Monday, December 30, 2019

Tab clearing

That is to say, there is precisely no correlation.

Which means there cannot be causation.

And that is a complicated way of saying, “the number of firearms in America is not driving the number of firearm-related deaths in America.”

Options and Constraints

Assholes hiding behind badges.  This one requires an excerpt:
When police lab tests for cocaine came back negative, prosecutors dismissed the felony drug charges. What was never brought up at the arraignment is that the gang unit members left field drug test kits at the scene which also tested negative for cocaine.

What cops also left: that destroyed recorder.  The brothers took it to a friend who is a computer engineer and he recovered footage from two cameras.  The video shows two different angles, one from an external camera and the other an internal camera. Officers are seen handcuffing the two owners. A few minutes later, a captain gestures to the location where the camera is located. He gets a step ladder and pulls the cords. Eventually, the camera goes blank.

More from the craphole that is New York.

Sounds like a lot of people are trying very hard not to deal with what's actually behind this crap:
...The fact that the victims are most often outwardly identifiable, i.e., religious rather than secularized Jews, and the perpetrators who have been recorded on CCTV cameras are overwhelmingly black and Hispanic, inverts the perpetrator-victim dynamics with which most national Jewish organizations and their supporters are comfortable. A close look at these cases reveals no apparent connection to neo-Nazis, the alt-right, Donald Trump, jihadism, the BDS movement, or any other traditional cause of anti-Jewish behavior.

Again: "It's DIFFERENT when OUR guy does it!"

More Professional Journalism on display.
"So what if he can't remember if he was the one wearing blackface or the one in the Klan uniform?  So what if his Lt. Governor abuses women?  So what if the AG wore blackface?  He's wonderful now!"

Saturday, December 28, 2019

Yucky outside

But face it, any weather's good for study time

Well, that was disturbing

Commercial of a kid lecturing her unwoke father about The Horrors Of Man-Caused Climate Change, with every talking point in the book.

Father looks thoughtful and says "2030?  You might have kids by then."

Response: "Heck with my kids, what about ME?"

Just think of the levels of crap in this, being fed to kids on a Saturday morning.

That's exactly right

A police department in Spokane, Washington has announced that all rifles carried by patrolling officers will now be equipped with suppressors. The Spokane Police Department says the move is a safety precaution to protect officers and civilians from hearing loss.

It’s nothing more than like the muffler you put on your car,” rangemaster Lt. Rob Boothe told the Spokesman-Review.  
That's exactly right. Yet a lot of the left loses more of what's left of their minds at the idea of us plain old citizens having them.

Wonder if Watts will start her "Just wear earplugs' thing on the Spokane PD, or is it ok with minions of the State have them?

Also: I'm still sick of this 'officers and civilians' crap; police ARE civilians.

Friday, December 27, 2019

Turned chilly and wet out there

Well, it is late December.  At least it's good study weather

So Californicated, despite warnings, made another stupid law

Now it's hurting people(as they were warned it would), and the idiots are wondering why.

The morons who were cheering it on, like the socialist asshats at Vox?
AB5 "makes it impossible for us to continue with our current California team site structure because it restricts contractors from producing more than 35 written content 'submissions' per year," explained SB Nation's John Ness.

Vox Media's flagship publication, Vox, previously called the California legislation "a victory for workers everywhere."
Sure.  That's why you're doing this:
Instead, the company decided to cancel the contracts of some 200 or so freelancers that now work for SB Nation. It will "replace them with 20 new part-time and full-time staffers," a "source familiar with the decision" told the Los Angeles Times.

From the fucking idiot who wrote this piece of garbage:
Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez (D-San Diego), the architect of AB5, has heard these stories. "I'm sure some legit freelancers lost substantial income," she tweeted in the wake of Vox's announcement, "and I empathize with that especially this time of year. But Vox is a vulture." 

"These were never good jobs," Gonzalez said earlier this month. "No one has ever suggested that, even freelancers."
Sounds a lot like
"You said I could keep the insurance I had!"
"Stop complaining, that was substandard insurance."
"It was great for me!  You lied!"
"No, it's bad insurance, you'll be happier forced into Obamacare."
doesn't it?

If your right is dependent on showing 'good and substantial reason',

then it's not a right, it's a privilege the .gov allows you.  Sometimes.  And that's what the People's Republic of Maryland considers it to be.

This kind of crap really needs to be ended.  In ALL states.

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Ways in which the present/future is not stupid:

Thirty years ago my great-Grandmother broke her hip. Got good care, but spent the rest of her life in a chair.

Four days ago my mother fell and broke her hip. The next day had surgery.

Day after that moved to rehab, first mild session of PT.

Day after that first full PT, and can use a walker to get to the bathroom and back.

She'll walk out of the hospital(possibly with a walker, but walk), and should get back to her normal mobility with some work.

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Along with Christmas there are other things

going on, due to which blogging will be light to none for a few days.  At least.

At this point anyone betting on "They didn't do it on anything else "

better be willing to open their checkbook.
The judge presiding over the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) ordered the FBI in a secret court filing earlier in December to identify all cases handled by a former FBI lawyer who allegedly altered an email during the investigation of former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. 

Judge Rosemary Collyer ordered the review Dec. 5, several days before the release of a Justice Department inspector general’s (IG) report that found the FBI made “significant inaccuracies” in applications to surveil Page. 
Polite and lawyerly way of saying "The lying bastards faked information."
In her order, Collyer said the Justice Department now has to “identify all other matters currently or previously before this Court that involved the participation of the FBI OGC attorney.” She set Friday as the deadline to hand over the information.

I'll say it again: if the people involved in all this crap aren't treated just like any other citizen, then the idea of 'equal before the law' is gone.

And if the EffingBI and Do'J' don't do a serious housecleaning- which likewise should include criminals being prosecuted- they they should never be trusted again.

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Saturday evening toward the end of December

is a good time to be indoors, doing something that doesn't involve freezing