Saturday, September 27, 2014

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On the warfare the leftists are waging against the country

The first step to recovery is understanding the problem. Knowing that suicidalist memes were launched at us as war weapons by the espionage apparatus of the most evil despotism in human history is in itself liberating. Liberating, too, it is to realize that the Noam Chomskys and Michael Moores and Robert Fisks of the world (and their thousands of lesser imitators in faculty lounges everywhere) are not brave transgressive forward-thinkers but pathetic memebots running the program of a dead tyrant.

About that murderer in Moore who had 'nothing to do with terrorism', let's compare a couple of pictures.
Said murderer at a mosque in Oklahoma City, note the hand sign:
Now, from another article, a asshole in Afghanistan posing with trophies:
Notice a similarity?
No, no possible link to terrorism, noooo...

One more bit on that: the head guy in the Oklahoma chapter of CAIR is trying to cast doubt on the guy being muslim:
Sources close to the investigation said Nolen adopted the online persona of “Jah’Keem Yisreal,” a phrase that the Washington, D.C.-based Council on American-Islamic Relations leaders said has no meaning in the Arabic language. Muslim leaders said it was odd that someone proclaiming themselves as Muslim would adopt a name so close to Hebrew.
“I can’t imagine any Muslim taking a Hebrew name,” said Ibrahim Hooper, national communications director for CAIR.
Ah, so it must be the Jews behind this.
And a muslim named Ibrahim says this...

Media fail in the D&FSoNJ

Starting with dumbass statement:
The 2nd Amendment gives us the right to bear arms, but it does not limit the amount of ammunition a person can own.

Followed with poll:
Should there be a limit to the amount of ammunition a person can own?

I'd imagine they're not happy with the results so far: Yes, 0.49%, No, 99.51%

And the anti-rights people are enlisting more clergy than Snuffy Pfleger.  We'll see how that goes.

Speaking of whom, up in Snuffys' territory,
The shooting capped a weekend that saw a return to summer levels of violence: Three people killed and 30 wounded.
For which I'm sure the slimy little bastard with a white collar will blame honest people who own guns.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Leftists really don't like it when you point out it was two socialist countries

dividing Europe up between them.  Doesn't fit the narrative of 'Hitler bad, Stalin good'.
It suited Western Leftists, during and after the War, to argue that Hitler had been uniquely evil, certainly wickeder than Stalin. It was thus necessary to forget the enthusiasm with which the two tyrants had collaborated.
... To be sure, there were some in Moscow, and a few more in Berlin, who believed that there must eventually come a reckoning with their “real” enemy. But theirs were minority voices. Many more gladly went along with the idea that the two socialist systems were joined in battle against “decadent Anglo-Saxon liberalism”.
Just like socialists really don't like it when you point out Hitler & Co. were socialists.  They get downright upset when you do.

Speaking of socialists,
Comrade Mayor Kills Groundhog!
Film at 11!

This just in: Rosie O'Donald still a farging idiot.

Hey, Arizona, you know what a dirtbag Fred Duval is?

First-world problems on worldwide display:
1. She was called “bossy” as a child; 2. She was sexualized by the media as a young movie star; 3. Many of her girlfriends quit their sports teams because they didn’t want to grow muscles; 4. Many of her teenage male friends, being teenage males, were unable to express their feelings.
Oh, the horrors!

Remember a short time ago, the idiot whining about white females belly dancing?  She responded to her critics, and I think you can pick out the word that demonstrates she's a fucking idiot:
Guys in the Washington Post and the Atlantic wrote whitesplanations about how cultural mixing is a good thing; other men on racist blogs called me a moron.
Ok, bozo, any time you try using a made-up word like '(fill in the blank)planations' to shut people up, you're a bigoted fool.  At the least.  And so many like you have used 'racist' as a club to try and shut people up, we ignore it.  So go piss up a rope.

Homemade revolvers in South America.  Including shotguns.

Beheading in Oklahoma. By a muslim convert.

I'm sure we'll be lectured at any time that "He wasn't a real muslim."
The FBI is now looking into Nolen’s background after his former co-workers said he tried to convert them to Islam after recently converting himself.

Yes, I'm being snarky.  I'm fairly sick of being lectured to by non-muslims that "ISIL is not islamic!"  Guess what, guys?  Not only do are they believers, they get support from lot of muslims worldwide, including muslim-run countries; are they ALL not 'real muslims'?

No, I don't think all muslims think this way; a lot do.  And a lot of muslims who don't endorse them won't actually say anything against them, either; much like Democrats who won't condemn Holder no matter what.

This won't be the last one, either.  Especially not with Obama and the Democrats making sure our border stays open to let more terrorists in.  And yeah, sooner or later this is going to happen.  And one of the first thing the Democrats will do is try to use it to restrict and/or ban firearms and magazines.  Because that's their way of pretending to do something.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Video from the SWATting at Beavercreek

at Bearing Arms
At no later than 8:26:56—less than three seconds before the officer sets himself up to pie the corner—it is apparent that Crawford has already been struck with two bullets and is reacting to being shot.
While shots and later shouts can be heard on the audio, there is nothing that captures the sound of police officers shouting at Crawford to drop the BB gun as they claim they did, nothing to indicate that Crawford knew officers were nearby, and no time for him to respond before the shots where fired in any event.

The officers aren't going to be charged(I'm tempted to say 'of course').  I'm pissed at the whole damn thing, and that miserable little shit who caused it with his "He's loading!  He's aiming at people!" call should be in a cell.  Or dragged into the street and flogged.

Miguel says he doesn't blame the officers, Not a whole lot of time, but this was not a situation to be screwing around.  Except because they didn't 'screw around' a man doing nothing but looking at a BB gun and talking on the phone is dead.

"If you've got a dick, you're wrong"

is the sign Sean says(on Bookface) should be put up at universities to short-circuit the bullshit.

Which bullshit is that, you ask?
The university has updated its domestic violence policy to include “withholding sex and affection” as well as “discounting a partner's feelings” as examples of abuse.
Under these new definitions, psychological or emotional abuse can include almost anything; even something as simple as a minor argument between partners can classify as discounting a partner's feelings in the right light. The lack of concrete detail in the definition leaves close to anything eligible to be called abuse.
This is the bullshit people are paying to get to deal with.  This is what guys are going to be threatened with.  For a while the advice from some was "Don't date or hook-up in college unless you record it."  Now that won't even help.  "See!  He pushed me away!  It was hurtful, I tell you!"

And the same idiots pushing this crap wonder why more guys don't want to commit.  or expose themselves in any way to the threats.

Ah, the US Forest Service: screwed with us during the shutdown,

and now this.  Is there any agency other than the EPA more deserving of budget cuts than these clowns?
New rules being finalized in November state that—across this country's gloriously beautiful, endlessly photogenic, 193 million acres of designated wilderness area administered by the USFS—members of the press who happen upon it will need permits to photograph or shoot video.

And yes, it does sound like one of the dumbest things you've ever read.
In an election year, yet.

Yes, the Forest Service, the people who spent money they supposedly didn't have to block SCENIC TURNOUTS ON HIGHWAYS so the peasants couldn't gaze on the scenery has now done this. 

Screw you USFS, you nasty little bastards.

That Eleanor Holmes Norton is a clown goes without saying;

that she thinks the 2nd Amendment doesn't apply in DC says other nasty things about her.
...setting up a temporary “may-issue” permitting scheme.

Under the legislation, guns are not allowed near Congress. Guns are outlawed within 1,000 feet of any foreign dignitary or high-ranking federal official. They are also banned near the White House in Northwest Washington, in an area bound by Constitution Avenue, H Street and 15th and 17th streets, and on most federal property, including the Capitol grounds. The law puts into place many other requirements and restrictions.
“I regret that a New York federal district court senior judge, sitting here by designation, overturned the District’s longstanding carry ban, even though the ruling was not compelled by Supreme Court or D.C. Circuit Court case law,” Norton said in a statement. “If any Member of Congress has nothing to do but to try to block or overturn this local legislation, I am prepared to take him on and suggest things to keep him busy.”
Well, we regret that you're a nasty little tyrant-minded jerk, but there you are.

About what I figured: they passed something as restrictive and idiotic as possible, and they're hoping that A: the Democrats in Congress will protect them and B: they can drag it out in court even further.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hmmm... I don't have a can for the .22 (link fixed)

so I've got a slight handicap if this were to be true.

Damn bad time for this to happen, with .22 in short supply.

Remember Atlantic County Prosecutor Jim McClain?

The idiot who thought a mother accidentally breaking a law of the D&FSoNJ was far worse than a football player punching a woman out?  Seems the clown didn't like people knowing what an asshat he is, so he's now decided to drop the "She must go to prison!" line.

But we still know what you are, McClain.  You're a bigoted, arrogant asshole.

You might remember me asking about a tub spout

and getting the damn thing off.  I thought I'd mention the end of that.

I used the dremel and cutoff wheels to get an access window; sure enough, screwed on, but whatever they'd used as pipe dope had turned into adhesive.  GOOD adhesive.  So enlarged the window and started nibbling on the spout over the threaded section, hoping to relieve enough pressure to get it loose.  No good.  So I cut over a different section, and on, and on. 

Finally got a propane torch, adjusted the flame as low as it'd go without going out, and used it to heat that section of the spout(would've needed the access port anyway).  Heated a bit, tried, repeat, until the thing finally turned.  After which it spun right off.  So the new spout is on.

That was about a medium-level PITA.

Question is, is she so historically ignorant

that she doesn't know who Goebbels was, or did she let the mask slip?

"Nobody wants to take your guns!"

my ass.
“So do all the voluntary gun buybacks you want,” the editors conclude. “But until they are mandatory, and our society can see past its hysteria over ‘gun confiscation,’ don't expect it to make much difference.”

One idiot shows up at a tea party event with a Confederate flag

and the media covers that person like they started the movement, but hundreds, if not thousands of violent, anti-capitalist, anti-American lunatics damn near riot in the streets and we get b-roll of Leonardo DiCaprio marching while holding a sign.
The term “double-standard” doesn’t begin to cover it.
What are 'Reasons people don't trust the major media'?
Combined with What are 'Reasons people think the environmental movement is run by communists'?

Speaking of leftist dirtbags, we have the clowns running Sodom on the Potomac:
Speaking in support of a proposed amendment that would create a public database of concealed carry permit holders, councilwoman Yvette Alexander (D-Ward 7) made her feelings on gun owners very clear.

“Who cares about the confidentiality of a gun owner? We don’t want it, so expose yourself,” she said, according to the DCist.
Yeah, because caring about the confidentiality of personal information only counts for people she approves of, not those nasty peasants who own firearms.  Alexander, you're a sorry bitch.

And the last bit of idiocy I can deal with this morning, unsurprisingly from the TSA:
The TSA is keeping those criteria secret, which is part of the problem. However, the GAO report states that the "high-risk" passengers aren't just those who appear to match a name on the FBI's No Fly, Selectee, or Expanded Selectee lists (as problematic as those lists may be). Now, the TSA is also using intelligence and law enforcement information, along with "risk-based targeting scenarios and assessments," to identify passengers who may be "unknown threats."

In other words, the FBI's flawed definition of someone who is a suspected threat to aviation security isn't relaxed enough for the TSA, so the TSA is creating its own blacklists of people who are hypothetical threats. Those people are also subjected to additional screening every time they fly. To make matters worse, another recently published GAO report indicates that the redress process for travelers who have been incorrectly caught up in the watchlisting system does not apply to these new TSA blacklists. So the TSA's "unknown threats" are truly without recourse.

Makes you wonder if the TSA and IRS are working together

In other words, the FBI's flawed definition of someone who is a suspected threat to aviation security isn't relaxed enough for the TSA, so the TSA is creating its own blacklists of people who are hypothetical threats. Those people are also subjected to additional screening every time they fly. To make matters worse, another recently published GAO report indicates that the redress process for travelers who have been incorrectly caught up in the watchlisting system does not apply to these new TSA blacklists. So the TSA's "unknown threats" are truly without recourse.
This is such a monumental level of bullshit...

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

About all those enviroweenie hypocrites flying and boating around,

But how do leaders of the environmental left address these opposing doomsdays? By raising taxes, increasing government, impeding capitalism and reducing national sovereignty. Coincidentally, the same policies they would promote if their supposed environmental catastrophe was utter fiction. It is little wonder that voters are suspicious.
Every time a real-world solution is provided to a promised calamity, leftist leaders move the goalposts. To be sure, many well-meaning parishioners have bought the con and piously observe the demanding rituals of earth worship. But the high priests still jet around the globe, chasing checks from energy tycoons to build monstrous mansions along doomed coastlines.

Speaking of, over here there's video of three of the clowns: Actor DiCaprio, Socialist Sanders, and Idiot Kennedy Kennedy wants to be able to imprison people for daring to not do what he wants, Sanders insists 'The Science Is Settled', and DiCaprio has a flunky to shove reporters out of the way when they ask uncomfortable questions.  Like "How does your chartering planes and renting yachts fit in with your demands that everyone stop using so much energy?"  Which fits right in with the Kennedy family and their neighbors insisting on windmills and other 'green' energy sources, except with it'll mess with their view.  Or otherwise inconvenience them..

"Well, yes, the beheadings and slavery are all very bad,

but we really have to worry about those anti-muslim right-wing people!"
A bunch of jihadi-minded Brits could hold a double-beheading in front of Nelsons' statue, and these idiots would whine about how the real concern was 'anti-muslim hate crimes' or something...

This just in: wood is combustible.  Enviroweenies hardest hit.

Is Mommies Demand a hate group?  Yes.

Another fine demonstration of "But this is reporting we don't WANT to do, things we don't WANT people to know about!"

Robert Kennedy Jr.: fine demonstration of 'Scratch a leftist and a fascist bleeds'.

Reading this, I don't see a real reason for a 'dynamic entry' raid.  Especially with kids in there.  And they apparently found nothing.  But hey, what's one grandma with a bullet hole compared to all the cops going home?

And take note of this wording from the original article:
“During the execution of this (federal search) warrant, one of the officer’s weapons discharged,” reads a statement issued by Attorney General Joseph Foster.
Not 'a suspect was shot and wounded', but one of the officer’s weapons discharged.  Makes you wonder if Officer Dumbass of the SWAT team was running in with finger on trigger.  Or they don't want to admit Officer Jones shot at someone picking up a kid.

Monday, September 22, 2014

What? Corruption and other problems with wind farms?

Who'd have thought such things(shut up and put your hands down, I know you did)?
When a project is installed, the first step is to "dismantle" the area, a process through which all surrounding vegetation is eliminated. This means the destruction of plants and sessilities - organisms that do not have stems or supporting mechanisms - and the slow displacement over time of reptiles, mammals, birds, amphibians, insects, arachnids, fungi, etc. Generally we perceive the macro scale only, that is to say, the large animals, without considering the small and even microscopic organisms...
....After the construction is finalized, the indirect impact continues in the sense that ecosystems are altered and fragmented. As a result, there is a larger probability of their disappearance, due to changes in the climate and the use of soil.
There is abundant information about the harm caused by the sound waves produced by wind turbines. These sound waves are not perceptible to the human ear, which makes them all the more dangerous. They are also low frequency sound waves and act upon the pineal and nervous systems, causing anxiety, depression (there is a study from the United States that found an elevated suicide rate in regions with wind farms), migraines, dizziness and vomiting, among other symptoms.
But the wind turbine operators are able to get away with it because the system is so corrupt.

What happens is absolute corruption. I have to admit that generally there are "agreements" behind closed doors between the consultants or research centers and the government offices before the studies are conducted.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

What? A program that allows the government to steal

is being misused?  Who could have foreseen such a thing...

Anybody not an idiot, that's who.
As two people who were heavily involved in the creation of the asset forfeiture initiative at the Justice Department in the 1980s, we find it particularly painful to watch as the heavy hand of government goes amok. The program began with good intentions but now, having failed in both purpose and execution, it should be abolished.

Asset forfeiture was conceived as a way to cut into the profit motive that fueled rampant drug trafficking by cartels and other criminal enterprises, in order to fight the social evils of drug dealing and abuse. Over time, however, the tactic has turned into an evil itself, with the corruption it engendered among government and law enforcement coming to clearly outweigh any benefits.
And never in your fevered imaginations could you see this 'Steal it under color of law' crap being misused?  Then you're too damn stupid to have anything to do with making law.

“If Eric Holder or anyone else in the Administration

did not know about the horrific Fast and Furious scandal prior to the death of my brother, Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, then what is it they are afraid of in the documents?” she asked. “Wouldn't they want to know the same questions as my family?
Problem being that the nasty little bastards know the answers; that's why they're scared shitless of this information getting out.

Sparkman Middle School, Alabama

Why some parents haven't cleaned out the staff by some horrible means, I do not know.
Staff trying to stop reported sexual abuse were told they needed evidence - so they used the girl as 'bait' but then forgot about her, a lawsuit claims.

A 14-year-old special needs pupil was raped in her school toilets after teachers set up a trap to catch an alleged sexual abuser by using her as 'bait' - but then forgot about her.
How many were fired for this, or otherwise disciplined?

Oh, excuse me, a teachers AIDE was 'placed on leave and later resigned'.  Nasty, wasn't it?

And the crowning glory is this statement from the principal, Ronnie Blair, who tried to get elected County Superintendent:
"It's a sad situation. At the same time, I feel very comfortable with the way the situation was handled. That's about all I can say."
That's because you're a miserable little shit who belongs in the unemployment line.  Forever.  Every jerk involved in this does, but you really deserve more.  Like about fifty lashes for that statement alone.

Bet he insists the public schools are the best place for kids to be, too.

I'm going to stop now before I wind up damaging keys.