Saturday, January 19, 2019

Dammit, it's cold outside

I don't want to hear anything about "Well, in Alaska-" or anything else; I don't care what polar bear wannabes think, it's cold.

So here's some new information, if you're smart and staying in to study.

I think that if I, on a daily basis, did all the stretches

that might ease some of my joint difficulties, the day would be
Stretch some more

Might not actually be that bad, but feels like it.

The SPLC has already lost one suit,

and with all the others lined up they stand to lose not just ears and tail, but their whole ass.  And I hope they do, as they royally deserve it.

There was word of great conspiracy with the Bear,

and all were cheered because "We've got him now!"

Then there was the Word that this was bullshit.

And there was great lamenting.

Michael Z Williamson once wrote that the only thing more stupid than Trump lovers is Trump haters.  From the way they swallow every "This is the One Thing that will get him!" pile that comes out, I'd say a lot of them have gone straight past stupid to effing insane.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Friday evening: the cold front is arriving

and baby, it's cold outside.  More comfortable inside, continuing your studies

That is one damned big fish

“My first reaction was just disbelief,” Mark Mohler, who captured the images for this story, told For The Win Outdoors. “She followed three tiger sharks in toward the whale carcass, and her sheer size made them look like barracudas.”
Deep Blue, believed to measure at least 21 feet, became famous after being featured by Discovery in 2014 (with footage captured in 2013).

Thursday, January 17, 2019

'STEM students create dumbest smart gun ever'

Boy, did they.

This part alone demonstrates the perils of someone who has no real idea of the use of a tool trying to redesign said tool:
...It’s also equipped with a GPS and geo-fencing technology, so it can’t be fired in public places, like schools or churches. They say the technology would be built into new guns and a version would be made to be retrofitted onto existing guns.

“You still are allowed to do one bullet every 20 seconds so you still are allowed to use self-defense so it’s still going to work,” said Shahid.
Because A: Nobody ever needed to defend himself/others in a public place, and B: bad guys always fall down at one shot.  And nobody ever misses.

I'll bet Watts & Co. are kissing their ass and saying "This Will End Mass Shootings!" 

Kids, your hearts may be in the right place, but you really need to find out what the hell you're talking about before you try to tell people 'This is the fix!'

Take truck to shop, walk home,

and find a hawk sitting on the carport next door.  No pictures, unfortunately.

Ma Nature, looking to kill you 24/7

And lots of tools at her disposal.
A SCIENTIST was eaten alive by a 17ft long crocodile after being dragged into its enclosure while she fed it last week. 

Deasy Tuwo, 44, was feeding croc Merry early on Friday morning at the CV Yosiki Laboratory in Indonesia when the beast appears to have reared and leapt up an 8ft high concrete wall, pulling her into the water.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

A couple of days of sort-of rest

does help after the weekend, but I still feel like someone's been beating on me with sticks.

Weather's not helping.  I make it to warmer weather, that'll help.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Woman is attacked by a armed repeat offender

Woman has carry permit and is carrying, and shoots the bastard.

Leftist whines and moans about how horrible that she shot him.
Asshole doubles down
Asshole finally gets the idea that people consider him a fucking idiot, does multiple-part apology which includes this:
5. My ideal is for a world in which guns do not have to be a part of anyone's daily life and in which gun deaths are not a part of our daily news. I stand by this ideal and disagree with the proposition that more guns will make people safer.
A: It made her a lot safer.
B: I'm thinking this asshat is one of the idiots who believes that if you get rid of guns, violence will cease.  Or thinks that being bludgeoned/strangled/beaten to death isn't that big a wrong since an icky gun isn't involved.

Possibly what finally got through to asshat was all the people in the neighborhood ready to pick her up for a victory ride; it's a little more difficult to stir up crying and moaning from people who're sick of being preyed upon by vermin like the deceased.

That moment when you play the race card

and it blows up in your face.

I suspect the idiot probably yelled at her 'get me ready' people for not telling her what racial crapmongering not to try: "If I'd known I could've called him an Uncle Tom!"

Range day, a couple of quick notes

One thing I ran across on .45-70 was that a lot of people shooting black powder who crimp the case onto the bullet use the resizing die to do it, getting rid of the bell in the mouth and pressing the first bit of the case onto the bullet.  I tried that with the 405-grain Lee hollowbase using A5744; it may work with black powder, but not as well(for me, this time at least) with this rifle and smokeless.

I like the .41 Magnum, but at times I want a load that doesn't bellow and kick quite as much, so I borrowed a Lee mold which throws a 195-grain semi-wadcutter.  Loaded over the minimum charge of Titegroup, it shoots quite well and has mild recoil.  I'm going to have to get one of these.

The royal family of Egypt had been Macedonian for quite a while,

but who cares about history?  "Cleopatra must be BLACK!!"

The thinking patterns of SJBs revealed:
"Idc what y’all say. In conclusion, Cleopatra was a BLACK WOMAN. A white woman wouldn’t be able to withstand Egyptian BCE temperatures"
"Psst...Greek people can be Black"
Just amazing.

Monday, January 14, 2019

One read a line from a post-knife attack fight

where the intended victim, a former(retired) Special Forces guy, was asked why he shot the attacker instead of 'just taking the knife away'.  After giving the questioner a "How effing stupid are you?" look, he answered, "I am lousy at trying to take sharp objects away from people."

Which brings me to this article.  Looks pretty good on the subject of bad guy with knife.

One quick comment on the media:

And these shitheads wonder why we don't trust them?
Frank Bruni, formerly the New York Times’s White House reporter and now a columnist for the paper, has a long, long op-ed that is unintentionally revealing. It is headlined, “Will the Media Be Trump’s Accomplice Again in 2020?” As though the press were pro-Trump in 2016! “We have a second chance. Let’s not blow it.” A second chance to help a Democrat beat Donald Trump.
Insty is right: nothing but Democrat operatives with bylines.

Weekend report:

Put it this way: I get called in again for an unscheduled day, I may run and hide.  A nights sleep reduced the 'falling over from worn out' difficulty, but I really don't want to do that again for a few days. 

Good side of things: Dad's home, starts PT this week, and is feeling a lot better.

I may write some more later, right now I need food.