Saturday, September 17, 2022

I interrupt my attempt to relax to note something:

watching the next part of Game of Shadows, that latest Sherlock Holmes movie, there's a scene where a group has to ride horses to get where they're going and it seems Holmes is spooked by horses and winds up on a pony.

And the music being played during this is from the theme of Two Mules for Sister Sara.  Not what I would have expected, indeed.

I shall pass over my current worries and just go to the 7th evening stuff,

which is far preferable to the worry stuff.

Funny as hell watching a bunch of "We are a Sanctuary City!" virtue-signalers

crap themselves in outrage, and whine "We can't handle this horde!", when less than a hundred illegal aliens show up in their area.

All the outrage, all the "We will take care of our brethren, by having the National Guard take them away" stuff.  It's amazing.

As someone put it, "A thousand people broiling under a bridge in Texas is fine, 50 in their precious neighborhood is a disaster."