Saturday, October 21, 2017

Saturday night. Data.

Look it over.  Accuracy and all, y'know.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Friday night has come,

and the data has arrived for study

It's really hard to parody these people

"But they're not the right kind of black, WE are!"
The BSU argued that “the Black student population at Cornell disproportionately represents international or first-generation African or Caribbean students. While these students have a right to flourish at Cornell, there is a lack of investment in Black students whose families were affected directly by the African Holocaust in America.”
There’s a contradiction here. For years liberal writers have blamed black poverty and undereducation on racism—the experience of being more likely to be pulled over by police, to be looked at suspiciously in department stores, to be discriminated against in schools and the workplace.
But it doesn’t seem to be the case, at least not to the same degree, among immigrants. “The more strongly black immigrant students identify with their specific ethnic origins, the better they perform [academically],” Amy Chua and Jed Rubenfeld observed in their 2014 book, “The Triple Package.” . . .
And that's very hard on the "Everyone of Colour is a VICTIM!" line.
That link's to Insty; the WSJ journal is behind a paywall, but he has a long excerpt.

"You can't have that opinion, we don't like it!"
Allow me to be a caveman for a minute: I've not been part of the party & bar circuit for a fair while, and maybe it's changed, but I think that dressing at least somewhat modestly(and how low a bar is that anymore?) and acting like a lady will give some protection from some difficulties.  You don't want to, fine; stop giving crap to someone for doing so, and daring to say so.

More on 'Higher' Education: write a paper with wrongthink in it, and the leftists will try to destroy you.  Including the gutless administrators.  "You can't have different opinions here, this is a university!"

"Please stay!  Forget the laws and regulations and threats, and stay here!  We really want you to!"
Right.  You make it more and more difficult to do business, and some of the threaten to steal the business, but you'll be nicer in the future.  Sure.

An old weapon stash from the French Resistance; interesting stuff.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

The former President of Greenpeace is not amused,

or tolerant of what the organization has become.  Or bad science.  Or climate-change hysteria.
Why then did I leave Greenpeace after 15 years in the leadership? When Greenpeace began we had a strong humanitarian orientation, to save civilization from destruction by all-out nuclear war. Over the years the “peace” in Greenpeace was gradually lost and my organization, along with much of the environmental movement, drifted into a belief that humans are the enemies of the earth. I believe in a humanitarian environmentalism because we are part of nature, not separate from it. The first principle of ecology is that we are all part of the same ecosystem, as Barbara Ward put it, “One human family on spaceship Earth”, and to preach otherwise teaches that the world would be better off without us. As we shall see later in the presentation there is very good reason to see humans as essential to the survival of life on this planet.
Very good read, go take a look.

Info from a range on AR longevity,

and lubes.  They didn't get good results from piston systems.

Lee made a change on at least some of their bullet molds,

and it's a pain.  The sprue plate is now held on by a single pivot/tension screw
that has no way to lock it.  Which means(at least on the two I have) that the screw loosens pretty quickly, and tightening it just means it loosens again after a couple of casts.

Here's my fix:
Go to Ace Hardware and get a couple of 4-40 setscrews.*
Take out the pivot screw and remove the sprue plate and washer(don't lose the washer) from the mold.
Mark the side of the left block about 1/4" down from the top and so the hole you drill will run into the screw hole.
Drill a suitable-size hole, in this case for a 4-40 screw.
Clean the hole out, then use a tap to thread it.  Don't forget to use cutting oil.
Put the plate, washer and screw back in, and adjust to a suitable tension on the plate.
Install the setscrew, lock it down snugly.  Remember that 'snug' is the key here, the block is aluminum, therefore soft and it'd be easy to strip the threads.
Mostly done.

Next time you cast, make sure that the tension is correct once the mold is up to heat, adjust as needed.  Then I'd suggest using a small centerpunch to stake the setscrew in place.  If you've not done such, that means set the point on the block about 1/16" from the setscrew, angled toward the screw, then give it a couple of taps.  You're actually moving metal over so it is forced against the screw.  Do the same thing on the other side, and done.  Here's how mine looks

Yes, I should've thought to take photos of the process.  At the time I was focused on "Fix the damned thing", and that didn't occur to me.

*I had a 4-40 tap, so used that size; you'll need a small screw, but it can be bigger than this.

Now Part Whatever+1

In documents it released on Monday, the FBI confirmed that former FBI Director James Comey drafted a statement about the conclusion of the Hillary Clinton email investigation months before interviewing Clinton.

The records show that on May 2, 2016, Comey emailed Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, general counsel James Baker and chief of staff and senior counselor James Rybicki. The subject of the email was "midyear exam," and though the email says its contents are unclassified, the body of the email is redacted in the release.
FBI and Justice Department analysts are divided on whether Comey violated rules or broke with tradition by drafting the statement prior to interviewing Clinton and other witnesses. "To me, this is so far out of bounds it’s not even in the stadium," Chris Swecker, who retired from the FBI in 2006 as assistant director for the criminal investigative division and acting executive assistant director for law enforcement services, previously told Newsweek. "That is just not how things operate.... It's built in our DNA not to prejudge investigations, particularly from the top."

'Trust ANY of these bastards? Why?' Part the Whatever

The FBI informant at the center of the Uranium One/Clinton Foundation scandal was blocked by the Obama Justice Department from telling Congress about the corruption he witnessed related to the Russian nuclear industry's efforts to win over Bill and Hillary Clinton and influence Obama administration policies, The Hill reported Wednesday.

Toensing said that when he attempted to bring some of the allegations to light in a lawsuit last year, “the Obama Justice Department threatened him with loss of freedom. They said they would bring a criminal case against him for violating an NDA.”
Emails obtained by The Hill show that a civil attorney working with the former undercover witness described the pressure the Justice Department exerted to keep the client from disclosing to a federal court what he knew last summer.
“The government was taking a very harsh position that threatened both your reputation and liberty,” the civil lawyer wrote in one email. In another, she added, “As you will recall the gov’t made serious threats sufficient to cause you to withdraw your civil complaint."
 Yeah, there needs to be an investigation.  But this one the Democrats and their toadies in DC really don't want.

We're supposed to trust ANY of these bastards?

Years later I ran into Mueller, and I told him of my disappointment in being the target of a sting where there was no reason to think that I would knowingly present perjured evidence to a court. Mueller, half-apologetically, told me that he never really thought that I would suborn perjury, but that he had a duty to pursue the lead given to him. (That “lead,” of course, was provided by a fellow that we lawyers, among ourselves, would indelicately refer to as a “scumbag.”)

This experience made me realize that Mueller was capable of believing, at least preliminarily, any tale of criminal wrongdoing and acting upon it, despite the palpable bad character and obviously questionable motivations of his informants and witnesses.
The day of the meeting, I walked into the DOJ conference room, where around the table sat a phalanx of FBI agents. My three colleagues joined me. Mueller walked into the room, went to the head of the table, and opened the meeting with this admonition, reconstructed from my vivid and chilling memory: “Gentlemen: Criticism of the Bureau is a non-starter.” (Another lawyer attendee of the meeting remembered Mueller’s words slightly differently: “Prosecutorial misconduct is a non-starter.” Either version makes clear Mueller’s intent – he did not want to hear evidence that either the prosecutors or the FBI agents on the case misbehaved and framed an innocent man.)
"Screw the facts, there will be NOTHING about the Sacred Bureau being involved in misconduct, no matter how much evidence there is."

More of the results of 'Higher' Education

A College Republicans meeting at the University of California, Santa Cruz was taken over by protesters screaming that the group’s existence is a threat to the safety of students. 

Shortly after the CR meeting convened, one student entered the ground floor room of McHenry Library to ask attendees which group was assembling. After being informed that the meeting was a gathering of College Republicans, the student returned about 15-20 minutes later with company.
Heeding Adamian’s call, student activists disrupted the meeting by banging open the door to the meeting space and shouting accusations that the members were “fascists,” “racists,” and “white supremacists.”

According to the UCSC College Republicans, their offers to discuss the concerns of the protesters were met with exclamations that “dialogue is violence,” after which the protesters called the club’s presence a “threat to the library” and demanded that the CR members vacate the space immediately.

The protesters even reportedly berated library staff members when they refused to shut down the pre-approved meeting. One staff member eventually asked the CR members to leave in order to end the disturbance, but meeting attendees chose to respond by sitting quietly and refusing to leave the area.
Yeah, because asking the people being attacked to leave is a good idea.

Face it, most of these 'activists' hate democracy in general, hate our republic, hate the Constitution, and would freaking love it if Joseph Stalin came back to life.  They'd try to elect him President.

So, now the former UN Ambassador is claiming "I didn't do ALL

those unmasking requests, and I have no idea who did!"
Really?  Oh yeah, that's just believable as hell.

Well, this is interesting: was trying to post this on Fecesbook, and every time I add the link, the post disappears.  I can do a post, but nothing with links.  Whatever Zuckerbitch and his minions are up to, it's annoying.

Short version: "I'm too chickenshit to get up and actually debate these people, so let's not allow students to invite speakers.  Only faculty- who'll make sure the students only hear from our approved viewpoint- should be able to invite speakers."

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

And the EUnchs throw fits

The lower house of the Czech parliament has agreed to alter the constitution so that firearms can be held legally when national security is threatened.

The amendment gives Czechs the right to use firearms during terrorist attacks.

It was passed by the lower house by a big majority, and is likewise expected to be approved by the upper house.

The move by parliament is a challenge to EU gun control rules which restrict civilians from possessing certain kinds of semi-automatic weapons.
From the sound of it this is a lot more than "You can shoot back during a terrorist attack"; more like "Yes, you have the right to arms." or something along those lines.  Be interesting to find out exactly what it does say.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

What the HELL is going on in Las Vegas?

The hero security guard disappears, and now this?
A Nevada home the Las Vegas shooter used as a stash house for handguns, shotguns and a “plethora of ammunition” was burglarized last weekend in a stunning security breach, and comes as federal and state authorities say they're still sweeping the scene for clues. 

At least one vandal broke in to Stephen Paddock’s Reno-area home through the building's front door, though detectives still were unsure if multiple suspects were involved, Officer Tim Broadway of the Reno Police Department told the Reno Gazette-Journal Tuesday.
This is friggin' insane.  Throw in that the timeline keeps changing, and what the hell is going on?

"We hate guns and violence, and WE'LL KILL YOU AND YOUR KIDS


The gentle, caring people of the left:
Over the weekend, Loesch, the mother of two boys, tweeted images of her surprise decision to move, revealing that she and her kids have been threatened. Groups she described as anti-gun published her address, pictures of her house and her private cellular phone number on social media outlets.
One threatening social media post she cited said: "I'm going to drag you out in your front yard and I'm going to shoot you." Another said, "What would happen if you went to school to get your kids and they weren't there?" A third read, "We know where you live. Do you feel safe knowing that we know where you are?"
But she said the threats, which escalated over a year ago and included a Christmas card opened by her son that showed bloodied bodies, were getting too serious and impacting family life.
Why do we have guns?  In part because of violent-minded hateful shits like the 'non-violence' leftists.

While Clinton, Obama and your local gun bigots applaud the Australia way,

point out to them just how badly it's actually worked:
Despite Australia’s strict gun control regime, criminals are now better armed than at any time since then-Prime Minister John Howard introduced a nationwide firearm buyback scheme in response to the 1996 Port Arthur massacre.
Shootings have become almost a weekly occurrence, with more than 125 people, mostly young men, wounded in the past five years.

While the body count was higher during Melbourne’s ‘Underbelly War’ (1999-2005), more people have been seriously maimed in the recent spate of shootings and reprisals.

Crimes associated with firearm possession have also more than doubled, driven by the easy availability of handguns, semi-automatic rifles, shotguns and, increasingly, machine guns, that are smuggled into the country or stolen from licensed owners.

Of course, you have to consider one thing about the effect of Australian law: it made it a lot harder for honest citizens to own a gun, and restricted what kinds are allowed, which is what a lot of the clowns were actually after.  So in that sense, it's succeeded.

All the crime?  Well, that's just excuse for more laws and more restrictions.  Which they also really, really want.

Monday, October 16, 2017

I'm going to have to use that quote from 'The Weapon' again

I acquired a black-market weapon.(Sales are all registered, but for a small premium of 50%, one may buy a new pistol not far from the spaceport. They come in by the shipload, as they do anywhere the local rulers utter magic incantations to keep them out. Never let your religious beliefs get in the way of the law of supply and demand.)
And this doesn't even require a spaceport.

If you've not heard of Mr. Whitworth and his inventions,

take a look.
The Whitworth rifles proved to be magnificently accurate, with a British military test showing a group of 0.85 MOA at 500 yards, and under 8MOA even at 1800 yards. However, the rifles were equally expensive, and were not given further consideration for military use. Whitworth made a total of about 13,700, selling them to high level competitive marksmen and wealthy shooting enthusiasts. A small number were purchased by Confederate agents during the Civil War, and between 50 and 125 were able to evade the Union blockades to be delivered into Confederate hands.

Scenes from the range

the last while would've made Schumer, Feinstein and Watts lose what's left of their minds, the mix of people that were seen.  Besides the usual, yesterday I counted two Brits, a Pole, two Indians and two Spaniards.  None had ever touched a gun before and, while here in the US, wanted to try shooting.

And every one left with that smile on their face.  The comment from one of the Brits as they left was "That was wonderful."  Throw in the Pole who was telling how difficult and expensive it is to try to shoot in Poland, who was shocked and amazed and delighted at "I can actually HANDLE that?  I can SHOOT THIS?" 

One of his real shocks was when I pointed out a ~7-year-old girl with he parents: "Her parents are giving her her first shooting lesson."  The look on his face...  Just before he tried a .38 revolver, after having shot a 9mm semi-auto.  And going on from there.

It gives you hope, it does.

Slavery, Freedom, and Heinlein books

There are academics and victimhood peddlers who are very much invested not just in keeping the idea of slavery alive forever, but in keeping the descendants of (recent, American) slaves enslaved forever where it counts: in their heads.
Which reminds me of S.M. Stirling's Draka novels: The Draka don't just need, the require slaves(they call them 'serfs') to do most labor, but they also fear them; they're outnumbered hugely, but they've worked long and hard to keep the slaves slaves in their minds so that the idea of revolt is so terrifying that anyone really thinking of it either keeps it to themselves or winds up dead(probably in a horrible way) because the other slaves will inform on them.

And there's the security apparatus designed to spy on and pay informers and arrest and torture to keep the slaves slaves.  Which also is feared because it can also come down on any Draka who develop bad attitudes.

Well, we've got the Security Directorate by other names: Antifa and BLM and the others working hard to destroy anyone who doesn't toe the line of Proper Thought.  And part of that Proper Thought is "You need US to save you from the evil white people, who are guilty of sin because of their skin color.  Also any colored people who don't think the right way, because someone who's black and says 'I don't need you clowns to save me' is part of the enemy."  This Security Directorate NEEDS people to believe they're victims of someone else; because if they don't think they're victims, what do they need Antifa and BLM and others for?

And if enough people start thinking that, the whole victimhood racket dies.  And the left can't have that.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

The two things that tell you all you need to know

about this:
Chelsea Clinton fled to her car to avoid answering questions from a reporter on Saturday about whether the Clinton Foundation will return up to $250,000 in donations from accused rapist Harvey Weinstein.
On Friday night, Bill Clinton gave the opening address for the CGI University conference, and led a conversation with a panel of activists.

Clinton did not take questions during the event, and press access was tightly restricted.
You'd almost think they were going to keep the money or something.