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She's right: they WOULDN'T

make this today

I do not claim to be a master mechanic, just the shadetree variety;

but I do read some questions and just sit in awe:
I stored my honda vfr 800 for two years. When I tried to start it, it would not start. It used to work alright before storage. It is quite new. What might be wrong with it?

Presented without comment because

I'm trying really hard not to break things:
Q: Would your honor's advice be to get a part or other countries' constitutions as a model, or should we develop our own draft?

A: You should certainly be aided by all the constitution-writing that has gone one since the end of World War II. I would not look to the US constitution, if I were drafting a constitution in the year 2012. I might look at the constitution of South Africa. That was a deliberate attempt to have a fundamental instrument of government that embraced basic human rights, had an independent judiciary. It really is, I think, a great piece of work that was done. Much more recent than the U.S. Constitution: Canada has a Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It dates from 1982. You would almost certainly look at the European Convention on Human Rights. Yes, why not take advantage of what there is elsewhere in the world? I'm a very strong believer in listening and learning from others.


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You know, if Eric Holder hadn't been such a lying dick

for so long, he wouldn't be hearing about things like this:
The mother of murdered Border Patrol agent Brian Terry had harsh words for Attorney General Eric Holder after Thursday’s House oversight committee hearing on Operation Fast and Furious.

“THIS IS FOR YOU SON,” Mrs. Terry posted on Facebook at about 3:30 p.m. “Mr. Holder. How come you can never say my sons name. You never have. All i ever hear you say is ‘i didnt find out or I cant say’ Im actually tired of hearing your double talk in answering questions. What a joke you are. You know my son was a real AMERICAN, a WARRIOR, and a HERO, who was also protecting COWARD POLITICANS like you.”

“Hope you remember that,” Mrs. Terry added in her message to Holder before signing it: “PROUD MOM OF BRIAN A. TERRY.”

Oh, did you know UNCC now has its' own SWAT team? Isn't that a freaking wonderful way to spend all that money?

President Levin and Deputy Provost Spangler and the once-proud Yale University; I hope this guy sues the ass off the place, and whoever leaked.

Not surprisingly, the person responsible for prioritizing armed raids on small dairies over holding agribusiness accountable is a former Monsanto attorney and chief super lobbyist. Monsanto's Michael Taylor is the second highest-ranking official at the FDA, and as Food Safety Czar is responsible for implementing the day-to-day policies that govern the food safety laws for the U.S.

Taylor has been leading a departmental crusade against small raw milk dairy producers. So far several dairy farmers have been subject to a year-long undercover sting operation from the East Coast to California.

This prosecutor is a fool on multiple levels: Robert Mahler should be fired, and prosecuted for misuse of his authority.
After which he'll probably cross the border and be hired by Eric Holder.

THAT'S what she reminded me of!

Jennifer has a post on the lack of justice

for some of the dirtbags out there. I left a comment on the 'cycle of violence' idiocy a lot of gun bigots use as their reason why it's better for someone to be beaten to death and/or raped than to use a gun in self-defense. She sent me a quick note that included
Room temperature rapists don't re-offend. Their cycle of violence has ended.
If you can argue with that, I don't want to know you.

"How dare you fund cancer research

by means of which I do not approve!"

Peterson, Spangler, Everitt: screw you, you miserable little bigots. Having lost friends to cancer, I don't care if the funding comes from firearm sales or donations, but apparently you only like funding if it meets the test of your delicate sensibilities.

Of course, we are talking about these clowns, after all; they don't like women who won't stay in their place, either. You will notice, however, they seem to have no problem with lying and copyright violations(as long as they're committing them)

Let's see, so the FDA says your own stem cells

are a drug that they should control, and sugar should be treated like booze and tobacco; because you're too stupid to decide what you'll eat or drink.

A twofer: the CRU admitting they've been lying about warmening*, and hey, IQ really IS inherited!

There's a bunch of police departments who need to actually read those 9 Principles:
A: Understandably, some Ft. Lauderdale residents are concerned about the intimidating and privacy-invasive nature of these vehicles. In typical fashion, however, authorities have assured the citizenry that “[p]eople who are abiding by the law should have no problems with this.” George Orwell could not have said it better: Armored surveillance vehicles roaming city streets are there for your own good, and if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about.
(This is where the officials who like this should have an officer show up to search their home: "If you have nothing to hide, why do you object?")
B: To the north, in Marietta, Georgia, local police officials are excited to acquire — with federal dollars — a new, “cutting edge” mobile fingerprint scanner that will give “officers in the field the opportunity to positively identify an individual who is suspected of committing or about to commit a crime.” Basically, when officers scan a suspect’s fingerprints through the device, the device provides them with detailed information about that suspect gleaned from state and federal databases. Authorities say such devices will make officers’ lives “easier” — which begs the question of whether it’s appropriate for police officers to stop a person they “suspect” is “about to commit a crime” and run their fingerprints through all manner of databases.
I want to know how the hell they plan on justifying in court "I forced him to give me fingerprints because I thought he was about to commit a crime" ? I see lawsuits in the future. Big, nasty ones. Plus, if they're using this to run people through the Interstate Identification Index, they're talking about violating federal and state laws: last I heard, an officer can only run someone through that database if
It's subsequent to an arrest(and traffic stops and trying to foresee the future don't count), or
As part of an ongoing criminal investigation. Again, I really doubt "I thought he was about to commit a crime" counts.
This crap, with a DoJ that was worth a damn, would involve warnings about proper use of the system, and prosecutions if they violate the laws.

If these are the Mora blades I'm thinking of, $15 for the pair is a pretty good price.

It's the concerned people that I worry about. They're never happy just standing around being concerned; they're always getting all up in your business, trying to "help" and generally only succeeding in screwing things up even worse.

Now that I think about it, it's a little creepy and stalkeriffic when that Harvard lawyer from Hyde Park claims he's concerned about me.

Short version of yesterdays hearing with Holder:

"I'm a good AG, and you better respect me; you flyover country hicks better calm down. And I didn't know anything about this. And you can't have anything I don't want you to have."

Well, Mr. Issa and Mr. Grassley, the ball's in your court: are you going to do what you should, or are you going to cave and let Holder & Co. walk away from this? If the latter, you should be thrown out of the offices you hold.

Sipsey Street had an interview the other day:
“I submit to you that it is entirely possible that the fix is in,” Vanderboegh told TPM. “It could be as simple as a picture of something like John Boehner with a sheep, you know. Because they’ve done that before. The FBI blackmails people routinely. They always have.”

TPM can't get out of their reflexive collectivist defense of a criminal administration but they pretty much quoted me correctly, although they can't seem to decide how to spell my name. The NRA is going to be pissed because they will
a. find out I'm still wearing the press credentials they gave me at the NRA convention, and
b. this irrepressively left-skewed schmuck thinks they were "home-made."
The failure of the committee to mention Operation Head Shot as the source of my anger -- and that of the whistleblowers who I had just talked to prior to the interview -- is not mentioned here, of course, for it is more important for this shady little puke to defend the federal state by leaving out the inconvenient facts in favor of the spin.
Actually, I mistakenly gave him the benefit of the doubt in the interview for being an honest, if misguided, human being. Lying by omission is, however, still lying.
No big surprise there, I suppose. However, he still couldn't spell my name right consistently and managed to screw up "sonsabitches," although I spelled that out for him too.
This also took place before I talked to some other sources close to the committee. I am still processing yesterday and seeking input from my sources, so I'll have more later on today, that is more informed and less reactive.

Oh, and let's not forget that the committee Democrats are trying to use this to 'prove' that ATF needs more money and power, and totally ignoring what the clowns actually did.

The level of stupid required to be a respected journalist

nowadays is just amazing; for instance, this one thinks Ayaan Hirsi Ali is morally equivalent to a convicted terrorist.

Of course, this is the same type of journalist who are doing their best to provide cover for Holder & Obama on anything and everything, so you can't really tell if it's outright stupidity or corruption. Probably a mix of both.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

"How dare you be black and not think

like I say you should!"

LinkYeah, if a white host did anything approaching this, he'd be fired by the time the show ended. But this is a black guy, so he'll be protected.

Don't forget, today is Holder Day at the committee

And to really stir the pot,
The family of murdered Border Patrol agent Brian Terry has filed a $25 million wrongful death claim against the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives claiming Terry was killed with AK-47s that were knowingly sold under the Fast and Furious gunrunning probe to a straw purchaser for drug cartels.

In a 65-page complaint, served on the government on Wednesday, attorneys for the family claim ATF “wrongdoing” in Operation Fast and Furious.

“ATF’s failures were not only negligent but in violation of ATF’s own policies and procedures,” the complaint claims.
Unfortunately they're also filing against Lone Wolf Trading Company; of course, they'll be able to show "ATF told us to as part of an investigation, and all was reported immediately to them".

PJ got hold of some of the prepared remarks("The lies and evasions I'll say today") Holder plans to give, goes over them here.

Some "Karma's a bitch, isn't it?" for Holder

On the other hand, over at Sipsey,
Late last night Sipsey Street received a copy of an Issa Committee Memorandum titled "Main Justice: Extensive Involvement in Operation Fast and Furious." The 22 page briefing paper was provided to other media outlets as well but was embargoed until this hour. In keeping with the Chinese water torture pace of this investigation so far, there is no obvious smoking gun here for Eric Holder and the rest of the Gunwalker Conspirators. Indeed, when I forwarded it to another analyst, he replied:
Just pathetic...
If this is all they have, it's a farce to even call Holder...
That's my take... Pls tell what I've missed and where the IED's are buried in this 22 pages of "oh, there's gross incompetence running amok"
Well... it is the f--king ATF... what do you expect???
However, if there is no obvious smoking gun, the accent is on "obvious." There is one hidden "IED" as my friend puts it, but the Committee is apparently too shy to make much of it.
Shockingly, though, other federal law enforcement components of the Department of Justice were already aware of the two cartel associates that ATF had finally identified. Their names appeared frequently in DEA call logs provided to ATF – in December 2009.11 Inexplicably, ATF failed to review all the materials DEA had provided, missing these prime investigative targets.
Additionally, DEA and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) had jointly opened a separate investigation specifically targeting these two cartel associates.12 As early as mid-January 2010, both agencies had collected a wealth of information on these associates.13 Yet, ATF spent the next year engaging in the reckless tactics of Fast and Furious in attempting to identify them.
During the course of this separate investigation, the FBI designated these two cartel associates as national security assets.14 In exchange for one individual’s guilty plea to a minor count of “Alien in Possession of a Firearm,” both became FBI informants and are now considered to be unindictable.15 This means that the entire goal of Fast and Furious – to target these two individuals and bring them to justice – was a failure. ATF’s discovery that the primary targets of their investigation were not indictable was “a major disappointment.”
Say what?!? Compare the text above with the footnotes:
12 Meeting with Federal Bureau of Investigation, Drug Enforcement Administration, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, and Congressional Staff at Robert F. Kennedy Building, Justice Command Center, Oct. 5, 2011 10:00 AM [hereinafter FBI Meeting]. See also Head Shot, Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces [hereinafter Head Shot]. This reaction and lack of follow-through typify the serious management failures that occurred throughout all levels of the Department during Fast and Furious.
13 FBI Meeting, supra note 7. See also FD-302 supra note 8.
14 FBI Meeting, supra note 7.
15 Head Shot, supra note 12.
16 Transcribed Interview of James Needles, at 30 (Nov. 4, 2011) (going on to describe it as “very” frustrating)
So, since October the committee staff have been aware of the FBI sanitized version of the "one-armed man" and his brother who were their confidential informants, who provided the money to the straw buyers and whom the FBI have been protecting ever since Brian Terry was murdered. But does the Committee draw the obvious conclusion? Have they aggressively probed the FBI on Operation Head Shot? If this pathetic entry is any indication, no, they haven't. The FBI, it seems, is off limits.
Yet, they mention it as if we are supposed to guess. Too cute by half. They remind me of the old one about the society matron who is having a garden party and a naked man sporting a huge erection walks in. She motions the butler over and whispers in his ear, "Does he have an invitation?" When assured that the naked man and his tumescence did in fact have the proper credentials, the matron says, "Oh, it must be alright then," and goes back to talking about orchids.
I hope this report is not indicative how timid this hearing is going to be.
We'll see. And yes, NO agency involved in this crap should get a pass; not FBI, not DHS, not IRS, not DEA, nobody.

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I guess it's the new fashion statement

Black kid in the grocery store with the obligatory pants below the ass, and wearing in a clear plastic pocket on a neck lanyard, a condom.

These aren't silly times, 'stupid' fits much better.

Emily Miller is a report who's been writing about

just how hard DC makes it for a citizen to try to buy a handgun. Apparently her not only covering this but being honest about it has upset the delicate constitutions of the CSGV clowns. As Weer'd puts it,
Many have said you can judge a person by who hates them. Well Emily you’ve attracted the attention of a wild-eyed scumbag…and he hates me as well as many of my close friends, so you’re in good company.

Also keep that new SIG of yours handy, you never know what depraved people like Mr. Everett are capable of.

There are people who truly deserve a death penalty; this bastard appears to be one of them. Be warned, RCOB warning is in effect

As I recall, Obama's handlers wouldn't even let any Gunwalker questions get to him, they considered such to be 'inappropriate'. So no surprise he doesn't want to talk about other questions that actually do reach him.

A lady speaks to the 'racial code words' bullshit, including
I was on twitter the other night with a young black woman who was a Democrat. She was asking me why Newt or any GOP candidate would bring up the black community at all? I said because it’s an issue with the breakdown of the black family, incarceration rates, and single mothers. She argued that that is an issue with whites as well and in even greater numbers. I said she was right, but the reason people like Obama, Bill Cosby, and any number of preachers and politicians on both sides bring it up is because it affects the black community in a disproportional way. Blacks only make up 12% of the population, but the ills of society have affected them in a greater percentage than whites. This was the first time ANYONE had ever explained that to her. No wonder she thought any candidates addressing it were being prejudice! I wondered how many others like her don’t understand this?

The ironic thing is that I have for years said that the GOP did not do anything to reach out to the black community. I said they had given up on their votes, and so they didn’t want to waste resources reaching out. There were exceptions like Jack Kemp and George Bush, but to me, they just didn’t care. Now, that high profile candidates finally talk of solutions to the problems of the inner city, they are accused of using “code words.” So, they are damned if they do, and damned if they don’t.

Sometimes they just don't really think through those warning signs...

Things to do, stuff to think about; see you later

In the 'Muzzle flash is the worst part' category,

daughter found this
French, 5mm pinfire, six-shot. A quick search turned up this site, which has some video of a five-shot(not being fired, unfortunately). That big 'cover' on the right is the hammer, tab on the left trigger, piece on top is the spring that indexes the cylinder, which you turn manually.

People have come up with the damndest things

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Issa to Holder & Co.: "You're liars, and we're about to hold you in contempt."

Legally, as well as morally. Letter here(pdf document). Pretty flatly says "You're stonewalling, you've lied repeatedly, get the documents to us or else." We'll see if it's actually followed through.(found at Sipsey)

More at Examiner here and here, the second on the Democrats' current attempt to say "It's all the responsibility of those idiots in Phoenix. And besides, Bush started it!"

So the University of Chicago Crime Lab is a Joyce foundation-connected 'gun violence' group that had connections to Newell at ATF; incestuous groups, aren't they? Another big borrow from Sipsey here for those who can't go there:
And who is Roseanna Ander?
Why she is Executive Director of the University of Chicago Crime Lab, which has nothing to do with forensics or CSI and everything to do with laying the "scientific" predicate for more gun control. From the UCCL website:
Each year around the world, roughly 500,000 people are murdered. Millions more are the victims of other crimes, and billions of dollars worth of property are stolen. Unfortunately, relatively little is known about how best to address this major social problem. For example, a 2005 report from the National Academy of Sciences argued there is surprisingly little good evidence about effective ways to reduce gun violence in America. This is true despite the fact that countless new programs have been launched all over the world the past several decades to try to reduce violence. Yet programs are almost never implemented in a way that facilitates rigorous evaluation; this lack of feedback makes it difficult for policymakers to learn from experience.
The University of Chicago Crime Lab seeks to improve our understanding of how to reduce crime and violence by helping government agencies and non-profit organizations rigorously evaluate new pilot programs. . . . The Crime Lab began in April 2008 in partnership with the City of Chicago, and has been made possible by generous seed funding from the Joyce Foundation, the University of Chicago Office of the Provost, and the School of Social Service Administration through the Center for Health Administration Studies.
Among the Crime Lab’s ongoing projects is the Chicago Initiative to Reduce Gun Violence Among School Age Youth. Our recent "design competition" identified one promising project, out of more than 30 applications, that has the potential to reduce youth gun violence in Chicago.
The UCCL describes her bio thusly:
Prior to joining the Crime Lab, Ander served for 10 years as Program Officer for the Gun Violence program at the Joyce Foundation in Chicago, responsible for the foundation's $3 million in grant-making each year for research and other activities to understand and reduce gun violence. In addition she developed and implemented the Foundation's $6 million, three year Early Childhood Education initiative. Ander spear-headed a number of new Joyce Foundation initiatives to reduce youth gun violence including working with the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) to convene a national summit of law enforcement leaders around gun violence prevention. In addition, she oversaw the Foundation's work to promote the development and implementation of the National Violent Death Reporting System, which is now housed at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and being implemented in 17 states. Prior to joining the Joyce Foundation, she served as the Public Health Liaison for Attorney General Scott Harshbarger of Massachusetts. She holds a Master of Science degree in health policy from Harvard School of Public Health.
Ah, yes, the Joyce Foundation. From Wikipedia:
Since 2003, the Joyce Foundation has paid grants totaling over $12 million to gun control organizations. The largest single grantee has been the Violence Policy Center, which received $4,154,970 between 1996 and 2006, and calls for an outright ban on handguns, semi-automatic and other firearms, and substantial restrictions on gun owners. The Joyce Foundation's position on gun control has led to frequent opposition and criticism from gun rights groups, particularly the National Rifle Association, which calls the Joyce Foundation an activist foundation whose "shadowy web of huge donations" leads "straight to puppet strings that control the agenda of gun ban groups".
But the Executive Director of the University of Chicago "Crime Lab" is only one of the hats Ander wears. She was appointed to the Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission by Governor Pat Quinn and just two months after this email exchange she was named to Rahm Emanuel's Chicago mayor transition team's Committee on Public Safety, along with Father Michael *Snuffy" Pfleger, dubbed Snuffy by David Codrea for having infamously called for a Chicago gun store owner to be "snuffed out." Hey, Jake, as David routinely asks, "Whaddaya expect, it's Chi-town."
So Ander is a long-time, highly placed anti-gun zealot, a critical cog in the efforts of the citizen disarmament lobby. Yet ATF senior manager Hayes has apparently more than a passing acquaintance with Ms. Ander. And she, it seems, expects to be queried out of the blue by Hayes. Her reply:
From: Ander, Roseanna
Sent: Tuesday, January 25, 2011 03:25 PM (Eastern)
To: Benjamin.R.Hayes (REDACTED)
Subject: Re: Gun Running Operation Uncovered in Arizona
Are the names in the indictment public? I want to pull up the actual indictments and can't with first and last names.
Roseanna Ander, Executive Director
University of Chicago Crime Lab
55 East Monroe, 30th Floor
Chicago, IL 60603

Two minutes later, in a move that bespeaks remarkable inside knowledge of and familiarity with the ATF chain of command, an impatient Ander goes straight to the horse's mouth -- William "Gunwalker Bill" Newell, then ATF SAC of the Phoenix office, responsible for Fast and Furious.
From: Ander, Roseanna (REDACTED)
Sent: Tuesday, January 25, 2011 2:27 PM (Central)
To: Newell, William D.
Subject: Fw: Gun Running Operation Uncovered in Arizona
Do you have this info?
Roseanna Ander, Executive Director
University of Chicago Crime Lab
55 East Monroe, 30th Floor
Chicago, IL 60603
Gunwalker Bill responds, and seems to know Ms. Ander quite well also:
From: Newell, William D. (REDACTED)
Sent: Tuesday, January 25, 2011 03:30 PM
To: Ander, Roseanna
Cc: Hayes, Benjamin R. (REDACTED)
Subject: Re: Gun Running Operation Uncovered in Arizona
They were all just posted on the site below. There are several indictments, the main one being the "Avila" one.
Bill Newell
Special Agent in Charge
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF)
Phoenix Field Division (Arizona and New Mexico) (REDACTED)
Ms. Anders seems appreciative as well as very knowledgeable about the arc of Gunwalker Bill's career, for she seems to know about his then expected reward of the promotion to to ATF Attache in Mexico City, a job which Newell had long coveted, and which was vacated by the forcing out of Darren Gil, who had objected to being kept out of the loop of Fast and Furious (after the scandal blew up a few days later with Senator Grassley's first letter on the subject, Newell's promotion was first put on hold, and then withdrawn).
From: Ander, Roseanna
To: Newell, William D.
Sent: Tuesday, January 25, 2011 4:38:40 PM
Subject: Re: Gun Running Operation Uncovered in Arizona
Thank you. I guess you are leaving town on a high note!
Roseanna Ander, Executive Director
University of Chicago Crime Lab
55 East Monroe, 30th Floor
Chicago, IL 60603
That celebratory high-five prediction would turn out to be premature.
The central point of this email exchange is this. The ATF has always denied that it plays one side of the policy debate or the other, claiming that it is only "enforcing the laws passed by Congress" without bias or favor. Here we see, in the easy familiarity between two high-ranking ATF senior managers and one of the most energetic anti-firearm zealots in the United States, the real truth -- that any pretense of impartiality is just that, a lie. The ATF senior management has a symbiotic relationship with the citizen disarmament lobby and evidently has had for many years. They are, in fact, joined at the hip. More scandalous grist for the upcoming ATF oversight hearing mill, no doubt.

Last, not related to Gunwalker(that we KNOW of...) but very important, Linoge notes the 'National Gun Victims Action Council' letting the cat out:
Any sane gun law will lead to the government being able to take your guns away.

But the second italicized line… well, that is the money quote, so to speak. "Any sane gun law will lead to the government being able to take your guns away." The NGVAC seems big on "sane gun laws", with the phrase, along with "insane gun laws" (referring, of course, to anything the big, bad NRA proposes), occurring somewhere around once every two sentences on their webpage – can you say, "SEO-whoring"? I knew you could. But Google-bombing or not, that single sentence, right there, is a seven-inch, ivory-handled KA-BAR shoved between the third and fourth ribs of the dorsal side of "gun control".

Why? Simple: one of the favorite talking points of "gun control" extremists – especially when someone accurately observes that registration leads to confiscation – is that no modern "gun control" organization wants to take your guns away.


Well, then, thank you Elliot and thank you Andrew and thank you to the rest of the National Gun Victims Action Council for providing us such an easy counterpoint to that claim – after all, why would people so viciously obsessed with firearms and the demonization of them want the government to have the ability to take our firearms away if they did not actually want the government to do exactly that?

And look at the phrasing of the sentence – note how they simply say "take your guns"; not "take criminals’ guns", not "take convicted persons’ guns", not "take some people’s guns". Nope, take your guns – as in every single firearm-owning person who happened upon their webpage and happened to read that sentence. Nevermind the "why" of the situation (especially because it boils down to nothing more complicated than their deep-seated, pathological, uncontrollable fear of an inanimate object) – these people want to empower the government to whimsically and capriciously confiscate your private property… ironically, at the point of a gun.

Loose translation: "Screw you infantry clowns,

we never liked that ugly airplane." And this gives the AF a reason to get rid of it, in favor of a more sexy airplane that's not even available as yet.

"Give your proper name to the minion, peasant! Or else!" Yeah, I'll bet that educated the hell out of people.

Ah, those "We sit at God's right hand and give advice" professionals of the EffingBI: investigate for two years, then attack the wrong address.
With a chainsaw.
Just how many levels of 'Fail' can you find in this story?

Zombie thinks the current string of 'It's not warming after all' is in part due to the greenies and socialists cycling back to the 'global cooling' I grew up with. But with the same "Change everything!" 'solutions'.

It appears a bunch of Catholics(in particular) who believed Obama are rather pissed off right now. With reason. Here's an example:
Consider Catholicism’s highest-ranking elected official, Vice President Biden. Biden had encouraged engagement with the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops on conscience rights. Now he will be remembered as the Catholic cover for the violation of Catholic conscience. Betrayal is always an inside job.
I wonder if Biden'll threaten to punch them out?

Yeah, I imagine this educated the hell out of people.

And a bunch of people in Mexico are tired of being preyed on by the dirtbags and left unprotected by the government.

Added after I saw this at Ace: Juan Williams basically says EVERYTHING Republicans and conservatives say is racially-based. You know, for someone who was canned and slandered at NPR for saying something non-PC, you'd think he'd be a little more careful about throwing this kind of bullshit around.

In local news, we had a city councilman named Skip Kelly who got busted

for drunk driving for the second time.
A: He's not resigning, 'I work very hard', etc.
B: The rest of the coucil is being 'very supportive', including this from Ed Shadid:
“Much of the public does not understand the magnitude or the nature of these problems, (and people) do not understand how commonplace this is (and), how it is affecting all of us,” Shadid said. “I have seen exceptional courage and bravery on Skip Kelly's part in the last few days. I'm very proud to call him my friend, and I'm very proud of him. ... He's been very high-functioning, in my opinion, with one arm tied behind his back. I'd like to see what happens in the future when he has an even playing field.”
Awww, isn't that sweet and sensitive? I wonder if he thinks the same way about people not council-members or friends caught driving drunk? Twice?

Effing politicians.

True: according to the gun bigots it only counts as 'self-defense'

The criminal isn't badly hurt,
No guns are involved,
And the defender is worried about going to jail for his self-defense.
Otherwise it's settling their own scores with criminals and extreme self-defense tactics and vigilante-minded.

The thing this 'award-winning writer' does get right: if people know the police aren't going to be there, CANNOT be there, they'll damn well act to protect themselves.

As they have the right to do.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Remember Liz Warren?

This Liz Warren? The "Nobody got rich without owing everybody else" clown? Turns out she's worth something like $14 million, but insists SHE'S not rich, not one of those evil 1%...

Some overview of the 'Holder lied' e-mails, including this:
Holder’s expected appearance before the House Oversight Committee on Thursday, February 2, is further complicated by the actions of Patrick Cunningham, the chief of the Phoenix office’s criminal division within the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Arizona. Cunningham invoked his Fifth Amendment rights in an effort to avoid testifying in front of the Oversight Committee — you can only invoke the Fifth to avoid self-incrimination. The invocation makes it even less plausible for Holder to claim that DOJ was acting lawfully with the Operation. Cunningham resigned from the U.S. Attorney’s Office on Friday, January 27.

Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa reserved the right to call Cunningham before the committee, and also indicated that he has informed Holder that he will seek a new witness to testify, Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Morrissey. Morrissey directly reported to Cunningham.

Previously, the Department of Justice had refused to allow Morrissey or Assistant U.S. Attorney Emory Hurley (who reported to Morrissey) to testify.
Like that 'refused to allow' bit? I do, too.
Also a whack at the Mexican Gun Lie:
Their former boss, Dennis Burke, is also undergoing renewed scrutiny. Burke’s 23-year career as the architect of anti-gun legislation lends credence to theories that Operation Fast and Furious and other alleged gun-walking operations were imposed by the Obama administration to help support the 90 percent lie. The 90 percent lie was a manipulation of gun trace data restated on numerous occasions by President Obama, Attorney General Holder, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, and other administration officials as they argued for more restrictions on gun sales. The claims seem particularly vicious and deceptive at this time, as we now know that the ATF was forcing gun dealers to supply cartel straw purchases with weapons.

Watts Up With That looks at the "Yes, we've been lying to you" release from the CRU and Met. And I got curious and looked around a bit; yes, the major media(if MSNBC counts) is now covering it. To borrow:
"If temperatures continue to stay flat or start to cool again," Scafetta said, "the divergence between the models and recorded data will eventually become so great that the whole scientific community will question the current theories."
Except the True Believers will still be claiming the cooling proves their theory.
Professor Judith Curry agrees. She is one of America’s most eminent climate experts and works at the Georgia Institute of Technology. She argued it is becoming evident that factors other than CO2 play an important role in rising or falling warmth, such as the 60-year water temperature cycles in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.
Which has been pointed out by scientists before; they were attacked, slandered and called names for doing so.
"The responsible thing to do would be to accept the fact that the models may have severe shortcomings," Curry said. As for the lack of warmer in the last 15 years, she said that many scientists "are not surprised."
But accepting the models are so flawed would mean admitting they've been lying about them being wonderful, for years.
"When both oceans were cold in the past, such as from 1940 to 1970, the climate cooled," Curry said. "The Pacific cycle ‘flipped’ back from warm to cold mode in 2008 and the Atlantic is also thought likely to flip in the next few years."

Pal Brekke, senior adviser at the Norwegian Space Centre, said some scientists underestimate the importance of water cycles when considering global temperature trends.
'Underestimated' often meaning 'dismissed' by the Believers. And the politicians using them to grab more power.
"Doing so means admitting that the oceans - not CO2 - caused much of the global warming between 1970 and 1997," Brekke said.
Heresy! Denier!!
"We’re now well into the second decade of the pause,’ said Benny Peiser, director of the Global Warming Policy Foundation. "If we don’t see convincing evidence of global warming by 2015, it will start to become clear whether the models are bunk. And, if they are, the implications for some scientists could be very serious."
They damn well should be serious. These people have been lying and threatening and trying to destroy the careers of people who asked inconvenient questions; there BETTER be 'implications'.

The doggy gentleman takes a shot at the SOTU address:

For the first time in nine years, there are no Americans fighting in Iraq.

CLAUDIUS: What’s that s-s-strange thing he’s d-doing up th-there?

EMPEROR MISHA I: It’s called an “end zone dance”, but usually it is only done by the person who actually accomplished the thing being celebrated.

For the first time in two decades, Osama bin Laden is not a threat to this country.


TIBERIUS: It’s going to be a looong night. Do you have enough of those wondrous pills you call “aspirins” for all of us, Emperor?

Most of Al Qaida’s top lieutenants have been defeated. The Taliban’s momentum has been broken. And some troops in Afghanistan have begun to come home.

AUGUSTUS: And you’re negotiating the best terms of surrender with the rest of the Taliban and al Qaeda even as we speak. Only it’s not their surrender you’re talking about.

TIBERIUS: “Remember: The Germanic tribes are not our enemies per se!

AUGUSTUS: If only somebody had told Publius Quinctilius Varus.

History geek points if you know who Varus was.

Speaking of backstabbing, jealous politicians, heard about this yet?
Just in case anybody is still believing that the RINO Gentry Club is any less of a fanatical enemy than the NSDWP, we learn that the RINOcracy is pretty much done with an effort to redistrict LTC Allen West right out of Congress (h/t Bill Quick).

This has not received a lot of national attention, but the Republican legislature in Florida is about to push through a plan which puts Allen West at serious risk, and the person leading the effort is one of Mitt Romney’s spokemen.

More and more, I think 'Get Obama out of office; and the day after the election the Third Party begins.' Because the upper reaches of the Stupid Party suck diseased donkey dick, and cannot be trusted. At all. In ANYTHING.

You've got your choice here: the clowns either don't know what the hell they're doing, or this worked just fine: because they want people to get the idea that the Touching Special Areas molesters can screw with you anytime, anywhere. Or a bit of both, which I tend to go with.

Yeah, who is paying the gun bigots bill on this?
Of course, they're probably so busy trying to ban guns and get rid of dealers that they need some help.
Financial as well as mental

First: since the CDC has so much free time and money

they can afford to play games with this, I'll say the same thing when they were funding studies pushing personal disarmament laws: next time they whine that they need more funding to do their job, tell them to drop the social-engineering crap and use that money the way it was supposed to be done; if they don't cut their budget.

Gee, so Buffett is another very rich dirtbag wanting taxes raised 'for the public good' while he's making sure he'll avoid them; isn't that just wonderful?

Ok, Californicated, you can demand that and screw people over all you want, but I still have the question: WHERE THE HELL IS THE ELECTRICITY TO CHARGE THEM GOING TO COME FROM? Especially with The Lightworkers' EPA minions working to cut electrical generation capacity in the holy name of Saving Gaia?

A fine argument for concealed carry; anybody think these racist thugs would've continue the attack if they'd been faced with an armed opponent?

This doesn't surprise me. Second wife worked at a federal agency here in OKC, and one day told me there were signs posted in the office that "Just because you work for the federal government doesn't mean you don't have to file your taxes." One guy she worked with hadn't filed his for four or five years at that time.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

When your protesters are burning American flags,

fuck 'em. They're not on my side.

If Brandeis said this today, Napolitano would launch

an investigation. And stick him on that terrorist watch list.
Brandeis told Sir Ronald “that it was wholly contrary to any conception of civil rights with which I was familiar, through study of the Anglo-Saxon institutions and the American experience, that when a government found itself unable to afford protection, citizens should not be permitted to protect themselves.”
It is not good for us that we should ever lose the fighting quality, the stamina, and the courage to battle for what we want when we are convinced that we are entitled to it, and other means fail. There is something better than peace, and that is peace that is won by struggle. We shall have lost something vital and beyond price on the day when the State denies us the right to resort to force in defense of a just cause.
I get the feeling that this is an 'early 19-century American progressive' Hillary Clinton would not really like.

AG Eric Holder: Lying bastard and perjuror

That email was sent at 2:31 a.m. on the day Terry was shot. One hour later, a follow-up email read: “Our agent has passed away.”

Burke forwarded those two emails to Holder’s then-deputy chief of staff Monty Wilkinson later that morning, adding that the incident was “not good” because it happened “18 miles w/in” the border.

Wilkinson responded to Burke shortly thereafter and said the incident was “tragic.” “I’ve alerted the AG [Holder], the Acting DAG, Lisa, etc.

Then, later that day, Burke followed up with Wilkinson after Burke discovered from officials whose names are redacted that the guns used to kill Terry were from Fast and Furious. “The guns found in the desert near the murder BP officer connect back to the investigation we were going to talk about – they were AK-47s purchased at a Phoenix gun store,” Burke wrote to Wilkinson.

“I’ll call tomorrow,” Wilkinson responded.
Wilkinson, Holder's Chief of Staff.
Take note of this at the bottom:
This article was updated after publication. A previous version reported Holder was informed that the weapons used to kill Terry were linked to Operation Fast & Furious. But a letter to Congress provided by the DOJ suggests only that Monty Wilkinson was made aware. That letter states Wilkinson does not recall telling Holder. Reached Sunday, a spokesperson for Holder relied only on that letter, and declined to confirm that Holder himself was not informed.
So; we're supposed to believe that Holder's CoS DID NOT tell him about this? That the bastard 'cannot recall if he told Holder'? Really?

Please take note of that 'declined to confirm'; can you think of a more lawyerly-weasel way of saying "You can charge us for 'Yes', you can charge us for 'No', but you can't charge us for "We don't remember"?

If this information is correct, even more reason

to home-school your kids if you can.

A 'sexual battery' charge? In his school records? From a game on the playground?

If I were them I'd go back later and get his records; make sure they didn't put it back in.

Some things just don't ring true in this story

Go take a look.

From the same people who've been screaming "GLOBAL WARMING!!

DENIERS!!!", we get this:
The supposed ‘consensus’ on man-made global warming is facing an inconvenient challenge after the release of new temperature data showing the planet has not warmed for the past 15 years.

The figures suggest that we could even be heading for a mini ice age to rival the 70-year temperature drop that saw frost fairs held on the Thames in the 17th Century.

Based on readings from more than 30,000 measuring stations, the data was issued last week without fanfare by the Met Office and the University of East Anglia Climatic Research Unit. It confirms that the rising trend in world temperatures ended in 1997.
The same people who've been trying to destroy the career of anyone casting doubt, or even asking questions about the 'global warming' religion.