Sunday, October 11, 2009

Planco, a subsidiary of The Hartford, is a company that should not get your business

When Jackson was searching the Web for a replacement shotgun stock, supervisor Christie Vazquez -- who admitted in a subsequent deposition to being "very anti-gun" and had quarreled with him before about politics -- noticed what he was doing. Vazquez said she was scared because it was only a few weeks after the Virginia Tech massacre (see CBS News video), so she promptly reported her colleague's Web browsing to Planco's human resources department. Vazquez also informed the HR department that Jackson owned guns and was a member of the National Rifle Association.

You can guess what happened next: according to court documents, the HR representative, Jamie Davis, replied that reporting the visits to and other sites was "the right thing" to do, and ordered the information technology department to investigate Jackson's Internet activity. After receiving a list of Web sites visited, Davis recommended that Jackson be placed on leave, which the company authorized. Planco disabled Jackson's front door and computer access and arranged for undercover police to be at the building the next morning.
And so on, leading to his being fired. Disgusting in general, but the bigotry of Vasquez
Jackson, who has a legal concealed carry permit in Pennsylvania, accompanied Vazquez when she was hunting for apartments in dodgy areas of Philadelphia. He gave her a tour of the Philadelphia Inquirer, where he used to work, and took Vazquez to a shooting range and showed her how to use a gun. (She confirmed in a later deposition (PDF) that she enjoyed the outing.)
is just amazing. She should be ashamed, if she has any shame.


Chad said...

Fascism enabler Christie Vazquez's profile has already been removed.

Keith said...

Sounds like there might be a bit more to this than just being anti gun.

Hell hath no fury etc?

Nasty piece of work whatever the background.

The Freeholder said...

Please tell me you left off the part where Jackson has found some way to sue these morons.