Friday, October 16, 2009

It's not comforting that the British government cares no more for murdered Brit cops

than other terrorist victims:
British prosecutors were told more than two years ago that they had sufficient evidence to charge two Libyans over the killing of WPc Yvonne Fletcher, according to a leaked report.

A senior lawyer carried out an independent review of the case on behalf of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), in which he said Matouk Mohammed Matouk and Abdulgader Mohammed Baghdadi could be charged with conspiracy to cause death.

Both men played instrumental roles in organising the shooting at the Libyan embassy in St James’s Square, central London, in 1984, the report said.

The secret report, which was commissioned by the CPS on behalf of the Metropolitan Police, was completed in April 2007, just six weeks before Tony Blair, the prime minister at the time, held a controversial meeting with Colonel Gaddafi in Libya. The meeting formally opened trade links between Britain and the north African country
Hey, what's a murdered cop, and a plan to murder a bunch of demonstrators, when you've got a deal to make with a muslim dictator? Good going, Tony!

I will argue with the murdered cops mother on one thing:
Queenie Fletcher, WPc Fletcher’s mother, 76, said yesterday that it was “incredibly frustrating” to be told about the report’s recommendations and “if there is enough evidence to prosecute these two men, they should face trial in a neutral country”.
No, ma'am, they should be tried in Britain. Preferably after a death penalty has been enacted for murder.

I said once that I gave Tony Blair credit for seeing that the terrorists and their backers had to be fought now, or it'd be much worse later; but in most other ways he's the kind of left-wing nanny-state politician I despise, and this is just further proof of that.

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Windy Wilson said...

In the early 90's Reason Magazine had someone (IIRC) named william Hazlitt writing short essays on the last page of the magazine. In one essay I remember in particular, around the time the Soviet Union collapsed, he apologized to Karl Marx,admitting he did not believe him when he wrote that ultimately the state would wither away. Evidently the (formerly) Great Britain is experiencing the same process.
One of the greatest crimes of the left was the conflating of keeping the peace with racism. I refer of course to the famous lie of the 60's, "when they say 'law and order' they really mean 'keep the N***** down."
If the state won't keep the peace, other groups will step in, like Hell's Angels in Sweden. The hoods will have to begin policing the 'hoods, clearly the police won't any more.