Friday, October 16, 2009

I have a real problem with the things Mr. McCue groups together

A true rapprochement can only happen when the thorny issues that still beset the Anglo Libyan relationship are resolved. The apparent thorns include the UK victims of "Libyan semtex"; WPc Yvonne Fletcher; the Libyan victims of UK WWII land mines; reconciliation of outstanding Lockerbie issues; the Benghazi victims of the US Air Force bombing raid; and trade disputes going back to the days of the Revolution.

Uh, guy? Some of these things are not like the others. You want to lump people- very unfortunately, no question- injured by old mines with terrorist victims? You want to conflate a bombing raid against a terrorist-supporting government with the bombs of terrorists? Screw you, Mr. McCue.

In case it escaped your notice, a whole lot of people fell victim to mines in WWII and after; and to errant aerial bombs and artillery shells. You want to feel guilty about it, go right ahead, but don't expect the rest of the country to play. The US launched the raid on Libya because their nutcase dictator was supporting terrorism that killed US citizens; they want to wail about it, tell them to wail at their dictator for causing the raid.


Windy Wilson said...

If he insists on conflating these things, perhaps this is the time to include reparations for Irish-Americans for the treatment of their ancestors. It's about as related.

Actually, considering the Left's penchant for seeking out "root causes" and deeds done by western nations that can account for actions taken by non-western groups, Libya should probably hit up Italy for money for the land mines, as it was the Italian Army in 1910 or so that took over the place and set all the wheels in motion which necessitated such violent defensive measures by the residents of Egypt and their friends with tanks. If it hadn't been for the Brits, do the Libyans REALLY believe that they wouldn't still be an Italian colony?
Iin their dreams!

Firehand said...

Yeah, if you actually started taking seriously everybody with a gripe about everything in their religious/national/racial/whatever past, everybody's going to be paying reparations to everyone.