Saturday, July 16, 2016

I spent most of the day helping friends clean up and pack

to get ready for a move; 'tired' is the start of covering my current condition.  Therefore, it's time to relax and check data.

Make this "We don't want to take your guns;

we just want to make owning them so expensive that you'll have to give them up."

Found thanks to Joe Huffman:  "What?  Put a 'no guns here' sign at my house?  I don't think so!"

Y'know, it's hard to take the cries of "We don't approve of violence, we don't hate other races, we just want peace!" from the OBLM leaders when we keep seeing crap like this.

When someone actually thinks the latest terrorist attack in Paris was done to harm the OBLM movement, when you say things like "Don't pray for Nice, we are fighting a civil war against whites", the standard response from most people is that you're a racist and a fool.

Don't like it?  Stop acting like racists and fools.

No, the Saudi government is not our friend.  Never has been.  They just find our help convenient at times, and count on dirtbag politicians to cover the evidence of their stabbing us in the back.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Storms last night, but the front cooled things down a bit,

more storms possibly coming this way, but it's always a good time to study the facts

"The commoners can't be allowed to know about this,

they might say unkind things or something."
A French government committee has heard testimony, suppressed by the French government at the time and not released to the media, that the killers in the Bataclan tortured their victims on the second floor of the club. 

Police witnesses in Parliament said they vomited when they saw the disfigured bodies.
The French have this, we have Dear Leader and "We may never understand the motive", they fire people who speak non-pc truth, and these clowns wonder why people don't trust them...

We also have the idiots at MSNBC:
'deadly truck crash'.  Apparently noting it's a terrorist attack would send them into an attack of the vapors or something.

Primary weapon in latest terrorist attack in France:

a truck.  84 dead. 

I wonder if President HopeyChangeypants will have problems figuring out the motivation of the terrorist?

And I wonder how many are thinking "I need to see if there's any data on how my carry ammo works on auto glass" ?

Thursday, July 14, 2016

In today's combined edition of "Nobody wants to take your guns" and

"These people are friggin' idiots", I give you the following:
Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-N.C.) joined other Democrats to call for the reinstatement of the federal assault weapons ban, arguing that the Second Amendment only applies to muskets.

“This is something as a non-lawyer that I have had trouble with from the very beginning. When the framers of our Constitution considered the Second Amendment, they were talking about muskets,” Coleman said during a news conference outside of the Capitol Building on Tuesday.

There are so many gun laws we need to impose that would protect our communities more and more and more and eliminating assault weapons is definitely at the very top, as well as limiting who can get ammunition and whether or not you can buy it online. It’s something I have supported and I sponsored,” Coleman added.
Not only would I bet she's never heard of the Pennsylvania Rifle, or the Girandoni, or the Puckle gun, or a whole raft of other things, she'd say either that they shouldn't be allowed either, or "They don't count."

But wait!  There's MORE!
PJM asked Grijalva if a federal assault weapons ban should be extended to police departments.

“No, well, that’s kind of like a ‘did you stop beating your wife question.’ I’m not going to bite,” he replied.
(translation: "The cop unions would have fits if I answered that honestly, so I won't.")
Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) said she had not talked to law enforcement personnel to see if there are any “occasions or riot situations” where they might need an assault weapon.
(Anyone taking bets that this idiot can't actually DEFINE what she means by 'assault weapon' other than "Evil firearms that scare me"?)
“That has not been an issue. I don’t know. The kind of police violence — police misconduct has not really been an issue of assault weapons. I don’t know if it ought to be extended. The only use of assault weapons is to shoot as many people as possible in the shortest period of time,” she said. “I haven’t really thought of the role of police in that.”
Hey, Officers, guess what?  She doesn't like you, and doesn't like the idea of you having a patrol rifle, just doesn't have the guts to say it outright right now.

The Democrat Party: wanting to disarm EVERYONE(except the ones they need to control everyone else).

When you've fallen to this level of idiocy so you can yell 'Racism!',

you're too damned stupid to bother with.

More socialist success in Venezuela:
As the Wall Street Journal details, “Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino…will be in charge of transporting and distributing basic products, controlling prices and stimulating production, according to a decree published Tuesday in the official gazette.”
So the military is officially in charge of food, and distribution.  Yeah, that's going to be wonderful.

Civil War-era artillery, actual live fire.  That would truly suck to be the target of.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

This clown's been watching too many movies

Bad ones to model laws on.
“But what we do know is that there will be more people killed by guns and people who ought not to have those weapons because a thorough background check was not in place to make sure that people who have mental incapacity, that have terrorist thoughts, who have criminal thoughts or records, or behavior that would lead law enforcement to deny them access to those weapons – that’s what we’re looking for that’s what the American people are looking for,” Crowley said.
What would you bet that Crowley has big problems with delaying mid-east immigrants while better checks of their backgrounds are done?

A drone to spread vaccine for prairie dogs to also help protect black-footed ferrets.

Not a surprise; he thinks he's the most important part of everything.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Someday, Will Wheaton will not seize the chance to show himself the dick and blood-dancer

he tells other people not to be.
Three people died and one person was injured in St. Joseph, Michigan, Monday when a criminal at Berrien County Courthouse stole a deputy’s handgun and began firing.

Mr. Wheaton, perhaps best known for his work on the movie “Stand by Me” and the “Star Trek: The Next Generation” television series, posted a profanity-laced tweet as news broke.

“Welcome to America. It has been 0 days since our last mass shooting. #F**ktheNRA,” the actor wrote.
Various people informed him he was both an idiot for not finding out what the hell he was talking about before spouting off.  His response:
The actor responded to fans within his original post, “Shooter grabbed a deputy’s gun. So this is a rare circumstance where a mass shooting wasn’t enabled by the NRA.”
Really is a hoplophobic dick, isn't he?

Yes, this is from last year;

anyone think it's changed?
FBI Director James Comey on Wednesday told Congress that the federal government cannot conduct thorough checks on all of the coming influx of 10,000 refugees from Syria.

Appearing before the House Committee on Homeland Security, Comey said Syrians who aren't already in the FBI's database are unknown to the agency, meaning their backgrounds cannot be adequately scoured for a risk of terrorism.

'We can only query against that which we have collected,' Comey told the committee under questioning.
And Dear Leader wants to bring more and more of them over here.  No telling who all is hiding in the mass, at least until they do something.  At which time he'll try to blame us for not being welcoming enough, or something.

Wonder how many people will wind up challenging a conviction?  And if it'll do any good?

Monday, July 11, 2016

I've met people who'd love an electric bike:

no oil changes, no shifting and so forth.  If they can get the range to 100 miles minimum*, even in bad weather conditions, and can keep the price reasonable, they just might sell a lot of these.

But back to my original question, because it really matters to me. Just who does the left think should march into cities like St. Paul, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Atlanta, Dallas, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York, and take the guns away from the gang bangers. Just how would that be accomplished without a massive loss of life? Does anybody really think that a phalanx of body-armored paramilitary police can accomplish this in even one city?

Of course not. The goal is for conservative, legal gun owners to comply with “law and order” and do as they’re asked, while the illegal guns stay on the street.
Some of these idiots actually seem to think the bad guys will obey this law, even if they keep breaking the others; the rest are like the Chicago aldermen who pass these laws and then work to make sure their voters aren't screwed with by the cops.

And every time someone with OBLM starts the "We are for peace, we don't want violence!", a goodly number of their own members prove them wrong.

I'm sure someone will inform us that while it's ok for them to condemn all gun owners because cop-killer in Dallas, it's very bad to act like OBLM has any connection to their own members doing crap like this.

Apparently that socialism thing doesn't work well in France, either.
France’s employment minister Michel Sapin has admitted the country is “totally bankrupt”.

The unexpected news came during a radio interview yesterday and is thought to have sent the country’s business leaders into a state of shock.

This... oh, lots of people I have to annoy with this:
Germany’s legislature voted Friday to sharply cut back on subsidies and other financial incentives supporting green energy due to the strain wind and solar power placed on the country’s electricity grid.

Germany’s government plans to replace most of the subsidies for local green energy with a system of competitive auctions where the cheapest electricity wins. The average German pays 39 cents per kilowatt-hour for electricity due to intense fiscal support for green energy. The average American only spends 10.4 cents per kilowatt-hour.
The amount of money flowing into European green energy from governments and the private sector collapsed from $132 billion in 2011 to $58 billion last year, according to a May report by a British auditing firm. Green energy’s failure to meet reliability and cost goals were the primary reasons for declining investment. Europe has poured $1.2 trillion into the green energy industry to fight global warming, but its CO2 emissions and power bills just keep rising.
And this. This is priceless:
Nuclear power made up 29.5 percent of Germany’s energy in 2000. The share dropped down to 17 percent in 2015, and by 2022 the country intends to have every one of its nuclear plants shutdown. This shift caused Germany’s CO2 emissions to actually rise by 28 million tons each year after Germany’s nuclear policy changed.

Nuclear power’s decline has created an opening for coal power, according to a Voice of America article published in November. Coal now provides 44 percent of German electricity.
Green Energy: so bad they had to move back to coal...

*Yes, I know, "Lots of people don't ride that far in a day!"  True enough.  I like having a cushion, and the capability to take off somewhere if I want.

Much easier to make things look bad when you can massage the definition,

isn't it?
You hardly need a calculator to figure out that 371/475 is less than 1.5 (!) people killed on average per mass shooting (along with four wounded or more). In other words, the average number of dead bodies per "mass" shooting — as redefined downwards — turns out to be between… one and two! And closer to one, at that! (And with the assailant being included nowadays, wouldn't that mean that a "mass" shooting might include one in which the only dead person turns out to be the criminal himself?!)

It takes an Erick Erickson to take an even deeper perspective on these "factual" statistics.
There are more than 300 million guns in private hands in the United States and more than 2 trillion rounds of ammunition in private hands. What we are seeing is not an out of control gun problem. In fact, mass shootings in the United States have fallen so much in the past century that the political left has insisted we redefine what a mass shooting is. It is all in the name of gun control.

The left will not talk about mental illness. The left will not talk about radical jihadism. The left only wants to talk about gun control. There is a very easy to understand explanation for this phenomenon

That's a really stupid question

Not long ago, the regime that Hugo Ch├ívez founded was an object of fascination for progressives worldwide, attracting its share of another-world-is-possible solidarity activists. Today, as the country sinks deeper into the Western Hemisphere’s most intractable political and economic crisis, the time has come to ask some hard questions about how this regime — so obviously thuggish in hindsight — could have conned so many international observers for so long.
Because lots of 'international observers'(and media weenies, and general socialist idiots) wanted to believe, and called anyone pointing out problems names and ignored them.  And made excuses for every slip downward.  And now keep blaming the US for it, because that's far more palatable than blaming Chavez and socialism.

Get this wording:
When Caracas elected an opposition mayor, his powers were stripped out from under him, and he was eventually jailed. When voters mischievously gave the opposition a two-thirds majority in the National Assembly, a newly packed Supreme Tribunal took to overturning its acts. The government’s faith in democracy lasted exactly as long as its majority.
Emphasis mine.  It wasn't 'mischievous', you idiots, THEY WANTED TO CHANGE THINGS.  Jeez.
And the Chavez government's only 'faith in democracy' was in using it to seize power.

"However did this happen?"  Same way it's happened in other places: idiots who really wanted socialism to work helping another country fall down the stairs.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

I've got nothing

No outrage, no 'WTF?', or anything else.

Yelling may occur later.