Saturday, November 11, 2023

I need to get the bad taste of what our Professional Journalists are willing to do, so, it being the 7th eve

I bring you some distractions.

Yeah, AP gives aid and comfort to the enemy

At this point, after other crap they've done, why would I be surprised?
In our 2018 article, we documented AP’s failure to disclose his association with the Hamas terrorist organization, even as the news service cited him as supposed independent verification of a dubious Hamas claim that Israel was responsible for the death of four-year-old Ahmed Abu Abed, reportedly fatally injured at a Gaza border clash. CAMERA’s Tamar Sternthal warned at the time, “When media outlets fail to disclose information about their sources, news consumers have valid concerns about the credibility of journalists presented as eyewitnesses.”

Sternthal’s warning was prescient, as Mr. Eslayeh was again used as a source by Western news companies during the October 7 Massacre. Below, we translate what he had to say on that terrible day. What you will find in his X/Twitter posts is not journalism but a celebration of carnage.

Which makes you wonder what else they used from this asshole, how much 'news' he contaminated.

Another something for "Happy Birthday USMC"

Below the break

Another civil rights victory

The [ATF’s] Final Rule is limitless. It purports to regulate any piece of metal or plastic that has been machined beyond its primordial state for fear that it might one day be turned into a gun, a gun frame, or a gun receiver. And it doesn’t stop regulating the metal or plastic until it’s melted back down to ooze. The [Gun Control Act] allows none of this. I concur in the majority’s opinion holding the Final Rule is unlawful. And I further concur that the matter should be remanded to the district court to fashion an appropriate remedy for the plaintiffs.


I have to disagree with the title: NYeffingCity wasn't conquered,

it surrendered.

Speaking of the 'news', the Washington Post pulled this

because they're chickenshits.  So it behooves us to pass it around.

"We give you unbiased news!"

In a pig's ass. 
The Associated Press, the country’s top wire service, is now bankrolled in part by millions of dollars from left-wing foundations, including one founded by “1619 Project” author Nikole Hannah-Jones.

The news organization last year announced a series of “partnerships” to subsidize reporters covering climate change, race, and democracy. A review of the donor roster shows that the vast majority fund left-wing political causes, while none are supporters of conservative initiatives.

As someone said, nothing but Democrat operatives with bylines.
Especially when you consider their 'journalists' embedded with Hamas during the massacre.

Speaking of, some good news:
You know there have to be some puckered butts among some journalists at the idea of one of them being held responsible for crap they've done.

Friday, November 10, 2023

'It's one of these nights',

to paraphrase the Eagles.  I think it's a good collection

If you've seen the original

you can hear the music

When some .gov operative says "Tell me something other than part of the Constitution that allows you

to question what I do!", they're saying that they've flushed their oath to uphold said document, and their word isn't worth shit.
They’ll describe concerns about the First Amendment as conspiracy theories, but then we learn about people like Stanford’s RenĂ©e DiResta making notes about “very real 1st amendment questions” in a presentation about the EIP, or a lawyer for former CISA director Chris Krebs snapping at congressional investigators to cite a legal authority “other than the First Amendment” to justify questioning. “Researchers” will declare unequivocally that CISA did not “found, fund, or control” their program, but then it will come out the superficially private structure of the EIP was necessary because “DHS cannot openly endorse the portal,” while a “behind-the-scenes” arrangement was fine. And so on.

Bastards.  Lying  control-freak bastards.  And far too much of our Professional Media are helping them along, because they apparently don't care much about that 1st Amendment that protects their right to talk and write.

Thursday, November 09, 2023

Thanks to Wirecutter, some extreme slow-motion video of lightning strikes

In more pleasant news, BATFE gets some bad news on pistol braces

The order comes shortly after the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, which oversees Kacsmaryk’s district, found the ban “unlawful.” In August, a Fifth Circuit panel found the ATF exceeded its authority in trying to reclassify guns with pistol braces attached to them as short-barrel rifles that are subject to heavy regulation under the National Firearms Act (NFA) of 1934. It determined the agency moved from regulating to legislating, and the result “must be set aside as unlawful or otherwise remanded for appropriate remediation.”

“The Final Rule affects individual rights, speaks with the force of law, and significantly implicates private interests,” Judge Jerry E. Smith wrote for the majority in Mock v. Garland. “Thus, it is legislative in character.”
Judge Kacsmaryk has now taken things a step further in the related Britto case. His ruling stays enforcement of the law as it applies to everyone across the country.

That’s a significant departure from Judge O’Connor’s ruling, where he rejected a request to extend his preliminary injunction to all braced gun owners.

That bit the other day about various news clowns being basically embedded with Hamas?

Seems confirmed.
The Israeli government is demanding answers from western media outlets including CNN, Reuters and The Associated Press over troubling images of freelance photographers they each hired which suggest they may have been embedded with Hamas on October 7th.

The issue - first highlighted by Honest Reporting - concerns four freelance photographers from Gaza whose works have been published by the media outlets.

Among them is Hassan Eslaiah, a photographer who has now been seen in an image with Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar.

All three outlets deny having any prior knowledge of the Hamas attack and insist they have cut ties with the reporters.

But Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other cabinet ministers are demanding more information.

I would damn well hope so.

Which brings up the question, how much of the stuff these bastards previously fed to their news organizations was/is tainted, or flat bullshit?

It occurs to me that, with all the people whining about 'islamophobia', you never hear them accusing the terrorists

and supporters of Jewphobia.  Which they seriously suffer from.

Let's see, a bunch of nazis want to screw with what amounts to a holy day and place,

and, according to the Brit media, anyone who has a problem with that, and might interfere, is
Gangs of football hooligans are planning to 'team up' and 'protect' the Cenotaph from pro-Palestine protestors this weekend, with police on high-alert for trouble.

Officers fear more than a thousand, including far-Right thugs, will descent on London, where a rally against Israeli attacks on Gaza is set to take place.

A: Of course, they are, and
B: The Brit cops have shown themselves, once again, to be either scared of being called names or on orders to screw with anyone who gets in the way of the actual problem.  Like the ones a couple of days ago telling some Jews that they had to take down their flags because 'they might upset the Palestinian protesters'.  So who trusts them to stop the mass-murder supporters?

I have to wonder if the words of of of these idiots were

"You don't have the balls to pull that trigger!"
If they were, obviously they were wrong.

Wednesday, November 08, 2023

As someone put it, "However much you hate our Professional Journalists, it's not enough."

HonestReporting has obtained screenshots of Eslaiah’s now-removed tweets on X in which he documented himself standing in front of the Israeli tank. He did not wear a press vest or a helmet, and the Arabic caption of his tweet read: “Live from inside the Gaza Strip settlements.”

Masoud, who also works for The New York Times, was there as well — just in time to set foot in Israeli territory and take more tank pictures.

Ali Mahmud and Hatem Ali were positioned to get pictures of the horrific abductions of Israelis into Gaza.

Mahmud captured the pickup truck carrying the body of German-Israeli Shani Louk and Ali got several shots of abductees being kidnapped into the Strip.

Oh yes, there's more.

That link goes to the archive, because every time I tried to go to the direct link there's a "This is not safe", etc. warning.  Which, considering Google and others, may well be trying to prevent people getting to the story.  Maybe we'll find out for sure.

Yes, it's possible that there's an innocent explanation.  But all these assholes being there at just the right time and just the right places, and being allowed to run around with Hamas?

Effing Google won't let me post pictures 'until I sign in to this account'. Which I had to do to get here.

And it won't ALLOW me to 'sign in'.

Fucking Google.

Tuesday, November 07, 2023

No wonder so many people didn't want this murderer's 'manifesto' to get to the public,

these pages really don't fit the Preferred Narrative™.

Crowder apparently got hold of pictures of three pages and made them public.  There is question about authenticity, but, as this guy noted, If there was any question about whether the photos released by Crowder were real,  but the Mayor having a bloody fit about this release answers that: You don't start an investigation into the leak of something that doesn't exist.

And, to make it even more wonderful, it appears Fecesbook and Google are working to censor the information.  Which makes me wonder if Google("We ARE Evil") will decide to make this disappear.

Monday, November 06, 2023

At some point, before it turns cold for the winter, I really need

to do some casting.  Well, better would be a lot of casting.  Then can inspect and sort and size/lube as things allow.

We'll see.  With everything else that needs doing, it's iffy over the next while.

Sunday, November 05, 2023

Meanwhile, in Krautland,

'Migrant' parents: "How are we supposed to explain to our kids that this place is named after a dead Jew that they're suppose to feel compassion toward?  Change the name, infidel!"

Chickenshit officials: "Anything you wish.  May we kiss your foot now?"

'There is no power in Gaza City, the hospital can't treat injured and wounded,

it's inhumane!"  So says Hamas.  Who lie, as usual.