Friday, June 18, 2021

It's nice that things are improving some,

but it seems to be taking forever!  

I know, I'm old, it's serious, and it'll take time.  Still seems should be a little faster than this.

And trying to get hold of whoever's taking calls so I can ask some questions is enough to make you consider a very loud visit to the place.  Dammit.

I shall now get some more to drink, make sure I have a phone close, and grumble.

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Bored Humans In Space

Sounds about right.

Why do you think? Enviroweenies and windmills and solar panels

Texans have been unpleasantly surprised with blackout and usage warnings from ERCOT this week. That’s the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, which was no one’s friend during the great freeze back in February. Its rolling blackouts left Texans alternately freezing and fuming but not quite enough of the latter to keep our homes warm. Many had to go without heat during the worst freeze in the state in living memory.
And in the name of WIND! and SOLAR! they may wind up broiling in summer.

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Yeah, it's hot; it's June in Oklahoma

That's standard to deal with.  Not being able to do much of anything, that makes it worse.  

Since I can't do much else, I think some clearing is in order

Monday, June 14, 2021

Now, before I fall over into bed, I present the data

That should've been here Saturday evening.

You may have noticed there was no Saturday evening data; that's because

that morning I went to feed the dog, and on the way back suddenly found myself wondering why I was up-closing the driveway, and why is there blood under me?

It seem what I thought was having bruised/otherwise ding my foot was actually an infection.  By the time I managed to realize "I should really get to a phone and call for help" I'd nearly done it again;  help came, took one look at me with my head resting on the desk with the blood garnish, and called the ambulance.

I now have about eight stitches holding the split scalp closed, I am so stuffed with antibiotics that I could possibly give kisses and cured/prevented half the Black Plague.  Back home with more to take, and I'm not doing anyhing the next few days but sitting with the leg up and taking it easy.  We'll see now the blogging goes.