Friday, March 13, 2015

Assumning this scheduling thing works, the data

for Friday should go in without me breaking off from all the other crap being taken care of

Thursday, March 12, 2015

You are warned:

light to very light bloggage for a few days.

No new incisions or emergency trips to the ends of the country, just busy.

This sounds big: first test of Indiana law saying you can use force

to stop an illegal entry of your home by a cop.

Shouldn't have been convicted in the first place; wonder if this now makes it possible for him to sue?

Be it noted

that, while just about any day shooting is good, taking that many different loads to try on one day was a mistake; by about 2/3 through it stopped being much fun.

I think I'll make a rule for the future: barring actual necessity, no more than 50% of shooting will be for tests like this, the rest will be for fun and/or training.


Today had something of a trifecta:
The range wasn't crowded,
The wind wasn't trying to blow everything away,
The battery in the Chrony as good.
So got some measurements.  Three different bullets in light loads:  the .32-caliber semi-wadcutter and wadcutter, and the 115-grain spitzer(unsized, no gas check).  Due to some of the usual "Why the hell didn't it register that?" didn't get full samples on everything, but enough to get a good idea how fast everything was traveling.

Note: if you don't see a picture, it means I messed up and either missed taking it or lost the damn thing somehow.

.30-06, wadcutter, 3.2 grains Bullseye, average 903fps

.30-06, semi-wadcutter, 3.2 Bullseye, average 880fps

7.62x54r, semi-wadcutter, 3.2 Bullseye, average 945fps

7.62x54r, wadcutter, 5.0 Unique, 1180fps

.303 British, wadcutter, 3.2 Bullseye, 1180

.303 British, semi-wadcutter, 3.2 Bullseye, 880

.30-30, wadcutter, 5.0 Unique, 1200fps
That's pretty fast for that bullet, I think dropping it to three grains would work better.

.30-30, 115-grain spitzer, 2.7 Bullseye, 835fps
The five at the bottom, that's the drop at 50 yards with the sight set for full-power cast loads.

.30-30, semi-wadcutter, 2.7 Bullseye,  914fps
Aimed at the bullseye above, that 15 grains lighter weight made a difference in drop of about two inches.

.30-30, semi-wadcutter, 9.0 Unique, 1576fps (few rounds left over from previous tests, I thought was pretty hot, I was right)

I tried something new as well, heavier bullets(no gas checks) with a light load:
.30-06, 150-grain flatnose, 4.0 grains Unique: 778fps

.30-06, 180-grain roundnose, 5.0 grains Bullseye, 880fps.

The .30-06 loads, with the rear sight set at 500 yards, were all within an inch or two of dead-on elevation at 50 yards. 
7.62x54r, rear set at 500 meters.
.30-30, already mentioned.

Lost of possibilities here.  The .30-06 with the 150 bullet, I'm blaming myself for that horizontal spread, I was getting a bit tired by then.  The 180 bullet group, could hardly ask for more(especially with me doing the shooting).

The .303 loads, no pictures because of an error on my part, which we will not discuss.  Just shut up, I'll do those again later.

On the light-bullet loads, I'm wondering just how far down you could take them; may do some screwing around with that.

And that's the results of the day.

Range day

Actually got some of the light loads tested at 50 yards, and this time I got velocity readings on most of them!  'Most' because the Chrony had problems on some.

Report to follow, I've got crap to put away.

Next time someone whines about how bady Obama is treated,

add this to your response:
Martha’s Vineyard August, 2014 Vacation Cost $400,666.30 in Transportation 
$2,425,085.50 were Spent in Transportation Expenses for Obama’s July, 2014 West Coast Fundraising Trip
Obama Hawaii Christmas vacations over the past three years have cost taxpayers $15,540,515.10 in travel expenses alone

And, for those yelling "TRAITORS!" at those senators for the open letter to Iraq, ask them what exception they're making for this:
The Iranians held firm to their position, perhaps because they knew that help was on the way, in the form of a new president. Barack Obama had clinched the Democratic nomination on June 3. At some point either before or after that date, but prior to the election, he secretly let the Iranians know that he would be much easier to bargain with than President Bush. Michael Ledeen reported the story last year:
During his first presidential campaign in 2008, Mr. Obama used a secret back channel to Tehran to assure the mullahs that he was a friend of the Islamic Republic, and that they would be very happy with his policies. The secret channel was Ambassador William G. Miller, who served in Iran during the shah’s rule, as chief of staff for the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, and as ambassador to Ukraine. Ambassador Miller has confirmed to me his conversations with Iranian leaders during the 2008 campaign.
 Yeah, I know, "It's DIFFERENT when Democrats do it, you hater!"

Terry Pratchett is gone

Considering the health problems, not the worst thing, but damn.

Hair transplant surgery, for

a better beard...  And
He personally is doing a lot more lipo-scultping(sic) on Arab patients to mimic a muscular build.
What, because actually lifting weights is too demeaning or something?

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

But the IRS and DoJ are too busy covering-up and

harassing people they don't like to be bothered with doing anything about Sharpton cheating on taxes and some probably arson.
As Al Sharpton ran for mayor of New York City in 1997 and for president in 2003, fires at his offices reportedly destroyed critical financial records, and he subsequently failed to comply with tax and campaign filing requirements.
Six years later, on January 23, 2003 — one day after Sharpton filed paperwork to create a presidential exploratory committee — another fire caused heavy damage at National Action Network, located at 1941 Madison Avenue.

Then and now: different rules for RWPP assholes.
Like Rangel, for that matter.

An Obama conspiracy theory to believe in:

If I had to bet on just one conspiracy theory about the Obama White House, it might be the seemingly outlandish idea that he actually works for the gun industry and gets a cut of every AR15 and box of ammo they sell because there can be no other reason they do so many things calculated to sell more AR15s and accompanying ammo than have ever been sold in the history of mankind.
Y'know, that'd be a REAL interesting question to watch the reaction to: "Mr. President, do you or your wife own any stock in-" and list some companies.

Yeah, this is really going to make them want to deal with him

Just not in the way he wants
Greece will flood Europe with a “wave of millions of economic migrants” including militants linked to the Islamic State group if the eurozone did not back down on austerity demands, Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos reportedly said on Monday. His comments came even as the Greek government and its “troika” of creditors -- the European Commission, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund -- agreed to hold a further round of talks over a 240 billion-euro ($260 billion) bailout program.
I personally consider this in the 'Just Flat Stupid' category; however, he is dealing with the EU, so it may not be.  We'll see.

You may've heard about the latest idiot fraternity mess here in Oklahoma

Yeah, it was stupid.  Couple of thoughts come to mind:
Either someone in this mess is so friggin stupid that they thought taking video of this and then posting it where people could see it was a good idea, or
Someone didn't like it/was sick of it and taped it for the purpose of blowing it up.

And, of course, the head of the university came out in fits of righteousness and expelled a couple of them, and is threatening to do more.  Slight problem with that:
University of Oklahoma President David Boren’s announcement that two students have been summarily expelled for their role in leading a racist song could blow up in the university’s face, exposing both the school and Boren to hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages and legal fees.

... Civil liberties advocates have already pointed out that punishing the students could be illegal, saying the song is protected free speech. But even if the offenses warranted expulsion, the taxpayer-subsidized school could be shooting itself in the foot by acting so quickly, and Boren could even be personally exposing himself to thousands of dollars in damages should he be sued by the punished
Oklahoma, like most universities, has a student conduct code outlining the reasons students can be disciplined by the school. The code also has an appendix explicitly listing the procedures to be followed when a student is accused of misconduct. There is no listed procedure allowing the school’s president to unilaterally punish any student, let alone expel them. Instead, there is a clear process to be followed, with extra safeguards for students facing expulsion that would be virtually impossible to meet in the two days.
Instead, Boren appears to have overridden these procedures, and it could end up costing him, personally.
This could get interesting.  And I wonder if the usual 'Free Speech!' types will step up, or insist 'It doesn't cover things like that!' ?

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

More on Obama and ATF backing off for now


Among the other lies from ATF,
In its "framework" proposal, ATF wrote, "The AR platform is the semi-automatic version of the M16 machine gun originally designed for and used by the military. 
Well, gee, last I read the AR was developed BEFORE the military saw it and got interested.

You'll notice the Hill drone keeps calling it AP,

as they apparently are either ignorant or just can't let it go(or both), but this is still good news:
The Obama administration is pulling back a controversial proposal to ban a form of armor-piercing ammunition commonly used in AR-15 hunting rifles.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) said it will not seek to issue a final framework for the rule “at this time” after receiving more than 80,000 comments on the proposal, the “vast majority” of which were negative.

"You spoke, we listened," the ATF tweeted.
After you tried to play 'legislating without legislators'.  After you tried to sneak through a preemptive change of law in your new issue of regulations, and being caught.  Which, by the way, demonstrated you considered the comment period(improperly shortened) nothing but a pretense that you cared what anyone thinks.  Borrowing from a commenter on Bookface,
I wonder if a Partnership Lawyer Drone told them "we're going to get sued over stretching the definition of 'armor piercing,' and once we lose that fight....."
There's that.  And I'm wondering how many calls and visits they got from some legislators saying "We're getting tired of this shit; just how much of your budget do you want to lose?"  Because something like that is the only thing they'll listen to, as they've proven they don't give a damn about the law.

Now keep your eyes on them, to see what these bastards try to slip in next.

Anymore, if the ATF head said "Good morning" to you, you'd

start examining everything around with a microscope to try to determine why he thought this is a good morning, for him.  Because the place is not to be trusted in any way.
Guided by comments to the previous post (thanks!) I find that BATF just posted online a notice that its removal of M855 ammo from the exemption for AP ammo is a mistake. Sounds like the decision was made to remove M855, while allowing a sham comment period, and whichever team compiles the annual list of published ordinances was told about the decision but not told "but, 'officially,' this decision hasn't been made yet, so don't let it out."

You know that "You'd have to have a factory to build a gun!" claim we keep hearing from the GFWs and statists?  Not so much.


Monday, March 09, 2015

Survival-situation shooting rifle loads, or

light bullets and loads in centerfire rifles, survival and general use of; a request from a friend.

Basic question is "Why screw around with those light bullets and tiny charges?"
The ultimate concern on this would be 'Everything's gone to hell.  You need to deal with varmints raiding the food supply, and small game, but you only have a centerfire rifle with you, or maybe some of the stuff is larger than I trust a .22 for.'  They're also good for
Low-velocity, low-recoil, low-noise loads for small-game hunting, training a new shooter, and reducing practice costs.

All these can be done with basic reloading gear, along with a pot to melt lead in, a ladle to pour it, and a mold to pour it in.  Or, if you don't want to cast your own,  a lot of suitable bullets can be bought, already cast and lubed(Midway, MidSouth Shooters Supply, and others)

And this will work with just about any centerfire cartridge, say 7mm and up.  I've been messing with it in .30-06, .30-30, 7.62x54r, and .303 British; it will work in just about any centerfire rifle cartridge.
WARNING: Powder charges may have to be adjusted up or down depending on the volume of the case; what works just right in .30-06 might be a bit much in a .308 with the same bullet weight.  It's not a 'One Size Fits All' situation.
DISCLAIMER: handloading requires attention to what you're doing, and making sure what you're doing is a good idea.  No responsibility accepted for your loads or the results thereof.

To begin,
I'll mention one of the best resources out there: Cast Boolits forum.  It's dedicated to this subject: bullets, lubes, molds, equipment, loads.  Huge amounts of information, including on light loads.


This is for CAST(or if bought, swaged) LEAD BULLETS ONLY; NOT jacketed.  Period.  Try making loads this light with jacketed and you'll almost certainly wind up with a bullet stuck in the bore.  And if you don't have a range rod handy(mine's a 36" piece of 1/4" bronze brazing rod) your shooting is done for the day.  Yes, there are reduced loads that'll work with jacketed, but that's not what I'm writing about. 

Wide selection here.  I've been trying out bullets in .30-caliber rifles ranging from a little .32-caliber wadcutter designed for pistols, up to a 115-grain spitzer often used for the M1 Carbine.  You can use bullets up to 150-200 grains with some loads and cartridges, and I plan to try that as time allows; these are quite a bit more powerful than the light-bullet loads(a 180-grain bullet moving ~900 feet per second has a lot more energy than a 100-grain at that same velocity); way below standard velocities still has a fair amount of energy tied up in in them, plenty for small game and varmints, and coyote or feral dogs with good shot placement.

Generally any cast bullet in appropriate diameter and weight will do, and you don't need a gas-check.  Do note that for these velocities a bullet designed for it but with no gas check will generally work well, but depending on the load and rifle you may be better off with a plain-base bullet.

This also gives a good way to use less-than-perfect cast bullets; those not good enough for full-power loads but good enough that you hate to throw them back in the melting pot.  And they can often be used without sizing, just use something like Lee Liquid Alox(more on that later) to lube it.

If you're casting your own, we now come to 'Size the bullets or not?'  For most standard cast-bullet loads, especially those with gas checked bullets, you have to size them, which is forcing them through a die with a tapered hole to squeeze the bullet to an exact diameter and make sure it's perfectly round, and to crimp on the gas check when they're used.  However, with these you may not need to.  With a lot of the loads I've tried they actually shoot better when not sized(depending on the rifle); they're a little larger than the standard diameter, but with non-jacketed bullets they'll generally swage to the bore diameter when fired.    The thing you do have to watch here is that IN SOME BRANDS OF CASE that have thicker walls, an unsized bullet may well fit into the case neck but cause it to not fit into the the chamber.  I ran into this with .30-30 with a .32-caliber wadcutter: in some Federal cases, worked fine, but with Winchester cases, forget it.    Only way you'll know for sure is to try it, qhich means loading one without powder, and trying to chamber it.
And, in case it needs saying, if you run into one that doesn't want to chamber with normal force do NOT force it in; if you do and fire it, that could result in a serious pressure spike due to it being so tight, and that is Bad.

If casting your own, nice thing is you don't need much to lube bullets, and size them if needed.  For sizing if needed I recommend the Lee bullet sizing sets.  They come with the sizing die, ram, a bottle of lube and the container catches the bullets as they come out, and come in many diameters.  And it all fits on a standard loading press:
Screw the die in.
Snap the ram into the press ram where the shellholder goes.
Place a lubed bullet on the ram.
Lower the lever and push it through.
That's it.  They work very well, and don't cost much, and come in a large number of sizes.  They'll also work to crimp gas-checks on if you're using them.

The bullets HAVE to be lubed, sized or not.  Skip that and you wind up with lead fouling in the bore, which is a pain to clean out.  Lubing here is easy.  If you're using the Lee Liquid Alox that came with the sizing set, I put a batch of bullets in a baggie, squirt in a little(doesn't take much) and work them around for a minute, then lay them out on waxed paper where I don't have to smell them as the solvent evaporates.  Once dry, size them.  If you're not sizing, just let them dry and load them(see at the bottom for more on lubes).

The one problem with LLA is that it dries, but never stops being a bit sticky.  If you want to get more involved in this and don't mind a bit of mad-scientist lube-making, good piece here on both a lube and a tumble-lubing method.  I've been using this 45/45/10 lube for a while now, and it works well.  Also makes a bit less smoke than straight LLA.

If you're buying your bullets, they should come already sized and lubed, so you don't have to mess with it.  I will not go into the process of casting your own here, if Erin thinks it worth it I'll write on that in a separate post.  Or you can just go to Cast Boolits and bury yourself in information(recommended).


Here you're using small charges of fast-burning handgun or shotgun powders, such as Unique(one of the favorites), Green Dot, W231, and Bullseye.  Which brings up a very important point:
You're dumping a very small propellant charge- anywhere from a couple of grains up to ten grains or so- into a very large volume case, which means if you get careless and dump a double-charge into one, it won't show with a look.  Which means you have to manually check them.  I've found that common tool, a round pencil, works well; it'll slip right into the case neck of any .30-caliber cartridge.  Slide in until it stops on the powder, mark that level, then check the others.  A slight variation could happen(drop the pencil and it'll pack the powder a bit, for instance), but if the pencil shows any real variation in depth, you'd better weigh that charge.*

For a LOT of information on this subject, I'm going to point you to a couple of specific threads at Cast Boolits; Mouse-fart loads for .30-06, which are also adaptable for other cartridges; and Cast bullet loads in military rifles.  Lots more available, these two are a good start.


You don't have to do anything special to the cases, except you have to bell(expand) the case mouth enough that the bullet can be seated without any lead being shaved off the sides, just like with pistol cartridges.  There is one important thing:
With rimless cases(.30-06, 8mm Mauser, for instance) firing these loads in them more than a few times can cause the case shoulder to be 'set back' a bit; this is Bad, because these cartridges headspace on a particular spot on the shoulder, and moving it can cause problems, especially if that case later gets used for a full-power load.   

If you're wanting to get max accuracy out of these, some have found improvement by enlarging the flash hole between the primer pocket and the main case, by drilling it out with a #30 drill bit.  The idea is that it gives more efficient and even ignition of those small charges in that big case.

So with rimless cases do one of two things:
Rotate cases so you never use one for these loads more than a couple of times, or
Permanently mark those cases used for these loads and use them ONLY for these.  If you modify the flash hole YOU MUST PERMANENTLY MARK THEM.
If you drill out the flash holes, NEVER EVER use those cases for full-power loads.   Doing so could involve blowing out the primer; I've never had it happen, and from descriptions you do NOT want to experience it. Do something permanent to mark them, like file a shallow groove across the base, or a notch in the edge of the rim**.  I've been using a particular brand of case, and filing the notch in the rim, so I've got two things to give warning.


I've been messing with these in bolt- and lever-action rifles.  You can fire these in a self-loader, but you will  have to cycle the action by hand, and there is a possibility of fouling the gas port.

Loads I've actually tried

Let's take .30-30 Winchester.  Bullets that work in it will also work in a lot of others, and being a small-volume case you can use very small charges.  Here's a set of some I've tried, loaded left-to-right with 100-grain semi-wadcutter, 100-grain roundnose, 90-grain wadcutter

 These were loaded with 5.0 grains of Unique pistol powder.  SWC and roundnose fed from the magazine with no problem, the wadcutters had to be loaded by hand into the chamber.  My rifle doesn't care much for the roundnose, but shoots well with the other two, both with Bullseye and Unique.  I also tried it with the 115-grain spitzer, no gas check, and a X-Treme 123-grain plated

over 9.0 of Unique.  The spitzer having a pointed nose, you cannot feed from a tube magazine; yes, recoil is very low, but it's just not a good idea to have even a relatively soft lead point resting on the primer of the cartridge ahead of it.  You could load one in the chamber and one in the magazine, but that's it. The 123-grain has a flat nose, so no problem there.

Recoil with the 2.7 Bullseye is almost not there, roughly like a .22 Magnum in a rifle.  It's louder than that, but MUCH quieter than a standard load.  the 9.0 Unique load is more powerful, and louder.  Either one you will have to adjust the sights, because will hit lower- much lower with the lighter charges- than a standard load.  In the case of the .30-30, it's currently sighted dead-on at 50 yards with standard gas-checked cast-bullet loads with a 150-grain bullet(~1600-1800fps); at 30 yards all these loads hit about 3" low and a touch right.  I can't give actual velocity as I've not been able to set up the Chrony and check them as yet.  I'll add that, in my rifle, the wadcutters had to be sized to .311" for them to work; larger diameter expands the neck of the cartridge case enough that they won't chamber.

Larger volume case, so with the same bullets used 3.2 grains of Bullseye, with about the same results: my rifle(a Springfield 1903-A3) likes the semi-wadcutter, is ok with the wadcutter, likes the 115-grain spitzer, and does not like the roundnose.  Recoil really isn't there; you hear 'bang' and feel it shift a touch.

7.62x54r and .303 Brit
Haven't tried these much as yet, so I'll just note that they do shoot the .32-caliber bullets with no problem.  More on these later when I've actually got results to report.
Left to right, .303 Brit, .30-06, 30-30.  All with the 90-grain wadcutter, the first two with 3.2 grains Bullseye.

It's outside the subject of this, but yes, you can use heavier charges to push the velocity up quite a bit.  You can also use light charges with heavier bullets, for low(relatively) velocity while still getting a lot of thump on the target end..

An alternative to cast bullets
There's one other thing you can do if you don't want to mess with casting or cast bullets: plated bullets, like these and these.  And Berry's makes a light .32 bullet designed for .32acp that should work for light practice loads.

The 123-grain bullets X-Treme makes for 7.62x39(shown in .30-30 above), also will work in 7.62x54r and .303.  And, I've also used  them with the light charges with good results in .30-30(9.0 Unique) and .30-06(10.0 Unique); should work as plinkers with ligher loads than that, I just haven't had time to try it as yet.

Reason you can use the plated in these light loads is that the thin copper plating on them is much softer than a standard jacket.  But they are a bit harder than cast, so if you take the loads down real low, be a good idea to, first times you try it, have a range rod handy and make damn sure that the bang equals a hole in the target.***

And that's my short take on this subject.  If you give it a try, pay attention to what you're doing and have fun.

*Read of one guy who loads a lot of these 'sneeze' loads who got a piece of brass rod and cut several pieces.  When he had a load that he'd use a lot of he'd mark one rod with the proper level and use that.

**Yes, I did describe them as 'rimless'.  Generally speaking a case in which the rim is the same diameter as the case body is called rimless.  A case in which the rim extends just slightly further out(like the .32 ACP pistol cartridge) is semi-rimmed.  .30-30 and .303 to name two, have a full rim.  And, just to complicate things, there are cartridges in which the rim is smaller than the body diamter, called rebated cartridges, like the .50 Beowolf.

***Some guys working up very light loads with heavier bullets reduce loads until a bullet sticks in the bore, use the range rod to drive it out, and up the charge a bit.  Personally, I do not want to do that.

First drink with the son, an Irishmans' memory

"I was reading an article last night about fathers and sons, and memories came flooding back of the time I took my son out for his first drink.

Off we went to our local bar, which is only two blocks from the house.

I got him a Guinness Stout. He didn't like it – so I drank it.

Then I got him an Old Style, he didn't like it either, so I drank it.

It was the same with the Coors and the Bud.

By the time we got down to the Irish whiskey I could hardly push the stroller back home."

'Not anti-war, just

on the other side'.  With far too many of them, that's it exactly.

Ever heard of the Treeby Chain Gun?  I hadn't.  Percussion repeater.

Well, Gillibrand proved what she is when the betrayed gun owners as soon as her ass was in that Senate seat; anybody expect better than this from her?
...Clearly Gillibrand’s definition of due process differs from that of, say, a typical civil libertarian.

In any case, FIRE’s Joe Cohn took a look at the bill. In 51 pages, it contains a mere two references to due process for the accused. Here’s Cohn: the bill “provides both students with notice of the charges and sufficient time to ‘meaningfully exercise the due process rights afforded to them under institutional policy.’” The phrase meaningfully exercise isn’t defined. This is what Senator Gillibrand thinks is a good deal for the accused.

Well, from the looks of this the reason for the 'problem' was Steven Lorenz and Brian DiBlassio going out of their way to MAKE a problem.  Assholes.

Dear Butthurt Illegal Aliens;
It triggers me to dislike you even more when you try to have my flag hidden away in my country.

You can't stand it?  Go the hell back to whatever country you came from.  And take your progressive supporters with you.

Sincerely, etc.

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Mr. Prime Minister, have you ever heard the term 'Streisand Effect'?

You should look it up, you'll be horrified.
India's far-right Hindu Nationalist government headed by Narendra Modi has banned telecasting and viewing online of a BBC documentary on the 2012 Delhi rape which shocked the nation. The documentary consists interviews of the rapist Mukesh Singh, his lawyers and the victim's parents seems to expose the male dominant nature of Indian society. Indian government is now attempting to ban the documentary worldwide.
Snork... wheeze... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  Fat chance, guy!

Vimeo won't let me embed it, unfortunately.  And I can't find it on Youtube; all kinds of other stuff on it, but not the documentary itself.

More on this bullshit here.

Personally, I think this a fine demonstration that
A: India should get rid of its idiotic "We can't allow the commoners to legally own arms" laws,
B: Which would allow women the self-defense ability to shoot rapists full of holes, and
C: if the rapist survives, he should have a meeting with Mr. Noose. 

Be it noted also, that the comments made by a bunch of these assholes violate Ms. Silversteins' beloved hate-speech laws, and is she working tirelessly to have them jailed for it?

Or doesn't she consider India one of the civilized countries that have obeyed the UN dictate to pass them?

And if she does think so, doesn't that make her guilty of hate speech for calling the place uncivilized?

Once again, someone from another bloody country tells us

that our 1st Amendment should actually mean 'except when your speech is hate speech, then you can go to jail for it.'
...The United Nations, the European Union, and the Council of Europe all require member countries to institute strong laws against hate speech. Every single human rights group in existence strongly supports hate speech laws and continually works to have them expanded. All countries now have laws against hate speech. 

All countries, that is, except for the United States.
And here we go.  Tell me, how much speech about damn near ANYTHING could be banned under this?
Civilized, human rights-based countries not only have laws against hate speech, but also laws against things like insults, Holocaust denial, voicing approval of terrorist attacks, indecent depictions of violence, disparaging the memory of deceased persons, the dissemination of offensive ideas, and other forms of speech that violate the basic human rights and human dignity of others.
INSULTS, for Gods' sake...  Gee, Silverstein, who gets to define all this?  Is saying "Hitler and Stalin were both murdering, torturing, racist socialist bastards" an insult, or does that get a pass(wouldn't surprise me if the Hitler part is ok, but stating facts about Stalin would be out of bounds)?

What many Americans don’t seem to understand is that failing to pass laws against hate speech not only violates fundamental human rights, but also explicitly violates international law. The US has signed and ratified the ICCPR and the ICERD and, as such, is required to implement sanctions on hate speech.
Bullshit; the treaties were signed, but the part about restricting speech were reserved, because THEY VIOLATE OUR CONSTITUTION AND RIGHTS.  Deal with it.

And this is priceless:
Like any intelligent and sensible person, I have always been a dedicated champion of freedom of speech, especially when it’s speech that many people do not want to hear. To quote Voltaire, “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”
like all rights, it comes with many responsibilities and it must be used constructively. ...As any human rights lawyer can tell you, the human right to freedom of speech must be balanced against other human rights, such as the human rights to dignity, respect, and non-discrimination. Your rights end where the rights of others begin.

Screw you.  Your markers mean ANY speech that ANYONE finds somehow offensive can be banned.  Which is why we tell you to go piss up a rope.  Or take a long walk on a short dock.  And other ways of saying 'Piss off'.

And then we get to some of the usual stuff we've come to expect:
Thousands of people are killed each year because of the gun lobby’s propaganda manipulating public opinion against sensible gun bans,...
Defending one of the basic enumerated rights in the Constitution is hate speech and should be banned.
Oh, and Silverstein?  You just committed hate speech against people supporting the 2nd Amendment; what is your sentence?
There isn’t a single person in Europe, Canada, Australia, or anywhere else outside of America who thinks that there shouldn’t be ANY laws against hate speech, vilification, or incitement to hatred.
Really?  NOBODY else in the world believes unfettered speech is a good thing?
Just like freedom of speech doesn’t protect death threats, freedom of speech also doesn’t protect hateful, hurtful, or offensive speech.
A: As a defender of the 2nd Amendment and unfettered free speech, you offended me, bitch.  Hie thyself off to jail.
B: Once more: who gets to define 'hateful, hurtful, or offensive'?  You and the other nasty little nanny-state clowns?
Why does the Japanese far-right respect fundamental human rights more than American “liberals” do?
They LIKE the idea of being able to restrict speech; actual liberals don't.  Moron.
Just as freedom of speech does not protect the right to shout “fire!” in a crowded theater, it also should not protect the right to spout hatred and intolerance, to oppose human rights, to perpetuate toxic systems of privilege and oppression, or to argue against the common good.
A: You CAN shout that in a theater; if it's a false alarm, you can face penalties for it.
B: Again: WHO gets to define 'intolerance', 'hatred', 'toxic systems', and 'common good'?  You mean it to be done by bigots and control freaks like yourself; no, thank you.

And now we get to one of the real prizes in this totalitarian wish list:
One of the core aspects of human rights is that all rights and freedoms are gifts granted to us from the United Nations and from human rights law, and that all rights and freedoms must be balanced against other rights and freedoms. Freedoms need to be restricted or removed when they interfere with other freedoms. This is a principle that the United States completely fails to understand.
Let me put this in bold: FUCK YOU.  Our Constitution notes that rights such as free speech, the right to arms, the right to be safe from unreasonable search and seizure are OURS.  They damn well do NOT come from the Gods-damned UN, and if the UN wants to take them away, fight's on, bitch.  Especially when you want to shove this down our throats:
Freedom of speech exists so that citizens can have a civil, polite, constructive, and respectful conversation about ideas worth discussing – NOT so that privileged bigots can spew venomous hatred at the most vulnerable and marginalized segments of society. Under the guise of “freedom of speech,” America is giving a voice to people who should never be heard in the first place.
Back to
A: WHO decides if an idea is worth discussing?
B: WHO decides who's the delicate flowers of 'vulnerable and marginalized' who can't survive hearing something they don't like?
C: The big one: WHO decides whether an idea SHOULD BE HEARD OR NOT?
You?  The UN? 
Fuck You, one and all.

More reason to say that with flourishes:
Freedom of speech should never be a license to insult, offend, disrespect, oppose human rights, undermine progress, or incite hatred. Racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial, climate change denial, vaccine denial, anti-feminism, cultural appropriation, xenophobia, ableism, anti-multiculturalism, transphobia, and all other forms of bigotry are not “thoughts” or “opinions.” They are crimes, and all civilized countries already treat them as such.
Someone says something you don't like?  Label it not a thought, but a crime.  With people like this tyrant wannabe doing the defining and deciding.  No, thank you.

The United Nations and human rights groups have stressed many times that these laws do not in any way interfere with the sacred right to freedom of speech.
Because anything they don't approve of is labeled 'Not speech, but a crime'. 

By the way, the idea of allowing the UN, an organization known for corruption, turning away from actual horrible crimes(like the massacre in Rwanda), excusing tyrants, excusing hatred of Jews, 'peacekeepers' running child brothels and other activities  the power to decide who can say what is horrifying.

Which is why we have some of those fine illustrations this idiot would put us in jail for displaying, such as

Well, most progressives are bigoted and/or racist idiots,

so them wanting a racist who actively worked to get rid of blacks and other 'bad' humans put on the $20 bill is not a surprise.

Stealing words from Michael Williamson:
One of these fucks had an article about how it was racist to fire blacks for tardiness or absenteeism because "Africans have a different sense of time."
Well, if my employee actually came from Africa, and not from the parts that have been run by Europeans for 400 years, that might be a consideration.
But stripped of the PhD niceties, his comment came down to "Darkies can't be expected to show up on time," and I'd be racist for doing so.
Virtually all "liberals" who complain about prejudice and bigotry are projecting.

Use for time travel: find bastard who came up with Daylight Savings Time

and beat him with a large spiked club.