Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Breda's opinion on the

'Protected Species' laws called 'hate crimes' laws:
For example, imagine both Ms. Quinn and I are both victims of similar crimes - perhaps vicious assaults in which we suffer comparable bodily harm. During the course of these crimes, the attackers repeatedly state their hate for us - in my case, hatred for white women (or short people, or Irish-American librarians, or whatever); and in Ms. Quinn's, lesbians. There are witnesses and both perpetrators are apprehended.

The only real difference will be the punishment the criminals receive.

Because she is part of a special minority, Ms. Quinn's beating would be treated as if it was worse than mine and the guilty party would be sentenced accordingly with a longer time in jail.

Someone please explain this "equality" to me thing again

She also notes that carrying a 'socialistworker.org' banner at your 'rights' march doesn't exactly help your point

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