Saturday, June 09, 2012

To Gun Control Australia and the Aussie Olympic Committee:

Take a midol and shut the hell up, you wusses.

Honey badger my ass,

Don Rickles don't care.
Oh, I'll bet it was something to see

So, why do I have this notion that the Constitution of the United States would be well served if someone flew to Berkeley, choked down a piece of diseased duck organ, and waited calmly, a Louisville Slugger in hand, for the first phucking phood cop to approach the table?

Any of you ever run across the 'invisible shoes' before? Any knowledge?

Rep. Elijah Cummings: "Nothing is so important that I will fail to give cover to Holder and Obama. For certain not dead cops and Mexicans."

Mentioned some Garands coming home the other day,

here's the story.
Up to 87,000 South Korean M1 Garands Coming Home
The importation of as many as 87,000 M1 Garands gathering dust in South Korean storage may soon get the green light for importation to the US. Special thanks is due to Montana Senator John Tester and Representative Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming who introduced legislation to prevent the US government from interfering with the importation of US-made guns that were previously exported to other countries. In the face of this pressure, the State Department will no longer prohibit the exportation of these M1 Garands back to the US.
No, it shouldn't have taken introducing legislation to force this; Hillary Clinton's running the State Department and Obama's in the White House, so what do you expect?

ThePrincipal Tom Stack, Ronan, Montana school district: what the hell

is wrong with you?
[Gerald Molen] was invited to speak to the graduating class at a Montana high school. But upon arriving, was told by the principal he would not be allowed to deliver the speech he had prepared….

Molen says [Principal Tom] Stack told him straight up that he wouldn’t be allowed to address the students because he was “a right-wing conservative.”

“He said some callers didn’t want the kids exposed to that, despite not knowing what my message would be,” Molen told The Hollywood Reporter….
Stack, from the information available, you suck. On multiple levels. And hey, Montana, this is what you've got running your schools?

The other day it came up as Holder & Co. being either crooked or incompetent; it may well be a mix of both:
"If I were to go to the federal courthouse here in D.C., either as a party or as an attorney, wouldn’t I have to show a government-issued photo ID?" Lungren asked.

"That’s not been my experience, here in DC. I don’t--you know," Holder replied.
Hey, HE doesn't have to show one, you expect him to know what the serfsmasses go through?

A mob of hundreds of men assaulted women holding a march demanding an end to sexual harassment Friday, with the attackers overwhelming the male guardians and groping and molesting several of the female marchers in Cairo’s Tahrir Square.

Ask a legitimate question, and the Kos weenies and progressive clowns go apeshit.

I can't get the study to download, so can only go by what's in this post; my, aren't they a bigoted bunch?

You'd think that, at some point, Chicago would

clean up its PD; if so, that time hasn't arrived.
Two men claim in court that Chicago police battered, strip-searched and falsely charged them of crimes they did not commit because they used cellphones to videotape a police officer who was driving on the wrong side of the road when he hit and injured a motorcyclist.
Benjamin Perez and Bobby Milton sued Chicago and nine police officers in Federal Court.
"Defendant officers observed plaintiffs using their cell phones to record the collision scene, and immediately took plaintiff Perez's cell phone and placed handcuffs on him, taking him into custody even though Perez was not doing anything illegal," the complaint states.

"Defendant officers placed Perez in the back of a police car and demanded that Perez show them how to delete the photographs he had taken with his cell phone.

Friday, June 08, 2012

The Defense of Eric Holder: "We're incompetent."

I'm not freaking kidding.

You know, considering how seriously wiretap applications are supposed to be taken, how bad is the truth when Holder tries to avoid it by saying this?

CMP is going to be getting a bunch of Garands. Now if Clinton and Obama will stop blocking the M1 Carbines...

Good question: has/how has your attitude changed since CCW? And what things do you look for/do?

Lest it be overlooked, Gunwalker isn't the only case where Holder is ignoring subpoenas and crapping on Congress.
“When I hear an attorney general of the United States come before us and say, somewhat cavalierly, there is a political aspect to this office, it offends me beyond belief. Your job is justice, Mr. Attorney General, Gohmert told Holder.

Also on Holder, and Obama, they're apparently really upset about those documents Issa has; they and they're media enablers are trying just about everything they can to try to discredit or otherwise get them out of the picture.

And now, it being a fine evening, I'm getting outside.

Apparently she's doing some serious training,

and wound up in a hospital. And there's been various discussion on the 'Don't do training where you can get hurt' vs. 'You can get hurt in ANY training'.

If I started training of that type, I'd want pads; the simple fact is that I don't heal as fast as I used to, and I'm allergic to pain. But I wouldn't mind taking it for a variety of reasons. One of which is to remind my body of a basic thing that 'helicopter parenting' has taken away from kids: you can get hurt and it's not the end of the world.

Not that long ago, kid fell down and got some scrapes; kid got cleaned up, maybe some band-aids, and went back outside because parents expected you to get hurt, and unless it was really nasty you cleaned it up and went on. Now? Kid gets scraped up and may get taken to the ER, and damn near locked up the rest of the day. Or week. So they 'won't stress the injury' or other such crap. Yes, I suspect a lot of bullcrap nowadays is due to this kind of thing; no, I can't prove it.

Now get off my lawn.

Dammit, I hadn't heard of this before today

Take Your Daughter To The Range Day

Speaking of people in positions of legal authority

who shouldn't be there, we're back to Angela Corey:
Last December when I wrote a column critical of how she handled the Cristian Fernandez case, she fired off a two-page, single-spaced letter on official state attorney letterhead hinting at lawsuits for libel.

In the letter, she called me out for my “lack of knowledge and objectivity about the workings of the criminal justice system.” Ouch. I think she called me stupid….
When Corey was appointed to head up the investigation into the shooting death of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman, D’Alemberte had this to say:

“I cannot imagine a worse choice for a prosecutor to serve in the Sanford case. There is nothing in Angela Corey’s background that suits her for the task, and she cannot command the respect of people who care about justice.”

Earlier, D’Alemberte had criticized Corey in the Fernandez case. The reaction then: A public records request from her office to FSU seeking all emails, text messages and phone messages involving D’Alemberte related to Fernandez
That's some history for someone in her position.

"What? Investigate our leaks just because they damage national security? No!"

"You keep saying those words; I do not think they mean

what you think they do."
AG Holder, February 2012:
I think, first off, there is no indication that Mr. Breuer or my former deputy were aware of the tactics that were employed in this matter until everybody I think became aware of them, which is like January February of last year.
Each application included a memorandum from Assistant Attorney General Lanny A. Breuer to Paul M. O'Brien, Director, Office of Enforcement Operations, authorizing the wiretap applications on behalf of the Attorney General. The memorandum from Breuer are marked specifically for the attention of Emory Hurley, the lead prosecutor for Operation Fast and Furious," Issa wrote in a letter to Holder while slamming senior Department officials for not taking "public safety into account when they approved the wiretap applications."
Right there is Holder lying to Congress(again). How many times now? And knowingly submitted false documents, and...

Thursday, June 07, 2012

"Lie. No matter what, keep lying" was the advice

in a movie called 'A Guide for the Married Man' if you got caught cheating. It appears our noble Attorney General Holder took it to heart:
“It’s not clear how much we’re involved in the main F and F [Fast and Furious] case,” reads the email, “but we have Tucson [Wide Receiver] and now a new unrelated case with [redacted] targets. It’s not any big surprise that a bunch of US guns are being used in MX [Mexico], so I’m not sure how much grief we get for ‘guns walking.’ It may be more like ‘Finally, they’re going after people who sent guns down there.’” (See Jason Weinstein Email Fast, Furious.pdf)

Operation Wide Receiver was run out of Tucson, Ariz., between 2006 and 2007 by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), a division of the Justice Department.

In his testimony, Holder said that the emails only referred to Operation Wide Receiver.

Holder told the committee: “That refers to Wide Receiver, not to Fast and Furious. The e-mail that you [Rep. Chaffetz] just read [between Trusty and Weinstein] – now this is important – that email referred to Wide Receiver, it did not refer to Fast and Furious. That has to be noted for the record.”

Chaffetz, after a long pause, said, "No, it doesn't. It says Fast and Furious. 'Do you think we should have Lanny participate in press when Fast and Furious and Laura’s Tucson case [Wide Receiver] are unsealed?' It's specific to Fast and Furious. That is not true, Mr. Attorney General. I'm happy to share it with you."
If they don't charge this corrupt bastard, and the good people in it don't start throwing things out in public, then the whole effing Stupid Party should be completely abandoned. Trashed. Thrown out.

*Yeah, I could have added this to the earlier Gunwalker post, but I thought this kind of "Don't believe my e-mails you're reading, believe what I tell you to believe" crap deserved A Post Of Its Own.

Rep. Maxine Waters(NSD-CA) gets bad news:

Yes, the ethics investigation WILL continue. She's one of the most vile and corrupt bastards in the House, and I hope it all comes out.

Further reason not to live in the People's Republic of Maryland:
Seventeen-year-old Tiarra Brown was focused on her future, but the excitement about graduation turned to fear when police came to her school and arrested her.

Prosecutors said they dropped the case after realizing she was not involved in a crime. It appears to be a horrific case of mistaken identity, 11 News I-Team reporter Barry Simms said.
Bad. Real bad. Gets even worse:
According to a statement of charges, what appears to be the victim's daughter filled out a complaint and submitted it to a commissioner at the Patapsco Avenue Courthouse claiming that Brown stabbed her mother six times and threatened her as well.

The commissioner issued a warrant for her arrest, but to add to the confusion police said they had already charged a woman named Brittany Johnson with the stabbing when Brown was arrested at her high school during graduation practice.
Once police and prosecutors finally realized the warrant was wrongly issued Brown had already spent the weekend in jail unable to attend her graduation.
Just freakin' wonderful.

FL State Attorney Angela Corey: this woman needs a serious hearing before the bar. And firing. Order not real important:
State Attorney Angela Corey, the prosecutor in the George Zimmerman case, recently called the Dean of Harvard Law School to complain about my criticism of some of her actions.
When the communications official explained to her that I have a right to express my opinion as “a matter of academic freedom,” and that Harvard has no control over what I say, she did not seem to understand….
...The idea that a prosecutor would threaten to sue someone who disagrees with her for libel and slander, to sue the university for which he works, and to try to get him disbarred, is the epitome of unprofessionalism.
You expect better from someone who gave that smiley campaign-appearance press conference?

More Gunwalker news:
Attorney General Eric Holder admitted on Thursday that President Barack Obama’s chief campaign strategist David Axelrod and the White House are helping the Department of Justice craft its messaging about Operation Fast and Furious.

“We [Holder, Axelrod and the White House] have certainly talked about ways in which we could deal with the interaction between the Justice Department and Congress — about ways in which we would,” Holder said in questioning before the House Judiciary Committee

That's a damn big bull shark

That "Let's crucify energy companies we don't like as an example" jerk who didn't want to show up before Congress?
Administrator Al Armendariz skipped a scheduled appearance at a Congressional hearing Wednesday, but managed to squeeze a trip to the Sierra Club — in Washington, D.C., less than a quarter-mile from Capitol hill — into his busy day.
So give him a subpoena and say "Testify, or jail." Long as you can keep Boehner out of it, they might actually do it, too.

June 7, 1942

End of the Battle of Midway. Thanks to a combination of intelligence work, strategic thinking and a bunch of pilots who had to carry their testicles around with wheelbarrows the Japanese Navy- which until then had been doing damn near anything it wanted in the Pacific- got its ass kicked: threefour* carriers, a cruiser and more than three thousand pilots and sailors lost. And Japan didn't have replacements for those experienced pilots; they seem to have done the same thing the Germans did, keep their pilots on the lines until wounded or something, whereas someone with a brain on our side started rotating our better pilots home for a combination of rest and "Here's what kills the enemy" passing-on to new pilots.

*I can't tell if I can't count, or can't remember which comes after what...

Gunwalker stuff

I'll start with the bullcrap the other day of "Boehner looking to make a deal" and "No I'm not!", opinion from Sipsey:
The latest adventures of "Old Yellowstain" Boehner and his apparent cravenly campaign to sell-out the search for justice in the Gunwalker Conspiracy Investigation began here in the New York Times yesterday with a story by White House lickspittle Charlie Savage headlined: "Boehner Aides in Talks With Justice Dept. on Gun-Running Inquiry."
As Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. prepares to testify before the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday, Justice Department officials praised the House Republican leadership – including Speaker John Boehner – for opening negotiations with the Justice Department about resolving a dispute over subpoenaed information related to the botched gun-trafficking investigation dubbed Operation Fast and Furious.
The move comes as Representative Darrell Issa, the California Republican who is chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, has threatened to hold Mr. Holder in contempt over the subpoena, which he issued last fall. It suggests that administration officials see a potential conflict between Mr. Issa and Mr. Boehner over pushing forward with a contempt citation.
Deputy Attorney General James Cole said in a letter on Tuesday to Mr. Boehner and other House Republican leaders that their staffs in recent weeks “have had a number of constructive conversations” that held out the prospect of a “mutually acceptable resolution of these issues.” He said those conversations “stand in contrast” with the tone Mr. Issa had adopted, including in a letter of his own on Tuesday.
The same day this story appeared at the LE Examiner:"GOP backing down from Holder contempt resolution."
Early this morning, Matthew Boyle of the Daily Caller ran this semi-rebuttal from the Boehner people -- "Boehner spokesman: NY Times story about Holder Fast and Furious compromise is false."
After The Daily Caller reached out to Savage for comment, pointing out how Boehner’s office said his article was false, The New York Times edited his story removing the statement Boehner’s office said was false and changing the focus of the article, while adding a quote from Boehner’s spokesman. The online version of the article contains no correction or explanation as to why Savage’s story was changed after the fact. A note tells readers the article was “updated” at 11:39 p.m.
Savage has still not returned TheDC’s request for comment on why he printed false information to begin with and why he made no effort to contact Boehner’s office to check the veracity of his unattributed claims before printing the inaccurate information.
David Codrea calls this "Gunwalker Ping-Pong" and provides the marvelous photo of Boehner as Captain Queeg above.
So, what are we to believe about all of this? When it comes to Boehner, believe exactly dick. All he has to do to dispel such talk is to fast track the contempt citation for Holder. Has he? Of course not. So don't believe a damn word from Boehner, his lips are moving.
Short version was Don't trust Boehner, he doesn't want to do anything at all, and he's trying to keep anyone else from actually doing anything about Holder & Co. Which brings us to the aftermath of Holder 'testifying' in front of the committee:
You think I'm kidding?

By the way, all those wiretaps approved in F&F that Holder knew nothing about? Read here and here.

Also from OG&M, this video and the question for the Stupid Party:
"Is it time for you folks to put up or shut up?"
The answer is 'No, it's PAST time.'

Someone in Mexico decided to add to the pressure:
A Mexican attorney is preparing a civil lawsuit against the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Fireams and Explosives over the Fast and Furious “gunwalking” criminal operation, the Mexican news magazine Proceso reported Tuesday. Diana Eugenia González Saldaña, “in coordination with [a legal] office in Houston, Texas, intends to take legal action…for the damage caused by the operation, whose failure has already been publicly acknowledged by the government of Barack Obama.”

Personal thought is yeah, if Boehner and the other 'leaders' in the Stupid Party don't have the balls or integrity to file the charges, then Issa and Grassley need to start putting stuff out in public: "AG Holder says he knew nothing, but THIS e-mail and THIS meeting record show-" and start putting all this stuff out in public. Both here and to the Mexican government("Here's what your friends in the Obama Administration were doing to you, that's how many of your citizens dead so far? That you know of?")

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June 6, 1944

More of the 'civil discourse' the left demands,

about what you'd expect. Along with the 'coverage' from "Let's doctor the transcripts" MSNBC

Which fits right in with the Globular Warmenists and the crap they spread around. Along with trying to destroy careers for the horrible act of disagreeing with AGW.

Al Armendariz, the former regional Environmental Protection Agency official who ignited a firestorm by comparing enforcement of environmental laws to crucifixion, will not be testifying as planned before the House Energy and Commerce Committee Wednesday, committee sources told The Hill.
So hand him a subpoena and announce "You will show up, or you'll go to jail." He can join Holder there, if Boehner ever finds the balls to stop being 'nice'.

"I'm AG Holder, and we'll give you what we want

when we decide to!" Which is what this translates to.
“Following the receipt of your letter, the department has had a number of constructive conversations with staff aimed at satisfying the legitimate goals of congressional oversight while, at the same time, ensuring the integrity and independence of the department’s law enforcement efforts,” Deputy Attorney General James Cole wrote to those congressional leaders on Tuesday afternoon.
This whole pile of crap boils down to "Boehner, you've given us another chance to delay all this, thanks!"

Then there's this:
A spokesman for Speaker of the House John Boehner told The Daily Caller on Tuesday night that the New York Times published a false story alleging the speaker is trying to cut a deal with Attorney General Eric Holder over congressional subpoenas related to the Operation Fast and Furious scandal.
After The Daily Caller reached out to Savage for comment, pointing out how Boehner’s office said his article was false, The New York Times edited his story removing the statement Boehner’s office said was false and changing the focus of the article, while adding a quote from Boehner’s spokesman. The online version of the article contains no correction or explanation as to why Savage’s story was changed after the fact. A note tells readers the article was “updated” at 11:39 p.m.

Savage has still not returned TheDC’s request for comment on why he printed false information to begin with and why he made no effort to contact Boehner’s office to check the veracity of his unattributed claims before printing the inaccurate information
So the NYEffingTimes guy publishes a lie to help Holder; not exactly a shock. The problem for Boehner is that it's believable because Boehner has played along with Holder & Co. for so long.

What seems to have triggered this is the Issa announcement of the documents he got hold of; from the first link:
Cole also responded frostily to Issa’s claim to have obtained documents showing that senior Justice Department officials approved of Operation Fast and Furious.

Cole accused the committee of obtaining the documents illegally.

“This is of great concern to us,” Cole wrote. “While we are legally prohibited from commenting on the content of sealed court documents, we disagree with the chairman’s assertions.”

Issa said that the documents show that Holder and several other Department of Justice officials in the Obama administration provided “false” statements to Congress
So they 'illegally' obtained documents the DoJ has illegally refused to hand over? I note the wording ...we disagree with the chairman’s assertions. too; he doesn't say "This is not true" or anything blunt, "we disagree"; which sounds like lawyer for "We have to say something, but we don't want to say something that you can prove is false so we'll put it this way." Makes the think Issa does indeed have the proof, and Cole doesn't want to be proven a liar over his statement.

Then we have this from Rep. Elijah Cummings, NSD-Md.:
In a letter sent Tuesday, Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings, the ranking Democrat on the House oversight committee, accused Republican committee chairman Rep. Darrell Issa of misrepresenting new evidence in the Operation Fast and Furious saga.

But a copy of the letter posted on the committee Democrats’ website includes long redacted sections, hiding the substance of Cummings’ argument from the American people
This sack of crap has been trying to give Holder & Co. protection from the beginning, so this isn't a surprise.

You could end all the roundabout real easy: Boehner, stop obstructing things and make the charges against Holder. Issa could lay out all he's got, and if Holder & Co. are shown to have lied, nail them for it.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Oh yeah!

Stolen from this guy(Irishman may be Pissed, but he'll have to live with it), along with this; the latter possibly NSFW, depending on location

And looks like the Democrats, cheating and all, got their collective ass kicked in Wisconsin; couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of socialists.

And Lileks' take on Nanny Bloomberg.

A while back a old-time NSD politician said

"The election isn't over until we win." So they're cheating. So the progressive idea is "We don't care about voter fraud as long as we're committing it."

In nicer news, personally this year the garden is MUCH better than last year
I've had tomatoes, squash, green beans and radishes; the peas aren't doing squat, mostly not even sprouting. Last year, between the hot and the dry, barely got anything; and by August almost everything had died.

And this is what happens when the birds do some of your planting
That's my pecan tree surrounded by 6 & 7-foot sunflowers. Which I did thin out, by the way.

Yeah, it does sound like grounds for a suit,

which is probably why the very rapid apology.
Barnes & Noble has apologized after a senior citizen said staff at one of the retail giant's Arizona stores ejected him because he was on his own in the children's area.

Omar Amin claimed a store worker told him a female shopper had complained he was in the children's area in the store in Scottsdale, The Arizona Republic reported.
Anybody believe they'd have acted the same if someone had complained a woman was in the childrens' area alone?

EPA Region 1 Administrator Curt Spalding told the Yale University gathering, “Lisa Jackson has put forth a very powerful message to the country,” that “if you want to build a coal plant you got a big problem.” Spalding went on to explain that the decision was “painful” because “you got to remember if you go to West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and all those places, you have coal communities who depend on coal. And to say that we just think those communities should just go away, we can’t do that. But she had to do what the law and policy suggested. And it’s painful. It’s painful every step of the way.”
Yeah, I'm sure you're just bleeding in sympathy for them, aren't you?

On Gunwalker and our disgrace AG:
“I think the speaker is probably going to be sufficiently embarrassed by the fact that the attorney general is also blowing him off as they did with the subpoena that was issued in October. I find it totally an embarrassment, I find it totally wrong that the attorney general would just ignore a subpoena.”

“You can’t do that in this country and get away with it,” Chaffetz added.
Uh, yes he can, if Boehner and Cantor & Co. remain too chickenshit or cowardly to actually DO anything.

Issa, on the other hand, is at least trying to do things:
Senior officials in the Department of Justice were given detailed information about Fast and Furious gunwalking operations, House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Darrel Issa, R-Calif., told Attorney General Eric Holder in a letter today.

Referencing “immense detail” in sealed wiretap applications obtained by the committee that had been approved by these officials, Issa claimed “The close involvement of these officials – much greater than previously known – is shocking.”

“Throughout the course of the congressional investigation into Operation Fast and Furious, the [Justice] Department has consistently denied that any senior officials were provided information about the tactics used in Operation Fast and Furious,” Issa wrote, saying “statements made by senior Department officials regarding the wiretaps [were] false and misleading.”

“You have repeatedly either denied involvement by senior officials in Fast and Furious, or asserted that the wiretap applications do not contain rich detail about irresponsible investigative tactics,” Issa told the Attorney General.
Put in plain language, "Mr. Holder, you're a lying bastard and we can prove it." Now if Boehner will discover some testicles he's forgotten about, maybe something can be done.

And things NEED to be done, because there are consequences to the Stupid Party leadership not being willing to act:
The first account deals with an ATF whistleblower. Gun Rights Examiner engaged in extensive telephone conversations with a known source, followed by numerous emails, to clarify information provided, only to be asked not to publicly release the report after it had been drafted. The reason for this was the source had no confidence that anyone would provide protection, particularly in light of personal experience as well as other documented cases of retaliation by the government.

The second story was sourced by an industry insider in a geographical region that is not the Southwest, but who nonetheless provided details of gunwalking and straw purchasing to include the name of an agent from Phoenix familiar to those who have followed reporting on Fast and Furious. Again, after a long and detailed telephone interview, supplemented by a series of clarifying follow-up questions, the source elected not to proceed with publication because of a sudden ATF visit that could devastate the business or worse. Further or more specific details cannot be provided in order to protect this source’s identity, but it can be said that (he/she) runs an enterprise many gun owners would recognize and this person is also implicitly trusted by the head of a prominent state-level gun rights group who brought (him/her) together with Gun Rights Examiner.

“Through the lack of aggressive leadership by the Republicans, two things are happening,” this correspondent observed. “People who want to come forward with information, information that I have and can now not share, are backing off because they’re scared that they’re going to be left out to hang.”

“That’s frightening,” Walters remarked. “Frightening. Free society? Free? These people are petrified of their own government and won’t open their mouths.”
Happy, Mr. Boehner and Mr. Cantor?

The police in Aurora, near Denver, received a “reliable” tip that the man responsible for an earlier Wells Fargo bank robbery was stopped at the intersection’s red light.

We didn’t have a description, didn’t know race or gender or anything, so a split-second decision was made to stop all the cars at that intersection, and search for the armed robber,” Aurora police officer Frank Fania told ABC News
I've got a bit of a problem with this.

Well, yeah, if they
didn't do something, but it did not affect safety, then why are you all upset and firing people? Because they didn't follow orders, or because not acting would indicate just what bullshit this is?

No, Mr. Aborn, we DON'T believe you; because we know you're a liar

The Canadian government says "Screw you, gun owners. We don't have the balls to say it outright, so we'll do it this way.

Idiot judge made a really stupid ruling; this law was the result, and the Usual Suspects are really upset about it.

Ok, NRA, so what the hell was this about?

Or it could be the family NAME,

you effing moron.
Speaking of Tam, check DbD for today

Looks like a LOT of people are tired of Nanny Bloomberg, including
.@MikeBloomberg Is leaving office after 2 terms as the City Charter required too much of an inconvenience?

Aren't they wonderful people on the nutty left?

"I barely knew those terrorists, they were just some people in the neighborhood!" Yeah, right.
Take note: you find something like this, take a screenshot or something, because
Breitbart News attempted to contact Dr. Perrin for further comment:
Dear Dr. Perrin,

My name is Joel Pollak, and I am the Editor-in-Chief of Breitbart News.

We came across your blog entry from July 2005 in which you mentioned that then-Senator Obama had been a guest at the Ayers/Dohrn house next door.

I was wondering if you could provide more detail.

Many thanks,
Joel Pollak
Dr. Perrin did not respond. He did, however, delete his entire blog from the Internet.

Of course, Breitbart News had saved a screen grab of the blog beforehand:
trying to stuff things down the memory hole is a very popular thing with some people.

Dear DEA:

And screw your "We can also use it to catch other criminals" BS.

Sincerely, etc.

Globular Warmering!
“Ice conditions were exceptional. In fact, so little ice has never before been noted. . . . Many old landmarks are so changed as to be unrecognizable. Where formerly great masses of ice were found, there are now often moraines, accumulations of earth and stones. At many points where glaciers formerly extended far into the sea they have entirely disappeared. The change in temperature has also brought about great change in the flora and fauna of the Arctic.”
Guess when.

Monday, June 04, 2012

Interesting words from a Democrat:

At the time of the incident, Cruz denied having any knowledge of anyone involved in the incident, saying that it was “unfortunate” that Cunnyngham removed signs that “did not belong to him.”
Let's see, the clowns put signs on PRIVATE PROPERTY that did not belong to them, and it's 'unfortunate' the homeowner removed them? Really? That's her response to this?

Oh, I wish I'd had this response to 'giving back to the community'

during an argument a while back. Small piece:
Most of all I hate the idea of “giving back” because it presumes that the individual is nothing without the undefined, faceless community. No one is going to dispute that people do best with rule of law and private property (well, the “community people” might dispute that last. That’s all right. They’re wrong) but the “community” doesn’t do that for the benefit of its members. Rather, each of its members does that for his/her own benefit.

I also hate the (you knew we’d come to it, right) Marxist ethos at the back of that phrase. In “giving back” is the idea that whatever you achieved was achieved at a cost to others. Instead of a group, where we each do better because we have this charter that supports all of us (which is what the best writers groups I belonged to were) we end up with the idea that people did this FOR you and that whatever you have came at their expense.

It all comes back in the end to the idea of economics as a finite pie and a closed system. This is completely insane (each of us now has more “wealth” than any king in the Middle Ages) but it is the only way Marx could define envy as a virtue, and, by gum, he was running with that. Envy is only a virtue if anyone who does better is a thief. Someone needs to “give back” only if he took more than his fair share.

This is my middle finger. See my middle finger?

I'll note that the argument was with someone who thinks socialism is an AWESOME idea, etc. This would've been perfect

Sunday, June 03, 2012

I spent about three hours today helping someone

cut up a couple of truly massive limbs(I love chainsaws) that fell of a tree during one of the recent storms. And discovered an idea had actually worked:
One limb on this maple was rotten, big and- the really nasty part- angled so that if it just failed, it would hit the corner of a neighbors house. I couldn't figure out a way to try and cut it that wouldn't involve massive risk and possible severe injury(dammit, if they'd just let you get a permit for a specific session of 12 gauge pruning...). So a while back took a heavy rope and a come-a-long over, got as high as I could and tied it to the limb, back over a much more solid limb, then over to a different tree. Hitched the come-a-long to the tree, extended the cable all the way, tied on the rope and took up as much tension as I figured was safe, hoping that if it broke before someone had a bright idea it'd guide it away from that house. A while later, made a visit to reattach the rope to the anchor tree to make up for the tension lost.

A few days ago, in one of those nasty storms, the limb failed. And damned if the rig didn't do exactly what I'd hoped; not only missed the house next door, it completely missed the fence and all landed in the yard. To borrow a phrase, I love it when a plan comes together.

Stolen from Huffman:

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Also over there,
A radical anti-Israel hate group that goes by the name Queers Against Israeli Apartheid, along with the leadership of Toronto’s Pride Festival, have been quietly lobbying Toronto’s city councilors to secure funding if that hate group participates in the annual event.

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Back to the socialists/progressives/whatever the hell the bastards call themselves and what they're doing to our children and grandchildren:
In a well-publicized paper that addressed why some students were not learning to read, Reid Lyon (2001) concluded that children from disadvantaged backgrounds where early childhood education was not available failed to read because they did not receive effective instruction in the early grades. Many of these children then required special education services to make up for this early failure in reading instruction, which were by and large instruction in phonics as the means of decoding. Some of these students had no specific learning disability other than lack of access to effective instruction. These findings are significant because a similar dynamic is at play in math education: the effective treatment for many students who would otherwise be labeled learning disabled is also the effective preventative measure.
Which is teaching the old-fashioned way; which the fucking progressives have largely destroyed in so many schools. At this point I agree that these bastards don't really WANT the kids to actually learn, they WANT them to be as totally dependent as possible on others, because if they're not they'll actually think and do things and the socialists REALLY, REALLY don't want that.

Next fucking leftist who whines or shrieks in outrage about the nasty words and such of people on the right, I'm sending them this link:

And that's about all I can stand tonight

That feeling of horror when a friend says something

that scares the living crap out of you. Specifically:
Have a friend who, despite being a talented, intelligent sort, thinks socialist government would be a wonderful idea. A short time ago, when he was telling me I didn't really understand democratic socialism, something came out: ...but realize that humanity has a long way to go before the star trek like federation government will work successfully.
A string of "We will create Utopia" socialist disasters flashed through my mind, and that quote from Firefly on the sidebar; as someone used to say, 'Just damn!'

I wish Napolitano would make up her damn mind;

just a short time ago her agency was listing people stockpiling some food, water and medical supplies as terror suspects; now she's telling us to do it?

So, is this 'down the memory hole' for the 'terrorists with some cans of beans' line, or just admitting that that was a pile of crap?

Speaking of piles of crap,
Elizabeth Warren, who has railed against predatory banks and heartless foreclosures, took part in about a dozen Oklahoma real estate deals that netted her and her family hefty profits through maneuvers such as “flipping” properties, records show.

A Herald review has found that the Democratic U.S. Senate candidate rapidly bought and sold homes herself, loaned money at high interest rates to relatives and purchased foreclosed properties at bargain prices.

Some thoughts about the bloody disaster that is communism and the people who believe in it, from Huffman.

And finally, borrowing a picture from the Irishman, a slightly different Snow White ending:

I think, for that kind of money, I could pry my ass off this chair

and go west.
Mining jobs paying more than $4000 a week, with all onsite accommodation and meals provided, cannot lure unemployed Victorians from their couches …

Almost half of job seekers at Centrelink in Preston yesterday told the Herald Sun they would rather stay on the dole at $244 a week than take mining jobs in Western Australia.
Damn. Bloody bleeping crap on a pogo stick. Can you say 'parasites on society'?

When Penn had words with TSA

This is from quite a while back, but still good. And shows attitude of the TSA clowns hasn't changed:
He said, "Once you cross that line, I can do whatever I want."

This is the same idiocy that happened in Oklahoma that I bitched about at the time: "We need money for 'X', so let's raise taxes on tobacco!" Of course, they're also spending money trying to make people QUIT using tobacco, which means that revenue will drop... Effing morons.

Gunwalker stuff:
“Mexico was never apprised how the operation would be designed and implemented,” Sarukhan said on Thursday at a left-wing event hosted by the New Democrat Network and the New Policy Institute.

“Regardless of whether this was or was not the intent or the design of Fast and Furious, the thinking that you can let guns walk across the border and maintain operational control of those weapons is really an outstanding lack of understanding of how these criminal organizations are operating on both sides of our common borders,” Sarukhan said, adding that he thinks the Obama administration had significantly damaged its popularity in Mexico.
Well, lah-de-freakin'-da, ain't that terrible? Though it supposes he gives a crap about his popularity in Mexico. Two things:
They're still giving benefit of the doubt- at least publicly- to the Gunwalker mess, that it may have been a 'botched' operation; I wonder what they're quietly asking for to keep them from saying "It's become obvious that the Obama Administration did not care how many Mexicans died, so long as their deaths could be used to push the Administrations' goals"?
Second, repeating something noted before:
In Fast and Furious, the administration likely(bullcrap, they KNEW) knew people would die because its actions. The Obama administration’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives facilitated the sale of the weapons to straw purchasers, who then trafficked them into Mexico. The overall plan was to “track” trafficked weapons to where they ultimately ended up, allowing law enforcement to target bigger kingpin criminals in the weapons trafficking trade.

But the only way to “track” those weapons after they were “walked” into Mexico was to find them at stings or crime scenes. When Mexican drug cartel operatives kill people, they often ditch their weapons at or near the crime scenes.

And something that just might feed into this:
According to excerpts from Klaidman’s book, “Kill or Capture,” former President George W. Bush’s counter-terrorism adviser Richard Clarke told Obama early in his presidency that the job required he get his hands dirty.

“As president, you kill people,” Clarke told Obama, according to the book.

Klaidman writes that Obama was unshaken by that remark.

“An inscrutable Obama looked back at Clarke, not betraying any emotion. ‘I know that,’ Obama told Clarke in an even tone,” the book excerpt reads. “‘He didn’t flinch,’ Clarke later said of the meeting.”
Why would he? Socialists have a long history of no problem with killing people in job lots if it'll help push the Glorious Revolution forward.
No, I'm not giving him any benefit of the doubt anymore.

Also at the Caller,
Arizona Republican Rep. Paul Gosar told The Daily Caller on Friday that he thinks former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney should help push for accountability in the aftermath of Operation Fast and Furious.

“I think he does [need to be more vocal],” Gosar said in a phone interview. “I think that people, as they find out about this, are outraged. I think Gov. Romney, with his platform of accountability, needs to bring this forward to explain what is wrong and why his administration won’t be anything like this, outlying the checks and balances that he sees and how the Department of Justice’s role is not a legislative one, it’s about enforcing the laws that are on the books not picking winners and losers.”
Considering Romney's past affection for personal disarmament laws, I can see him trying to soft-pedal this if he thinks he can get away with it: trying to stay on the 'good side'(do they actually have one?) of the Democrats by not really pushing for something to be done. Like Boehner.

Speaking of Boehner, a borrow from Sipsey:
"Quit saying baaaaad things about my Johnny."
David Codrea draws my attention to this latest from the ill-named Western Journalism Center.
But according to the man who broke the “Gunwalker” story a year and a half ago, threatening letters to Speaker Boehner might no longer be necessary. Sources in Washington, DC have told blogger and citizen reporter Mike Vanderboegh that Republican leaders have already decided to close down the Fast and Furious investigation and halt contempt proceedings against Eric Holder. . .
Now the WJC's work on the Gunwalker scandal has in the past been at best duplicative, at worst plagiaristic and always subject to exaggerated headlines which they craft out of half cloth. They did not attempt to interview me for this story, which ought to tell you everything you need to know since they make me the center of it.
Here is what I know currently about the subjects of the contempt citation and the backroom fighting amongst the GOP leadership and rank-and-file that has been going on. If it seems frustratingly opaque, that is because the parties have been singularly effective at imposing a news blackout so that they either:
a. Do not compromise their very clever plans to lay low the Obamanoids, or
b. Don't want us to find about a sellout until the very last minute.
First, you should understand that no one on the Committee -- staffers or Congressmen -- communicates with me directly these days. My emails are not answered. My requests even through third or fourth parties are ignored.
Despite this, I am assured indirectly through cut-outs by people supposedly "close to the Committee" that all will be revealed by the middle of June at the latest and they fairly beg me not to do something that "will discredit the investigation" -- presumably my threat to begin a campaign to break GOP windows as punishment for a possible Boehner sellout. Some of these arguments have been quite eloquent and factually persuasive, pointing out linkages I had not considered.
There is, in truth, no real loss in waiting as at least someone there in DC seems to recognize the serious of my intent and there is plenty of time to wreck maximum discredit and disruption on GOP election hopes -- and that includes Romney. The leadership of both sides have been able to hide behind the lack of press coverage and they like it that way. We, however, have the power to change that if necessary. There is plenty of time and there are plenty of rocks laying about -- and a salivating collectivist media who would like nothing better than to lay vandalism charges at the foot of the GOP.
Just understand, as the WJC apparently does not, that when I report what some of my sources say, it is not my conclusion. I have been very plain with y'all about the "nacht und nebel" that has been thrown up around the Holder contempt citation. Indeed, if I HAD concluded that, I would have issued a call to action already.
I await further events. But the Committee, and especially Obama's golf partner John Boehner, should not conclude that we will wait forever on hazy promises sent fourth-hand.
If the sheep's a shock, one of the theories bounced around is that the Obamites, or maybe Hillary Clinton, have some blackmail material they've been using to keep Boehner from pushing things forward; thus the Dutchman's question about 'pictures of Boehner and Dolly the Party Lamb' or something.

On to other progressive dirtbags: like fake Indian Elizabeth Warren.
Democrat Elizabeth Warren told reporters this weekend that if elected she would be the first Native American Senator from Massachusetts.
Despite the Cherokee tribe calling bullshit. I guess at this point she just figures she's got nothing to lose by the Big Lie technique.

"The good side of the trashed economy: since nobody can afford to go anywhere, gas prices are coming down!" Yeah, just effing great, isn't it?

Once again, President Lightworker screws our intelligence and damages our national security in the name of trying to look tough and buy votes.
Speaking of the Lightworker,
In 2008 the Obama campaign released an ad that mocked John McCain for his inability to send an email – which infuriated people, because the reason why he can’t send an email is because his arms have never really worked properly after the North Vietnamese got done torturing him. When Obama’s Vice Presidential candidate Joe Biden dared mildly apologize for it, the Obama campaign humiliated Biden by having their lackey Bill Burton come out and retract Biden’s apology.

This is what passed for ‘civility’ in the 2008 election cycle – but I can understand why Obama would get all misty-eyed about those days. It’s natural for a coward to remember fondly the times when his fights were all with people who wouldn’t – or couldn’t – fight back…

"If they're complaining about it, it's probably because they're doing it."

And something I'd read a couple of years back that's worth reposting: "Thank God for the atom bomb." Written by someone who bothered to talk to actual troops about what invading Japan would've meant.