Saturday, December 12, 2020

Weekend, and it's supposed to start snowing

early morning, which kind of sucks.  Indoors is much more pleasant than sliding around.  And you can observe things.


Oh, that was nice

Yesterday I had a chance to put a few rounds through what I've called my Grail gun: a S&W K-32 Target Masterpiece(this isn't the one)

 Short version: S&W decided to make the world's most accurate revolvers for target competition, and did it.  It's a K-frame, 6-inch barrel, adjustable sights, trigger stop, polished action, the whole works.  They were made in .22LR(K-22), .32 S&W Long(K-32), and .38 Special(K-38).  And, since each of these was a different class, they were made so as do duplicate weight & balance as much as possible so you could sort-of shoot the same pistol in each.

I first read about these a disgustingly long time ago and thought this sounded like a really neat pistol.  Over time read a bit more, then at a couple of shows actually saw one(which you couldn't handle, only drool at: 'New In Box!' and all that.  The problem with wanting one: there are lots of K-22s and K-38s, finding a good shootable one is easy*; in 30-some years of production they made less than 4,000 K-32s.  Which means the prices are high.  Last time I browsed around the 'NIB' or 'Like NIB' ones started between $3500 and $4000.  The usual solution is to look for one that's been used**.  I laugh.  Those are in families and almost never turned loose of.  I spoke with a big S&W collector at the big Tulsa show once and asked about them; "Every once in a great while one of those comes available, and it gets grabbed fast."

Which brings us to yesterday.  Guy had one at the range and let me put a few rounds through it, so got to actually handle and try it out.  

Result: Oh baby.  I really desire it now.  Action as smooth as silk, trigger breaks like the proverbial glass rod.  He was shooting handloads using a 100-grain semi-wadcutter bullet over Bullseye, which in this was like shooting a .22.  One load double-action at ten yards, one at 15 yards single-action.  Bleep.  Very accurate and pleasant.

No pictures of it, this one had a few wear marks but had been well cared for, and ought to be shooting out bullseyes for a long time to come.  I doubt it'll happen, but would be nice if S&W made some of these again.
 *And not too expensive.  I had a K-38 that a man had used in competition for years; all that used had done nothing I could tell but polish the action a bit smoother, and it was either the most accurate pistol I'd ever fired, or it let me shoot better than with damn-near anything else.
**There's also the definition of 'used' some people have.  Another collector at that show the next year, I mentioned I wanted to find a used one so I could shoot it: "That one is used."  Thing looked like it'd just walked out of the factory, so I asked how it was 'used'.  "There are a couple of spots on the finish on the other side, so I can't call it new."  His price on this: $4k.

Friday, December 11, 2020

Well, it's December, so the weather isn't surprising,

so having something to study indoors is a nice thing.

'China is asshole!'

And a damned liar.  And wanted to damage the rest of the world.

A four-year-old boy in Italy was infected with coronavirus as early as November 2019, it is believed, in the latest piece of evidence that the disease was spreading around the world well before China acknowledged the outbreak

Thursday, December 10, 2020

This. Is. CNN(again).

Yes, we said for months it was made up and a distraction, but now that it can't hurt Joe's election chances we'll pretend to be reporters!"

Wednesday, December 09, 2020

Remember Rep. Nukem Swalwell?

Asshole Democrat(but I repeat myself) from CA who thought saying "We can nuke you if you refuse to give up your guns!" was clever?
 Democratic California Rep. Eric Swalwell refused to answer The Federalist’s questions about the extent of his relationship with a Chinese spy who monitored and gathered intelligence on U.S. Democratic politicians on behalf of communist China.
Mind you, the PRC would like to nuke us too, so it's not surprising the company he'd keep.
Between 2011 and 2015, Fang socialized, networked, campaigned, volunteered, fundraised, and developed romantic or sexual relationships with politicians to gain information and send it back to her handlers, who were believed to be stationed in mainland China. She also reportedly used her close ties to government officials and political operatives to place “subagents” as employees or interns in some political and congressional offices.
In addition to raising millions for Swalwell, a House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and Central Intelligence Agency Subcommittee member, and placing at least one intern in Swalwell’s Washington, D.C. office, officials believe Fang may have been sexually and romantically involved with Swalwell.
Only question I have is how much money he was taking to betray the country.

And it gets even better in a way: guess whose fault this is that he's having problems over this?
 In today’s version of “You’ve got to be kidding me,” Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) is blaming President Trump for the Axios report that disclosed his questionable relationship with a Chinese spy.
Apparently, to this asshole, the problem isn't that he was getting money from and making connections for a PRC spy, it's that he's being caused trouble over it...

If this piece of shit had any shame, he'd be resigning.  But if he had that, he wouldn't be the asshole he is.

"Screw you, Governor, we're not doing this for you"

Even those in Californicated have limits, it seems.

News trumpeting that the Pennsylvania case had been dumped by the court: however

 I was just informed it's still active, that the application for emergency relief was denied but the case was NOT dismissed.
Ah, our Professional Journalists, telling you only the 'news' they want you to hear.

Tuesday, December 08, 2020

Remember Nukem Swalwell? Asshole from Californicated?

He and the rest of the Democrat Party have such interesting friends.  They just love the PRC, don't they?

Couple of things on the election

First, a group was claiming that the information on Republican poll watchers being told to leave and counting resumed when they were gone was fake; not hardly.  One of the problems with claiming 'nothing to it' being

OK, so on the one hand you have sworn affidavits from observers saying that supervisors told ballot counters to go home for the evening shortly after 10 p.m. and a video showing everyone leaving en masse at that time. And on the other hand, you have two government officials promising that no one was told that counting was over. Is there any other evidence to consider?

Well, on election night, ABC News reported that ballot counters were sent home at the time that the Republican observers said everyone was told counting had stopped. Their source? Regina Waller:
Who's she?  She's the public affairs manager for elections in the county.  Also,
 The Republican poll watchers’ story matches this election night reporting perfectly. And it wasn’t just ABC that reported counting was being delayed. Many media outlets reported on counting delays. See, for example, “Fulton County stopped counting absentee ballots for the night.”
But I'm sure we'll be told that means nothing.  Just because election officials and Professional Journalists confirmed it. 

Second, this came out the other day on some testing with the Dominion machines, and it appears to have been confirmed.  Note: original story was 26%, appears correct # was .26%, which with a lot of votes still makes a big difference.

Damn. Chuck Yeager died.

 He's flying high now.

Monday, December 07, 2020

Well, that's not good

Guy had a problem with his S&W Shield magazine: the seven-rounder suddenly wouldn't hold more than six.  Unloaded, reloaded, same.  So unloaded it and pulled the floorplate, and the spring didn't want to come out.  Little pulling, and
I don't think the spring is supposed to look like that.

Just to try I straightened it and reassembled, and like you'd expect it collapsed again when put under tension.  New spring time.

How stupid is that mask/Wuhan bullshit?

This effing stupid.
Among the new rules is student-athletes are permitted to wrestle, but must refrain from handshakes before and after the match.

Wrestlers are also required to wear facial coverings off the mat when not actively competing or warming up.

Oh yeah.  That makes just so much sense, doesn't it?

Sunday, December 06, 2020

Scene from the range

Rather a bitch of an evening, which included
"No, you don't get a discount because you can't shoot long.  You're the one who decided to come in half an hour before closing."
"No, you can't keep shooting: We Are Closing.  If you haven't had enough time to zero, that's your problem(especially since you three are some of the idiots who showed up half an hour before closing and expect us to stay open just for you)."
Etc.  Kind of a bitch of an evening.