. And they got arrested in large numbers. The average copper, when he’s been kicked in the nadgers once too often and has reason to believe that his bosses don’t much care, has an understandable tendency to prefer to arrest those people who won’t instantly try to stab him, especially if they act a bit snotty and wear more expensive clothes than he personally can afford. The rate of arrests shot right up, and Swing had been very pleased about that. Admittedly, most of the arrests had been for possessing weaponry after dark, but quite a few had been for assaults on the Watch by irate citizens. That was Assault On A City Official, a very important and despicable crime, and, as such, far more important than all these thefts that were going on everywhere. It wasn’t that the city was lawless. It had plenty of laws. It just didn’t offer many opportunities not to break them. Swing didn’t seem to have grasped the idea that the system was supposed to take criminals and, in some rough-and-ready fashion, force them into becoming honest men. Instead, he’d taken honest men and turned them into criminals. And the Watch, by and large, into just another gang."
Bold mine.
If you've not read any of Terry Pratchett's works, I'd suggest starting with this one.

This needs to be passed around, Bari Weiss on getting rid of DEI

What I saw was a worldview that replaced basic ideas of good and evil with a new rubric: the powerless (good) and the powerful (bad). It replaced lots of things. Color blindness with race obsession. Ideas with identity. Debate with denunciation. Persuasion with public shaming. The rule of law with the fury of the mob.

People were to be given authority in this new order not in recognition of their gifts, hard work, accomplishments, or contributions to society, but in inverse proportion to the disadvantages their group had suffered, as defined by radical ideologues. According to them, as James Kirchick concisely put it: “Muslim > gay, black > female, and everybody > the Jews.”

I was an undergraduate back then, but you didn’t need a PhD to see where this could go. And so I watched, in horror, sounding alarms as loudly as I could.

I was told by most Jewish leaders that, yes, it wasn’t great, but not to be so hysterical. Campuses were always hotbeds of radicalism, they said. This ideology, they promised, would surely dissipate as young people made their way in the world.

It did not.

I suggest reading it all

It appears this DC cop lied on sworn statements, and did various other illegal things

And if his lawyers were aware of this, they need to be dealt with, too, say starting with disbarment.
Officer Evans sued Brandon Straka and Roger Stone who was not even at the US Capitol that day along with leaders of the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys and others.

Brandon Straka released video on Wednesday of Officer Byron Evans admitting he was watching the January 6 protests on a TV in a room in a secure location.

CNN let the cat out of the bag:

And if some politicians who pushed this story were aware, unfortunately the chances of them being held to account are pretty low.

Wednesday, December 27, 2023

An update on the new subsonic quest

Had a chance to get with a friend and run a few rounds over his Chrony.  Remember my guess on velocity?

You ready for this?

Between 400 and 500fps...

It cycled the action, accuracy was as good as it would get with a lousy rest, at a lousy 500(at best)fps.

This is going to require thinking about.  

C'mon, Hornady, get that data published.

One of the enemies is crossing our border with damn little trouble,

and when they pull off a major attack it's going to be a bloody mess.

Which Biden & Co. will blame on Trump.

Crap like this is why I started calling it 'Higher' Education

The College Fix reported on 71 things this year that were declared racist or in need of “anti-racist” action, thus indicating they currently suffer from racism.

Not wearing a mask

Robert E. Lee’s horse
Black people
Black cops who killed black man
Cops and robbers display that included a black student as a robber
Black Communist who liked white composers


As I've said, people with no real problems in their lives so they have to create some.  Also those who screwed up and, rather than deal with why, cry 'Racism!' as their excuse.

Idiots decide to take over a Holocaust museum on Christmas day

to scream "The Jews are killing us!"  And backtrack fast when the blowback hits.
In an update to this story, the group - which according to reports has "roughly 200 medical professionals advocating for a cease-fire" - has now backtracked and canceled the event, proclaiming that their goals were distorted by alleged bad faith actors and disgustingly trying to claim that they have similar objectives to that of the museum in understanding genocidal regimes:
Translation: "We didn't think we'd piss off this many people!  Pretend we don't mean what we said we do!"

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

On a less happy subject, kids are still being abused by dishonest 'researchers'

who want to keep giving them 'gender-affirming care'.  I'll give one excerpt.
Tordoff and her colleagues at the clinic and the University of Washington–Seattle (Seattle Children’s is the teaching hospital of the UW School of Medicine’s pediatrics department) watched as a group of kids at their clinic were given blockers and/or hormones and showed no meaningful mental health improvement over the course of a year. Then, by torturing various statistics so severely it’s a miracle they weren’t dragged to The Hague, they published a study basically claiming the opposite. It was one of the more noteworthy examples of genuinely pernicious medical misinformation being published by youth gender medicine clinicians in recent years — a complete breakdown of the important barrier between researcher and activist. ...
Same as I said before: someday there will be a reckoning for the bastards doing this.

And another round of experiments begins(and yes, there's a warning)

More subsonics.  This time 7.62x39 with a bullet actually designed for that bore.

If you've been following my rantings and diligent work to not injure myself, I tried using some .308" 200-grain Berry's bullets(intended for .300 Blackout) as subsonics in 7.62x39.  They worked, with an odd 'everything goes a bit to the right' problem I cannot figure out.  Well, Hornady has come out with a Sub-X load for that cartridge.  It uses a bloody long bullet of 255-grains.  It's been out a year or so, and the bullets are now available for handloading.  And I finally was able to buy some, which meant "What do I load them with?"

And now my standard DISCLAIMER:
There is no published handloading data for this bullet and cartridge, so I'm going by estimates and guesswork.  This- so far- has worked for me, which does not mean it'll work for you in your rifle.  If you give this a try, it's all on you.

And I'll be glad when they release some data on these.

Know a guy who got some other heavy-for-caliber bullets, 225 grains, and experimented with Titegroup, firing them in a AK47 clone.  He got them to fire with acceptable accuracy but they would not cycle the action.  And I didn't really want to use a pistol powder for these, so I did some comparisons with .300 Blackout loads with similar bullet weights, and put together five rounds with ten grains of CFEBLK, which I fired today.
The first two hit about 2.25" low at 15 yards*.  The other three were at 25 yards and about 4" low.  From the amount of drop I'm guessing the velocity was in the 800-950fps range, and the sound was much less loud than standard ammo.  The action(an AR-style rifle) cycled properly.  The primers looked normal, not flattened or otherwise indicating high pressure(I know, that's not a reliable indicator, but it's what I've got).  The first try with the Berry's .308 bullets and 12 grains the bullet drop at 25 yards was about 19", so this is a great improvement.  Also means I really have to be careful watching for pressure signs.  I'm wondering if part of the difference is these heavier bullets are causing enough greater recoil to push the barrel up a bit more?**   I'll need to try these over a chronograph, and when opportunity arises through a suppressor.

So it's a start.

*15 because the first try with the Berry's had been low enough that, if I'd been using this size target, it would've missed the paper at 25, so in case these were that low...

**If you're not familiar with this, it's really pronounced with handguns.  Take one whose sights put a load dead-on at 25 yards.  Shoot it with a lighter-bullet higher-velocity load and it will very often hit low on the target because the lighter bullet leaves the barrel before recoil can push it as high up as that of the heavier bullet does.

Be it noted that Occasional-Cortex is so full of crap

that if she hadn't been born with dark eyes, they be smelly brown by now.

Seriously, she's on the enemy side.

Sunday, December 24, 2023