Saturday, January 27, 2018

Saturday night, and a bit chillier

But no rain, dammit.  Ah well, time to get to the new material

I never find stuff like this in the attic

An important twelfth-century Japanese sword, discovered hidden in the ceiling during a 1939 refurbishment of the treasure house at Kasuga Taisha shrine in Nara, will now be put on display.
And a lovely thing it is.

Looks like the situation in Sweden is getting harder and harder to gloss over

Sweden is among the world’s safest, richest and best-run countries enjoying steady growth and rising employment. But it has been experiencing an unprecedented surge of bombings and sexual assaults.

In a country of 10m people, more than 320 shootings and dozens of bombings were reported in 2017, along with more than 110 murders and 7,226 rapes — a 10% increase on 2016. More than 36% of young Swedish women say they feel unsafe at night.
Whyever might that be?
The crime surge is mainly confined to so-called “areas of social exclusion”, a code for neighbourhoods such as Rosengard that are predominantly populated by immigrants. They are not classic ghettos — the infrastructure and services are better than in areas of central London — but these communities are plagued by high crime rates and unemployment.

In Malmo, where a fifth of the 340,000 inhabitants are under 18, children as young as 14 roam the streets with Kalashnikov assault rifles and bulletproof vests.
In Sweden.  Multi-culti 'all cultures are equal' and 'They have solved the gun problem!' Sweden.

From another article:
Last month, even the New York Times got into the act. Sort of. On December 10, it reported on a Molotov cocktail attack on a Gothenburg synagogue. Of course, being the Times, it managed to sidestep the words Muslim and Islam even though it was clear what was going on: “about 10 young people...began setting fire to objects and throwing them at the synagogue”; the cops “arrested three men in their 20s”; this followed an anti-Israel protest in which participants waved “Palestinian flags” and “yelled that they were going to shoot Jews” and threatened a Malmö “intifada” in Arabic.

Wonder how long the "There is no problem, and anyone who says there is will be arrested!" crap is going to continue, with stuff like this happening more and more?


This looks like Trump is about to kick the Democrats in the ass again.  Those under DACA would not get to pass legal immigrants to get in, they'd have to keep their record clean, no chain immigration, and more border controls...

He wasn't my choice, but I'll admit he's been a lot better than I'd hoped, on a number of things.

And he drives the progzis nuts on a number of subjects; I swear, if he said 'Drinking more water is good for you!' there'd be a flurry of "STOP DRINKING WATER!  TRUMPHITLER LIKES WATER" screams going around.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Friday night, and we'll see how the weather goes

In any case, more study material has arrived

Judges and prosecutors who need to be flogged, then hanged

The criminal justice system's treatment of Tigano is appalling. During his nearly seven-year pretrial incarceration, Tigano loudly and repeatedly invoked his Sixth Amendment right to a speedy trial. Because Tigano kept bringing up the Sixth Amendment, he was forced to undergo three separate court-ordered examinations to determine whether he was competent to be tried. According to one of the prosecutors involved in the case, "Mr. Tigano III had been sort of demanding his speedy trial, which is part of the prompting for the Court sending him out for this evaluation." Tigano passed all three exams with flying colors.
For demanding the 6th be followed?  Mental exams?
Tigano's ordeal illuminates a much bigger problem. Consider what Assistant U.S. Attorney Thomas Duszkiewicz had to say about the third competency examination that Tigano was forced to undergo. It was sparked "not necessarily [by] the competency question," Duszkiewicz said, "but [by] whether there is some other psychological problem that's going to prevent [Tigano] from understanding the difference between what he potentially looks at as far as a conviction as well as what's being offered by way of this plea."

Translation: Federal prosecutors piled on the charges expecting Tigano to plead guilty to a lesser offense and save everybody the trouble of going to trial. The prosecutors also let it be known that if Tigano rejected their deal, they would throw the book at him and he would forfeit his shot at "what's being offered by way of this plea." In short, sacrifice your Sixth Amendment rights and you'll do less time.
Hang the bastards.  Every damned one of them.

I keep seeing former EffingBI agents saying

"The Republicans just want to damage the Bureau", or "are harming the Bureau's ability to do its job", and so forth.

Be nice if they made some statements about the slimeballs in the sacred Bureau who are the CAUSE of all this crap.

Because enough idiots are in Denver, and they're led by fools

who probably "Praise Science!" but think they can legislate changes.
The Green Roof Initiative, or Initiative 300, mandates new and existing buildings, 25,000 square feet or more, include a green roof or a combination of green roof and solar energy.

Brandon Rietheimer, the campaign manager who gathered signatures to get the Denver Green Roof Initiative onto the ballot, says he was inspired by Bernie Sanders's climate message.(well, there's part of the problem- and evidence of stupid- right there) According to Rietheimer, the initiative is designed to combat the Urban Heat Island effect where rooftops, pavement, parking lots and roads absorb the sun's rays.

"What we're trying to do is really return the city to pre-development conditions by adding green space and that will lower temperatures," he said.
'pre-development conditions'.  He actually thinks roof gardens will do that...

And the stupid continues:
Both sides of the issue acknowledge up-front costs of green roofs are expensive. According to estimates from real estate and construction experts, green roofs in Colorado could cost $25 to 35 per square foot (not including plants, water costs or maintenance), compared to $15 a square foot for standard, thermoplastic polyolefin single-ply (TPO) roofing with flashings.
Note: that's to build a new roof, NOT to retrofit a new one.
But Rietheimer said there is a return on investment of six years for green roofs and roof longevity is doubled, or even tripled.
Maybe.  ON NEW ROOFS.  And I'm wondering where he got those numbers, because they sound like bullshit.

And, hey, Colorado is a place where you can be fined for catching rainwater in a barrel; I wonder how they're going to deal with buildings trapping all that rainwater on the roof(until they collapse, at least)?


Thursday, January 25, 2018

Because all the actual problems are solved.

Or it's just that Californicated is run by effing idiots, which is far more likely.

Brought to you by the Dark and Fascist State of New Jersey.
And I'll bet every chief in every department involved whines about 'why don't people trust and respect us?'

Hey, Zuckerbitch, part of the plan or just some minions overstepping?

"I didn't mean I should pay more in taxes!"

Things like this are why someone announcing 'Child Protective Services'

should result in locking the door and calling a lawyer.  Possibly opening fire.

EVERY idiot involved in this, from the cops to the CPS clowns, should be fired.  And the CPS clowns should then be flogged through the town, and then hanged.
“The social workers did not have reasonable cause to believe the children were at risk of serious bodily harm or molestation,” a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit wrote. “Therefore, viewing the record most favorably to the Demarees, the defendants acted unconstitutionally in taking the three children away from home without judicial authorization.”
And just how did that happen?
...Anticipating child exploitation charges to be brought, she decided to take the children into emergency temporary custody. Though she lacked a court order or warrant, her supervisor approved the decision. The two older children were driven to one foster home, the 18-month-old to another, according to court documents. Eventually, they were moved to their grandparents’ house.
Whipping post.  Whip.  Noose.  CPS clowns; some assembly required.

How effing stupid and 'sensitive' are people? (Link fixed)

This effing stupid.

This is... 'stupid' doesn't really cover it.

Few days ago

rolled the bike out, because the next couple of days would be good riding weather.

Find nail in back tire.

Hunt around, find new tire, get installed.

This morning, drop tire gauge.  Then find it's reading wonky. 


Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Ma Nature's about to give a reminder

of who really runs the planet.

I once read some idiot claim that 'man can do more damage to the environment than any natural event can!'  I asked if that included, say, the Deccan Traps, or Toba; never got an answer.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Is there ANYONE at high level in the EffingBI who isn't a corrupt bastard?

Court documents recently filed by the government further rock the credibility of Russia Special Counsel Robert Mueller because they show that as FBI Director Mueller he worked to cover up the connection between a Florida Saudi family and the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The documents reveal that Mueller was likely involved in publicly releasing deceptive official agency statements about a secret investigation of the Saudis, who lived in Sarasota, with ties to the hijackers. A Florida journalism nonprofit uncovered the existence of the secret FBI investigation that was also kept from Congress. 

Under Mueller’s leadership, the FBI tried to discredit the story, publicly countering that agents found no connection between the Sarasota Saudi family and the 2001 terrorist plot. The reality is that the FBI’s own files contained several reports that said the opposite, according to the Ft. Lauderdale-based news group’s ongoing investigation. Files obtained by reporters in the course of their lengthy probe reveal that federal agents found “many connections” between the family and “individuals associated with the terrorist attacks on 9/11/2001.” The FBI was forced to release the once-secret reports because the news group sued in federal court when the information wasn’t provided under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).
This is the piece of shit the Democrats and never-Trumpers are so desperate to keep running the 'collusion with Russia' investigation.

I'll throw in: is there ANYONE running ANY federal agency(especially IRS, FBI, ATF, NSA, CIA) who can be trusted about ANYTHING?

Well, isn't she a wonderful little islamist?

A former St. Catherine University student charged with setting fires on the college’s St. Paul campus told police she did it because she’d “been reading about the U.S. military destroying schools in Iraq or Afghanistan and she felt that she should do exactly the same thing,” according to a criminal complaint filed Friday.

So the Democrats have come up with a lovely idea—sure, we’ll let you pay the troops. Just give us DACA. Or, to translate this so it’s unadorned—we’ll let you pay the people who protect America as long as you institute a key policy for destroying America. If the Democrats were laying siege to a castle—which in some ways is exactly what they’re doing, since they seek, essentially, to starve our military into submission— this would be something like saying “we’ll be happy to break our siege, as soon as you open the gates and let us in”.

Heard about this interview the other day, and if you want a fine example of why 'journalist' has become a cuss word, here it is.  It's... amazing.  The title is "Why Can't People Hear What Jordan Peterson Is Saying?", and the answer is 'Because the journalists don't like what he's saying, and lie about it.'

San Francisco PD: "We don't care about you, but

someone steals from Apple and all stops are off!"

Really, you morons?  And if one of your idiots had killed one of the family, would we hear "I saw his hand move and felt we were in danger" or some other excuse?

Sunday, January 21, 2018

So now "Make those messages disappear before anyone sees them!" is now

'failed to preserve the messages'.

Is there anyone out there who still trusts the EffingBI about anything
And if there is, what the hell is wrong with them?