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Saturday night, data,

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Short version: 'Don't worry about the burgers, worry about the buns and such.'

Publishing in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, Dr ZoĆ« Harcombe of the Institute of Clinical Exercise and Health Science of the University of the West of Scotland researched both the origins and the results of following the dietary fat guidelines that have prevailed in the US and the United Kingdom for almost 40 years. The evidence provides no support for the assertion that low-fat diets are healthier, especially as the incidences of obesity and diabetes have escalated dramatically during the same four decades of the guidelines’ implementation.
Hell, have two burgers, just skip the carbs as much as possible.

More stupidity from the "Feelings are more important than ANYTHING!" people.
This is a post about an example of going too far to make sure we don’t label someone. Fresh from the state of Washington, we have an internal memo from Acting Department of Corrections Secretary Dick Morgan renaming those incarcerated in the prison system there as “students”.

Yes, you read that right, people like Gary Ridgway, the infamous Green River Killer, are now “students” according to the DOC. Why? According to Morgan, “The term ‘offender’ does have a negative connotation and significantly impacts a broad group of people and communities.”
Stupid, not helpful, and I'm sure he feels very virtuous about it.

I think I linked to this once before; it's worth another look.
What we are saying is: You cannot engage in a stand up, mano y mano sparring match with a criminal.

A criminal assault is not a fight. The criminal's intended goals are light years away from a fight. As such, using the strategies that you would use in a fight  (or a sporting match) isn't going to work. In fact, the strategies and tactics he is going to be using are designed to prevent you from being able to effectively resist.

Another reason to call it Californicated.
For many booksellers like Bill and Book Passage, this massive threat of liability will make holding author events too much of a risk.  And the loss to California’s marketplace of ideas will be gargantuan.  Book signings aren’t just central to Book Passage’s business model, they’re vital to up-and-coming authors with less represented views, who use book signings to lure new readers.  Many famous authors got their start by doing signing events.  While Book Passage hosts such big names as Isabelle Allende and Khaled Hosseini, it also frequently hosts local poets, fiction writers, and even chefs who have authored cookbooks.
Even worse than irrational, the law is pernicious: despite the law’s vast breadth (it also covers paintings, sculptures, and auctioneers), certain sellers have secured exemptions.  Online retailers and pawn shops, those places where uninformed buyers are most vulnerable, do not have to comply.

Yes, there are racists out there; and some of them won't be called that by the loudest screamers, due to their skin color.

That's the link to Insty, in case you don't want to give this nutcase any clicks.  His lecture includes
The Europeans first used Blanqueamiento on us when they shipped our ancestors over to the West Indies (Caribbean’s), Central and South America. The Hebrew slaves of these lands were originally black and brown skinned people. But once the Europeans (Spanish, Portuguese, British, etc.) established their colonies and plantations there; the white men raped the black women and had babies with them. Their European offspring were taught and forced to mate among other Europeans, instead of back into Hebrew (black) blood to white-out the black race. This is where the modern day Spanish, Hispanic, and Latino people come from (the white ones, not the negroes). They are the offspring of the European slave masters who raped black women, whose children bred back into the white race.

I shared that short piece of history with you to show you how interracial mating is used as a tool to destroy black populations. Not just us here in America, but worldwide. In case you didn’t know, the entire world was black a few thousand years ago. The ancient Europeans, Asians, Chinese, Indians, Arabs, and Israelites were all black. But when the Caucasians (white people) evolved from Neanderthals into human beings, they performed Blanqueamiento wherever they went to control the population. This is why all of the indigenous populations of the earth today are now populated by whites.

Evergreen State College, a good place to keep your kids away from.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday night; it's lovely outside

and a holiday weekend.  Which means a lot of stupid people on the roads.  Safer to stay in and go over the data.


Eric Clanton remained in custody in lieu of $200,000 bail at Berkeley Jail on Thursday and is scheduled to be arraigned at 9 a.m. Friday at Oakland’s Wiley W. Manuel Courthouse. He was arrested on three counts of suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon that isn’t a firearm and assault causing great bodily injury.

In a statement Thursday, police acknowledged that video of the incident, captured by onlookers and posted on social media, helped them identify Clanton as the suspect behind “several violent assaults” that happened April 15 during the demonstration at Civic Center Park on Martin Luther King Jr. Way.

Police confirmed Clanton can be seen in videos hitting people in the head with a U-shaped bicycle lock. Three people received “significant injuries” because of the beatings, police said.

Yeah, hitting someone in the head with a pound or two of steel will cause significant injuries.  It can damn well kill people.  And that's what this 'anti-fash' asshole was trying to do.

And I'm sure lots of leftist assholes were/are cheering him on for it.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Someone tell me again why the TSA should be considered anything other than a jobs program

for abusers and incompetents?
When the locks were first introduced in 2003, TSA official Ken Lauterstein described them as part of the agency’s efforts to develop “practical solutions that contribute toward our goal of providing world-class security and world-class customer service.”

Now that they’ve been hacked, however, TSA says it doesn’t really care one way or another.

“The reported ability to create keys for TSA-approved suitcase locks from a digital image does not create a threat to aviation security,” wrote TSA spokesperson Mike England in an email to The Intercept.

These consumer products are ‘peace of mind’ devices, not part of TSA’s aviation security regime,” England wrote.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Let's talk about actual obstruction of justice, shall we?

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz threatened the chief of the U.S. Capitol Police with “consequences” for holding equipment that she says belongs to her in order to build a criminal case against a Pakistani staffer suspected of massive cybersecurity breaches involving funneling sensitive congressional data offsite.

The Florida lawmaker used her position on the committee that sets the police force’s budget to press its chief to relinquish the piece of evidence Thursday, in what could be considered using her authority to attempt to interfere with a criminal investigation.
Considering the crap she's been caught in due to the Wikileaks releases, why put herself on the line this way?  Consider:
Though on the surface Wasserman Schultz would have been a victim of Awan’s scam, she has inexplicably protected him, circumventing the network ban by re-titling him as an “adviser” instead of technology administrator. 

Politico described him and his wife, Hina Alvi, as having a “friendly personal relationship” with both Wasserman Schultz and Rep. Gregory Meeks of New York. 

That baffled a Democratic IT staffer, who said “I can’t imagine why she’d be that good of friends with a technology provider.” “

Usually if someone does bad stuff, an office is going to distance themselves” rather than incur political fallout for a mere staffer, he added.
My, my, my, that sounds like something that needs serious investigation, does it not?

So, if we can't throw the UN out of the country,

can we at least go through the administrators with something suitable?  Say, flamethrowers or shotguns?
According to the Associated Press, the WHO routinely has spent about $200 million a year on travel expenses—more than what it spends to fight AIDS and hepatitis ($70.5 million), tuberculosis ($59 million), and malaria ($61 million) combined.
At a time when the cash-strapped health agency is pleading for more money to fund its responses to health crises worldwide, it has struggled to get its travel costs under control. Senior officials have complained internally that U.N. staffers break new rules that were introduced to try to curb its expansive travel spending, booking perks like business class airplane tickets and rooms in five-star hotels with few consequences.
People don’t know what to do? Here’s a hint: If you work for global nonprofit you probably shouldn’t be flying first class or spending $1,008 per night on a hotel suite that has marble bathrooms and a dining room that seats eight. That’s what the AP says Dr. Margaret Chan, director-general of the WHO, did earlier this month while in Guinea to join the country’s president in celebrating the world’s first Ebola vaccine. Chan alone spent more than $370,000 in travel in 2014—and she wasn’t even the WHO executive with the highest travel expenses for the year.

The people who scream about 'cultural appropriation'

and other such idiocies need to apologize to the trees that provide the oxygen they breathe.

And then stop breathing.
Kali Wilgus and Liz “LC” Connelly, owners of Portland pop-up shop Kooks Burritos, just wanted to make and sell some really great burritos. So when they were on a trip to Puerto Nuevo, Mexico, they “picked the brains” of the local tortilla ladies and brought those recipes back to the States.
Whelp, apparently this interview sparked an Internet shitstorm, which ended in Kooks Burritos shutting down and the two white women who owned it scrubbing social media of the business’ existence.

Wilgus and Connelly were accused of cultural appropriation by the Internet mob, and even the theft of PoC’s recipes.
Because making tasty burritos in fucking Portland somehow harms people in Mexico.

Singer named Morrissey says he's had it with the PC bullshit;

guess who's crapping their pants in outrage at him?  Because, apparently, actually naming the bad guys is worse than blowing up little girls. 

Speaking of asshats,
So here was MSNBC, with Comrade Chris Matthews speaking over a live video feed from the blood-spattered Ariana Grande concert, the live screams of the terrified young girls in the background, as he says with disinterest:
“We’ll get the latest on that in a minute” — more screams — “but first, the shocking news in Washington tonight, the Washington Post reports that — ”
Click to CNN. Some expert with an English accent is analyzing what he desperately wants to have occurred.

“It must also be noted in the recent months in Europe there have been a number of false flag plots where, uh, right-wing extremists have tried to frame Islamists for terrorism … .”

Really? Where did that happen, in Nice, or Paris, or Istanbul, or London or Berlin, or for that matter, Boston, San Bernardino, NYC, Orlando or Chattanooga? Deflect, deflect, deflect. This is how Islamic hate crimes are always downplayed by fake news. Yesterday morning it was more of the same on ABC “News” with Clinton hack George Stephanopoulos wringing his hands about that thing uppermost in everyone’s mind — everyone with armed security, I suppose.

Stephanopoulos: “This is also likely to inflame anti-Islamic sentiment across Britain, across Europe.”
And the media weenies wonder why so many people hold them in contempt.

Bronze swords

some good information from Mr. Ney-Grimm

Why'd they do it? Because they're CNN, and Clark is a black male who's

off the reservation.

Few days ago a guy was insisting that 'REAL' news organizations like CNN had standards they're required to go by; could argue that he's right, but their standards aren't what he thinks they are.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Yes, the NGVAC is a hate group

Which you probably already know.
In a previous post, Miguel showed a post from the Nation Gun Victims Action Council. I have never been to their site or their Facebook page before.

I went to take a look.

Holy shit. They are the Stormfront of the anti-gun movement.

I mean that with the greatest degree of sincerity.
In the eye of this beholder, the Nation Gun Victims Action Council is a hate group. I believe the internet hate group definition best describes the state of mind of the the NGVAC. I think that the NGVAC as a hate group is one that models itself on some of the worst antisemitic tropes and hate online.

One of the oldest and pervasive antisemitic canard is that the Jews control the government. If you were to go to a random antisemitic website you will see claims that the Congress is beholden to Jews, the US goverment fights wars on behalf of Israel or the Israel Lobby, or any number of other insinuation that the tiny minority of Jews in the world wields enormous subversive political and economic power in the US to the detriment of the American people.

That last sentiment is exactly what the NGVAC believes about the NRA.
Never forget that a lot of these people have a primary emotion in their actions: they hate us.  Anyone who owns arms, or defends it.  And an awful lot of them would have no problem seeing us killed.  For the greater good, of course.

While the media and Democrats keep screaming about Trump and Russia,

how much have you heard about this?
A criminal suspect in an investigation into a major security breach on the House of Representatives computer network has abruptly left the country and gone to Pakistan, where her family has significant assets and VIP-level protection, a relative and others told The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group. 

Hina Alvi, her husband Imran Awan, and his brothers Abid and Jamal were highly paid shared IT administrators working for multiple House Democrats until their access to congressional IT systems was terminated Feb. 2 as a result of the investigation. Capitol Police confirmed the investigation is ongoing, but no arrests have been reported in the case.
When this first came out, some of the Democrats they worked for tried to keep them in their jobs(which is freaking insane), and otherwise got in the way; makes you wonder what these people may have on them.

There's a new Mummy movie, and I ran across this

Monday, May 22, 2017

Damned Amish

At least 19 people were killed and about 50 others were injured in what British Prime Minister Theresa May called "an appalling suicide attack" after an Ariana Grande concert Monday night at Manchester Arena in England, authorities said.

And yes, lots of weenies on twitter whining about 'racists and xenophobes'.  Guess why?

Of course, MSNBC knows what the REAL news is.

"Citizens! Worry not about your taxes going up, for

State-Run Health Care will be worth it!  And do not fear about the businesses and people leaving, we'll just have to up taxes again on the newly-defined 'wealthy' to make up for the losses!"

These idiots really have a space on their flow chart marked 'Where the Magic happens' that's going to make this crap work.

The Disneyland and Hermit Crab States of Mind

We're now moving into conscious behaviors. But behaviors based on subconscious assumptions and ...well, flat out misinformation. Myths and lies that are being promoted as unquestionable truths. The reason I mention this subject is it has a lot to do with current trends of entitlement and privilege (I have the right to _____") It also lends itself to people believing, "I shouldn't have to do _____" 

Especially among the young, this can go as far as they have a 'right' to do stupid, illegal and dangerous without consequence. Mix that in with an assumption of safety and we're three quarters the way to the Disneyland State of Mind and the Hermit Crab Mindset.
Read it.  Good piece.  And I think you'll recognize both people you know and lots of people in the news.  And it fits right in with the accusation of 'Victim Blaming!' that SJBs like to throw around:  "How dare you tell girls they shouldn't get blackout-drunk at parties!  Teach men not to-", etc.
Want another example? (Also to show you how deeply embedded the DSOM is in certain circles.) It's nearly 20 years since I was talking to the head of a university's rape crisis center. I mentioned an under-aged girl, using a false ID to get into a frat party, then binge drinking herself into unconsciousness while surrounded by a bunch of horny, drunk young males is not a situation that was going to end well.

Her response? "Well, a girl has the right to have fun."
I want you to realize, this wasn't a student saying this. It was an older woman AND an university employee. Recognize the DSOM goes beyond just peer pressure and the young and dumb. Yes it's endemic in the hook up culture. However, in certain circles -- especially age groups -- it's almost become an ideology and an expected standard of behavior. People in the DSOM engage in high risk behavior, not just because it's 'fun,' but ... wait for it ... it’s their right.

That's how you can get cross wired with it. The common reaction to their 'rights' being violated is fury. You'll be targeted by this fury regardless of who you are.
I can think of a number of people I've known who this fits.

"But- but Social and Financial Justice!"

For some empirical backup, consider an April study from Michael Luca at Harvard Business School and Dara Lee Luca at Mathematica Policy Research. They used Bay Area data from the review website Yelp to estimate that a $1 minimum-wage hike leads to a 14% increase in “the likelihood of exit for a 3.5-star restaurant.”

Put differently, San Francisco’s minimum wage experiment may be dangerous for your favorite white-tablecloth restaurant—the kind of place where the food is exquisite and can command a premium—but it’s downright deadly for your local white-apron diner.
Which they were warned about.  But they either didn't believe it or didn't care, because feelz.

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