Saturday, October 15, 2016

Know what?

Screw the news, screw politics, all of it.  More data is needed to bring a better mood.

A little different data,

let's start with some pin-ups

A classic

One of the more stupid things HuffPo has put up

is this, which was rapidly taken down when their readers started pointing out how effing stupid it was.

So, in the name of 'Virtue!  I CARE!' they were encouraging burglary and grand theft.  Great.  So if you don't get caught and beaten down by the owner, or shot while committing a robbery or burglary, you still stand to go to prison because YOU'RE A THIEF. 

Just like with the Evil Party making sure Hillary got the nomination, the fix was in making sure Comey recommended 'no prosecution'.  And he lied, on many things, including in testimony before Congress.

Congratulations, Director: you've demonstrated we have laws for the rich and connected, and different ones for everyone else.  You've demonstrated that the FBI is just one more corrupted institution that cannot be trusted.  You're now in the same class as the VA brass who played games while vets died, and the IRS clowns who broke federal law and their own regulations and payed no price.  And the BATF asshats who've produced piles of bodies playing political games and the only ones who've paid a price is the whistleblowers who tried to do something about it.

GFZ talks about the dildo carriers in Austin.
She does this multiple times.  She never explains how big rubber penis is supposed to work.  How it is supposed to change hearts and minds.  If you say it won’t and that her tactics are sophomoric, you are a sexist who assaulted her with your mansplaining.  Apparently calling someone out on their bullshit argument is oppression if the bullshitter is a woman.

The tragedy that makes this snowball out of control is that she lives in an echo chamber, as all SJWs do.  Her friends and followers are just as bad.  Here she is saying that she doesn’t have the time to explain why her irrational argument is valid, so shut up.  This is of course the flip side to “google it” or “look it up” in SJW speak when asked for evidence.  They have none and can’t explain it but your are the racist/sexist/-phobe for not accepting it at face value.

Jennifer makes tasty things.  Leave out the soy sauce and daughter would love these.

Because, as Kevin puts it, lies are all they have.

And in a place with the kind of gun laws Bloomberg and Watts and Schumer just love,
At least 19 people were shot across the city from Friday evening to Saturday morning, leaving six dead, according to Chicago Police.

I'm sure someone will tell us that it's because all those OTHER states don't have the right kind of laws.  While not answering why, if this is so, those other places don't have the same kind of violent-crime rates.

Friday, October 14, 2016

It's that time of year: cold front, chill and wet,

then warm front to dry it out.  Nice evening out there, but there's data anyway.