Saturday, May 14, 2022

Seventh evening, and not being completely knackered,

here you go.

Every once in a while I get to try out something fun,

this time it was a Silencerco Switchback suppressor.  Supposed to work on .22lr, .22 Magnum, .22 Hornet, and 5.7x28.  In this case it was mounted on a S&W 15-22 rifle.

I was impressed.  I wasn't able to do a lot of shooting with it, but it did the job.  Time constraints, could only fire 5-10 of each.  I have no way to measure the sound levels, so here's what I'll say:

First up was some CCI Meateater, 21 grain composite bullet of polymer and copper powder, and 1800fps.  WAY over subsonic, and while quieted down it definitely made some noise.

Then tried some Winchester Subsonic 42 Max, 42 grain bullet at 1065 fps.  BIG difference, when fired the first shot my first thought was "This action is loud when it cycles."  Then I realized I hadn't heard the shot over that mechanical noise.

Next was some CCI  Subsonic Small Game, 40 grain hollowpoint.  Also very quiet.

Last two were, first, Winchester M-22 Subsonic, 45 grain round-nose bullet, the box says with a black copper plating.  About the same as the other subsonics.  Ten shots there, the last five from a decent rest:

That's five at 25 yards.  

Last, some CCI Segmented HP Subsonic, 40 grain hollowpoint at 1050fps.  Unlike most subsonics I've seen, and like the M-22 Winchester, copper plated.  Very quiet through the can, and this is what the last five did, also at 25 yards

That big hole is four rounds, and I pulled the other a touch.  Which is damn good accuracy, I impressed myself.*  No idea how the bullet performs, no time right now to research it.

So that's my brief report on the Switchback.  I'd like to have one, so I could do more research.  Or other reasons.

*when not thinking "Damn, that was lucky!"

Friday, May 13, 2022

And on this occasion,

I did remember the sixth evening post

"How dare you not worship at the feet of our idol! No job for you!"

A pattern was starting to emerge: Reporters and editors would omit key details that undermined the BLM narrative. More important than reporting accurately was upholding—nurturing—that storyline.

At some point, the organization went from ignoring key facts to just reporting lies. When Donald Trump declared, in July 2020, that the police kill more white than black people—this is true—Reuters, in its dispatch, repeated the false claim that blacks “are shot at a disproportionate rate.” In December 2020, Reuters reported that black Americans “are more likely to be killed by police,” citing a 2019 National Academy of Sciences study that, our reporters claimed, found that black men were 2.5 times likelier than white men to be killed by police. In fact, the only rigorous study to examine the likelihood of police use of force—Roland Fryer’s—found that police, as mentioned, were less likely to use lethal force against black Americans.

Finally wrote a piece, with lots of data to back it up; it was yanked, he did the "What can I change to put it back up?" deal, got it back up, and the inevetable happened:
Then the comments started rolling in. A handful of BLM supporters, all of them white, said that, as a white person, I had no place criticizing BLM. They called my review of the academic literature “whitesplaining” (failing to note that many of the academics I cited were black). I was publicly derided as a “troll,” “confused,” “laughable,” and “not worth engaging with or even attempting to have an intelligent conversation” with. One colleague said: “I do not believe that there is any point in trying to engage in a blow-by-blow refutation of your argument, and I will not do so. My unwillingness to do so doesn't signal the strength of your argument. If someone says, ‘The KKK did lots of good things for the community—prove me wrong,’ I'm not obligated to do so.”

 Notably absent from the attacks directed at me was even a single substantive challenge to the facts I was citing.

And he winds up being fired.  He's filed, but it being the People's Republic of MA, I have doubts they'll go for him.

Someday there needs to be a reckoning for bullshit like this.  Preferably while it can still be done peacefully.

Ah, more of those wonderful teachers and the stuff we're assured isn't happening.

One of the things that the Gender Woo-Woo cult likes to do is create Gay/Straight Alliance clubs in school that sound like support groups but are actually Gender Woo-Woo indoctrination clubs. This is where kids will be told that girls can be boys, pronouns like “fish-self” are valid identities, and genital mutilation surgery and drugs are the answer to gender dysphoria. And they know they’re being deceptive because they say it outright. In the following clip, the website’s co-founder Kieren Slattery says, “Something I do say to students and caregivers, though I mostly say it to students … I don’t ever tell anyone else who came [to gay club], so I would never tell their adults or other students in the school or even other teachers.”
The second clip shows the pink-haired fella discussing how he hides his gay club from parents. “The only formal communication that we’ve sent home was to 4th- and 5th-grade students,” he said. “It wasn’t a permission slip; it was something that was a one-way communication about our club.” That doesn’t sound too bad until he admits that he made the announcement intentionally vague in order not to raise any concerns from parents. “We intentionally left it broad in that it was a club about acceptance, tolerance, diversity, and identity,” he said. But that’s not what the clubs are about. They are about affirming magical gender identity and leading your child down the path to medicalization and a lifetime of pain and dependence on Big Pharma.

Let's see, we have 'Do not tell your parents what we're doing', 'Don't say anything to other teachers or ANYONE else', and sending dishonest notes to parents to hide it.  Sounds like groomer behavior to me.  Every one of the bastards involved in this crap should be fired and blackballed from ever teaching again.

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Our EffingBI at work

They can't do anything about actual terrorists, and investigating and arresting antifa and BLM members who riot and loot and burn and kill, oh no; but if you don't kiss the school boards ass...
One investigation allegedly began after the FBI received a tip that a mom had told a local school board, “We are coming for you.” The complaint “alleged that the mom was a threat because she belonged to a ‘right wing mom’s group’ known as ‘Moms for Liberty,’ and because she is a ‘gun owner,'” the congressmen wrote. An FBI agent reportedly interviewed the the mom, who said she was upset about a school mask mandate and wanted to elect new board members.

In another instance, the congressmen wrote that an FBI agent interviewed a tipster who admitted he had “no specific information or observations . . . of any crimes or threats.” The tipster had submitted a complaint against an anti-mask-mandate dad, claiming that the dad “fit the profile of an insurrectionist,” and the FBI had opened an investigation into the dad.

Isn't it just friggin' wonderful how they protect us?

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Ah, the joys of watching other people on bikes in warm weather,

while knowing you don't dare ride yet.  All it would take is one sudden stop and having to shove that left leg down hard...  It sucks.

As a number of you are aware, every time the PT guys throw in something knew, the knee/leg starts aching in a new way for a few days.  After which the next new stuff will come in.  Etc.

Yes, I have made sure the bike stays charged up, and is run occasionally, and moved around to change the tire positions.

Work has been quite accommodating, the three days I was back.  With several people watching for a reason to say "Don't push it", or "Go home", it's like having Mom around, without the cooking.

Couple of days ago I hit a local store, having decided "It's been WAY too damned long the smoker hasn't been hot, this has to end."  Amazingly I found a small brisket that wasn't way overpriced, and about noon it went in.  Right now it's in the oven finishing, took longer than planned to get home from doing laundry(but for a good reason) so it started smoking about an hour later than planned.  And I'd forgotten, when they have a nice thick portion, how long it'll take to get up to proper internal temp.  However, I was able to try part of the flat, and it's good.

And now I have to do some PT crap, and stretching, and then clean up before I collapse.

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Finally get some decent sleep;

Go to PT;
Decide Security Staff hasn't been to the lake in far too long and take him;
He gets to get wet, then run and sniff all over while I manage to stay in yelling range;
I am worn out.  I really need to think about some things before I do them.

Well, this is major-level bullshit

Take your car in for an oil change.  Mechanic who can't drive a stick hits another mechanic and kills him.  Lawyer for the family of the deceased sues the car owner...

Sunday, May 08, 2022

I just realized I was so beat, that the 7th evening data

did not get published.  So here 'tis.

This comes under Insty's "Faster, please!"

Frequency Therapeutics, a biotechnology company, is working to repair hearing loss using a novel kind of regenerative treatment rather than hearing aids or implants. The company programs progenitor cells, a descendent of stem cells in the inner ear, to make the tiny hair cells that enable humans to hear, using small molecules.

When exposed to loud sounds or medicines, such as certain chemotherapies and antibiotics, hair cells die. The medication candidate developed by Frequency is intended to be injected into the ear to rebuild these cells inside the cochlea. The organization has already enhanced people’s hearing in clinical trials, as judged by speech perception tests – the capacity to interpret and distinguish words.

My first thought is that if it passes the next round of tests, I'll volunteer as a test subject.

Ref 'Best thing that ever happened',

when daughter was at college, she told me that a couple of times, on Saturday mornings, she and a couple of friends wound find a shady spot near fraternity/sorority row and see if they could spot the girls doing the Walk of Shame back to their rooms.

I've always thought "If you feel ashamed after doing this, why the hell do you keep doing it?"

I've never heard a good answer. 

I thank you one and all,

I've received some links to various places and other suggestions; one of them will have to play out.

If have to I'll fumble my way through, but I'd really like some good idea to start with.

Much appreciated, folks