Saturday, December 11, 2010

There've been rapes and assaults by 'disaffected North African youths'

for years, now the capital of "We are multicultural(and we'll jail you if you say something wrong about it) Sweden" has its first jihad bombings.

They're so stuck in denial and "We must be properly sensitive" that
TV2 [Denmark] is reporting that the bomber was carrying a rucksack full of nails. Swedish TV is a disgrace — they refuse to say that the killing is related to the bombing. And they won’t say the two explosions were related.

On Swedish TV they actually said that a car containing fireworks caught on fire
Wonder how much longer that will last?

They had the same kind of luck we had with the Times Square bomber: apparently didn't know how to make the bombs well enough to get the kind of damage they wanted; and how much longer is THAT going to last?

Friday, December 10, 2010

I have to ask, what level of dumbass does it take

to think a kayaking trip here was a good idea?
An acclaimed South African outdoorsman who was leading a kayaking expedition from the source of the White Nile into Congo was dragged from his craft by a crocodile as two Americans watched, horrified. The guide is presumed dead.
Ya think MAYBE?
The body of 35-year-old Hendrik Coetzee, who was living in Uganda, has not been recovered(no kidding?). The stretch of river where they were traveling is notoriously dangerous for its whitewater, and because of its high density of crocodiles and hippos.
Just damn.

So is Obama saying "I don't want to play President anymore",

or does he think leaving Clinton to answer questions somehow makes him look better?

Or is he flat freakin' nuts?

Having been busy with the window and other stuff, this is the first I heard of this; it's kind of amazing, isn't it?

I really dislike working on windows

what with the chance of cuts and slices and major hemorrhage and such. But friend had a broken window, so.

Get the old glass out, measure, get the new pane, start to install it and- it's too wide. By maybe 1/4". No, they didn't cut it wrong; I didn't notice that the top rail of the frame had a slot the glass fit into(I plead tired and dumbass), so it didn't need to be as wide as I thought. So back to Lowe's to trim that 1/4", back over, and it slides right in. I had some points left from my own cracked pane, did have to get some glazing compound, but it's all done.

Now if you'll excuse me, I think I'll eat something and fall over.

Taking a break from a frustrating day,

I'll say that the driver of the royal car needs some retraining: I thought one of the rules was "Somebody tries to make you stop, or approaches the car in such a way, YOU DON'T STOP!"
Camilla was left terrified as their Rolls Royce came under fire from a snarling mob of student fees rioters as it made its way to the Royal Variety Performance at the London Palladium.

The car was kicked, rocked and hit with paint bombs as up to 20 demonstrators attacked it and chanted 'Off with their heads!' and 'Tory scum', leaving the couple visibly shaken
All I can think of is they guy was either ordered not to move unless 'absolutely necessary', or something of the sort. If so, whoever gave the order should be canned, or sent somewhere he's less likely to cause damage.
Ok, just found this:
A rioter managed to push a stick through an open window of the limousine and jab her in the ribs. Camilla’s terrifying ordeal came as a baying mob surrounded her and husband Prince Charles when they rode through central London in the vintage Rolls-Royce last night.

A police source said one of the car’s rear windows was opened by mistake as tuition fee protesters moved in. The attack is the biggest royal security breach in decades and raises new questions about the protection of the couple.
This is friggin' incredible; not only that the driver didn't bloody DRIVE, but that this clown was able to do this and not get either decked or shot. Don't care what anybody thinks of the Royal Family, NOBODY should get away with attacks like this on anybody.

No, Obama isn't 'peevish'; he's really pissed when he doesn't get his way.

Two brothers who say police unlawfully seized more than $190,000 from them during a traffic stop had been under surveillance and were suspected of drug-dealing, a lawyer for the city of Aurora said today during a court hearing.

Though neither Jose nor Jesus Martinez is charged with a crime, authorities are seeking forfeiture of $190,040 found in Jesus' truck when he was stopped by an Aurora police officer on Oct. 18.

A Kane County judge ordered the money returned, but the city has refused
Don't know about you, but I'm really sick of this kind of crap; that little "Innocent until proven guilty" thing just doesn't seem to count with a lot of LE agencies anymore.

I think that's a lot more involved than I will ever get in projectile casting. Unless I find a cannon, of course...

Various state employees who need to be fired; apparently a lot of others need reeducation about just who owns what.

I hope Rosenberg both whacks them in court, and then sues their collective ass off. This is plainly and blatantly "We don't like you talking about us, so we're going to screw you over" by the police, prosecutors and everyone else involved.

Now I need to run out and hopefully actually accomplish something.

So now we'll see if Gov. Christie is actually worth a damn

on civil rights. This isn't really a gun rights matter, it's a matter of 'the police and prosecutors and judge didn't follow the law, and people should not be punished by corrupt officials' situation.

If Christie does not pardon the guy, then any move he makes toward higher office should be opposed, because he can't be trusted to defend the Constitution and the people from corrupt officials.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Proving that NSDemocrats aren't the only pickpockets out there,

Sen. Chuck Grassley(RINO-IA) wants to keep stealing from other people to make farmers in his state happy to keep growing bullshit biofuel fodder(actually, literal bullshit would work better) on our dime.

Screw you, Grassley, I didn't like having my money stolen by Robert Byrd, I don't like it from you either.

At this point, I think Rep. Pelosi(National Socialist Dem-CA) should be hanged

so she can find out what was in the order after it's signed; why not, since she thinks it's just great to pass a law 'so we can find out what's in it'?
Nancy Pelosi told us that we needed to pass the ObamaCare bill to find out what was in it, but apparently we needed to pass it to find out what wasn’t in it as well. Thanks to one of the 2800 pages that apparently no one in Congress read before voting on the bill, the new law has drug manufacturers canceling discounts to childrens’ hospitals that helped provide medicine to children suffering from rare diseases. The change will cost these hospitals hundreds of millions of dollars, and will almost certainly curtail access to critical care for children:
...It didn’t end up in the bill as a “mistake in drafting”; the tradeoff is rather transparent. Congress wanted to expand a mandate on drug manufacturers to sell their most expensive products at steep discounts to rural hospitals as well as the community centers and clinics, and the drug manufacturers balked at eroding even more of their revenue, much of which goes to development of new medications and therapies. Congress therefore cut out the children’s hospitals to strike a balance.

There’s no mistake in the drafting here, nor is this an unintended consequence, as the New York Times calls it. There was a mistake in the priorities of Congress, and a big mistake in voting for a 2800-page bill without actually reading it. But otherwise, this is precisely the kind of rationing that Congress intended to impose on the American health-care system. And it’s the children who get to pay for it first

Also on the subject of Obamacare, we have this crap:
As my colleague Michael Cannon pointed out to me, the new health care law kicks congressmen out of the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program. (The current FEHB is no different from the health coverage provided by any private employer -– federal employees choose from a series of private plan options (none of which is run by the government), and receive a subsidy from the federal government acting in its role as an employer.)

My first reaction to hearing this was: Good — if the rest of us lose our health care freedom, so should those who forced this new atrocity on us. But apparently this result was not intended, so the Obama administration
has decided to ignore that part of the law.
Lampposts, ropes, politicians...

And, pointed to by Insty, the wonderfulness of the Canadian system the bastards want to shove down our throats:
Emergency room waits for people with serious conditions sometimes reached 12 hours or more, the report said. That is far greater than the province’s 8-hour wait time target, the report found.

And for emergency patients who need a hospital bed, they waited on average for about 10 hours but some waited 26 hours or more, according to the 2010 Annual Report.

“Our audit found that wait times for patients with less serious ailments have been reduced somewhat,” McCarter said. “However, there has been only minimal progress in reducing wait times for patients with more serious conditions.

Got that? Their target for improvement is not waiting more than 8 bloody hours. Wonderful, isn't it?

The stranded biker

One nasty-cold day a policeman came across a bike on the shoulder of the road; the rider, in every piece of cold weather gear you can think of, standing glumly beside it. He pulled over.

"What's the problem?"

Muffled voice through the balaclava: "I think the carbs are frozen."

"Pee on them, that'll thaw them out."

"I can't" came the sad reply, after a moment of thought.

"Well, I can." The cop got out, looked to see if any traffic around, unzipped and proceeded to rid himself of several cups of coffee, zipped up and said "Try it now."

The bike cranked over a few times and then fired, roughly at first but it smoothed out quickly. The rider said "Thanks!", hopped on and headed off.

A couple of days later the chief received a letter commending the officer from the riders' father:
"On behalf of my daughter, who was stranded the other day..."

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Dammit. Another comic to read


Remember that little puppy who became Security Staff(Jr.)?

The little bugger grew.

I really needed a new jacket,

as my old actually has holes in it, so I stopped by a bike shop to look at what's available. And walked out with a pretty nice one for damn near 2/3 off.

It's good for me on this, but the shop had a lot fewer customers in than in the past, like the traffic at the mall I mentioned the other day.

By the way, if there was ever an argument for not having cable, it's Keith Olberdork; the man is a walking example of idiocy and envy and hate.
On the one hand— Unaffordable Tax breaks for the beneficiaries of the Bush tax cuts, made ever more permanent as they threaten to suck four trillion dollars out of government revenues in the next decade.
Do you by any chance remember the yacht tax? Bunch of clowns who think the way you do decided "Anybody rich enough to buy a yacht ought to pay a big extra tax on it!"; and when the clowns passed the tax, the people who did have the money for such a boat either didn't buy one or bought it somewhere else, and the companies in the US who made the yachts suffered, which means the people who worked there suffered. It didn't bring in any extra money, and it cost jobs and revenue. That you think keeping the tax rates as they currently are is 'sucking four trillion out of revenues' is disgusting- well, not really disgusting, 'idiotic' is a better word. You don't pay any attention to the past, you refuse to learn from it and the envy and hate you display, well, THAT is disgusting(by the way, do you include John Effing Kerry the yacht-tax dodger in your 'sucking money from government' group?)

Except, of course, for the estate tax, what Republicans so happily call, “the death tax.” Which will be reduced from its 2009 levels.


The money given by one dead rich person to some living rich persons, will not be taxed, up to five million dollars. More than five million and it’s 35 percent — which is less than it was under the tax laws of President Bush’s last fiscal year. Sir, you have given undeserved tax breaks —and you have carved them a little more deeply into the stone of law – to rich people, living and dead. And you want me to tell them which Democrat proposed the Estate Tax giveaway?

Olberdork, I realize the chances of you ever reading this are about zero, but I'm going to say this anyway:
This may come as a shock to you, but every effing penny we earn is taxed. And if we invest it, even in a savings account, any earnings are taxed, and everything we buy is taxed, all our life long; that you think not being allowed to rape someone's estate when they die is a 'giveaway' tells me all I need to know about your twisted mind.

Enough. I'm more tired than I was when I got off this morning, and contemplating the scummy mind of Olberdork and the people he speaks for is just too much for my digestion right now.

Remember Aaron Sorkin? Guy who thought the actors reading his lines

in West Wing ought to really be running the country? He really is a whiny little bugger.
Sarah Palin whacks caribou.
Sorkin wets pants in indignation.
Sorkin yells and bitches while Palin is turning caribou into stew and steaks and roasts...

Damn, I know who I'm rooting for.

This jerk is the kind of threat that causes me to wonder

if there's enough lampposts in DC for appointees and bureaucrats as well as a lot of elected officials.
Republican Rep. Joe Barton got wind of Copps’ remarks and sent him a letter in which he asked if Copps meant “to suggest that it is the job of the federal government, through the Federal Communications Commission, to determine the content that is available for Americans to consume.” While Copps has not publicly answered Barton’s query, it’s no secret what he’d say: Hell yes.

Just a year after assuming his role at the FCC, Copps made clear that he wasn’t interested in mediating just when necessary. In a 2002 speech, Copps revealed that he was on a crusade against programming that isn’t good for America.
Copps’ obsession with telling media companies what content they cannot publish or broadcast is rivaled only by his insistence on telling them what they should publish or broadcast. Never was this more clear than in March of this year, when Copps traveled to Los Angeles to present a USC-Annenberg study of LA-area TV that found the “average 30-minute TV newscast packs all of its local government coverage into just 22 seconds.”

Copps put on a grave face while delivering his response to the study. “I am really, really worried about this. We’ve got too much infotainment subbing for real news and I think democracy is, is in peril by this and it’s a problem. It’s a problem, it’s a challenge for us to fix our old media,” he said.

“The FCC has not regulated any of these stations with anything approaching a serious degree of public interest oversight,” Copps added, trailing off.
Mr. Copps, screw you; I don't need you controlling what I can and cannot see and hear. Period. Eff off. In other words, leave us the hell alone.

Among the reasons I was glad to retire from the place

was the shifts; working there part-time has reminded me of it. Forcefully.

I HATE hoot shift, right now my eyes are fuzzy and my body wants to fall over.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Big Deal!!! Leaked secret image of Mossad attack shark!

From Carl. Who also brings us this further idiocy :
Only days after it was removed from the Palestinian Authority’s Ministry of Information website, a “study” denying Jews’ rights to the Western Wall has resurfaced, this time on the official website of the PA’s news agency, Wafa.

By publishing the document on Wafa’s website, the official mouthpiece of the PLO and the PA, the authority has sent a message that its has officially endorsed its findings.
Actually, 'idiocy' isn't the right word; this edges right up to evil, when you consider all the why and desired result involved.

I'm going to start thsi morning with the Reverend of Crap,

Al Sharpton. He wants to shut Limbaugh up because of his 'racism'. Which is truly rich, coming from this lying, racist, bigoted piece of crap. Search around and you can find statements from him about 'Greek homos', Jews, whites and pretty much everyone who's not black. And if you're black and don't have his 'correct' point of view, he'll crap on you, too; but Rush is a nasty racist who should be silenced...

By the way, I'm going to be using Tinyurl on a lot of links for a while; Clayton Cramer noted that Righthaven has a bunch more papers now, and when I added the names to the blocklist it started blocking EVERYTHING. So until that gets sorted out.

Back to progressive dirtbags, the clown Obama has as FCC Commissioner wants to take control of crap he has no legal privilege to take over. All in the name of 'fairness', of course. And another one, the offspring of other corrupt politicians, says 'free internet for 'nappy-headed children' is a right. Ignore all the other bullshit here, can you imagine of a white, or a conservative, made a comment about 'nappy-headed children'? But this clown can get away with it.

About a year or so ago I caught part of one of Kathy Griffin's routines; took about two minutes to change the channel. I have to ask, how effing stupid IS this woman?
Yeah, make insults about the kid of a politician who's also sister of a troop? And then give the troops crap for not liking it?
Added: oh, my Deity, maybe it wasn't the bad jokes they were booing.

SEIU: "We screwed coverage on your kids because of Obamacare, but don't tell anybody that 'cause we have a new story. And we don't want to say bad things about Obama even when he's an idiot."

Some "Why things are so screwed for years to come" thoughts from Ace. I'll throw in, along with enviro regs and labor standards the greed of unions and spinelessness of many businesses in dealing with it. Few years back I read an article about a firearm manufacturer who had an idea for a .22 autoloading rifle, but had one hitch: if the bolt had to be forged and machined it would be far too expensive, but if it could be extruded, cut to length and finish-machined(design had this in mind) it would be good. So they started calling manufacturers here in the US and all answered either "We can't do it" or "It'll cost about three times what you want to pay." So they decided to check on foreign makers and contacted a company in- as I recall- Germany, who looked at the specs, quoted a very good price and asked "How many tons do you want?" Smaller orders just fine, too, slightly higher cost. Giving in to unions for decades had kept most US companies from modernizing as they should have, so business kept going to foreign companies. As Ace puts it, providing service or information is great, but when people are making things they need parts; and if you can't make them(and for an affordable price), somebody else will.

Some "Why aren't people more aware of the Muslim Brotherhood?" questions. And why people NEED to be aware of the group.
I just finished reading 'Flight of the Intellectuals', which spends far more words than necessary trying to figure out why so many 'intellectuals' in the west cannot, or refuse to, acknowledge what and who the enemy is. For that matter that they ARE the enemy. Kind of amazing, really.

So it looks like our taxes won't get hit with the Obama Tax Increase next year, which is good; also good is this "We wanted to raise taxes but the House Democrats wouldn't stand up!" noise. Especially when you consider Democrats still control both Houses.

On the subject of the economy, last night I took daughter to dinner, and enroute we drove past Penn Square Mall. Every year I can remember, end of first week of December the parking lot was packed; last night there were lots of empty spaces. Years past the restaurant would have been a wait to get seated; last night, "How many? Follow me!" Anybody who says the economy is recovering is a liar or a fool.

"Is Governor Rendell French?"
Close enough, it seems; from the linked article
“What this would do is expand the Castle Doctrine to outside the home, to a city street, for example, and eliminate the principle of law that we’ve had since English common law: The duty to retreat.”

Is Rendell French?

Remember, folks, according to Rendell, if your family is getting violently car-jacked or being violently assaulted by thugs in a mall parking lot over the X-box you just purchased, your duty is to surrender and retreat.

“It promotes violence first,” Rendell continued in explaining his veto. “If we can help keep violence down, if we can protect the sanctity of life, we should. We should not have a basis that you can shoot first.”


The sanctity of the thugs’ lives? We should be more concerned about them?

What’s a poor, frightened liberal to do?

Surrender, of course.

Also from SiH, a thought on the mental processes of Japete:
I’ve come to one conclusion in what limited reading I’ve done of Joan Peterson’s blog. If it’s legal and she doesn’t like it, then she assumes it is actually illegal and everyone who does what she doesn’t like is a criminal. If it’s illegal, and yet criminals still find a way to get around the law, then clearly it is actually legal and she wants to regulate EVERYTHING in an attempt to make it illegal(er).

I’ve had my share of experiences at smaller non-profit shops that sometimes have board members who like to speak out on their own. If I worked for the other side, I’m pretty sure my head would be dented from banging it against the desk and/or wall after reading Peterson’s comments. Seriously, Peter, if you don’t have a stash of the Montezuma in your desk for a quick chug every time she posts, let me know and I’ll bring you a bottle next time I’m down there

Let's see, Obama sends empty-hat Salazar out to tell us "No more drilling", and gas prices go up. Again. Any bets as to whether the major media will give a rant about the harm this does like they did when Bush was President?

In todays' bit of "Blame the JOOOOOS!" idiocy,
Egyptian officials say they have not ruled out the possibility that a fatal shark attack in Sinai on Sunday could have been a plot by the Mossad.

“What is being said about the Mossad throwing the deadly shark [in the sea] to hit tourism in Egypt is not out of the question, but it needs time to confirm,” South Sinai Gov. Muhammad Abdel Fadil Shousha was quoted as saying by the Egyptian state news site

On that note, I take my leave for the time being.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Anybody else noticed that when gas prices jump we don't hear

wailing 'news' reports of how the situation is hurting people and why isn't the President doing something like happened when Bush was President?

And when more troops die in Afghanistan we don't get a daily death count the way we did in Iraq a few years back?

You'd almost think the major media had an agenda, wouldn't you?

Ever get sick of the news?

Me too. I guess it's as much a fascination with the "WHAT?!?" you run across, and the absolute bullshit in too many cases, that keeps dragging you back to looking. In the BS category, this for instance:
Could Israel be using Wikileaks to prepare the US for an Israeli air strike against Iran?

This nation is moving toward a repeat of the US rush to invade Iraq in 2003. Mass media coverage of the Wikileaks story is performing the same function the media played to make the case for the 2003 US invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq.
It's being done by the JOOOOOOS!
President George W. Bush was a willing instrument in the military invasion of Iraq. Controlling a major Arab state, Bush assumed, was in the best interest of the US.

Jeff Gates argues in Sabbah Report that Wikileaks is being used as part of Israel’s game theory warfare:
So it's not really Bush's fault, he was a tool of the evil Zionist Jews, etc. I wonder if they've added this to an updated version of the Protocols?

Mr. Frum, you're a vile piece of progressive crap, and you don't get to tell me what I'm allowed to say. Or read or see, either. "There must be free speech, but only that which we approve of!" my ass.

The wealth of my people is our culture. The things we have are a side effect. I'm going to build some shelves tomorrow.
Oh yeah, culture matters; a LOT.

Under the heading of "History we'd damn well better not forget", thanks to Mr. Huffman,

The Jew Alfred Flatow was found to be in possession of one revolver with twenty-two rounds of ammunition, two pocket pistols, one dagger, and thirty one knuckledusters. Arms in the hands of Jews are a danger to public safety.

Police First Sergeant Colisle
Via an arrest report from Berlin, October 4, 1938.
He was arrested based on the above while attempting to comply with an order to turn in all firearms to the government. His firearm was legally owned and registered. It wasn’t until November 11, 1938 that the Weapons Control Act of 1938 went into effect making it illegal for Jews to own firearms. Hence, he was arrested while complying with the law at the time.

After his arrest he was turned over to the Gestapo and transported to Terezin in October of 1942. He died of starvation in the Theresienstadt concentration camp in December 1942.
Journal on Firearms & Public Policy Volume 21, Fall 2009, “Arms in the Hands of Jews Are a Danger to Public Safety”: Nazism, Firearm Registration, and the Night of the Broken Glass, pages 28 & 29.

Note that one part: He was arrested based on the above while attempting to comply with an order to turn in all firearms to the government. Which might be considered crap from the past if it weren't for crap like this from New Jersey. No, it wasn't Nazis going after Jews; it was sorry excuses for lawmen and bureaucrats with a love of power putting someone in prison for a legal act, helped along by jurors with no guts or integrity. Which things really helped the Nazis along back then.

Why yes, I do have a very low view of the bastards. And if Christie doesn't at least get the guy out of jail, he can go to hell too.

The Madman brings us more news on the bigot Paul Helmke, who really is a sorry piece of work.
Also the situation in northern Mexico, which absolutely sucks.

Speaking of absolutely sucking, we come to Helen Thomas, who is vile on a hard-to-describe level. But she's a 'respected journalist', etc.

And finally, some of those wonderful people always bitching about 'the rich not paying their fair share':
The 50 wealthiest lawmakers were worth almost $1.4 billion in 2009, about $85.1 million more than 12 months earlier, according to The Hill’s annual review of lawmakers’ financial disclosure forms.

Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) tops the list for the second year in a row. His minimum net worth was $188.6 million at the end of 2009, up by more than $20 million from 2008, according to his financial disclosure form.

…There were a few other new faces in the Top 50, including Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-R.I.), who received an inheritance after his late father, Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.), died in 2009. Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) and Rep. Tom Petri (R-Wis.) also made the list
Remember the video of Swimmer Kennedy admitting he was sheltering as much of his estate as possible from the taxes he said it was only fair for people to pay? And, as she asks, has Kerry actually paid those taxes he dodged but said he'd pay anyway?
The Wall Street gamblers that Obama and his wife carped about on the campaign trail were shoveling money to his campaign hand over fist. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, hedge funds and private equity firms donated $2,992,456 to the Obama campaign in the 2008 cycle. Obama, erstwhile critic of the campaign finance practice known as “bundling,” happily accepted more than $200,000 in bundled contributions from billionaire hedge-fund manager James Torrey, more than $100,000 in bundled contributions from billionaire hedge-fund manager Paul Tudor Jones and more than $50,000 in bundled contributions from billionaire hedge-fund manager Kenneth C. Griffin, chief executive officer of Citadel Investment Group in Chicago.
Yeah, they're evil, crooked people EXCEPT when they're handing cash off to Obama & Co.

Enough. I shall now bundle myself up and head out into the cold.

While I'd love to take the Garand out for a spin

and it'd probably be good training, it's 22 degrees outside and I'm not agonna do it.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

If you're not reading Lawdog,

why not?
Kissing the thoughts of a tranquil evening goodbye, I checked my pepperspray, stepped out of the cruiser, and eased up on the couple.

"Desmond," I greeted the gentleman, "Opal. What's on y'alls minds?"

"Go 'way, Mister Dawg,"said Opal, without turning around, "This don't concern the law none."

"Oh, Sweet Jesus," yelped Desmond, "Mister Dawg, you got to do something!"

Well, hell.

"Opal," I start to say as I ease around to where I can see her hands, "We need to talk...Holy
Mary." The anguish in Desmonds voice was quite understandable once I got far enough around the two to notice that Opal had Desmonds schnitzel in both ham-sized fists, and was apparently trying to rip the old boy out by the roots.

I'm here to tell you folks, walking up on that sort of thing without advance warning can make a feller get kind of wobble-legged around the knees.

"Opal," I yipped, "You turn loose of that! Now!"

Yeah, SURE the media will be reporting this

the same way they did bloody countdowns on the body count in Iraq, won't they?