Friday, April 15, 2022

Since I'm home and avoiding anything involving actual work,

I was able to take care of the data for tonight.

During the enforced break, I was able to browse around on my phone

but I hate trying to do anything Blogger-wise because it's a PITA.  So I'd look around at things, wind up disgusted or pissed(or both), and let it go.  

Which might have had some good effect on my health, as opposed to keeping track of it and expounding on the subject.

So, back to some level of noise as I can stand sitting here.  Which brings me to this: it appears Ukraine managed to sink the Moskva, a Russian guided missile cruiser.  Which is a Big Thing.

That's it for now.  Morning PT is screaming, so I have to drag my ass up and do it.

Thursday, April 14, 2022

From that consortium of corrupt asshats known as the FBI...

It has now emerged that he was known to the FBI and was questioned in 2019 in New Mexico though it is not yet clear why. He was cleared but was entered into the state's 'Guardian Lead' system. The Guardian Program is the bureau's terrorist threat and suspicious incident tracking system.

Despite being on that list, James was unimpeded as he relentlessly uploaded hate-speech-filled clips on YouTube about how oppressed black people were and how black and white people should have 'no contact', for weeks before Tuesday's attack.

He also posted worrying memes about guns, bullets and 9/11 on Facebook but none were picked up by police.

Again.  As usual.  Because the EffingBI is incompetent at anything except acting as political enforcers.

As a side note, because it pisses me off: the Mail article has a picture of a scrubbed-slide Ruger semi-auto with this caption:
A stock image of a .38 caliber handgun, the type used in the shooting that was found in a backpack along with a key to the U-Haul James had rented
Because accuracy in such isn't required, I guess.

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

For all the well wishes and prayers, thank you

Stayed with someone for this first week, because, bluntly, I couldn't have taken care of things like eating and so forth worth a damn.  And I hate having to A: Impose on people, and B: Not be able to take care of myself.

Yes, there is progress.  Considering a fairly important joint suffered a major assault a week ago, it probably counts as pretty good, though I still need a walker to get very far and for balance.

As to 'don't overdo it', as soon as someone tells me just that that covers I will make sure to do so.  The instructions sent home for PT are "Do each of these 40 times, twice a day.  There may be some discomfort."

'Discomfort' my ass.  And if they have ANYBODY who, during that first couple of weeks, can do these that many reps at all, let alone twice a day, they are stronger and more pain-resistant than I.  And I plan to tell the doc so at the 2-week followup.  I'm just going to have to fumble my way through this as best as can.

If you're wondering, full replacement.