Saturday, March 07, 2015

Ladies, I have to inform you of something:

As a man said in a Heinlein novel, if a handsome guy and a pretty girl both walk in, I look at the girl.  Which leads me to another data package

It's not a big set, but data for the ladies

has been located

Why President Lightbringer, just what neighborhoods would that be?

“As long as you can go in some neighborhoods and it is easier for you to buy a firearm than it is for you to buy a book, there are neighborhoods where it is easier for you to buy a handgun and clips than it is for you to buy a fresh vegetable, as long as that’s the case, we’re going to continue to see unnecessary violence” Obama said at the town hall meeting Friday afternoon.
That is, '-just what neighborhoods would that be if you weren't lying your ass off?'

"Yes, yes, they're helping fight sex slavery, but

they're making it a less-FEMINIST movement!"
“It wasn’t until this evangelical coalition emerged that sex trafficking became this huge everyday issue,” said Soderlund. “Once the evangelicals got on board, it became a much more mainstream issue, and less feminist. You had innocent victims, and you had evildoers, and it wasn’t as much about patriarchy.”
Because helping stop slavery is nice, but it needs to be in the proper political format and for proper political reasons!

Well, besides thinking you should be able to do anything you want, because 'Feels Safer!', you trusted the Brady group; that was downright dumb.
Back when Pennsylvania municipalities were regularly passing gun control ordinances, several cities only went through with the measures that violated state preemption laws because the Brady Campaign/Center promised, via MAIG and CeasefirePA representatives, to pay for the defense of those ordinances if the cities were sued.
Well, now the threat of lawsuits is looming and the Brady Campaign is telling the media that they never made such promises by claiming that the person who made the promises wasn’t really speaking for them.

Apparently the Google definition of 'evil' is very malleable.  Them helping the ChiCom government, no big deal; you violating their 'truth ratings', EVIL.  And they'll make you pay.
Yes. If you contradict Wikipedia, your site is falsehood-filled and worthless. Just to take one example: Wikipedia is the site that continually deleted a description of Brett Kimberlin as “a convicted drug dealer, bomber, and political activist.” Among the “facts” that were once approved about Kimberlin: “Since October of 2010, conservatives have hounded Kimberlin about his bombing conviction…”

You can see why it’s important to keep truths about his bombing away from the public’s eyes, while characterizing any discussion of it as “hounding.” Surely you see that, do you not, comrade? And if not, well, nice page ranking you got there . . .

Friday, March 06, 2015

Being stuffed with pizza after dinner with daughter, an activity requiring little energy is in order;

Study time.

And for the female readers, I'm trying to locate some more generally female-oriented data.  That I can stand to look at during the gathering, anyway; someone suggested searching 'beefcake', and damn.  Some of those guys look like they studied at the Jeffrey Dahmer School of Expression.

Borrowing from Raj Whitehall, "Vandals. Nothing but a bunch

of fucking vandals!"
Archaeologists and officials have expressed outrage about the bulldozing of the ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud by Islamic State militants in Iraq.

IS began demolishing the site, which was founded in the 13th Century BC, on Thursday, according to Iraqi officials.

The head of the UN's cultural agency condemned the "systematic" destruction in Iraq as a "war crime".

IS, which controls large areas of Iraq and Syria, says shrines and statues are "false idols" that have to be smashed.

"They are erasing our history," said Iraqi archaeologist Lamia al-Gailani.
They've destroyed ancient shrines, burned books, so why not destroy a whole bloody site?

But it's been done by Democrats, so most of the media doesn't care

and most of the Democrats don't have the integrity to even say anything.  And far too many of the Republicans don't have the balls to say, let alone actually DO anything.
If you went into work tomorrow and diverted $3,000 of company money to someone without authorization, you would be arrested and charged with theft and embezzlement. But the government just stole THREE BILLION TAXPAYER DOLLARS and gave it to huge corporations, and it doesn’t even make the news. Don’t liberals hate big corporations and the One Percenters like Mitt Romney that run them? Does the phrase “corporate welfare” ring any bells here?
Where is the outrage, liberals? Where is the outrage, media? Where is the outrage, Congress? Why is no one in handcuffs? How is this not a Constitutional crisis that blows runaway llamas and dumbass “I can’t breathe” protests off the internet? Am I the only one that noticed this? Why isn’t Paul Ryan himself calling a news conference on this matter?
Good question.

Robert Alan Murray is a prosecutor in Kern County, California.  Who committed a crime that would have had a private citizen in a cell, but this bastard is still working for Kern County.  And still has his law license.  Of course.
Kern County prosecutor Robert Murray committed “outrageous government misconduct.” Ms. Harris and her staff defended the indefensible—California State prosecutor Murray flat out falsified a transcript of a defendant’s confession.
And he didn't stop there:
...Not until after defense counsel requested the original tape recording from which the transcript was made did Mr. Murray admit that he had added the most incriminating statements to the transcript. 

When confronted with the defense’s motion to dismiss the indictment for outrageous prosecutorial misconduct, Mr. Murray claimed his own false alteration of the transcript was “in jest,” a “joke” between two lawyers, and harmless to the defendant. Mr. Murray lobbed in another little bombshell for good measure, swearing that defense counsel had said that the defendant’s defense was “not viable.”
Which set off a whole string of other messes. 

And what was the defense of this by the Californicated AG?
According to the California Attorney General, only abject physical brutality would warrant a finding of prosecutorial misconduct and the dismissal of an indictment. Fortunately for all of us—and the Constitution—she lost again.
Got that?  According to AG Kamala Harris, a prosecutor should be able to lie, and falsify documents and whatever else, but as long as he doesn't actually beat the shit out of someone, that should not count as 'prosecutorial misconduct'.

We're supposed to trust ANY of these bastards about ANYTHING why, again?

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Range report

Yes, I'm finally getting to it.

This was more light-load tryouts in .30-06 and .30-30, mostly the -06 that day.  All using Bullseye powder, 3.2 grains for .30-06, 2.7 for .30-30.

.30-06 using the semi-wadcutter, sized to .311
 Same bullet, unsized

 This is one of the loads I'm going to have to take to the outdoor range with a solid rest for proper trial to find out which is actually best in this rifle.

.30-06 firing the wadcutter, sized to .311

Same bullet unsized

Know which works best of the two.  The unsized will be the one that goes for further tryout.

Just to try it, I had three primed cases left so I loaded them with the SWCs(unsized) over the 3.2 grain charge, but only seated them to and lightly crimped in the lube groove instead of the crimp groove
 The new seating stem does help, but getting these things seated straight, when they're that shallowly in the case neck, is a PITA.  I'll try some more off the bench, but unless the results stay this good, won't do it again.

The 115-grain spitzer, no gas check, sized to .311
and unsized
The unsized does seem to have an advantage, but considering this is me shooting, it'll take the bench and better light to confirm.

Ok, to .30-30,
SWC, sized to .311

and unsized

These have to be seated to the crimp groove to chamber in my rifle, so that experiment can't be made.  Again, difference between sized & unsized, may be none.

Only have the .30-30 with wadcutters in the sized
because the unsized would not chamber.  No idea why the difference between now and then, this'll require some thought.  I'll try the sized over the previous charge of 5.0 of Unique, see how that does.

Of course they lied about their actions will illegal aliens;

it's what they do.

The People's Republic of Maryland, where letting your kids walk home from the park will cause the 'Child Protection' assholes to charge you with 'Unsubstantiated Neglect'.  After screwing with your lives and debating it for two months.  And
But the finding of unsubstantiated child neglect means CPS will keep a file on the family for at least five years and leaves open the question of what would happen if the Meitiv children get reported again for walking without adult supervision.
Which is probably why said assholes came up with such an idiotic charge: "We must have some 'legal' reason to keep an eye on these people, something that will let us keep screwing with them."

And their Governor wants to be President.

I repeat: you could not pay me enough to live in this hellhole. 

From December last year, just what the enviroweenies and morons have wrought on people trying to stay warm.  Including
A year ago, the governors of the six New England states agreed to pursue a coordinated regional strategy, including more pipelines and at least one major transmission line for hydropower. The plan called for electricity customers in all six states to subsidize the projects, on the theory that they would make up that money in lower utility bills.

But in August, the Massachusetts Legislature rejected the plan, saying in part that cheap energy would flood the market and thwart attempts to advance wind and solar projects. That halted the whole effort.
Got that?  "Screw people trying to pay bills, we already have to subsidize our windmills and solar panels, and that'll make them look even worse!"  Which would probably also cut into whatever graft, payoffs and such are involved.
This kind of crap is why MA is also one of the  you could not pay me to live in.

And these are the people those chickenshits Boehner and McConnell helped fund. 
For years, top DHS officials — including those working in the Secretary’s office — knew of Echevarria’s behavior, and yet they did nothing to mitigate the obvious danger that he posed to society. But the cover-ups didn’t stop there.

One Florida news site,, reported that DHS officials may have even attempted to cover up Echevarria’s arrest and hide it from the public (Echevarria was not recorded as having been arrested by Florida law enforcement until more than two weeks after the incident).

Another campus with 'Freedom of Approved Speech' attitude.

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

"Get money out of politics(EXCEPT

when it's Democrat donors)!"
Billionaire John Catsimatidis is working to slip a biofuel mandate that would add $150 million to New Yorkers’ heat expenses into the state budget just as a company he owns completes construction of the largest biofuel plant in the region.
Catsimatidis, who is well known in New York City as the owner of grocery store chain Gristedes, was a central figure in an effort to use a campaign finance loophole to funnel money to the Democrats’ 2014 battle for control of the state senate.

At the request of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, Catsimatidis cut a $50,000 check to the little-known Putnam County Democratic Committee, which in turn gave the money to individual Democratic candidates that are legally prohibited from receiving such large sums from individual donors, according to a New York Daily News report.

They found the Musashi.

Yes, Hillary Clinton using private e-mail for official stuff is a BIG problem for her.  And her other minions who did the same.

Why anyone screaming "HOMOPHOBE!" or "RACIST" and such should, as default, be considered a SJW asshole; because these are their standard clubs to try to shut people up with.

'Tolerant of other views' my ass, they're a bunch of intolerant, bigoted assholes.

Man, the GFWs will bitch and whine about anything, won't they?

No one was injured after the weapon of Lt. Earl Barnes, the SWAT team commander, discharged after he tied his shoes in a chair in a lobby area. Doors were open next to the meeting room while his boss, Police Chief Kevin Arnold, was explaining upcoming training for his records office to elected officials.

Yes, I tried out some loads yesterday

Hopefully will get all constructive and put it up later today.  Right now I'm going to hit the store for some sauce ingredients in case the weather actually does what they're screaming about.

So the questions about Boehner and McConnell is

Cowards, bought-off, or moles?

And if it's bought-off you have the same question I had for Rep. Steve Russell: are you a cheap whore, or did you go for call-girl prices?

Trust a federal agency? Why would you do that?

Salvi telephoned the head of the FEC’s Enforcement Division, who he says told him: “Promise me you will never run for office again, and we’ll drop this case.” So said Lois Lerner. After Salvi lost, FBI agents visited his elderly mother, demanding to know, concerning her $2,000 contribution to her son’s campaign, where she got “that kind of money.” When a federal court held that the charges against Salvi were spurious, the FEC’s losing lawyer was Lois Lerner.
Add to that 'Trust the major media?  Why the hell would you do that?
Roskam’s telling of Salvi’s story elicited no denial from Lerner. Neither did the retelling of it in this column (June 13, 2013). No wonder: The story had not been deemed newsworthy by the three broadcast networks’ evening news programs, by The New York Times or The Washington Post. With most of the media uninterested in the use of government institutions to handicap conservatives, stonewalling would work.
Let us remember Gunwalker: ATF brass lying under oath, submitting false documents, etc.  Number charged: zero.  Lerner and other IRS brass: lying under oath, concealing evidence, falst documents, etc.  Number charged: You kidding?  Under Holders "Justice" Department?  Don't forget HIM in Gunwalker: lying under oath, false documents, etc.  Not even a CHANCE of him ever paying a price for it.

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

I was going to post something,

and then it ran away and hid.  Maybe later.

Monday, March 02, 2015

Tab clearing

Civil rights victory in Vermont.

Wonder if Obamas' paid liars would call this a 'possible threat from an unknown, random source'?

Ebola is like Murphy: a sneaky bastard.

First time around I wanted to ask Roberts "Was it blackmail, or just a simple payoff?"  In either case, we have to wonder if it'll work again.

'Course, could be he's a chickenshit who couldn't stand the idea of all the 'right' people calling him names, in which case he'll probably cave to them again.

A lot of them believe the New York-Washington press corps fundamentally misunderstands where Middle America voters stand on such issues.

Most of them marveled at how those journalists became obsessed with Giuliani's words at a time when the president is asking for congressional authorization of his use of military force that doesn't involve much military force — and were amazed that this was not the week's real scandal.

But the need to drive the news got worse:
Some of them misunderstand; the others are scared as hell that there are news and comm sources they don't control, and want desperately to regain control.

In his first six years in office, President Obama has performed well for those who wrote those checks. He brought in Wall Street insiders such as Timothy Geithner and Larry Summers to concoct his economic policy, which brought a recovery to the financial plutocracy before virtually anyone else. Wall Street was back by 2009; the rest of us have had to wait for 2015.
Make that '2015 and counting'.

Hell, ANYTHING that might damage the Preferred Narrative of AGW panics them.

What?  Leftist lawyers are lying bastards?  Who could have- ok, I can't finish that even by keyboard with a straight face.

Loading die mod

This is one of those "I needed to make something, so I'm writing about it" posts.

Die in question: Lee bullet-seating die for .30-06.

If you'll look at the pic below, you'll notice that the inside of the die body is hollow in the lower section, top section is threaded inside, and in between
is a divider with a hole in the center.  The threaded top piece is to adjust the travel of the seating plug, which is a piece of steel rod with a conical hole in one end to fit the bullet nose.  It's just slightly larger in diameter than the hole, so it stays in the top section.

Normal use, no problem.  Start messing with larger-than-standard and short bullets, like the .32-caliber pistol stuff I've been using for light loads, two problems:
First, those larger-diameter bullets* don't want to fit through the hole well; they tend to get slightly stuck, which causes from annoyance all the way up to "BLEEP-DAMMIT!"

Second, those wadcutters?  That seating plug cannot seat them as far down as needed.  Which necessitated some squirreling-around with a different cartridge die to seat them.

Yes, you could drill the hole out a bit.  This being a heat-treated die, I kind of hate to start trying that.  Plus if you do that, the seating plug will fall through.  So what you need a different seating plug.

So I hied myself off to the lathe, and finally produced these:
The one on the right is aluminum with a flat end for seating short flat-nose or flat-end stuff; the one on the left is steel with suitably hollowed-out end.  Both have the main body, then a step down, then the part that will fit through the hole in the body.  The step will keep them from falling through, the extension will allow seating the very short bullets, and with the conical hole in the steel one it'll seat standard bullets.

I could probably use aluminum for both.  I was worried that, with the hollow-ended one, thin as the walls would be toward the mouth, aluminum might wind up being expanded a bit with some bullets; so flat-face for the wadcutters and such, steel for the other.

Making the hole was fun.  Wound up facing-off the end so it'd be flat and square, which also marks the center nicely.  Centerpunch to set that spot. then use the drill press do drill in about 3/8"(actually a bit more, ought to measure it).  Back to the lathe, adjust the compound rest, which both slides back & forth and holds the tool post which holds the cutting bits, to a very shallow angle, and used a bit I'd ground long and thin for a different project a while back.  Move the bit well into the hole, move it toward me until it contacts the inside, then back it out at an angle so it cuts the hole into a tapered shape with a few passes.  Yes, sounds kind of confusing, I'll try to take a picture later so I can label all this.

Anyway, it solves the problem.  And I now have some more test ammo loaded.  Which may take a while to use, as it's misting outside; supposed to stay above freezing tonight(hope they're right), if it does may be able to shoot tomorrow.  If can't then, Wednesday is going to suck(snow and sleet) so it'll be sometime after that.

*This also occurs with some normal size(150-grain and up) cast bullets sized .311"

Because fellow communists get a pass on just about anything,

including environmental destruction.
Interestingly, despite this potential massive threat to one of the most pristine environmental reservoirs in the Americas, none of the leading international environmental organizations, such as Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth or the Sierra Club, has issued a single statement about the Nicaragua Canal.

We know for a fact that this is not out of lack of interest in Central America. After all, some of these organizations were pretty vocal in their opposition to CAFTA. Why isn’t the Nicaragua Canal proposal commanding the attention of these international environmental groups?

$15/hour times zero equals...

Cascade Designs, an outdoor recreational gear manufacturing company based in Seattle, announced it is moving 100 jobs (20% of the workforce) later this year to a new plant it is leasing near Reno, Nevada. The company has offered some employees positions in Reno, but others must reapply.
The San Francisco Eater, a local publication following the city’s restaurant scene, predicts that the impact of the $15 minimum will likely lead many restaurants to close their doors this year. Abbot’s Cellar and Luna Park, popular locally owned restaurants, already made the decision to shut down. The owners both blamed the $15 minimum wage.
I'm sure someone will inform us that it's all worth it so the people who still do have jobs- for now- will be getting that raise.

Mr. Hilton, the only part you needed to say was

"I am gay and Islamic State are throwing gay people off roofs before stoning their bodies, so I am not going to apologise for wishing that Jihadi John and the murderous Islamic State were not around," he said.
Really, UKIP?  You're worried about him saying this about a nasty IS murderer?  Tell the whiners to kiss your ass.

Yeah, war between hispanic and black gangs isn't the kind of thing the multi-culti people would want talked about.

The portrait of Bloombergs' chief minion:

 Yeah, the ultimate aim of this is to ban as much ammunition as possible.  And since they know it wouldn't get through Congress the "We must disarm the peasantry" clowns at ATF and EPA(with a little 'Ban it for the CHILDRENNN!' at EPA) will try to do it by 'legislation by decree'.

Ah, so THAT'S why Obama & Co. are so scared and pissed about the Netanyahu visit.

Yeah, not a Sharpton fan:
Appearing on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” Sunday morning, Allen was angry particularly over his belief that a number of corporations ignore other black figures but do business with Sharpton because he’s the “least expensive negro.”

Host Brian Stelter pushed back on the claim, but Allen only doubled down, saying the corporate mentality is “don’t do business with real African American-owned companies, just give him $50,000 and a bucket of chicken and we’re good.”

Sunday, March 01, 2015

"You're a DEMOCRAT, how dare you openly criticize The Obama!"

The Democrat Party at work.

Probably the actual long-term aim of this: to make complying with the 'law'(as ATF happens to interpret it at that phase of the moon) as difficult and expensive as possible.
While the banning of these popular cartridges is the most visible and immediate effect of ATF’s shifting policy, the “Framework” has other serious implications. It will, for example, inhibit the development and use of rifle ammunition containing non-lead materials, even as efforts are afoot both at the federal and state levels to impose bans or restrictions on lead ammunition. The eventual collision of these trends could result in drastically reduced options for lawful ammunition users.

You want politically-correct bigotry in action?  "But she's a JEW!"

At a campus in Californicated.  Wonderful, isn't it?

This'll stir things a bit:
St. Louis Circuit Judge Robert Dierker ruled that the Missouri law prohibiting felons from possessing guns is unconstitutional as applied in the case of Raymond Robinson, in part because it fails to differentiate between violent and non-violent felons.

The amendment declares the right to keep and bear arms “unalienable” and subjects laws restricting gun rights to “strict scrutiny.”

Dierker limited his decision to the circumstances of Robinson’s situation; it is not binding on other cases. It also has no effect on a federal law prohibiting felons from possession guns.

Remember that piece the other day about the cops, prosecutors and other lawyers all lying under oath- repeatedly- to screw a guy?  Good question:
But here’s my question: Why aren’t the seven witnesses to Dendinger’s nonexistent assault on Cassard already facing felony charges? Why are all but one of the cops who filed false reports still wearing badges and collecting paychecks? Why aren’t the attorneys who filed false reports facing disbarment? Dendinger’s prosecutors both filed false reports, then prosecuted Dendinger based on the reports they knew were false. They should be looking for new careers — after they get out of jail.

If a group of regular citizens had pulled this on someone, they’d all likely be facing criminal conspiracy charges on top of the perjury and other charges. So why aren’t these cops and prosecutors?
Also, why haven't all the lawyers been disbarred?  Or isn't repeated perjury enough of an offense?

'Net Neutrality' my ass

...The most influential of these congregate around the deceptively named Free Press, a liberal lobby co-founded in 2002 by Robert McChesney, a University of Illinois communications professor. 
His goals have always been clear. “At the moment, the battle over network neutrality is not to completely eliminate the telephone and cable companies,” he told the website SocialistProject in 2009. “But the ultimate goal is to get rid of the media capitalists in the phone and cable companies and to divest them from control.” Earlier in 2000, he told the Marxist magazine Monthly Review: “Our job is to make media reform part of our broader struggle for democracy, social justice, and, dare we say it, socialism.” When I interviewed him in 2010, he admitted he is a socialist and said he was “hesitant to say I’m not a Marxist.”
Anybody who still thinks this is about 'equalizing' the 'net is a fool, or on the enemy side.