Saturday, March 26, 2022

From over at GFZ, some videos guaranteed to infuriate you

and some words some people better listen to.
I do educate my children at home, both of my kids could read and write before going to kindergarten, but my wife and I do not have the time to be full time homeschooling parents.

But most importantly, I pay property taxes and federal income tax, both with end up in the schools. I pay for the schools.

I, as a taxpayer, should have the right to decide how that money gets used, just as I have the right to decide how the rest of my money gets used, and I do not want it used to indoctrinate my children with an anti-human, anti-normal, anti-science fundamentalist Leftist religious/cult ideology about sex and gender that harms children.
This ship will be righted one way or another, but I’m not going to abandon it. 

Yes, Seventh Evening again, so

here y'go

Hey, you expect the Special People to obey the laws they complain about?

From an email:
BELLEVUE, WA – The Second Amendment Foundation is calling for an investigation of possible gun law violations by NBC News and the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office while producing and filming an undercover “hidden camera investigation” at a gun show, focusing on sales of so-called “ghost gun” kits.

NBC reporter Vaughn Hillyard took his hidden camera into the Oaks, Penn. Eagle Gun Show to purchase two P80 firearm kits from JSD Supply. Those kits, generically called “80 percenters” because they require some finishing work by the buyer, were subsequently taken to the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office where they were finished, assembled and actually fired on camera. The report aired on March 17.

“This sort of sensationalism is designed to generate ratings and raise viewer alarms,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb. “However, our alarms were raised because of the possible felonies that may have been committed by the reporter and the office of Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro.”

The issue was initially raised by Ammoland journalist John Crump, who frequently writes about the firearms industry. Ammoland is an online publication covering all aspects of firearms news and is one of the most widely-read gun news sites in the U.S. According to Crump’s report, “The news crew transferred two complete ‘readily convertible’ kits out of the parts they purchased separately at the show. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) previously viewed ‘buy, build, shoot’ kits as readily convertible and, therefore, a firearm…If the ATF still keeps to that definition, Hillyard, an out-of-state resident, transferred two ‘readily convertible’ firearms (pistols) kits illegally to the Pennsylvania AG’s employees to complete. There is not an exception in the law for any AG’s ‘special agents,’ which means that the agents must obey all laws.”

“You cannot violate federal gun laws to complain about gun laws and promote a gun control agenda, even as a working journalist,” Gottlieb stated. “We call on the Biden Justice Department to investigate possible violations of federal gun law, same as that agency would investigate any private citizen who had done the same thing. You don’t get a pass simply by working for NBC.”

The problem being you're not supposed to, but they do.  Remember the asshat holding up an  illegal-in-DC 30-round mag and getting away with it?  Asshats taking illegal-for-anyone-to-have-there firearms to Pelosi & Co. to show and getting away with it?  As to the AG's clowns, chances of them being held to account, in Pennsylvania?  

Friday, March 25, 2022

And on this night, it being the Sixth of the Week,

well, you know the rest

A few things to note before I scream in frustration

If this is correct on the Wuhan vaccines and immune system damage, people need to hang.

If this is correct and true on voting fraud, same.  There's plenty of rope.

MSNBC once again earning their pay as Democrat operatives with bylines.

And last, because I'm tired of this shit, is Biden admitting to lying about not putting US troops into Ukraine, or this level of crack-brained idiot?

And in either case, why the hell wouldn't someone on his staff have stopped him?
And yes, I've seen this from several sources.

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

I have to wonder how some of these quack doctors and psychiatrists can live with themselves,

knowing the damage they've done to a lot of kids.

The real cases of gender dysphoria are rare, but only doing the hormones and surgery to those who actually fit, well, that doesn't fill the, call it the 'quota' leftist society demands.

I can't find the link I put up a while back, two of the best surgeons in the world on the subject of sex change operations, talking about how far too many kids are being pushed into this.  I found this piece, which is much less in-depth.  If I can find the other, I'll add it.
Ah, found it just before published.

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

I have to wonder: did the NY(effing)Times just decide they couldn't avoid this anymore,

or is this part of the "Joe is getting too bad to let this continue much more, we've got to prepare the ground for getting rid of him"?

Oh yes, more like this, please

A major victory for free speech: A federal judge ruled on March 11th that officials at the University of North Texas can be held personally responsible for firing a professor because they did not like his political opinions.
Nor is this the only story where officials at North Texas have moved to silence debate. In another case Uuniversity officials removed Professor Timothy Jackson, the editor of a music journal (which he also founded), and defunded the journal because Jackson had disagreed with another leftist professor. When Jackson sued, he also sued both the college and the individuals involved.

And like Hiers, the court in January ruled in Jackson’s favor, allowing the suit against those individuals to go forward.

Excellent.  It's a start.

Monday, March 21, 2022

Keep your digits away from the flash gap

Note for those not familiar with revolvers: between the breech end of the barrel and the front of the cylinder is a gap; it's only a few thousandths of an inch, but it has to be there.  In most revolvers it's here
Then you have the Chiappa Rhino, which is a strange design, but it does seem to shoot well; its flash gap is here
With most, you just about have to work at it to get your support-hand thumb near the gap, but on the Rhino you don't, and if you use the same thumb forward grip you do on a semi-auto, it's going to hurt.

Which brings us to the story: yesterday a guy came out and asked if we had some bandages.  Yep, he was shooting a Rhino for the first time, and the flash tore a hole in his leather glove and cut a nice, straight line across his thumb, also giving it one hell of a whack.  Had him wash it(turned out the RSO had already told him that), then put some antibiotic and bandaging on it.  He'd been talking about muzzle blast, and something clicked and I asked him if he was using a thumb forward grip, and yes.  Explained about that gap, then strongly suggested either go to a doc-in-a-box or the ER, because even if no other damage that was going to have to be cleaned out.  

Lesson being, if it's a new type of firearm to you, find out if there's a way it can hurt you before you load up.

Ah, the geniuses studying at Harvard

Harvard University recently closed its Mather House Campus Police substation due to students' feelings about law enforcement.

Students voiced emotional concerns of intimidation, citing several instances of armed officers eating lunch in the upper-class dining hall, The Crimson reports.

And various other whiny bullshit.  Wait a while, and since the nearest cop shop is now a lot further away, as the muggings, robberies and rapes go up, they'll be bitching about how they're not safe on campus.

On the 'cooked the books' posts,

yes, this is a 'friend of a friend' story, but I have reason to believe it:
Wife of friend, best friend is a nurse.  When NYeffingC was screaming "We're all dying!", she was offered a lot of money to come to NYC and work.  Offers kept going up until she couldn't pass, packed up and went.

After a few days she noticed that a LOT of deaths that had nothing to do with the virus were being recorded as Wuhan deaths and mentioned something to the supervisor about it.  She wound up being taken into a empty hallway and told "If you say anything about this again, you'll be fired, there is BIG money involved in this."

Which, considering the number of cases with people admitting "We overcounted/miscounted/lied(they won't say the last) the numbers, they were way too high", I believe it.

Sunday, March 20, 2022

Exhibit A(for tonight) of "We cooked the books"

"The group combed through 800 responses to Freedom of Information requests made by members of the public to medical institutions such as care homes and hospital trusts, and found fundamental flaws in way Covid fatalities were recorded.

In total, 14 different terms were used to describe a person who had died with Covid – including ‘underlying Covid’, ‘due to Covid’, ‘involving Covid’ and ‘died within either 28 or 60 days of a positive test’.

Some hospital trusts required a positive test to certify a Covid death, while others didn’t.

Most shockingly, in care homes, deaths were certified by doctors making their inspection via a video call – and this was permitted due to emergency guidance introduced in April 2020. "
When Jessie died in April 2020, doctors noted her cause of death as Covid-19 – despite her never testing positive for the virus.

‘The doctor explained to me that, in the absence of a test, doctors are encouraged to put down Covid on death certificates,’ said Gary.

Exhibit B:
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revised its data this week to reduce pediatric deaths from COVID-19 by nearly 24%.

On Tuesday, the agency was reporting on its COVID Data Tracker that 1,755 Americans under age 18 had died from the virus since the pandemic began in spring 2020. Now, it is reporting 1,341 deaths in that category.
The CDC said the number was revised March 15 due to a “coding logic error,” according to a footnote on the agency’s COVID Data Tracker. Pediatric death counts were not the only ones to be lowered — total deaths were reduced by roughly 70,000. "

So, incompetent, lying, or both?