Saturday, March 19, 2011

And so, at the orders of President HopeyChangeyPants we're attacking Libya

More than 112 Tomahawk cruise missiles struck over 20 targets inside Libya today in the opening phase of an international military operation the Pentagon said was aimed at stopping attacks led by Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi and enforcing a U.N.-backed no-fly zone.

President Obama, speaking from Brazil shortly after he authorized the missile attacks, said they were part of a "limited military action" to protect the Libyan people.

"I want the American people to know that the use of force is not our first choice and it's not a choice I make lightly," Obama said. "But we cannot stand idly by when a tyrant tells his people that there will be no mercy."

Boy, has his opinion changed...
The president does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation. --December 20, 2007

Now let me be clear: I suffer no illusions about Saddam Hussein. He is a brutal man. A ruthless man. A man who butchers his own people to secure his own power. The world, and the Iraqi people would be better off without him. But I also know that Saddam poses no imminent and direct threat to the United States, and that in concert with the international community he can be contained until, in the way of all petty dictators, he falls away into the dustbin of history. --March 27, 2007

So now we've got the Navy launching missile strikes; wonder what else our military is going to wind up being ordered to do?

For that matter, I've got a pretty good idea how a lot of the progressives see this; I'm just wondering how they'll spin it that it's all the evil Republicans' fault.



I started to use 'ignorance', but no:

This really IS 'The Stupid, it HURTS!'

Have you ever noticed that while the PC feminists

are worrying about 'acceptable' ways for a womyn to defend herself- IF she's to be allowed to- us nasty supposed woman-hating gunny types are arguing about what might be the better/best boomstick for her to ventilate the goblin with?

Hmmm. Bleep.

Police have seized two containers loaded with equipment parts believed used to make weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear warheads, from a vessel in Port Klang two weeks ago.

The Sun daily reported today that the contraband, comprising dismantled parts listed under controlled or restricted sale by the United Nations Security Council, was found in the containers on board a Malaysian-registered ship bound for the Middle-East.

The free daily said police were tipped off about the illegal shipment when the vessel arrived at Northport from China
Isn't THAT a nice thing to read about?

Found at Rodger's place

No matter what state, something this stupid

could only come from a Democrat or first-class RINO:
A bill in Louisiana would require sportsmen to show the serial number on their firearms before purchasing ammunition.

House Bill 8, introduced by Representative Juan LaFonta (D- New Orleans), requires any person selling ammunition to verify that the serial number of the gun for which the ammunition will be used has not been altered or destroyed. Only antique and war relic firearms would be exempt from this new requirement if they are rendered inoperable or if ammunition for these firearms is not available in the U.S. and not otherwise readily available through other means.
Let's see, how many problems...
I wonder if the stores know they won't be able to object to someone open-carrying their firearms into the store? Neither can the police, no matter how much they don't like it; how many lawsuits against cops who cause problems over it and how fast...
Has LaFonta considered the problems should some store decide they need to keep a record of the serial numbers?
Not even worth asking, but does this idiot know that a lot of firearms- .22 rifles in particular- before 1968 didn't even have to have serial numbers?
And so on. But, other than being devoid of common sense, constitutionally offensive and an incitement to civil war it is a great idea.

Insty pointed to this "Let's deal with the illegal alien concerns"

piece; go take a look.

Done? I'm going to borrow three sections to give my opinion:
In December, Gov. Deval Patrick indicated that Massachusetts would enroll in Secure Communities. The immigrant community, here and across America, has responded with fear and rage — fear that “law-abiding” illegal aliens would be swept up and deported, and rage that their supposed friends in progressive administrations had betrayed them.
Oddly, photographs and video were expressly forbidden at this public hearing and the feds had not been invited to help explain this federal program. Of course, neither cameras nor ICE agents are especially conducive to bringing out a crowd of illegal aliens, so perhaps that’s not so odd after all.
The illegal immigrant lobby was unmoved. Attendees countered with testimony of unscrupulous bosses docking pay without justification, of deported parents being forced to leave kids behind and of illegal immigrants being forced to come to America because U.S. corporations had destroyed all the Latin American economies.
To all those illegal aliens all upset about this: Fuck you. You are breaking the law in being here, and one reason we're sick of your bullshit is that so many of you
Don't even pretend to like this country,
Don't want to be bothered to learn/use English,
Think you should be above the law
And we're sick to death of you bitching and whining and threatening us about it.
You don't like us enforcing the law? Fuck you, go home. And stop blaming the Evil Nasty US for all your damned problems; you people fucked up your own countries and now want to fuck ours up. You don't like our laws? Ok, we'll copy the laws Mexico uses to deal with illegal aliens, you should love that.

Friday, March 18, 2011

I'm going to have to move to bad language again

Damn ever miserable fucking moron associated with this bullshit.
The commission says it wants the military to resemble the ethnic makeup of America. It is urging the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force to “validate” the standards — such as education, test scores, criminal records and drug use — that disqualify large numbers of blacks and Hispanics.

“Racial/ethnic minorities are less likely to meet eligibility requirements than are non-Hispanic whites, and that gap is widening,” the report says.

The commission said women should be allowed into male-only land combat units to “create a level playing field” in promotions “for all service members who meet the qualifications.”
Translation: "We don't care about skill, intelligence, ability; we only care about things being properly diverse- by OUR definition- and we don't care what it does to the combat-readiness of the military."
To borrow from Tam:This is ridiculous. The purpose of the armed forces is to kill people and break their stuff. This isn't the frickin' Peace Corps we're running here, it is a warfighting machine. Much like the Los Angeles Lakers, it doesn't get its score at the end of the game graded on a curve based on how well it reflects "the racial, ethnic and gender mix" of America.
These bastards don't want to actually improve schools into places where kids learn, they don't want kids to be taught some self-discipline and HOW to learn, oh no, they want the standards lowered so unqualified people can get into places they shouldn't be. And the miserable shits don't care how many people die because of it.

The New York City PD has some really slimy bastards working in it

The New York City Police Department’s License Division is sending letters to handgun license renewal applicants telling them that they may be in violation of New York State’s ban on “large capacity ammunition feeding devices” without telling them that pre-ban magazines are legal to possess.

The letter misstates the law because it omits the crucial language in Penal Law § 265.00(23) that defines a “large capacity ammunition feeding device” as “a magazine, belt, drum, feed strip, or similar device manufactured after September thirteenth, nineteen hundred ninety-four” that holds more than ten rounds. In other words, a pre-ban magazine is legal in New York State regardless of its ammunition capacity as it is not considered a “large capacity ammunition feeding device” under the law.

Read most charitably, NYPD’s letter potentially contains only a vague allusion to the distinction between the possession of a pre-ban and a post-ban magazine in option number three, which allows the applicant to “supply a detailed letter setting forth reasons that exempt you from this provision of the Penal Law.” Even that option does not fully make sense since possession of a pre-ban magazine is not an “exemption” from the ban, such as police officers have. A pre-ban magazine is simply beyond the scope of the ban.

One is left to wonder just how much detail is necessary in the response letter. If NYPD is dealing fairly with its licensees, all that should be necessary is a simple statement that the applicant is not in possession of any “large capacity ammunition feeding device,” or — to be more “detailed”any magazine of over ten-round capacity that was manufactured after September 13, 1994.

Word from one gun shop on Long Island is that New York City licensees are rushing to dispose of their pre-ban magazines, either unaware that their possession is lawful, or simply fearful of dealing with NYPD in light of its warnings of felony charges and non-renewal of licenses.

So either NYPD doesn't know the law or- more likely- wants to scare people into surrendering any 'high-capacity' magazines with no legal authority to do so. And because NYEffin'C is such a hellhole for gun owners and NYPD has such a history of screwing license holders over, they figure they can do this and get away with it. Especially with Nanny Bloomberg as mayor.

Also from New effing York we have McCarthy's latest attempt to gut the 2nd Amendment:
  • It threatens funding that help states put cops on the street. This is like a doctor prescribing amputation for a patient cut his leg and is bleeding.
  • It expands the class of prohibited persons to include people who have not been formally adjudicated as mentally ill.
  • It expands the class of prohibited person to include people who have drug arrests, but not convictions, within the past five years. It also expands it to anyone who failed a drug test.
  • It ends private transfers entirely.

Two quotes that stand out: Holder in November

saying "The department is currently reviewing existing gun laws to determine how best to combat gun violence and keep guns out of the hands of criminals and others prohibited from possessing them."

And, in April (Obama had) "not backed off at all from my belief that the assault weapons ban makes sense."

Again, in April: "Not backed off."

In November: "The department is currently reviewing existing gun laws."

My sources tell me that at some point along this time, William "Gunwalker Bill" Newell's 2008 Tucson "pilot project" of walking guns within the US came to the attention of Holder and then Emanuel.
Reviewing policy: November 2009.

Recruitment of the FFL holder to begin active Gunwalker operations: 17 December 2009.

Remember one of my sources' analysis previously reported:
Let me tell you what this was, and where it came from, based on a conversation I had with a long-time, well-informed veteran of American government intelligence operations the other day.

"Do you think," he asked me, "that this happened accidentally in a vacuum?" Meaning that one day "Gunwalker Bill" Newell, Phoenix SAC, just got a wild hair and decided to invent his own foreign policy. "Things like this happen because of meetings. People sit in meetings and they decide what they want to happen. And then they take decisions, make policy and implement that policy to achieve those ends." He added, "That's why State is so nervous. They signed off on this. In a meeting."
My sources indicate that between March and December of 2009, there were a number of meetings, including Eric Holder, Rahm Emanuel and various subordinates. And the bloody-minded policy developed at those meetings proceeded along very nicely, thank you, until the death of Brian Terry, and would have after that, except for some brave ATF whistleblowers.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

First: Sen. Al Franken(NSD) is a frakkin' moron

or a lying bastard. Quite likely both.
"I came here to warn you, the party may be over," Franken said. "They're coming after the Internet hoping to destroy the very thing that makes it such an important [medium] for independent artists and entrepreneurs: its openness and freedom.” Net neutrality, he added, is "the First Amendment issue of our time."
Yeah, but not in the way you want it to be: the real action for free speech is stopping bigoted assholes like you from taking it over in the name of government censorship.

Here's more of that 'civil discourse' the left insisted on.
WE WILL FUCK YOU UP. We will throw our baseballs in your lawn, you cranky oldpieces of shit, and then we will come get them back. What are you gonna do? Shootus? Get Wausau Tea Patriots to form an ad hoc militia on your front lawn? That wouldbe fucking HILAROUS to us. You could get to know the assholes on your side in realfucking life instead of sponging off the civil society we provide for you every single dayyou draw breath.Pay your dues or action will be taken. The action will be legal, peaceful, and nonviolent(on our end anyway – if you want to do it the other way fine with us. Meade is a toughguy on LGM or whatever but he's a chickenshit IRL. We dare you buddy. Double dogdare you.) but it will also be swift, decisive, direct, personal and effective.
As to the 'nonviolent' bit,
You'll notice the vile little troll has a problem with the concepts of private property, trespassing, and the fact that credible threats to do violence to someone are kind of illegal. Of course, VLT is apparently counting on the union cops to do what they've already done a few times: stand and ignore lawbreaking by union members and associates. I don't think he can keep counting on that; I'd imagine the various threats and refusals to do their sworn duty are causing some upset with the morons in charge of the various LE involved. And if someone gets hurt or their home damaged, etc., while they stood around doing nothing? I don't think they'll like the blowup that would cause.
I will further note- aw, hell with it. He/she is a miserable little shit socialist who's probably using the family internet connection from the basement where he still lives.

Current Gunwalker news, when a senior agent at ATF writes a letter like this to the Judiciary Committee... This part ought to be causing some real heartburn to Feinstein and Boxer:
We reported, predicted and identified specific violations of law, policy and ethical mandates by senior managers within ATF. I am going to attempt to attach a letter sent and signed by 25 Senior and retired ATF Agents and Supervisors we sent to the Judiciary, Senator Feinstein and Barbara Boxer almost 2 yrs ago. Nothing happened.
Further along,
The following are examples of practices which have now divided this Bureau and are the motivation for this direct action:

Multiple findings of discrimination against senior ATF managers which have gone completely undisciplined or disciplined in a manner not consistent with the standards applied to the line agents and employees.

False documents and testimony submitted by or ignored/supported by ATF Chief Counsel’s office to include falsification of evidence and perjury. Failing to comply with Open Records Act and lawful court ordered demands for documents and testimony. The refusal by ATF Chief Counsel’s office to provide truthful and factual counsel to the Executive staff continues to create costly litigation for the employees and wasteful litigation and costly settlements for the Bureau. The consistent failure of ATF counsel to report significant violations of policy and law by ATF managers to appropriate authorities i.e. OPSRO and the OIG, allows the patterns and practices to continue.
That's a letter that took some writing. Publicly and to the Committee flatly accusing ATF brass of violations of law, civil rights, etc. And the Gunwalker mess following on. Maybe, just maybe, this'll help get something done.

Rachel Stewart and editor Roy Pilott are a couple of prize wankers. And liars. Who like the idea of having 'privileges' granted them by the State. Screw both of 'em(metaphorically, of course).

So you CAN take your pitchfork along; now we need a roofing trailer of tar sitting upwind of the building.

U.N. Security Council Resolution passes 10–0. Live feed from Benghazi on Al Jazeera English. The Resolution authorizes “all necessary measures” except military occupation of Libya. By my reading, the authorization includes destruction of Gaddafi’s anti-aircraft defenses, and of his air force and its mercenary pilots. As President Reagan once said, “We begin bombing in five minutes.” I hope.
Yeah. the UN has spoken and miracles will happen. Of course, now that the UN has given permission to do something Obama MAY actually do something other than talk; but I'm not holding my breath.

And I'm done for the night.

Another bit on LEDs

Had to go to Wally World the other day(it's frikkin' amazing that there are some things they carry that other places don't) and noticed something: solar-charged LED yard lights. Nothing new about that of itself, but these were small 1-lamp units, spike included, for the grand total of $1. Picked up one to try(hey, it's a gadget!) and not bad at all; even on a mostly-cloudy day charges up, and late as I've been up provided a nice white light. For a buck.

Presented without comment

To borrow a phrase, "Why are so many leftists

so violents and such haters of Jews?"
The McGill administration is currently investigating Haaris Khan, a McGill student who, using Twitter, threatened to shoot a roomful of other students last week at a campus film screening.

Khan made the threats at a screening of "Indoctrinate U," a documentary, on March 8 hosted by Conservative McGill and Libertarian McGill. "I want to shoot everyone in this room," he tweeted at one point during the film, adding, "I should have brought an M16."
Though Khan has since deactivated his Twitter account, Conservative McGill members, at the suggestion of the Montreal Police Department, took screenshots of his tweets for evidence. Over the span of about an hour and half, during the screening Khan railed against Jews and Zionists in 10 separate tweets.

"I've infiltrated a Zionist meeting," Khan wrote in his first tweet, at 6:04 p.m., shortly after the event began. "I feel like I'm at a Satanist ritual."

"Oh man, a Muslim girl just appeared," he wrote in his next post. "I thought, like me, she's a freedom fighter. Unfortunately, she's a co-conspirator. Traitor."
(make that haters of Jews and Muslims who don't want to kill unbelievers)

About half an hour into the screening, Khan's tweets turned violent.

"My blood is boiling," he wrote at 6:38 p.m. "I want to shoot everyone in this room. I'm frightened, alarmed, and downright pissed. Never been this angry."

"This experience has hardened me into a soldier for freedom and truth," Khan wrote about an hour later. He posted his last tweet, about bringing an M16, minutes later.
But at 1:14 p.m. the next day, Khan tweeted, "The jihad begins today."

He insists this was all 'taken out of context', of course, "I don't have a problem with Jews," etc.

Easy pickings, but I'll still ask: can you imagine what the school and the authorities would be doing/saying if someone of conservative bent had said anything similar?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"We must observe and control the childrens' thoughts

for the good of the revolution."
The letter says federal officials have reinterpreted the civil-rights laws that require school principals to curb physical bullying, as well as racist and sexist speech, that take place within school boundaries. Under the new interpretation, principals and their schools are legally liable if they fail to curb “harassment” of students, even if it takes place outside the school, on Facebook or in private conversation among a few youths.

“Harassing conduct may take many forms, including verbal acts and name-calling; graphic and written statements, which may include use of cell phones or the Internet… it does not have to include intent to harm, be directed at a specific target, or involve repeated incidents [but] creates a hostile environment … [which can] limit a student’s ability to participate in or benefit from the services, activities, or opportunities offered by a school,” according to the far-reaching letter, which was completed Oct. 26 by Russlynn Ali, who heads the agency’s civil rights office.
Pissed off yet? If not, this should do it:
Following the discovery of “harassment,” officials may have to require mandatory training of students and their families, according to the Ali letter. “The school may need to provide training or other interventions not only for the perpetrators, but also for the larger school community, to ensure that all students, their families, and school staff can recognize harassment if it recurs and know how to respond… [and] provide additional services to the student who was harassed in order to address the effects of the harassment,” said the letter.
Translation: "If you do not think and speak in the approved manner, we will reeducate you so that you do."

Lamppost, rope, bureaucrats & politicians...

Insty pointed to a post by Pournelle(sounds kind of nifty, hey?)

on the subject of radiation and the current Japan situation; good information.

A bunch of 'law' officers in WI

need to be fired. Possibly prosecuted.
The policemen who were there, and who were standing in close proximity to these events as they unfolded, did nothing to assist those collecting the petitions as they were being destroyed, despite such an action being a Felony under Wisconsin law. Police also did nothing to clear the walk way for citizens that wanted to sign the petitions. Recall Committee members received many phone calls the following day from Merill area citizens who stated that they showed up to sign the petition, but were too afraid to get out of their vehicles and approach the recall table.
Union cops: they'll protect you IF they decide it's in their contract. And you haven't ticked-off the union.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My first thought is "This is when we start running over

the bastards."
The TSA has also indicated that it wants to move the perimeter of aviation security screening beyond the airport, to checkpoints on the road, according to Chris Calabrese, an attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union. If these roving searches are tolerated within the terminal and are allowed to jump to the street, there's no telling what might come next. Conceivably, in the near future the TSA could set up roadblocks to randomly screen automobiles anywhere it pleases.

If so, it could prompt further outcries from the traveling public and more comparisons to a police state, say Calabrese and other privacy advocates.
Really? No shit? Yes, it would. Along with a rash of TSA personnel becoming road pizza.

I also have to point out this part:
I put the police-state question to an expert on repressive regimes. "It's absurd to liken the annoyances brought on by airport security to life under a police state," Washington, D.C.-based human rights activist Mariam Memarsadeghi said. "A police state is defined by perpetual fear — fear of a state apparatus that is incessantly watching over the actions of people for the sole purpose of maintaining its power over them."
And that differs from fear of "You will be groped or irradiated or else. And no, we won't let you leave, either" how?

With all the disaster prep posts out there, (updated)

it occurred to me that it would be a good idea to link to this over at Fr. Frog's Pad. This was written during/aftermath of Katrina; some very good do/do not/don't forget stuff.

Added: should have done this in the first place, it began at Bayou Renaissance Man, a good blog in other ways as well. For instance, he found this:

I just can't add to this

But surgically enhanced Israeli model Orit Fox got more than she bargained for when the massive boa constrictor took objection to her over familiarity and reacted by biting into her breast.

However, it was the snake who came off worse because, while Ms Fox need a tetanus shot in hospital, the reptile later died from silicone poisoning.

They're spendy, but if you know someone into steampunk stuff

you might point them here.
Mechanicaled* bugs of various types.

*(well, what would YOU call them?)

On the subject of LED lights,

back around Christmas a friend gave me new leashes for the dogs. Each has a removable LED flashlight on it; three AAA batteries and a strong, white light.

Remember a few years back when most LED lights were still blue-tinted? And ones with good light output were a bit expensive?

Two union things to start off this morning

First, threats of boycott. Including against places that didn't allow any political advertising on the property or didn't endorse ANYONE. But when you've got a good threat going, what's the problem with threatening- and vandalizing- the wrong people?
Leaders of seven unions representing police, firefighters, teachers, and law enforcement signed a letter sent to M &I Bank.
The groups are giving M&I Bank until March 17th to publicly oppose Walker’s efforts. If it does, the unions will publicly celebrate the partnership to preserve rights. If the bank hasn’t responded by March 17th, the groups will publicly and formally boycott the company
"Nice business you got here; shame if anything should happen to it, huh?"
Owner of Sendik’s Grocery Store in Shorewood, Anne Finch-Nehring, doesn’t understand why people would choose to boycott her store, because of what she may or may not believe. She says, “I have no political signage at our store, and we can’t. I wouldn’t do that, because I wouldn’t want to offend or tread on other customers rights to support who ever they want to support.”
Because you're a convenient target, and they want to damage anyone who doesn't bow down.

The other is on dirtbag union (excuses for)teachers:
Aren't you forgetting a thing or 2? You've got them chanting "Hey hey, ho ho, Scott Walker has got to go" — but what do they know about Scott Walker? That he's done something the teachers don't like. So, maybe some day, when you do something they don't like, some kid might start "Hey hey, ho ho, [TEACHER'S NAME] has got to go." Today, you're pleased to teach them "The children, united, will never be divided." I'm picturing them repurposing that chant back in the classroom.
Yeah, that's great. Use school time to teach the kids union chants and then use more school time to display the kids as props. That's REALLY going to get the parents on your side, isn't it?
Unions: is there anyone they won't screw over for the unions benefit?

I can understand someone not agreeing with Palin on things, I can understand someone thinking she has the wrong view on something; this kind of bullshit I do not:
“But if you close your eyes and listen to Palin and her most irate supporters constantly squawk or bellyache or tweet about how unfair a ride she gets from evil mustache-twirling elites and RINO saboteurs, she sounds like a professional victimologist, the flip side of any lefty grievance group leader. She’s becoming Al Sharpton, Alaska edition. The only difference being, she wears naughty-librarian glasses instead of a James Brown ‘do.”
Reminds me of the people who, after the Tucson shooting, were blaming her for it and then, when she dared respond, screeched "SHE'S TRYING TO MAKE THIS ABOUT HER! Isn't she DISGUSTING?"
And 'naught-librarian glasses'? Screw you LaBash, you sound like a clown trying to make sure you're invited to the 'right' parties.

The Prevaricator in Chief is still talking about the wonders of 'change' in the mid-East & north Africa, but doing squat except talking. And talking. And pretending to be doing something.

The NRA has announced it won't take part in Obama's "Let's have some new ways to screw with the 2nd Amendment" talks; a view that they're doing it because 'the fix is in'. From his post the other day:
The GOP leadership is loathe to push the Project Gunwalker scandal hearings. Said one congresscritter to someone he thought was sympathetic, "We don't want to be enemies with the ATF." Issa and Smith are both said to be disinterested.

How could that be, you ask, when Smith just sent that demand letter to ATF? Remember he only did it because the NRA was calling for hearings. And why did the NRA call for hearings?

From two sources on or near the NRA board:

"The NRA is doing this just to say that they did. The same goes for Lamar Smith and Issa. After the CBS stories they had to do SOMETHING. LaPierre tried to stay out of it, but he felt the push from below by board members and regular membership, especially some of our law enforcement members."

And from Tam on all the "oh Noes, NUCLEAR!" screaming,
Jesus wept! How about a sense of proportion here? Potentially ten thousand or more dead in an instant from a tidal wave and everybody's worried about a bump in thyroid cancers down the road? (And I'll point out that those '60s-vintage GE reactors compare to the current state of the art in the safety features department like a '60s-vintage Chevy does to the current product.)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Well, isn't that nice? Oregon State Police

playing games? and more of a Gunwalker mess than there already is?
We are also receiving an increase in complaints about unjustified delays for gun purchases and a lack of response by the OSP when buyers use their "Challenge Line" in an effort to resolve delays. This was a common problem in the past and had largely gone away.

This all comes at a time when the OSP has requested significant increases in their fees.
We have also received multiple, credible reports that Oregon dealers are being pressured by ATF to make highly irregular and suspicious gun sales. It would appear to be Oregon's very own "Gunwalker" scandal.

The Oregon State Police are aware of these operations and have chosen to take a "hands off" approach

A Taser claymore?

That's interesting.

So, when did ICE and DHS have their job description changed

to fucking copyright enforcement?

Again, if they've got the free money and people to do this, they need their budget cut. And the question stands, what the HELL are they doing in such an investigation anyway?

Two Brit snipers,

75 kills in 40 days. Longest 1430 meters(1564 yards), shortest 196 meters. And the latter was two guys on a motorcycle and took both out.

Article says they were using suppressors, which gave them a real advantage. Glad our guys new rifle has one issued as standard with it.

About Obama's statement about gun control

Two takedowns, from Sondra

Now, like the majority of Americans, I believe that the Second Amendment guarantees an individual right to bear arms. And the courts have settled that as the law of the land.

Buuuut …?

In this country, we have a strong tradition of gun ownership that’s handed from generation to generation. Hunting and shooting are part of our national heritage.

Only good shooting, though, right?
Wait … where’s the militia part? You know, where arms are a right, because they are needed to defend life and liberty?

And, in fact, my administration has not curtailed the rights of gun owners – it has expanded them, including allowing people to carry their guns in national parks and wildlife refuges.

You mean you didn’t veto that, because you were concentrating on your larger agenda, and it could wait until now?
Besides, that didn’t “expand rights,” it reduced unconstitutional Federal restrictions on our rights.

and from Codrea:

If by that he means take people who have been adjudicated menaces to society and segregating them from those they would harm, not many would argue.

But that’s not what he means.

He wants to end private transfers.

He wants to require everyone in the country, regardless of state laws, to go through the federal system. As in mandate. As in force. As in "or else."

How this squares with “What works in Chicago may not work in Cheyenne” is left unsaid. Maybe they’re still trying to figure out what works in Chicago.

“Most gun owners know that the word ‘commonsense’ isn't a code word for ‘confiscation’," he declares, withholding the fact that the system, with its requisite forms, sets up a capability to do just that.

And here’s the thing:

If we're serious about keeping guns away from someone who's made up his mind to kill, then we can't allow a situation where a responsible seller denies him a weapon at one store, but he effortlessly buys the same gun someplace else.

How about a situation where responsible sellers reported suspicious sales but were instructed by the administration’s enforcers to allow them to proceed anyway? Are we serious about that?

Because guess who else passed those mandatory background checks the president is stumping for here?

I haven't said anything about the reactor problems

in Japan because there's been too much noise and not enough information. This morning found this, which points to this, which includes
Yes, this is one of those cases where’ll I’ll bet my life against any asset you care to risk.

Where are you reading this? Home, office, pretentious coffee bar? Whatever. Just imagine that the radiation level has increased a thousandfold! OMG!! How much danger are you in?!

You are in incalculable danger.

It’s incalculable because radiation is still damaging your body less quickly than it heals. We’ve addressed that here before.

If I measured the dose rate where you’re sitting, I’d see about five micro-rem per hour, give or take a micro-rem. (rem= Roentgen Equivalent Man).

One thousand times that would be five milli-rem per hour, which just happens to be the threshold where the NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) and DOE (Department of Energy) must establish a Radiation Area.

This is serious business. To enter it you must be an adult, have training, have a TLD (Thermoluminescent Dosimeter), have been briefed on an RWP (Radiological Work Permit), and be signed in on that RWP, which means you’ll have an EPD (electronic personal dosimeter) for real-time awareness of how much radiation you’re picking up. And an RCT (radiological control technician {me!}) will be with you, or at least keeping tabs.

And apart from acronym poisoning, you’ll be fine. The danger is incalculable.
Well worth reading.

Pictures from the murder of the Fogel family

Need to find out how to do a 'below the fold'; for now I'll just give links:
These people were stabbed to death, the throat of the baby was cut; the pictures are bad, be warned.

You know, if the Israelis were half as nasty as the palistinians accuse them of being, after some of these terror attacks there wouldn't be a palistinian problem anymore because there wouldn't be any palistinians.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Michael Mann: your ass is grass

I haven't posted on the Globular Warmening people for a while, then tonight I ran across this at WUWT. Which refers to this post, which basically ties a noose around Mann's neck and that of the clowns at Penn State who covered for him.
Sources confirm that a federal inspector has questioned Eugene Wahl and Wahl has confirmed that Mann asked [forwarded] him [a request] to delete emails. Wahl has also informed the inspector that he did delete emails as the result of this request.
In 2010, in an effort to clear Mann of any wrong doing, a committee of inquiry was set up at Penn State. We now know that committee failed miserably. They failed for many reasons, but the Wahl admission is the starkest example.
Too much to excerpt any more and get the full picture; go read it.

That comment I deleted just keep pissing me off

Let's just say it covered 'the evil Israeli standing orders are finish off palistinian wounded' and similar levels of crap. Would have dropped it, till I read this:
Item: the murder of the Fogel family came just days after a West Bank Palestinian youth center announced a soccer tournament named after Wafa Idris. And who is Wafa Idris? Why, she’s the first female Palestinian suicide bomber. She killed an 81-year-old man and injured more than 150 other Israelis in 2002. Hadn’t heard about her? Neither had I until Melanie Phillips linked to the story. The Palestinian Authority, another story reports, “has repeatedly presented Wafa Idris as a hero and role model, naming places and events after her, including a summer camp for youth funded by UNICEF, a Fatah women’s military unit, a university students group for Fatah members, a Fatah course, and more. There have been public demonstrations and songs on PA TV to honor her.”
Other murdering shits of the palistinians have had streets and soccer fields and such named after them; but the PA insists they 'condemn violence'. Right. I guess they condemn it like that bastard Arafat did: when speaking in English, but in the local language he praised and encouraged it.

So yes: I do say to hell with the 'palistinians'; especially the evil shits who teach their children that killing Jews makes Allah smile, and that all the unbelievers have to be converted, made dhimmi, or killed.

One bleeping big quake

The initial data suggests Friday's earthquake moved Japan's main island about 8 feet, according to Kenneth Hudnut of the U.S. Geological Survey. The earthquake also shifted Earth's figure axis by about 6 1/2 inches (17 centimeters), Gross added.

One of the videos I watched the other day... at first just looks like a fishing boat moving under a bridge. Then you realize that's a highway overpass, not a bridge. Damn.

Borrowed from Sondra,

Japan Relief Donations

Save the Children: Emergency Relief for Japan Quake
Toll free: 800-728-3843
Text JAPAN or 20222 to donate.

The American Red Cross: Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Relief
Text REDCROSS or 90999 to make $10 donation by text message.

Salvation Army
Toll free: 800-SAL-ARMY
Text QUAKE or 80888 to donate $10

International Medical Corps
Text MED or 80888 to donate $10

Doctors Without Borders

Global Giving
Text JAPAN or 50555 to donate $10

As the man asks, what are the protocols?

because having a rifle handy isn't all that great if your ORDERS are to use the beanbags first, now is it?

This is the kind of lying by misdirection we've become used to from politicians and bureaucrats, and I hope someone in the hearings calls Napolitano on it. And demands a flat answer to the question.

In which AG Holder demonstrates he cares not a damn

for competence, only for skin color and results he likes:
Dayton is in desperate need of officers to replace dozens of retirees. The hiring process was postponed for months because the D.O.J. rejected the original scores provided by the Dayton Civil Service Board, which administers the test.

Under the previous requirements, candidates had to get a 66% on part one of the exam and a 72% on part two.

The D.O.J. approved new scoring policy only requires potential police officers to get a 58% and a 63%. That’s the equivalent of an ‘F’ and a ‘D’.
You don't have enough minorities passing the test? Don't help people prep for it, don't deal with why they couldn't pass, oh no; order the city to accept people who couldn't pass it. That's a friggin' GREAT idea, isn't it?

The word from somebody with a brain and some integrity:
Williams said he understands what the Justice Department is trying to accomplish, but he thinks it’s the wrong method and it’s keeping him from achieving his dream.

“You can’t blame the city for the lack of diversity,” Williams said. “This isn’t your normal 9 to 5 job and you have to want it. I don’t want to be in a department where I was hired because of my skin color. I want it because I earned it.”
Damn right, Mr. Williams. I hope you get the job you're working for, from this you sound like the kind needed there: someone willing to work hard for it and wanting to do it right.

This reminds me of the idiocy some years back in which 'feminists' were demanding women be accepted as firefighters even though they could not meet the physical test standards; a lady firefighter in Seattle, I believe, got up in front of the city council who wanted to do this and told them if they did, she'd quit. Something along the lines of "Those standards are there for a reason, and if you start putting people who can't meet them in this job, I'll know there are unqualified people who can get me killed around me."

Deleted a comment in the post about the latest demonstration

of murder and celebration of it by the palistinians. I refuse to allow the crap in it to be pushed here. If that offends your sensibilities, go read someone else' blog.