Saturday, December 09, 2017

Work, work, work,

just to gather new information on the subject

About that murder-by-cop in Arizona mentioned the other day:

Mr. Williamson says it pretty well(language warning).  And points out something by the media I hadn't heard before:
The press, btw, chose to edit the photos not to show the tattoos.

"The judge did not allow jurors to hear about an etching on the dust cover of the rifle Brailsford used to shoot Shaver, which said  "You're f--ked," because he felt it was prejudicial."

I'm also considering stealing the first part, to give to people on Bookface when they accuse me of hating cops:
As usual, I shouldn't need a disclaimer, but people are stupid.
I support the cops, WHEN THEY ARE IN THE RIGHT.  This includes shootings that outrage a lot of people. Mike Brown, for example.  Good shoot. Punk had it coming.

So.  Asshole gets off on criminal charges.  City and PD are sued(rightly), and are going to pay out the ass with taxpayer money for the actions of this idiot and the sergeant who was there and should've controlled this.  And the whole PD is tarred with having this asshole carrying their badge.

Friday, December 08, 2017

Friday evening; cold, but no ice or other such

Good time for the usual

Snork... and he said that with a straight face.

A CBS4 Investigation has learned Arapahoe County Deputies and Colorado State Troopers poured more than 50 shots into a stationary car in March believing the driver was armed. It now turns out she was only armed with either a dustbuster or tire jack but emerged unscathed. However at least one deputy inadvertently shot up a marked state patrol unit during the unusual standoff.
“Those deputies and troopers showed a lot of restraint in not causing a further confrontation,” said Walcher.

One more thing to try out

I was digging around at Cast Boolits, and found a thread on paper patching that included a piece on 'what papers may be better and worse' for various reasons.  One of the 'could be very good' was coffee filter paper.

Well, I'd tried that once with a couple of filters from a coffee-drinking friend; cheap filters, didn't work worth a damn.  Big problem was that after being wrapped and dried, it wouldn't hold in place, kept unrolling off the bullet.  But the other day got hold of a couple of filters that seemed to be better quality, cut out some patches, and tried them.  Much better result: the paper holds on much better.  So now I need to lube and size them, load up a few, and- next time can get to the outdoor range- see if they shoot as well as those patched with onion skin.

Remember the mess in Wisconsin? Rogue 'prosecutor', etc.?

Worse than was previously known.  Abuse of authority, violation of laws, general scumminess... people need to be prosecuted, and disbarred for this crap.

"Hey, WE'RE supposed to use social media against others!  You're not supposed to use it against us!"

Repeal of the death tax isn't in the Senate bill; thank some of the usual backstabbing suspects.

Seems wrong to call it a swamp; a swamp is a place full of living things and growth.  DC is more like a septic tank gone bad.

Thursday, December 07, 2017

It took some real stupid to push this idea in the first place;

that a judge approved it is insane.  And then you find out what the lead investigator was involved in...

Unless they can show proof that all real crime- y'know, robberies, rapes, murders, thefts and such- were solved, then they really shouldn't be wasting time on this crap.

And the abuser said "See what you made me do!

You're a fascist!  You have wrongthink!  Your words are violence, so you're forcing me to attack and silence you!"
Ah, how Soviet of them.

Lots of people have played the "We just need to put more money into education, like California!" over time; yeah, that's worked.
A group of prominent lawyers representing teachers and students from poor performing schools sued California on Tuesday, arguing that the state has done nothing about a high number of schoolchildren who do not know how to read.

The advocacy law firm, Public Counsel, filed the lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court to demand the California Department of Education address its “literacy crisis.” The state has not followed suggestions from its own report on the problem five years ago, the lawsuit said.
Assessments found less than half of California students from third grade to fifth grade have met statewide literacy standards since 2015. Both traditional and charter schools are failing, Rosenbaum said.
Of the 26 lowest-performing districts in the nation, 11 are in California, according to the lawsuit. Texas, the largest state after California, has only one district among the 26.

The defense:
Department of Education spokesman Bill Ainsworth said officials could not comment because the state had not yet been served with the lawsuit.
But he said in an email that “California has one of the most ambitious programs in the nation to serve low-income students.”
Yeah, how's that working out?
State assessments found 96 percent of students at the school were not proficient in English or math, according to the lawsuit. Only eight of the school’s 179 students were found to be proficient when tested last year.
David Moch, another plaintiff, is a retired teacher who taught at La Salle for 18 years. Moch said he had fifth graders in his kindergarten class.
Teachers were not given training or help to deal with the situation and programs that did seem to make a dent were discontinued, Moch said.
This is the end result of playing indoctrination instead of education. And kids and the whole society are paying for it.

Daughter recently ran into a problem with storing information on the cloud.  Which made me think even less of the idea.  Which brings us to a comment from Kim on the matter:
Here’s my take on all of this. If I were a corporate executive and one of my subordinates even suggested using Goggle Dox, Twatter or Fuckfacebook [sp?] to store and/or communicate our company documents, I’d fire him on the spot — because I think it is the absolute height of corporate irresponsibility to delegate those capabilities to any outside entity, let alone to these techno-bastards.

The school of journalism on a guy invited to speak at campus:
“I think we can find a speaker who will talk about free speech issues, without running the risk of offending students. We can still have a conversation with him if you want, but he is pretty extreme in his views,” Abramson’s email reportedly said.

Abramson told KGVO at the time that “the J-school does not have to invite people that we think don’t match with our priorities or our values as a tolerant, welcoming school.”
Because deity forbid some wannabe journalists have to face someone whose words might offend them.  Jeez, Abramson is a jerk.

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

I can't be the only one who remembers Bill Clinton and 'If we let you keep more of your money,

you might not spend it right.'  Well, here's an idiot against raising the standard deduction for the same reason:
"We're looking at the current draft plan as an assault," Jerry Howard, CEO of the National Association of Homebuilders, told Politico. "By raising the standard deduction you put money in people's pockets, yes, but you're not encouraging them how to use the money."

What the hell?  And all those journalists and party bigshots KNEW about this, all those years, and did nothing about it?  Reported nothing?  Such wonderful people.

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

"Yes, we had a part in your daughter being murdered, but

please drop your lawsuit!"
I have no idea what their reply was, mine would be unsuitable for polite company.  Which the bastards involved are not.

Damn. Thrusters that haven't been used in THIRTY-SEVEN YEARS,

and they still worked. 

But we can trust the EffingBI!  Really!
(Trust them to cover for each other, to lie, to hide documents...)

Monday, December 04, 2017

Sorry, what was that? Never mind, I'm too busy getting this steak ready

to pay any real attention to your crap.
A Pennsylvania State University sociology professor recently argued that eating meat perpetuates “hegemonic masculinity” and “gender hegemony.”
Steak.  And a hot cast iron pan.  Made for each other.

She also noticed characteristics unique to male vegetarians, asserting that although many men in Argentina “still have these very hegemonic masculinity traits,” male vegetarians “seem more egalitarian and respectful” and “more open about talking about how sexism exists lose their balls(fixed it for her).”

You’ll find integrity and honesty at FBI headquarters and not at 1600 Penn Ave right now — Eric Holder
Holder knows honesty and integrity; how else would he avoid them all these years?

The Southern Poverty Lies Center; real interesting criteria for who is and isn't a hate group.

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Who a lot of Democrats want as the next President

When the trial judge found out, charges against the defendant were dismissed. Incredibly, the State of California, via Attorney General Kamala Harris, decided to appeal the case. The state’s key argument: That putting a fake confession in the transcript wasn’t “outrageous” because it didn’t involve physical brutality, like chaining someone to a radiator and beating him with a hose.
Well, no. It just involved an officer of the court knowingly producing a fraudulent document in order to secure an illicit advantage. If Harris really thinks that knowingly producing a fraudulent document to secure an illicit advantage isn’t “outrageous,” then perhaps she slept through her legal ethics courses.
Fits well with the party of Hillary & Obama, doesn't she?

When your police department, state police, and city government are run by chickenshits.
To summarize the report briefly, police were not properly prepared or equipped to deal with the situation and once crowds of white supremacists and counter-protesters began battling in the street the police did almost nothing. In fact, this was a strategy on the part of the police who intended to allow skirmishes to escalate so they could declare an unlawful assembly. Police Chief Al Thomas even said “Let them fight…” as people began battling in the streets.

More 'Why are leftists such violent, racist assholes?'

But we can trust the EffingBI to be honest and impartial.  Really.  They'll tell you so.