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So Britain is sliding further down the drain

Waltham Forest, an area identified in the most recent census figures available as having the fifth-biggest proportion of Muslims – 15 percent – of any local authority in England or Wales, has been singled out by radicals behind the group calling itself Muslims Against Crusades (MAC).

“As part of our Islamic Emirate Project, Waltham Forest is to be the first borough to be targeted for an intense shari’a led campaign, introducing the prospect of Islamic law for the Muslim community to abide by,” MAC said in a statement this week.

The project aims to “gradually transform Muslim communities into Islamic Emirates operating under shari’a law,” the group said.
Citing injunctions from the Qur’an and other Islamic texts, it says Muslims in Britain must, among other things:

- reject democracy
- not have non-Muslim friends
- not celebrate non-Muslim festivals including Christmas and Easter
- not join the police or armed forces
- not vote for lawmakers, or stand for election
- demand the release of “all Muslim prisoners in the hands of the disbelievers”
- reject integration with non-Islamic society
- abide by shari’a and not any “man-made law”

“A Muslim must believe that all Christians or Jews will be destined for the hellfire and that only Muslims will be eligible to go to paradise,” the pamphlet says in an entry on why Muslims must reject interfaith activity.

“Any Muslim who opposes any policy in this pamphlet should be confronted.”
In the CNS article a guy says "no way the government will allow this"; problem is, they've been allowing various clowns to get away with acting like this for quite a while.
Also, I imagine the 'don't vote' will be followed by protesting that they don't have to obey any election results because "We didn't have a say in it!"

Over here we have the TSA acting like fools and messing with grandmas because- well, because they're a bunch of fucking morons, that's why.
But there's a bit of blowback occurring:
Court records show 61-year-old Yukari Mihamae grabbed the left breast of the female agent Thursday at the Terminal 4 checkpoint.
There's no word why she touched the agent.
Yeah, it's a damn mystery, ain't it?

Ever heard of the Katyusha rocket? Russian system, used a lot of them in WWII; here's some information on it.

DoJ says "We can force you to decrypt your computer's contents for us", various people saying "Screw you." On general principle I go with the "Screw you" crowd. Especially after reading this part:
Because this involves a Fifth Amendment claim, Colorado prosecutors took the unusual step of seeking approval from headquarters in Washington, D.C.: On May 5, Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer sent a letter to John Walsh, the U.S. Attorney for Colorado, saying "I hereby approve your request."
Especially with his involvement in Gunrunner, I consider ANYTHING Breuer is involved in to be a threat to the general welfare.

Well, it is a disturbing resemblance...

"Ok, I'm ready, let's go!"

And, from a taxidermist with a sense of humor,

Friday, July 15, 2011

A modified holster

Couple of years back, after reading of the wonders of the in-waistband holsters, I picked one up to try(Don Hume, to be specific). Overall I really liked it, if for no other reason than it does not move. I’ve got a couple of belt holsters I like, but they have a tendency to slide back & forth a bit, especially if you have to lean over to do something; the IWB holster stays put.

There were two things I had problems with:
1. With it inside the pants, in hot weather it could soak up sweat, which is not good for firearms, and can be hard on the leather, too.
2. The mouth had a second piece of leather stitched around to stiffen it a bit, but if you had the piece out of it for a few minutes, the mouth closed enough that it was difficult to reholster without having to work the muzzle around a touch to get it started in.
The fixes were
For 2, I cut the stitching, cut a thin strip off an old saw blade* and shaped it to fit, put it between the holster and reinforcing piece and stitched it back up.
For 1, I waxed it the same way I used to do knife sheaths to stiffen & help waterproof them. I used a mix of ½ paraffin, ½ beeswax and just a little Lexol or neatsfoot oil added in. In the case of the holster, I cut a piece of wood to just a touch taller and wider than the front sight and taped it on the slide between the sights, then wrapped the pistol in plastic wrap(or a plastic bag, either works). Put the wax in a shallow pan in the oven with a big piece of aluminum foil next to it and left it on ‘warm’ until melted. Stuck the holster in for a few minutes to warm, then used a leather dye swab to wipe wax all over the holster, inside and out, then laid it on the foil and closed the door. After a few minutes the leather had soaked all the wax up, so repeated until it seemed almost saturated. At which time you stick the pistol in, make sure everything’s lined up as it should be, and bone it: take something smooth and hard and rub the holster all over** to fit it to the piece, then let it cool. It’ll usually be sticky to draw, but when you take the plastic and the sight spacer off it should slide in & out nicely.

I’ll note that with heavier, stiffer leather the wax may take care of stiffening the mouth.

I’ve been happy with it, It does have the one drawback of any other holster: you have to wear something over your shirt or whatever to hide it(no open carry in OK); uncomfortable this time of year. The solution to that was found in a book on self-defense handgunning: the tuckable holster. If you’re not familiar, it’s a IWB holster with the clip being long, and attached at the bottom. That leaves a space between the clip and holster where you can tuck your shirt. Procedure:
Unbutton pants.
Pull up shirt.
Clip holster on belt.
Insert pistol if not already in.
Twist and pull like a Cirque du Soliel clown to get the shirt tucked between without dropping your pants.
Tuck rest of shirt in and button pants.
Yes, that’s awkward, and it’s not as fast to draw from as a uncovered holster; however, under a loose dress or casual shirt it disappears. A very handy rig.

I picked up one of the de Santis rigs linked to. It worked well, but I did give it the wax treatment to protect the leather and gun a bit. The one problem I noticed after a couple of hot days was that when you took the pistol out I actually had beads of sweat on the slide above the holster. Not good. Two obvious solutions(besides an undershirt):
Find another holster that rises up enough in back to protect against this, or
Take off the reinforcing leather piece and replace it with one that rises enough to protect.
Or, being me, you dig out some leather and make another holster.

I mostly copied the de Santis, including- as I’ve not gotten hold of the stuff to make a similar clip- using the clip off it. Here’s the holster, just finished:
Back view

The clip has one hold and one curved slot and uses screw posts. There's a piece of leather sewn to the toe that holds the female side of the posts(this is the original)
A star friction washer goes over each, then the clip, then the screws, so with this you can adjust the angle to suit.

I’ll give it a try over the next while and see how it works. Holds up ok. I’ll find some kydex to make the body of a clip and make one for it(the spring clip is steel, riveted on; the steel I have)

*Also useful for making scrapers, small blades and other things.
**One of the best things to use was a piece of polished bone, thus the name. Nowadays plastic works well, too.

The other day it was that e-mail

asking for 'anecdotal cases'; now we have this:
Even more damning: the existence of more emails that confirm these same ATF officials and others were colluding to use the Operation “Fast and Furious” guns that they helped smuggle into Mexico as a pretext for the new reporting regulation.

Something so effing stupid it could only come from a nut-level feminist

And the fact that the effing NAVY thought it was a good thing to post...
3. If you pull over to help someone with car problems, remember not to assault them!
10. Carry a whistle! If you're worried you might assault someone "accidentally" you can hand it to the person you're with so they can blow it if you do.
Bloody jumping Jeebus on a pogo stick, the idiot that put this together is SERIOUS:
The poster was not a Navy-produced document, but rather a product of the feminist blog TumblinFeminist.
and some PC-minded idiots at the Navy thought this was a good idea to post? Really? And the idiots at TF considered this a realistic thing? 'Remember not to assault them', bloody fucking hell.

The fundraiser's over,

so take a look at what came of it. Didn't quite make the $100k target, but took in a lot.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Did Fast & Furious violate the Arms Export Control Act?

That is an interesting question.

And a bunch of Gunwalker links at Sipsey.

'Sometimes drowning doesn't look

like drowning.

Good information, especially this time of year

Project Valour-IT

Some words from Blackfive.

If you've got a few bucks you can spare, hit that button over on the sidebar. Or go here.

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I have always been the person I should fear most.

I think sometimes that should be my motto, but I've never quite taken it to this level

Well, well, well, such an interesting e-mail

Found here

Under the heading of 'Things I'd like to see'

is an idea that occurred the other day:
Take the old Colt Pocket Hammerless in .380:
Put on bigger sights.
Make the thumb safety a 'click on & off'.
And, just to gild the lily, make the frame of suitable aluminum.
Wouldn't that be a sweet thing?

Oh boy, the reaction to this must've been something

to see; fly on the wall, etc. All bolds mine:
Dear Attorney General Holder:

As our investigation in Operation Fast and Furious has progressed, we have learned that senior officials at the Department of Justice (DOJ), including Senate-confirmed political appointees, were unquestionably aware of the implementation of this reckless program. Therefore it is necessary to review communications between and among these senior officials. As such, please provide all records relating to communications between and among the following individuals regarding Operation Fast and Furious:

1. David Ogden, Former Deputy Attorney General;

2. Gary Grindler, Officer of the Attorney General and former Acting Deputy Attorney General;

3. James Cole, Deputy Attorney General;

4. Lanny Breuer, Assistant Attorney General;

5. Kenneth Blanco, Deputy Assistant Attorney General;

6. Jason Weinstein, Deputy Assistant Attorney General;

7. John Keeney, Deputy Assistant Attorney General;

8. Matt Axelrod, Associate Deputy Attorney General;

9. Ed Siskel, Former Associate Deputy Attorney General;

10. Brad Smith, Office of the Deputy Attorney General;

11. Kevin Carwhile, Section Chief, Capitol Case Unit; and

12. Joseph Cooley, Criminal Fraud Section.

These records should include e-mails, memoranda, briefing papers, and handwritten notes. Additionally, any records related to communications referring to a large firearms trafficking case within the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) or in Phoenix should be included in any production.
Full letter at Sipsey, or at Codrea's link.

This has to have some people saying bad words and reviewing their(they hope) legal cover; this covering 'a large trafficking case and/or in Phoenix' covers Houston and Tampa and anywhere else they may have been running such an operation. Which brings up another "If you lie to us, when we catch it, we won't be happy" moment for these people.

Some serious motivational posters

over here: pics and words from some of the guys from Band of Brothers

More on the Gunwalker companion operation

in Texas:
The men were trailed as part of a multi-agency operation similar to Fast and Furious, that to date has not been named, in the Dallas Field Operations area, which encompasses southwest Texas, north Texas, and Oklahoma.

This is in addition to considerable circumstantial evidence that the Houston Field Operations area, which is made up of central and southeastern Texas, may have been responsible for shipping a large percentage of the recovered guns linked to Mexican cartels in central and southern Mexico. How large is the alleged Houston operation? It could possibly dwarf the Arizona operation now so infamously known as the source of the weapons recovered at Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry’s murder.

On March 3, Senator Grassley sent a letter to Kenneth Melson, the acting director of the ATF, “concerned that the ATF may have employed the same risky strategy of encouraging weapons trafficking that was employed elsewhere by the ATF, beyond the Phoenix Field Office and its Operation ‘Fast and Furious.’”

Melson and the ATF never answered, prompting a follow-up letter on March 28, in which he revealed that the Department of Justice knew Otilio and Ranferi Osorio and Kevin Morrison were straw purchasers of cartel weapons as early as August 7, 2010, 193 days before Agents Avila and Zapata were murdered with a “walked” Texas gun.
I wonder what Melson was asked about this by the investigators, and just what he had to say?

Added: It's like a daily feature, including
The new regulations will require ATF bureaucrats in four border states, California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, to file new reports with themselves each time they illegally send more than 2 high-powered, semi-automatic rifles across the border within a 5 day period.

Damn! An off switch for cats!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Looks like Tingles Matthews has competition

for the biggest suckup to Obama.
...can we just enjoy Obama for a moment? Before the policy choices have to be weighed and the hard decisions have to be made, can we just take a month or two to contemplate him the way we might contemplate a painting by Vermeer or a guitar lick by the early-seventies Rolling Stones or a Peyton Manning pass or any other astounding, ecstatic human achievement? Because twenty years from now, we're going to look back on this time as a glorious idyll in American politics, with a confident, intelligent, fascinating president riding the surge of his prodigious talents from triumph to triumph. Whatever happens this fall or next, the summer of 2011 is the summer of Obama.
But even if you disagree with him, even if you hate him, even if you are his enemy, at this point you must admire him. The turning point came that glorious week in the spring when, in the space of a few days, he released his long-form birth certificate, humiliated Donald Trump at the White House Correspondents' Dinner, and assassinated Osama bin Laden. The effortlessness of that political triptych — three linked masterpieces demonstrating his total command over intellectual argument, low comedy, and the spectacle of political violence — was so overwhelmingly impressive that it made political geniuses of the recent past like Reagan and Clinton [FIG.2] seem ham-fisted. Formed in the fire of other people's wars, other people's financial crises, Obama stepped out of Bush's shadow that week, almost three years after taking over the presidency. Etc., etc., 'Oh come let us adore him' etc.

No, I'm not linking directly to this drippy, disgusting piece of worship; I'd feel like I'd contaminated the blog if I did.

This is a fine example of why I despise AGW True Believers

PRIMARY school children are being terrified by lessons claiming climate change will bring "death, injury and destruction" to the world unless they take action.

On the eve of Prime Minister Julia Gillard's carbon tax package announcement, psychologists and scientists said the lessons were alarmist, created unneeded anxiety among school children and endangered their me
Linkntal health.

Climate change as a "Doomsday scenario" is being taught in classrooms across Australia
Go read it for all the disgusting details. Please note this:
Psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg called on educators to be "more circumspect and present both sides (of the climate-change debate)".

"When you repeat things over and over to young people who don't have the cognitive maturity and emotional maturity to process this stuff, you end up creating unnecessary anxiety," he said.

Federal Schools Minister Peter Garrett said the government would not stop the teaching of climate science, despite moves in Britain for the subject to be withdrawn.
Got that? 'present both sides of the debate' means "STOP TEACHING IT!" according to miserable little assholes like Garrett.

Damn these people; for their arrogance, and what they're doing to kids.

Know something about Gunwalker or the other

(possibly two) operations? There's some confidential contact stuff out there

Fine, it's a venomous spider, but this

seems a bit of overkill:
The store in the town of Bexbach was immediately evacuated and the police were called in. A spider expert from a nearby zoo helped a team of 30 people who gingerly searched the shelves, at times switching off the lights to lure the nocturnal beast out of its hiding place.

Disturbingly, they found nothing. On Saturday night, pest controllers decided to solve the problem by spraying the entire 5,000-square meter store with poison. All the perishable food was discarded but the store plans to keep tinned goods, arguing that the pesticide dissipated quickly and wasn't dangerous to humans.

It was due to reopen later on Monday. "Experts believe the spider should be dead," a police spokesman said. They haven't found the body, though. And it can't be ruled out that it left the supermarket and is now roaming Bexbach.

Below, a better shot of one of these:

"OOpsy!" says Holder

when he gets the letter.
A startling new allegation about possible tainting of potential witness testimony before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform has surfaced in a letter sent yesterday by Congressman Darrell Issa and Senator Charles Grassley to Attorney General Eric Holder. In their letter,obtained by this column, Issa and Grassley reveal:
“We have recently learned that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) has afforded potential witnesses for the Committees’ investigation into Operation Fast and Furious access to a shared drive on its computer system replete with pertinent investigative documents, including official ATF e-mails. Although our staff has been advised the Department has since terminated access to this document cache, we write to seek additional information relating to this egregious decision. We also ask that you promptly self-report this matter to the Office of Inspector General (OIG).”

Also noted at Sipsey, where I first ran across this

Dear Tax-Cheat Geithner:

Screw you
"The president has proposed some very sensible tax reforms that would eliminate loopholes and ask the wealthiest Americans to pay a modest additional share of the burden," Geithner said.
Does that include you and Charlie Rangel?

I think that goofy economist Feinberg made a mistake

Other than screwing with people over dinner, that is. Specifically,
She claimed that someone was “in the process of buying” Ryan until she confronted him.
A lawyer I am not, but that sounds like she's accusing Ryan and the two guys he dined with of committing federal crimes. And unless she's got some proof, some evidence to back that up, I'd think she just opened herself up to getting her ass sued off.

And Obama's attack begins

The Obama administration on Monday granted new powers to federal regulators fighting gun traffickers on the violence-plagued Mexican border.

Issued by the Department of Justice (DOJ), the new rules require border-state gun dealers to report bulk purchases of assault weapons made by individual buyers over short spans of time — a tool requested in December by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).
Actually, if they would begin by firing and prosecuting ATF and FBI and DEA and whoever else took part in helping smuggle weapons into Mexico, it'd do more good than this crap.

Added: the NRA is acting:
“They don’t have the statutory authority to do it and we’ll file a lawsuit as soon as the first letters are sent” demanding the sales information from dealers, the NRA’s legislative director Chris Cox told POLITICO Monday afternoon.
As noted, Via Joe, who notes: What isn’t explicitly stated is that the requiring the reporting of gun sales cannot be done by executive order. A change of this type requires legislative action.

Monday, July 11, 2011

So the LA Sheriff is a PC idiot

who's spending a lot of OPM on something he really shouldn't be.
Steve Whitmore, LASD Senior Media Advisor, confirmed the Muslim Community Affairs Unit receives taxpayer funds approximating $128,400 per year for two full time Deputies. When this reporter asked Mr. Whitmore if any other , religions, had a LASD Community Affairs Unit and received equal taxpayer funds, Whitmore replied, "There are no other religious Community Affairs Units in the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department."
I'm wondering if this was his own bright idea, or if some politician or activist came up with it.
...The MCAU has another function, "The unit also trains department members about Islam and Muslims, touching on issues such as religious beliefs and customs. Academy recruits also receive a two-hour class on Muslim cultures and background as part of the cultural awareness training program." A program tasked with teaching Shariah Compliant Islamic values to incoming police recruits, while excluding the values of every other religion in Los Angeles County.
Sheriff Baca needs his ass kicked for getting this started. And if you want some real fun, start insisting that all the money spent on this needs to be repaid.

Speaking of dumbassery, this has been floating around the last couple of days, and it is a fine demonstration of leftist thought: "You shouldn't do things I don't think are nice. And I can mess up YOUR evening and expect to be patted on the head for doing it." I love this part:
Ms. Crabtree felt the need to go to DEFCON 1 for this outrage that a member of Congress and his two economist friends would buy expensive wine with their own money. She's never, ever written horribly about Barack Obama using taxpayer money for fancy wine at State Dinners. She's never written salaciously about the liquor bills on Nancy Pelosi's government funded plane.

But by God you get some failed Rutgers economist out on a birthday date with her husband at a hotel restaurant who gets all jealous that she's not cool enough to hang out with Little Eddie Munster and his econ pals and . . . well . . . fire up the broom stick and quill pen, we've got a hot story and a little scandal on our hands.

And that's all I've got tonight. Assuming I get some sleep, the usual bitching and yelling will resume sometime tomorrow

A picture from a long time ago

Friend of mine knew a gunsmith, who had a select-fire subgun he'd let you shoot if you provided the ammo and he got the brass. So one day we headed out with a box of .45acp each and gave it a try
First time I'd ever fired an automatic. I found that with a silhouette at about twenty feet I could put the first round center, the second upper-left chest and the third consistently went just over the shoulder. And I was wishing for either a can or a barrel extension up front, as that muzzle felt just a bit close to my fingers. It isn't, really, but it felt that way. And I learned the true meaning of 'turning money into noise'.

I'll throw in a story: son got a chance to hit a Special Forces range a couple of times and play with their toys, including a H&K machine pistol. Before firing was warned that they had a number of guys missing the tip of their left index finger, because if you were firing one of these
in the earlier version of this did not have that extra finger protector up front and you let your finger straighten, then sometimes...

It would appear that Miller Beer needs to go unsold

since they've apparently partnered with these people.

Soviet sub, sunk in the Winter War,


More pictures here

There's cheap, and there's cheap

The Swede's wife steps up to the tee and, as she bends over to place her ball,
a gust of wind blows her skirt up and reveals her lack of underwear.
'Good God, woman! Why aren't you wearing any skivvies?' Ole demanded.
'Well' she said, 'you don't give me enough housekeeping money to afford any.'
The Swede immediately reaches into his pocket and says, 'For the sake of decency,
here's a 50. Go and buy yourself some underwear.'

Next, the Irishman's wife bends over to set her ball on the tee.
Her skirt also blows up to show that she, too, is wearing no undies.
'Blessed Virgin Mary, woman! You've no knickers. Why not?'
She replies, 'I can't afford any on the money you give me.'
Patrick reaches into his pocket and says, 'For the sake of decency,
here's a 20. Go and buy yourself some underwear"!

Lastly, the Scotsman's wife bends over. The wind also takes her skirt
over her head to reveal that she, too, is naked under it.
'Sweet mudder of Jaysus, Aggie! Where ta friggin hell are yer drawers?'
She too explains, 'You dinna give me enough money ta be able ta affarrd any.'
The Scotsman reaches into his pocket and says, 'Well, fer the love 'o decency,
here's a comb. Tidy yerself up a bit.


Can get here

If you're looking for some pants,

here's some I can suggest. I got two of the 'basic operator pant' a while back, and I like them: solidly made, more comfortable in hot weather than jeans and more pockets. And I can say that something like dropped-food stains wash out quite well.

Prince Charles is visiting an Aberdeen hospital.

He enters a ward full of patients with no obvious sign of injury or illness and greets one. The patient replies:
"Fair fa your honest sonsie face,
Great chieftain o the puddin race,
Aboon them a ye take yer place,
Painch, tripe or thairm..."

Charles is confused, so he just grins and moves on to the next patient. The patient responds:"
Some hae meat an canna eat,
And some wad eat that want it,
But we hae meat an we can eat,
So let the Lord be thankit."

Even more confused, and his grin now rictus-like, the Prince moves on to the next patient, who immediately begins to chant:
"Wee sleekit, cowerin, timrous beasty,
O the panic in thy breasty,
Thou needna start awa sae hastie,
Wi bickering brattle."

Now seriously troubled, Charles turns to the accompanying doctor and asks "Is this a psychiatric ward?"

"No," replies the doctor, "this is the serious Burns unit."

And if you don't get it, look up Robert Burns, you uncultured bastard

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I can't say I ever heard of John Cook before,

but now I know that if I meet him I should spit on his shoes.

Do these clowns not have ANY working brain cells? Or is it they like the idea of getting someone(or their family) doing dangerous work to protect this country killed?

Please note, at the top of the sidebar,

the Project Valour IT button.

Hit it.