Saturday, February 15, 2014

Haven't written much about actually shooting lately

due to a combination of things, primarily two:
The weather's sucked.
Aftermath of illness.  Specifically, after getting rid of the sinus infection that followed the cold/flu that followed whateverthehellitwas, if I went out in the cold air for more than a couple of minutes I started coughing like I was trying to expel a lung.  It hurt.  So inside I stayed.

Have managed a couple of trips to the indoor range the last two weeks, though not for long(even indoors, with the ventilation it's chilly).  However, I am working on a project with a guy that I'll put a post together on when possible.  May be a while yet.  It involves practice ammo and plated bullets.

I've also been putting a piece on metalworking together for Erin for the Blue Collar Prepping blog.  Needs pictures, and the tools I need to shoot are in the shed.  Did I mention it's been cold and the cough?  However, it's warmed up a lot here, so will try to get at least some of them done tomorrow.

And yes, I'm still having trouble with the shoulder I landed on during the reacquaintance with gravity.  As in seeing a physical therapist for it.  It's helping, but it's going to take a while to finally heal up.  And dammit, there's stuff I need to DO...

Why you're not Officer Friendly anymore, Reason #512:

“Deputy, should I have been here in the first place?”
It was almost too good to hear. “Then why did I end up here?”
“You have to consider the source.” This phrase I remember verbatim.
“How do you mean?”
“I mean, there are a lot of young cops on the street, trying to make a name for themselves.”

Read it all.  Ignore the fact that this guy is EXCUSING HIMSELF FOR FEELING IT NECESSARY TO REPORT THIS CRAP(what the hell's wrong with you, guy?): these cops made a problem so they'd have an excuse to arrest him, and then it was set up so the charges would be dropped and he'd not have his day in court.

Stasi indeed.  Fittingly enough, in the Socialist Republic of San Francisco.

"Why don't you respect teachers? All they want to do is

get your kids to snitch on you!"
A middle school in Marinette,  got a group of 5th-8th graders together and organized a really fun game that asked students to step forward to answer “yes” to a series of highly personal questions.
Questions like…
Do your parents drink?
Do you cut yourself?
Has anyone in your family been to jail?
Have you ever wanted to commit suicide?
Do you or your parents do drugs?
Unbelievably, school administrators believed that this “game” would help the kids to be better and kinder friends.  “The intent of this activity was to build stronger, more respectful relationships among students,” said Principal Shawn Limberg.  The “game” was part of an anti-bullying program.
In a pigs ass it was.  Especially when you hear this:
Several parents voiced their concerns and had them brushed off. Amanda Fifarek, mother of a 7th grade student, told FOX 11, “They basically told us that all the students were lying…all the students got together and planned it out and if they weren’t lying, it was all misperceptions. They didn’t specifically say do your parents do drugs.”
Yeah, the schools ALWAYS accuse the kids of lying about 'anti-bullying programs'.

Sounds about right; the socialists really mean "We must get the big money out of politics!  Except for ours!"
So who occupies the 58 spots ahead of the Evil Koch Bros? Six of the top 10 are ... wait for it ... unions. They gave more than $278 million, with most of it going to Democrats.

Yeah, if the media spent as much time on the teachers and Hollywood weenies molesting kids, it might take away from the 'evil priests and Boy Scout leaders' push.

Why is this November’s election not a sure thing for the GOP? Because it’s entirely unclear that, given majority power again, the GOP would be any less wretched than Reid, Pelosi and crew.
And we have Boehner and McConnell & Co. to thank for that.

Another background-check bill killed, this one in New Hampshire.

Damn right

The leftists either don't remember the warning

or don't think it'll ever apply to them: "When you want a law, you'd better imagine it being enforced by your worst enemy."  So they cheer Obama and Schumer and the IRS doing this crap, and when it gets turned against them they're going to be seriously bent out of shape.  And I'm going to remind every one of them I can that "You asked for it."

You can argue with just about any and all diet advice; what I've gone with the last few years is from my daughter: "The closer it is to real food, the better."  So I stopped using shortening and margarine and use butter and lard and olive oil.  Eat a lot less bread and such than I used to.  Since I started that, every time I've had a physical the results that come back from the lab have had a note from the doc: "Whatever you're doing, keep doing it."

Damn near impossible to avoid all the processed stuff, so I look at labels and try to avoid anything they've dumped soy into(for instance).  Daughter has nasty reaction to soy, and has trouble finding canned goods and such without it.  Start checking labels for it and corn syrup, they're in damn near EVERYTHING.

During three days of voting, the UAW repeatedly complained of outsiders trying to influence and intimidate VW workers into voting against joining the union.
Imagine that. Outsiders coming in where they're not wanted. Stirring up trouble and intimidating people. The poor UAW wouldn't know anything about that, would they?


Hey, Governor Howler, how much is THIS going to cost New York

in lost jobs and taxes? 

Still happy about telling everyone who won't kiss your ass that they're not welcome, they have no place, in New Effing York?
High level sources have informed Yellowhammer News that Remington, one of the world’s largest gun manufacturers, will on Monday join Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley in announcing that they are bringing over 2,000 jobs to Alabama.

The company is viewing the move into Alabama as an expansion, but it will likely impact their Ilion, NY plant as well. The New York facility currently employees around 1,200 people. It is expected to stay open, but with a reduced workforce.
I'll bet every clown from Howler to Schumer on down is having fits.  That's ANOTHER business packing up and leaving New York specifically because of what the legislature and Howler did, and what Howler and the NYEffingCity commie said.

Friday, February 14, 2014

End of the work week, thus it's time

for another data dump

Why you're not Officer Friendly anymore, Reason #399:

You're lying, murdering bastards who aren't fit to hold that badge you're hiding behind.
...Detective Patrick Hobbs, a self-described narcotics expert who claimed he "smelled the strong odor of chemicals" downwind from the house after being tipped off to illegal activity from an anonymous informant, spearheaded the investigation.
Deputies approached the house, and what happened next is where things get murky. The deputies said they announced their presence upon entering and were met in the hallway by the 80-year-old man, wielding a gun and stumbling towards them. The deputies later changed the story when the massive bloodstains on Mallory's mattress indicated to investigators that he'd most likely been in bed at the time of the shooting. Investigators also found that an audio recording of the incident revealed a discrepancy in the deputies' original narrative:
Before listening to the audio recording, [Sgt. John] Bones believed that he told Mallory to "Drop the gun" prior to the shooting. The recording revealed, however, that his commands to "Drop the gun" occurred immediately after the shooting.
When it was all over, Eugene Mallory died of six gunshot wounds from Sgt. John Bones' MP-5 9mm submachine gun. When a coroner arrived, he found the loaded .22 caliber pistol the two deputies claimed Mallory had pointed at them on the bedside table.
Mallory had not fired a single shot. The raid turned up no evidence of methamphetamine on the property.
So: the justification for this raid was "I smelled chemicals", they killed a man in his home, LIED ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED, and found NOT ONE DAMNED THING they claimed to be looking for.

And from the LA County SO?
The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department declined multiple requests to comment on this story.
Of course they did.  They haven't figured out yet what excuse to use to cover for the murder and lies.

What that miserable little shit Dick Durbin wants to do:

Common sense restrictions such as bans on multi-round magazines and assault weapons...
I doubt Durbin is that ignorant; I think this is what he'd really love to do.

One good thing about no girlfriend:

I avoided this

I'm sure the virtuous feeling of paying for 'green' power

will make up for paying 161% more for their electricity.  Not counting subsidies and all, of course.  And the enviromental damage:
The massive solar thermal facility now sits on land once roamed by desert tortoises and coyotes and has sparked concerns over the environmental trade off between preserving the western lands and promoting green energy. Environmentalists are in the midst of a lawsuit against federal agencies that reviewed the Ivanpah project.
This story doesn't mention birds that die from flying into the high-temperature zones and such.  But it's for Solar Power, so dead birds are fine.  Just like for bird cuisinarts.

Why no recorded voice vote?  Because a bunch of the Republican 'leadership' are chickenshits and cowards, and Reid was very happy to aid them in their cowardice.

The hell nobody wants to take our guns.  And they're too cowardly to want their names read out about it, too.

This is a biggie: hippie tears in abundance in Californicated, and some other places too.

What socialists do best: lie and misstate and mislead.  It IS what they do.

Stolen from Miguel:

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Gov. Howler Cuomo demonstrates once again his flexible ethics

and standards:
Jerome Hauer, a top aide to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, appears to have regularly carried a firearm to work in violation of state law.

Hauer runs New York’s Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services. Cuomo, an advocate of ultra-strict gun control laws, appointed him to the job in 2011.
On Wednesday, the Times Union learned that Hauer had received a waiver allowing him to carry a handgun to work. The waiver was issued only four days after they ran the story about Hauer using the laser sight as a pointer.
“Despite the lack of a waiver before January, several witnesses said he has been carrying a gun on the job since Cuomo appointed him in 2011,” the Times Union reported.
Wait... what the hell was that about a POINTER?  Ah, from the original story back in January:
Lacking a laser pointer, Hauer drew his handgun and used the laser target designator attached to it to draw attention to the salient point. According to the officials the incident “rattled” three members of the Swedish delegation “when the gun’s laser tracked across one of their heads before Hauer found the map of New York, at which he wanted to point.”
But wait!  There's MORE!!
It is not clear why Hauer, who is not a law enforcement officer, was allowed to carry a loaded handgun into a state office building. Hauer “was disabled by a stroke a few years ago and can be unsteady,” according to the Times Union, but he does have a license to carry a firearm in Albany and New York City.
A: Considering you have to be connected to get a friggin' carry permit in NYEffingCity, three guesses how he's gotten away with this.
B: If a plain old citizen who had one had a stroke and was known to be 'unsteady', you think they'd get to keep it?

Found today:
A person in state government familiar with State Facilities Law said Hauer received a waiver from Office of General Services Commissioner RoAnn Destito on Jan. 10. She and State Police Superintendent Joseph D'Amico are the only people authorized to grant such waivers. The person said D'Amico declined to provide a waiver for Hauer.
So why did she?
I know, silly question.

Hauer is not a law enforcement officer or working in law enforcement, although his official vehicle has emergency lights and sirens.

Despite the lack of a waiver before January, several witnesses said he has been carrying a gun on the job since Cuomo appointed him in 2011.

Gov. Howler doesn't think anyone needs or should be allowed to own and especially carry guns.  Unless they're one of his minions and/or properly connected.

Why you're not Officer Friendly anymore, Reason # I'velosttrack:

You think the laws shouldn't apply to you, and screw with officers who actually believe in that 'No one is above the law' thing you swear to uphold.
That October 2011 confrontation made national headlines and eventually got Lopez fired. But Watts' actions involving a fellow officer didn't sit well with many in law enforcement, and not long after she made that traffic stop, she says, the harassment began. Random telephone calls on her cell phone. Some were threats and some were prank calls, including orders for pizza. Unfamiliar vehicles and police cars sat idling in her cul-de-sac. She was afraid to open her mailbox.

Watts suspected her private driver's license information was being accessed by fellow officers, so she made a public records request with the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. It turned out she was right: over a three-month period, at least 88 law enforcement officers from 25 different agencies accessed Watts' driver's license information more than 200 times, according to her lawyer.
Attention assholes with badges: it's very simple, THAT IS ILLEGAL.  Period.  You broke the law, and some of you idiots did it so you could screw with an officer who actually enforced the law.  Because the one she enforced it on was an idiot with a badge.

According to court documents, most of the individual officers named in Watts' lawsuit did face some disciplinary action, usually a written reprimand. But lawyers for the agencies have asked a federal judge to dismiss the lawsuit, claiming that under the U.S. Constitution, Congress cannot hold police officers liable for merely accessing the information, but only if they try to sell it. And some claim they did have a legitimate reason.
Wrong, assholes: IT IS ILLEGAL TO ACCESS THOSE DATABASES FOR ANYTHING OTHER THAN LE PURPOSES.  PERIOD.  And 'I wanted to find her address so I could mess with her' DOES NOT COUNT.  But Deity Forbid the entitled who have badges actually be held accountable for what they did.
The legal clash over Watts' lawsuit comes as some police agencies are seeking changes in the driver's license law itself. Bill Johnson, executive director of the National Association of Police Agencies, said law enforcement officials are concerned that lawyers are using the law to target individual officers who access the information. He noted that the $2,500 penalty per violation can add up quickly.

"In our view, it was not what the federal law was enacted to counteract," Johnson said. "I think it would be unfair and outside the scope of the legislation to think individuals would get whacked like that."
Easy to deal with, Johnson: don't use the network for non-LE purposes.  If you do, expect to pay for it.  Simple, isn't it?

NAPO is lobbying Congress to remove the automatic $2,500 penalty and change the law so that a violation could only occur if there was "specific intent to secure an economic benefit," according to the organization's documents.
"Your Honor, my client did not sell the plaintiff's information, he only used it to stalk her; therefore it would be unconscionable to demand he pay this penalty!  And out of his own pocket!"

And these idiots wonder why they're not liked or respected anymore...

Meanwhile, it Connecticut,

Other officials think the low registration numbers are due to ignorance on behalf of gun owners who aren’t aware of the new law.
Maybe a few; the others are sending you a message: "We won't do it.  So come put thousands of people in jail because you made our firearms illegal."

Police had received 47,916 applications for “assault weapons certificates” and 21,000 incomplete applications as of Dec. 31, Lt. Paul Vance told The Courant.
Hmmm, almost half as many incomplete as complete; wonder how many of those are part of the message?
Mike Lawlor, “the state’s top official in criminal justice,” suggested maybe the firearms unit in Connecticut could “sent them a letter.” However, he said an aggressive push to prosecute gun owners in the state is not going to happen at this point.
Translation: "My Karl Marx, how much trouble happens if we try to start arresting all these people!"  Probably fed by the cops saying "Do you have any idea what you're going to look like if you tell us to start throwing people in jail for having the same guns they've owned for years?  And we're really not happy about winding up being labeled the Connecticut Stasi; we have to work around all these people and their friends and family."

Don't make a  mistake, I don't doubt there are plenty of badge carriers who'd go out and start kicking doors long as they have an order to cover them; but some won't, and some on the line are considering being told "We don't serve your kind" at the cafe and such.

Once upon a time, the sun never set on the British Empire;

now they're people who find some old cartridge cases and .22 ammo in a pond and completely lose their shit.
'It’s sad because we love this house and have spent time and effort making it a home. And somebody somewhere has ruined that. I don’t want to stay in a house where that kind of thing has been found in the garden. I’m gutted.' 

Mr Tipping added: 'Of course for our family and friends this is a great story, but for us, it’s ruined our home.'

Also, please note two things:
'2.2mm bullets'?  Really?
And note the pond in the picture, and this: ...and called in CID officers who alerted the fire brigade to drain the ponds because the underwater search unit was not available.
Words fail me.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Know the 'fifty dead lawyers in a bus' jokes? Know why people like them?

Maybe think they're less a joke than a good idea?  Because a bunch of lawyers are greedy control-freak assholes like this.
Lawyers are pitching state attorneys general in 16 states with a radical idea: make the food industry pay for soaring obesity-related health care costs.

It’s a move straight from the playbook of the Big Tobacco takedown of the 1990s, which ended in a $246 billion settlement with 46 states, a ban on cigarette marketing to young people and the Food and Drug Administration stepping in to regulate.
These are the assholes who'd love to sue Ford or Hyundai because a drunk was driving one of their cars;  who, if they do this, will trot out endless lines of 'victims' and demand billions in 'damages', most of which the fucking lawyers will steal.  And the price of all food will go up, and the parasites will look for someone else to sue to line their pockets.  All for the good of the commoners, of course.

If you haven't already, start checking to see if there're enough lampposts for the crooked lawyers, too; if not, well, there's lots of trees.

Why you're not seen as Officer Friendly anymore, Reason #129:

You can screw up and damn near kill two innocent women, and you don't have to worry about being fired or seriously disciplined.  Because you were 'on edge'.
Let’s recap what these officers did and will now only be required to take a little more training. Police were searching for Dorner. Two women happened by the police delivering newspapers in a blue Toyota Tacoma pickup truck. (Dorner was driving a charcoal Nissan Titan pickup truck). Without clear identification and without any appearance of a weapon, the police fired 103 times at the truck.

A Commission has now completed its investigation of the officers and found that the officers were not at serious fault in trying to kill two innocent unarmed women and unleashing a wall of lead on a vehicle 

The Commission found that the officers did find that eight officers violated Los Angeles Police Department policy. However, a violation that results in gunning down an innocent elderly lady does not appear to be a firing or even suspending act of misconduct.
But we're supposed to trust you.  And believe you don't get special treatment.

The decisions in these two investigations will only reaffirm view of many that police are beyond increasingly beyond accountability while police powers are on the rise in our society.
Ya think?
It is also worth noting that citizens are regularly charged when they shoot at officers by mistake under the same chaotic circumstances. They have also been cleared in shooting citizens who appear with a weapon in response to commotion. In the meantime, we have seen officers cleared and even honored in mistaken raids or shootings (here and here and here and here and here and here).
Because they're never wrong.  No matter who dies.  No matter how they screw up.  Because badge.

Read some of the cases he links to in that list bit; if you're not already pissed, you will be.

That no-fly list? The one Schumer & Co. think should also be used (link fixed)

to take away 2nd Amendment rights?
FBI agent Kevin Kelley was investigating Muslims in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2004 when he checked the wrong box on a terrorism form, erroneously placing Rahinah Ibrahim on the no-fly list.

What happened next was the real shame. Instead of admitting to the error, high-ranking President Barack Obama administration officials spent years covering it up. Attorney General Eric Holder, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, and a litany of other government officials claimed repeatedly that disclosing the reason Ibrahim was detained, or even acknowledging that she’d been placed on a watch list, would cause serious damage to the U.S. national security. Again and again they asserted the so-called “state secrets privilege” to block the 48-year-old woman’s lawsuit, which sought only to clear her name.

Holder went so far as to tell the judge presiding over the case that this assertion of the state secrets privilege was fully in keeping with Obama’s much-ballyhooed 2009 executive branch reforms of the privilege, which stated the administration would invoke state secrets sparingly.
Lies and corruption all the way down.  From the EffingBI unwilling to fix the error to Holder and the TSA and every other lying bastard using 'state secret' crap to cover up and error.

Please do take note that it's not just Congress Clapper is comfortable lying to; he also doesn't mind lying to judges.

At one point, Judge Alsup dismissed the case. A federal appeals court reinstated it in 2012, more than a year after Alsup tossed it. A month before Ibrahim’s trial, the judge said he learned the Kafkaesque truth. “I feel that I have been had by the government,” he said in a November pretrial conference.
You too?

Which brings up the obvious question of just how many people on this list are there because of error?  How many because somebody wanted to screw with them for some reason?

And clowns like Schumer want to use it to deny people basic enumerated rights...

It seems the majority of the DPRM legislature has SOME standards

Jailed state Rep. Carlos Henriquez was expelled from the House today by a 146-5 vote.
The overwhelming move to kick him out and end his $60,000 annual pay came after he pleaded to keep his job during the historic State House hearing.
Let's remember why he was in jail:
Henriquez has continued to insist he is innocent of holding down and punching a then-girlfriend after she wouldn’t have sex with him in July of 2012. He was found guilty last month and sentenced to six months in the Middlesex County House of Corrections in Billerica.
(side question: why wasn't this a felony?)

Also let us remember where the NAACP stood on this clown:
Earlier today, the NAACP asked lawmakers to sit out the vote on the expulsion of Henriquez, a member of the Massachusetts Black and Latino Legislative Caucus and of the advocacy organization.

Speaking of dirtbag politicians, let's see... racist, hates America, abuser of women... yeah, he'll fit right into the modern Evil Party!
Ignore the arson, racism and marxism for the moment; what would happen if a state Stupid Party wanted to make its head someone with this on his record:
Chavis became executive director and CEO of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) in 1993. The following year, the NAACP board voted Chavis out after he made a six-figure deal for the NAACP to pay a settlement to his sexual harassment accuser – without the knowledge of the NAACP board.

“I don’t consider a settlement a payoff” Chavis told the board in his defense.
But in March 2000, former Nation of Islam volunteer Anita Williams filed a $140 million lawsuit claiming that Mr. Muhammad sexually harassed her and attacked her.
“Complaining that he had not had sex with his wife for six months . . . Chavis suddenly grabbed [Williams's] breasts while grabbing his erect penis and said, ‘I want to make love with you,’” according to the lawsuit.

“This is the will of Allah that the two of us be together,” Chavis allegedly said before a round of oral sex.

Speaking of predators, remember that tiger with bad dining habits?  She's still in the lead:
A man-eating tigress in Northern India that has been on the prowl for human snacks since December and killed her tenth victim Tuesday after passing on a live calf set as bait a day earlier, The Associated Press reports.
Which kind of negates one of the excuses put forward:
Rupek De, chief wildlife warden of Uttar Pradesh, told the AP the tigress must be attacking humans because she can’t find enough natural prey.

But connected journalists and politicians break the law

OPENLY, and get away with it.
A Washington, D.C. man is facing a large fine and possible jail time after he was arrested for having an inoperable shotgun shell in his home. The shell was a souvenir that Mark Witaschek decided to keep from a hunting trip years earlier.

Police reportedly used a battering ram on the bathroom door, where his teenage son was in the shower. He said that he and his then-girlfriend were handcuffed and his children were herded into a separate room while the cops ransacked his house, eventually discovering the shell, a legal gun holster and a box of antique bullets for a muzzle-loading rifle.
Witaschek said there have been seven court hearings set since his arrest that summer, and he's still waiting to hear the government's justification for the raid.
Because it's the DC Stasi, and a prosecutorpersecutor who's very concerned with politics.

In (formerly Great)Britain, find an old cartridge in the dirt,

people freak out.
The 26-year-old said: “The workmen were there to replace a fence panel which had been blown down in the high winds.”

“They knocked on the door and told me they were phoning the police. They said they had found live ammunition.”

“I couldn’t believe it. I’ve got to keep the kids out of the garden until it is removed.”
“I’m worried what else could be there.”

She added that police had been called twice about the bullet, but no-one has yet been to remove it.
Considering (fG)Britain today, I can see leaving it there for the police; if you picked it up and turned it in you're likely to be arrested for being in illegal possession of ammunition.

"Don't worry about all those blasphemy trials and executions and murders!  It's not the true spirit of our religion no matter how many bodies pile up."

About that idiot insisting A: "Communism wasn't that bad!" and B: "It just hasn't been done right yet!", McCain has a response.
Ever since his Rolling Stone article advocating the abolition of private property provoked a furious reaction last month, Myerson has sought to evade the consequences of his ideas by employing rhetorical tactics familiar to anyone who has long studied the Left. His article last Sunday was a particularly tedious exercise in these methods, and inspired me to remind readers of how Ludwig von Mises had described the ultimate futility of socialism:
“Socialist writers may continue to publish books about the decay of Capitalism and the coming of the socialist millennium; they may paint the evils of Capitalism in lurid colours and contrast with them an enticing picture of the blessings of a socialist society; their writings may continue to impress the thoughtless — but all this cannot alter the fate of the socialist idea.”

That's just the start; long piece, worth it.

This guy says the PRC is actually less capable than generally painted, which is some ways makes it more dangerous.

Here's the part that worries me: But more importantly, they must continue investing in the training that makes them true professionals. While manpower numbers are likely to come down in the years ahead due to defense budget cuts, regional democracies will have less to fear from China’s weak but dangerous military if their axes stay sharp.
How the hell do you keep the axe sharp when the politicians- both in and out of uniform- keep cutting training?  Both to save money and because "That training is messy and icky, and if anything happens we'll just have some quick 'get- ready' training before we sent them out!"

Somebody tell Rivera that A: Obama's a politician, not effing royalty, and B: If the press corps had any balls or integrity Obama would've been getting questioning FAR worse than this for years.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Dutchman started calling him 'Rep. Bloody-Hands Cummings' because

he was willing to say anything to protect ATF and Holder and everyone else involved from being held to account for Gunwalker; apparently he's willing to slime anybody with anything to try to protect the corrupt IRS as well.

Be it noted that Rep. Gerry Connolly is also quite comfortable with corruption, as long as it's his party using it.  Slimy bastards both.

Couple of days ago Tam advised Farmer Frank had some kind of medical problem; it appears it was a stroke.  If you're the praying sort, I don't doubt it would be appreciated.

Speaking of Tam, ...while I flinch at the sight of Chuck Schumer's head in 1.5x life size there on Meet The Press. Big screen televisors have few drawbacks, but inflating the mug shot of that bipedal Komodo dragon to scary proportions is one of them.

Just to annoy the eavesdroppers(Hi, NSA!) Claire Wolfe had some thoughts a while back on long-term hiding of a boomstick
And it occurs to me that just mentioning her name is probably enough to trigger an alarm somewhere; they really don't like the commoners having impure thoughts.

All-women college mostly filled with vapor-locked 'feminist' wusses.

Mike Rowe helps set up a program that'll help jobs in America; but it's with evil Wal-Mart so the usual whiners are outraged.  Proper response:
“Honestly Kevin, who gives a crap about your feelings toward Walmart?”

More "Why should we trust the IRS or any other agency about ANYTHING?":
In early 2011, Treasury and IRS officials realized they had a problem. They unanimously believed Congress had intended to authorize certain taxes and subsidies in all states, whether or not a state opted to establish a health insurance “exchange” under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. At the same time, agency officials recognized: (1) the PPACA plainly does not allow those taxes and subsidies in non-establishing states; (2) the law’s legislative history offers no support for their theory that Congress intended to allow them in non-establishing states; and (3) Congress had not given the agencies authority to treat non-establishing states the same as establishing states.

Nevertheless, agency officials agreed, again with apparent unanimity, to impose those taxes and dispense those subsidies in states with federal Exchanges, the undisputed plain meaning of the PPACA notwithstanding. Treasury, IRS, and HHS officials simply rewrote the law to create a new, unauthorized entitlement program whose cost “may exceed $500 billion dollars over 10 years.” (My own estimate puts the 10-year cost closer to $700 billion.)

Finally, what little research the agencies performed on Congress’ intent was neither ”serious” nor “thorough,” and appears to have occurred after after agency officials had already made up their minds. For example, Treasury and IRS officials were unaware of numerous elements of the statute and legislative history that conflicted with their theory of Congress’s intent and supported the plain meaning of the statute.
This is flat violation of law, of ethics, of EVERYTHING.  People need to be fired, and these agencies cleaned out.

Well, Ms. Hall, how the hell did you RAISE the kid that you worry about that

Monday, February 10, 2014

And what's YOUR state National Guard been up to lately?

Documents from an Ohio National Guard (ONG) training drill conducted last January reveal the details of a mock disaster where Second Amendment supporters with “anti-government” opinions were portrayed as domestic terrorists.

The ONG 52nd Civil Support Team training scenario involved a plot from local school district employees to use biological weapons in order to advance their beliefs about “protecting Gun Rights and Second Amendment rights.”
And, unlike when they apologized to some enviroweenies last year,
Ohio National Guard Communications Director James Sims II suggested Media Trackers was “inferring” from the ONG document’s contents as opposed to “what’s actually in the report.”

After excerpts of the report were read to him, Sims said it was “not relevant” to understand why conservatives may feel unduly targeted by ONG’s training scenario.
“Okay, I’m gonna stop ya there. I’m going to quit this conversation,” Sims concluded. “You have a good day.”
Translation: "I don't have to listen you you peasants, go away."

Bloomberg loses members: accuses them

of, for instance, changed his focus away from keeping guns out of the hands of criminals; because if you don't want to screw over honest gun owners you're wanting to enable criminals.  Or something.

Speaking of citizens who ARE criminals to the .gov for the crime of having unapproved weapons,
"Plain citizens could never stand up to something like the cartels, or the government!"  
Except when they do.
Vigilantes who have driven a quasi-religious drug cartel from a series of towns in western Mexico entered a gang-held city on Saturday and were working with government forces to clear it of cartel gunmen, a leader of the movement said.

Please take note of the rifle on the front of the guy in center:
Brings new meaning to 'Any gun beats no gun in time of trouble', doesn't it?

Yes, I forgot the additional data last night

So here it is this morning

Sunday, February 09, 2014

It occurs that I forgot to put up the latest data set last night

So I'll do it now.  And hopefully have some points to add tonight.

It seems Carlos Henriquez has even more connections,

which might explain why the "WAR ON WOMEN!!" screamers aren't yelling.
I pointed out he is son of Sandra Henriquez Assistant Secretary for Public and Indian Housing for the Obama administration.

…the national media still considered it a local story, nothing to do with the war on women.

Now that the Mass House is finally taking steps to expel him from their body we find out via Red Mass Group the NAACP has sent a letter to the Mass House of Representatives urging them to keep him.
My, the NAACP is real forgiving of female-abusers, haven't they(long as they're the right political affiliation and/or racial group)?

Yeah, things like this might have something to do with why "The science is SETTLED!  Look at the consensus!" doesn't cut it.

Some thoughts about idiot socialists who want us to believe communism wasn't really bad, and anyway it hasn't been done yet by the 'right' people.  And isn't it interesting what schools lots of them go to?
It’s no coincidence that she would now be a member of the tea party because as opposed to the fantasy version of Communism that Mr. Myerson advances in Communism as Stacy Point out…
not only do the rich people lose their wealth, but everybody else is doomed to hopeless poverty and — oh, yes, by the way — your communist rulers might decide to kill you and a few million other people, just so nobody forgets who’s in charge…
…Did I mention that Jesse Myerson’s original claim to fame was as “media coordinator” for Occupy Wall Street?
Nor is it a surprise that Clara would be on the opposite side of Mr. Myerson after all Communism is all about class struggle and Myerson knows about the upper classes:
Why do these neo-communists always have to attend elite private schools? Jesse Myerson attended Bard College (annual tuition $45,730) where he majored in theater and “human rights studies.”
Yeah, another one of those.

More history and science: the sunstone was real.


Figure skater wears shoulder rig as part of costume: Usual Suspects™ wet pants.

Oh, boy.  Prince Charles opens mouth and inserts leg.  Monkton calls him on it.
That would be some debate.

If there'd been a camera able so see this...

A bit of history that I imagine didn't thrill the global warmenists

Show on the fossil find of a bloody huge snake.  Interesting show, the part relevant to my title comes in about 43:00.  Short version, the evidence suggests the temperature in that part of the world sixty million years ago was a LOT hotter.  Average apparently 84 to 93F. 
It suggests that 60 million years ago the rain forest of Cerrejon thrived at a very high temperature which, according to some of todays computer models, would kill off its plants.  So Cerrejon appears to show that global warming won't necessarily destroy the rain forest.
Hmmm... so the models are once again shown to be full of crap, and- assuming globular warmening was actually happening due to us- the people pointing out that in the past warm periods often showed great growth are right.

Yes, I know, warming of that level would have huge consequences.  And we can tell about some of it because it happened before, long before factories and cars and us.