Saturday, August 17, 2019

August hot back,

nice weather to be in where it's cooler.

Seems like something medium-to-large caliber would've been very handy

But it's a family from the Dark & Fascist State of New Jersey, in Canada, so scratch that.
"It was like something out of a horror movie." That's how a Morris County mom described a recent camping trip, where her family was attacked by a wolf.

And it was her husband who used his bare hands and large rocks to fight off the wolf that wanted to attack his family in Canada last week. When the ferocious animal tried to drag him off, a "guardian angel" named Russ arrived and saved everybody.

The real reason Israel said "Stay out"

is they're Jew-hating asshats who want to destroy Israel.  There, wasn't that simple?

Note that Tlaib was told "Yes, you can visit your family, but you cannot attend meetings with these groups while you're there", and she said that agreeing to that would 'break her mother's heart'.  Which means "Then you're not trying to visit your mother, asshole, so stay out."

Friday, August 16, 2019

It's been a week so far,

so time to relax and study a bit.

We would have a LOT more of this to look foward to

with 'red flag' laws.
Then, the officer’s gun discharged, with a bullet shattering the boy’s kneecap as he sat on the edge of the bed, the family said.
Note the language: 'the officer's gun discharged' instead of 'the officer pulled the trigger when he shouldn't have'.  Or, better, "the officer's gun fired because he was pointing it with the safety off and the idiot had his finger on the trigger and pulled it."

The article does note 'and a possible drug possession'.  Considering Illinois, I have to wonder if that was tacked on because someone realized that a ninja-suited SWAT raid for an EXPIRED card might be seen as just a bit heavy-handed...

Why yes, I have become fairly cynical about this kind of crap.

There is a thing on Bookface started by

Larry Correia getting a 24-hour ban due to an old post involving an argument over two imaginary countries.

In the ensuing Krasnovia vs. Pineland, and the virtues and evils thereof, I took a picture from somewhere and made a poster of it
I now find that that is the single most popular thing I've ever put to paper or pixels.

I'm not sure whether to just laugh and enjoy, or wonder 'What the hell?'

From a post by Madame Hoyt

In short, we and our children are being trained to be sheep and to respond automatically to words that strike an emotional chord. We are being set up to be played for suckers by anyone who wants to take up where the totalitarian movements of the 20th century left off.

The very tactics of those totalitarian movements—intimidation, demonization, and disregard of all rules in favor of politically defined results—have become hallmarks of political correctness today. Some people think political correctness is just silly. But many people thought Hitler was just silly before he took power and demonstrated how tragically mistaken they were. (CE, p 224)

Those two paragraphs say it all. The Left wants us to react with emotion, not intellect. They want us to follow blindly. The freedom to question and doubt is not to be allowed. March in lockstep, Comrade, of hie thee to the gulag.

And from her Bookface post on the matter:
Part of the issue with the lessons learned from WWII is that we (particularly the left) are 100% focused on preventing "Movie Nazis."

So, people keep thinking of the danger as racism or a focus on ethnicity, and ignoring the REAL similarities between say German Fascism and Soviet Communism (Note in the end, that discrimination thing comes in, because totalitarianism steam rolls over ALL differences.)

Truth is if you want to disarm the populace and silence unpopular opinions, you're on your way to hell in a hand basket.

If on top of that you think that everything wrong in history is the fault of a race and sex? No, it doesn't matter if the people you focus on tan or not. Hitler and you are brothers under the skin.

This week has been fun

Truck in the garage, the general around-the-house stuff, and the grass did what it does in August when it rains, so mowing. 

On the truck: part of what was needed I could do, the rest I'm not trying unless I have no choice: buy some tools I'll probably never use again, then spend most of a couple of days crawling on the driveway and trying not to annoy the neighbors with cursing, and that's after digging up a manual and watching videos.  Some things I'll do myself, others it's much worth paying someone with the tools and equipment and experience to do it.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Tab clearing

Yes, they really want to take your guns. 

If our Professional Journalists were actual reporters, they'd be all over this.

For those who insist the 2nd Amendment only covers muskets "Because that's all they had!"

Streisand Effect, one each.  And the arrogant clown brought it on himself.

Portland Mayor: "It will be different this time!"
What, you're going to tell the cops to shoot anyone defending themselves from antifa attackers?

They're waving US flags, singing our anthem, and carrying "We need the 2nd Amendment" signs.  Let's let ALL of them come here, and send the socialist assholes we have to Hong Kong to enjoy the socialist brotherhood with the PRC.

Ending 'defense-free zones' would probably help a lot toward ending the mass shootings that do happen.

...I'm ashamed to work for the NHS.
And if you think this same crap wouldn't happen here, you're delusional

Oklahoma in August

Turned dry and pretty hot for several weeks, and the grass looked somewhere between 'sad' and 'dead'.  And the big patch of clover in back was dead.

Get some rain.  Few days later, some more.  Within that time the yard went to 'mower struggling to cut it' in large areas, and a few days after the last rain the clover's popped back up enough you can hardly tell it looked like someone had hit the area with Roundup.

And now the edging is done before it gets too hot.  Now if I'll just get word my truck is done...

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

They just won't learn

The mayor of Oslo, Norway is calling for a ban on machetes following a series of brutal attacks in the city using the deadly weapon. 
"People are committing crimes!  We must ban objects!

Mayor Raymond Johansen argues that Oslo doesn't have a need for the huge knives because the city doesn't have a jungle, which is where machetes are designed to be used. 
And if you're a gardener, or landscaper, or just a homeowner who uses one?  "Too bad, prole, We have decided you should use something else."

Apparently "Find the criminals and lock them up" is too insensitive, or difficult, or something.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

No one surprised, except the experts

A new academic study has found that, once again, gun laws are not having their desired effect. 

A joint study conducted by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and the University of California at Davis Violence Prevention Research Program found that California’s much-touted mandated background checks had no impact on gun deaths, and researchers are puzzled as to why.
"But it HAD to work, our data must be bad, or incomplete, or something!"  Etc.

California’s failed gun control law appears to be yet another example of experts, to quote the great Milton Friedman, judging “policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results.”
Another example being "Even if this doesn't work, at least we're doing something!"

Monday, August 12, 2019

Well, when you've got a large part of society that insists males are toxic

and the cause of all bad in the world, what would you expect?

Kevin has a new one

"The Number of Guns" - or "Why isn't America Like Europe?"
Because, thank God, of the quality of the founders, and that Bill of Rights that's part of the Constitution.

'A Health Care System That's the Envy of the World'

But it sucks if you're trapped in it.

Some history on red flag laws


Personally, the only way I could even start to support such a law would be if it
A: REQUIRED actual due process, with fines/jail for police/judges who skip/skimp on that,
B: Jail penalties, plus the opportunity for civil suit, against anyone who makes a false report.

Those aren't there?  Screw you, no.

Place called Bulk Munitions is having a giveaway

Take a look

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Lux .22 target pistol

Had a chance to put a few rounds through one of these today
and I had a hell of a time finding a picture(on an auction site, auction ended years ago) to post.

It's marked 'Lux' and 'Made in Germany' on the barrel, and chambered for .22lr.  Just in front of the hammer on the left side of the frame is a spring-loaded latch, push to the right and the barrel tips up.  The extractor is not spring-loaded, as the barrel tips up a link pushes it to the rear.  Front sight is a post with bead on top in a hood, the rear has a deep, wide 'U' with a much smaller one at bottom, just right for the bead.  Hammer has half-cock and cocked positions. 

About the only information on the auction was "The receiver is alloy construction, as is the outer sleeve of the barrel (inner, steel sleeve construction)."  It was light, so the receiver and barrel body being some non-steel alloy fits.  Barrel about 8" long.

How'd it shoot?  Quite nicely.  The hammer spring quite strong, the trigger a bit heavy but broke cleanly.  I was only able to put about fifteen rounds through it, and it was fun.  Hammer at half-cock; unlock and tip up barrel; insert cartridge; close & lock; hammer to full cock, aim, and fire.  With a two-hand hold it held pretty tight groups when you did it right, one-handed more difficult.  The thing is light enough that there's no weight to damp movement, so if you don't do everything just right, you'd pull the shot off a bit.  I'd love to have the chance to put this thing on a rest and try it again.

They're apparently somewhat rare, as I found none on auction or sale sites, and only two old auctions for them.  A neat little piece, friend of mine looked at the pictures and called it a parlor pistol.  Don't know about that, but it was nice to make its acquaintance.

Much of the left is effing disgusting (link fixed)

You're a nurse.
You treat a bunch of wounded people, you save lives.
The President visits, and your picture is taken with him.
The left threatens you and your family, abuses you, and doxxes you.

These people are assholes.  Diseased ones.