Saturday, January 17, 2009

One of those troops who probably needs a prescription jockstrap

to hold his balls. Dayum.
Caught in a Taliban ambush of rockets and machine guns, "Donno" Donaldson had already deliberately put himself in the firing line to draw enemy fire away from the wounded.

But as he and his SAS mates instigated a fighting withdrawal, he realised a badly wounded Afghan interpreter had been left behind.

What he did next won him the Victoria Cross - the first awarded to an Australian for nearly 40 years.

Still recovering from wounds received in an earlier battle in Afghanistan, Trooper Donaldson turned around and dashed across open ground to collect the man and bring him home. It was the longest 80m of his life. Bullets flew around him and the dust kicked up with explosions, but the 29-year-old father said dying didn't even cross his mind.

"I didn't really have time to think about it," he said. "I was too busy worrying about getting back to my mates and getting us all through it."

After carrying the man on his back, he went back out into the field and continued fighting for the two hours it took for the convoy to escape

I say again, dayum.

British 'peace officers' being chased by

peace activists. Not exactly an encouraging spectacle. And, as someone put it, that harmonic tremor from the UK is a bunch of warriors spinning in their graves fast enough to run a generator.

They've pulled the fangs from and neutered their sheepdogs, LE and plain citizen, and this is what they get.

I makes me long for Raj Whitehall saying "Sergeant, prepare for volley fire by platoon, if you please."

'The most ethical Congress EVAH!'

Late last year, that media herd was feasting on Rangel himself, grilling the New York Democrat about an ever-expanding ethics probe into his personal finances and his fundraising efforts for a nonprofit.

That ethics cloud still hangs over Rangel, but colleagues say it’s not limiting his ability to negotiate a sweeping package of tax cuts being pushed by President-elect Barack Obama.

“Charlie has been fully involved,” said Washington Rep. Jim McDermott, a Democrat on the Ways and Means Committee and a longtime Rangel ally
That would be Baghdad Jim, who went to suck up to Saddam Hussein before the invasion. Major dirtbag himself. And there's Sen. Dodd, still stonewalling releasing those documents he says will 'prove he did no wrong'. And how many others?

Like the nominee for head of the Treasury who cheated on taxes. From what I've been reading, this was not a "I didn't understand that part of the tax code" thing; he signed a statement specifically noting 'this money is to pay your taxes with' and then didn't. For years. Among other little things he didn't bother with. Again, you or I did this, either we'd be in front of a judge entering a plea or the IRS would have seized what we own to auction off. This clown? "It was a simple mistake, it's been corrected, it wasn't much money after all,' etc. ad bullcrap.

One nice thing I will say about the Stupid Party is people who get caught cheating on taxes and such, generally pay a price for it. Whereas the Evil Party does everything possible to excuse them and keep them in power. And these are the people The Lightworker Obama is depending on in his plans to screw us over for the 'common good', i.e. 'To bring full socialism to America'.

And Rangel is still trying to push his reinstatement of the draft, too. Y'know, the plan he pretty much admitted was a backdoor way to try to cripple the U.S. military?

Ropes, lampposts, politicians...

Damn, this sounds familiar; didn't that Hitler fellow do something

like this?
This chapter, however, though significant, was only a part of the Muslim behaviour-pattern as recorded by Muslim historians of medieval India. The other parts were: 1) mass slaughter of people not only during war but also after the armies of Islam had emerged victorious; 2) capture of large numbers of non-combatant men, women and children as booty and their sale as slaves all over the Islamic world; 3) forcible conversion to Islam of people who were in no position to resist; 4) reduction to the status of zimmis or non-citizens of all those who could not be converted and imposition of inhuman disabilities on them; 5) emasculation of the zimmis by preventing them from possessing arms; 6) impoverishment of the zimmis through heavy discriminatory taxes and misappropriation of a major part of what the peasants produced; 7) ruination of the native and national culture of the zimmis by suppressing and holding in contempt all its institutions and expressions.

Yeah, that does sound familiar, doesn't it?

Found in a link in the comments here.

Friday, January 16, 2009

A ban by any other name

Bob R put this in the comments to this post:
Requiring a "license" _is_ a ban. A license is legally defined as: permission to do that which is otherwise unlawful. If you have to have a license to own a gun then it must be unlawful to own a gun. In other words: guns are banned, but for some period of time we'll issue a license.

Interesting way to put it. And he's right.

Had a thought about the idiot comments from the 'foreign affairs' expert

the other day. She's going by ATF telling her there are about 7000 FFL 'licensees' in the border states. I'm wondering if they're including C&R license holders in that number? 'Cause if they are, the 'expert' is screwing up even worse than we thought, because a C&R license holder is very specifically told that they CANNOT use that license to run a firearms business; doing so can get you a vacation at taxpayer expense, like the one a bunch of weenies in the House and Senate ought to be enjoying.

Unless there's some wonderful exception somewhere in the books that allows me to buy automatic weapons and RPGs and such; in which case, I wish I could find it. I wouldn't be selling to Mexico or anyone else, but I would have some fine toys to play with.

Pali vs. IDF, the cartoon

Found thanks to Moonbattery

"What is the difference between Beslan and Hamas?

In Beslan, the terrorists took other people's children hostage, whereas Hamas is holding its own children hostage."

Stew: it was lunch

For the last few days, for that matter; made a big pot for the purpose. Nice thing, besides making a bunch of meals, is it's so easy. No recipe, just start with some basics and throw stuff in.

Lady at work yesterday said it smelled really good, and could he have the recipe?, and looked kind of blank when I said "Recipe? Beef, onion, " and so on. Kind of surprised her.

I bought a rump roast a while back, cut about 2/3 up for steaks, froze the rest. That, with the fat trimmed, was cut up into suitable pieces. Put a little water in the big pot, chopped up three celery stalks and a few carrots and threw those in the pot. Flour the meat, then just browned it, no more, threw it in. Chopped up one onion, mince four big garlic cloves, tossed in. There was half a bell pepper, chop up and add. One bag frozen corn. Stir it all up, add most of a bottle of dad's home brew(had to taste the rest, make sure it was good. Burp), stir up. Add enough water to cover, then while it started heating sliced up an 8oz. pack of mushrooms and added them. Then put the heat on very low and just let it sit for a couple of hours or so, stirring it occasionally. That's it. As it simmers you can taste it occasionally, add in any spices you like.

The store had some long whole-wheat hoagie rolls the other day and I got a bag. That, split and toasted with garlic butter, goes real well with the stew.

That pot will take care of lunch at work for the week, maybe a dinner or two(with the bread, it lasts longer). Beats hell out of buying a sandwich out of a machine.

As to "What got into you?" question to Israel,

Back to "The Jews have gone insane",

The so-called "Iranian Unit" of Hamas has been destroyed, according to Gaza sources cited Thursday by the Haaretz daily. The sources said most of the unit's 100 members were killed in fighting in the Zeytun neighborhood of Gaza City.

The terrorists had been trained in infantry tactics, the use of anti-tank missiles and the detonation of explosives, among other skills, by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard at Hizbullah camps in Lebanon's Beka'a Valley, as well as sites in Iran
Gee, there's that Ahmadogcrap fellow in Iran causing problems again. And his people getting whacked.
Two captured terrorists interviewed by Maariv/NRG say that Hamas was not expecting Israel's response to the escalation in missile attacks on Israeli targets that preceded Operation Cast Lead. One of them, a 52-year-old victim of a premature detonation who had already done time in an Israeli jail, said, "Hamas took a gamble. We thought, at worst Israel will come and do something from the air - something superficial. They'll come in and go out. We never thought that we would reach the point where fear will swallow the heart and the feet will want to flee. You [Israel] are fighting like you fought in '48. What got into you all of a sudden?"

The second terrorist, a 21-year-old, said Hamas brought order to Gaza, but also brought fear. He noted that it was dangerous in Gaza for non-Hamas members, citing an instance of his being beaten and another in which he saw a friend killed when he went to get gas. "Now they're all gone," he said. "There have been no Hamasniks in the streets since the start of the campaign."

Probably because the Hamasniks are hidden as far behind their wives and kids as possible.

"What got into you all of a sudden?" A pretty good summation of why Hamas & Co. kept doing what they did; they thought Israel was too crippled by politicians or by international opinion(or both) to actually fight to win. To go in and do what needed doing. And when they did...We never thought that we would reach the point where fear will swallow the heart and the feet will want to flee.

Here's hoping the Israelis keep to it and finish the damn job.

Ah yes, it's damn cold all over the place;

we must act to stop globular warmering RIGHT NOW!
And, on the day millions of Americans were freezing their collective backsides off, new Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Henry Waxman announced that Congress would fast-track climate change legislation. Waxman claimed "inaction on the climate issue is causing uncertainties that make it more difficult to emerge from the recession," according to The Associated Press.
I submit that the 'uncertainties' are due to wondering just how bad Waxman and his buttmonkeys are going to screw up energy costs in the name of socialist control of our livesSaving Mother Gaia. Who, apparently in reaction to 'global warmering', is freezing the ass off an awful lot of people.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I have to admit I don't remember hearing about a Constitutional

convention; but with The Annointed One about t Ascend, the idea scares hell out of me.

You could not pay me enough to subject myself to the 'protection'

of the New Orleans Police Department.

Along with the shifting storyline and other stuff that makes you go "What?!?", is this garbage from the brass:
Assistant Police Superintendent Marlon Defillo said that on Saturday evening, as crime lab investigators began to "process" the car, they found an assault shotgun in the trunk along with a "high velocity" magazine clip for the 9 mm handgun and shotgun shells.

For God's sake, a 'high velocity magazine clip'? And, of course an 'assault shotgun'?

Read the whole damn thing, and despair for the honest people in NO. And the (apparently)few honest cops trying to do an honest job. Especially with a jackass like Riley as Superintendant:
Orleans Parish Coroner Frank Minyard said Grimes was struck by 14 bullets, with two hitting him in the front torso. The other 12 wounds were in his lower back and legs, Minyard said Friday.

At a news conference Saturday, Riley disputed that characterization, saying Grimes was hit in the front, on the side under the arm and "near the back." Although he said "numerous" rounds were fired, Riley said he could not give an exact number

This, if I remember right, is the Riley who had to basically be told by a court "Let people have their property back or you go to jail" to start allowing people to retrieve their guns. Jindal has his hands free if he really wants to try to clean that cesspool up.

A little more on public servants:

"I thought we could still do whatever we want, no matter what state law says."

Well, we've got bigoted 'public servants' and idiot/lying

'foreign affairs' experts all over lately. On the gun bigot public servants,
At the board meeting today, Orange County deputies searched gun-rights supporters, especially those wearing CCW buttons, according to those who attended the meeting. Although Sheriff Sandra Hutchens said she would let the permits expire rather than revoke them, her real disdain for freedom is shown by the presence of the SWAT team and the heavyhanded searches of law-abiding residents who wanted to attend the board meeting.
This is the miserable excuse for a lawman who stated she would not renew carry permits, basically because the people and their reasons 'don't meet her standards'. A fine example of 'Only One' mentality combined with a lesson as to why 'may issue' permits aren't worth crap.

As to the 'foreign affairs' expert who's going with the lies about weapons and the border,
The gun situation is even worse. The Merida Initiative promises some sophisticated gear to the Mexican government, including helicopters, speedboats, and high-end database and surveillance systems. Yet the arms that cartels can and do buy from the open U.S. market -- completely illegally -- leave Mexico's police force and even its military outgunned. There are nearly 7,000 gun shops along the southern U.S. border, about three for every mile. They sell thousands of hand grenades, rocket-propelled grenade launchers, AK-47s, and "cop killer" guns and bullets that cut through Kevlar body armor. The weapons quickly flow south, again with barely a nod from U.S. Border Patrol.
Absolute flat lies, demonstrated again and again. And yet this 'expert' keeps pushing them; on her own, or to give the Mexican government a boost perhaps, in blaming their problems on us? And in her response to comments pointing out what BS this is:
I do incorrectly imply in the article that gun shops on the border sell hand grenades and rocket-propelled grenade launchers. The border gun shops do not legally sell these. However, these type of weapons used by Mexican drug cartels have been seized by customs officlas making their way south through the border. How they are purchased is somewhat unknown, but many of these are making their way to Mexico through the United States.
No, madam, you did not 'imply', you flat STATED that. And now you're trying to weasel around admitting you either lied, or were taken in by lies. As is pointed out by various people in the comments to your article. As is the bullcrap about 'cop-killer' guns and bullets.

And these are among the 'experts' and 'professionals' we're supposed to trust...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"As you say in English, the gloves

were off."

He was shocked by some of the scenes inside Gaza, describing whole neighbourhoods levelled. “It doesn’t look like we’ve been there a few weeks — it looks destroyed, demolished, like we were bombing it for years. You can’t imagine what damage we have done. We didn’t want any civilians to die, we do everything we can to make sure that Palestinian civilians there, the non-fighters, aren’t hurt. We tell them to leave the areas that we are fighting . . . but it’s not easy; what we are doing there is difficult work.”

As speculation mounted over how long Israel would continue its punishing offensive, its soldiers appeared eager to take the fight to Gaza’s densely populated towns.

The troops said they had had a taste of the traps and tricks that Hamas had laid in store for them: booby-trapped houses, tunnels intended to spirit away kidnapped soldiers, militants dressed in civilian clothing — but insisted that the operation could not claim success unless Hamas was dealt a “knockout blow” by troops combing through the urban centres.

“It will expose us to more of their traps but it must be done. We have been learning, slowly circling them and moving closer in. We have them trapped now so we can’t stop.” Reporters embedded with Israeli forces in Gaza have described them as “moving slowly but shooting readily”.

Looks like this time the Israelis decided, a while back, to finish it. No matter how much the EUnuchs and terrorist sympathizers here whine and scream.

The news makes it real easy to bitch about crooked politicians

because A: there's so many of them and B: so many are in the news right now.

We've got a nominee to head the Treasury Department who didn't pay taxes. We've got a congressman writing tax law who didn't pay taxes. We've got a Senator getting sweetheart deals on mortgages and trying to make it go away. We've got a nominee for Attorney General who helped pardon terrorists and wants to trash the 2nd Amendment(if nothing else, trying to trash a part of the Constitution you're swearing to protect and uphold ought to disqualify him).

And we've got Pelosi and Reid doing everything they can to make it all go away so the Annointed One can Ascend without any unseemly questions and noise.

Just one little meteor hitting DC a the right time...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The other day Ace linked to an article where some arabs

were saying "The Jews have gone insane". Because Israel, this time, is doing it for real. No games, no "All right, we'll take the cease-fire and hope for the best", but going in to do the job. They thought that then...
Israel is preparing to wage war against Hamas in the very heart of Gaza's crowded population centres unless the Islamic militants accept ceasefire demands swiftly and stop firing rockets over the border.

As thousands of reservists pour into Gaza to bolster Israel's forces, the Cabinet is expected to approve imminently a devastating new “third phase” of its 18-day-old offensive unless there is a last-minute diplomatic breakthrough.

Ehud Olmert, the Israeli Prime Minister, pledged yesterday to hit Hamas with an “iron fist” if the rockets did not cease.

“We will continue for as much time as is necessary in order to remove this threat,” he declared in a speech in Ashkelon, a town regularly hit by rockets. “We cannot be soft. It is us or them ... We will continue striking with all our might, with all our power, until there is quiet.”

Yeah, I think they mean it.
Israeli analysts say a ground war fought in the narrow streets and alleys of Gaza City and other urban centres would make the conflict to date seem tame. “The Israel Defence Forces will enter, with great force, with tens of thousands of soldiers, into the heart of the Palestinian population in the Gaza Strip,” the respected commentator Alex Fishman wrote in yesterday's Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper.

“There will no longer be strikes at the margins from the ground and destruction from the air. Now we are talking about armoured divisions that will not leave a single stone standing on their way into the refugee camps and into the heart of one of the most crowded cities on Earth.” Israel's minimum demands for accepting an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire are a permanent cessation of Hamas rocket attacks and internationally enforced mechanisms to guarantee that Hamas can no longer smuggle in weapons through Gaza's southern border with Egypt. Hamas wants an end to Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip with the opening of its border crossings

The Israelis have no doubts about what this will be like: one of David Drake's characters observed that 'urban combat eats troops'. However, you reduce your losses by doing exactly what they're describing: you take fire from a building, you flatten it. Someone fires a mortar at you, you counter-battery it. Bloody, nasty, and the only thing that just might do the job.

And Hamas, unless some people with smarts gain control, will keep shooting rockets and mortars from mosques and schoolyards so they'll have more bodies to whine over on camera. What's the UN doing?
...The UN Human Rights Council yesterday voted 33-1 — with 13 Western countries abstaining — for a resolution accusing Israel of grave human rights violations and urging a fact-finding mission.
OOOOH, a fact-finding mission! That'll make Hamas & Islamic Jihad quake in their sandals, won't it?

Ok, we've got a string of law enforcement idiocy to look at

First, from that wonderful place New Orleans:
The last acts of Adolf Grimes will likely result in manipulation of fact and torquing of reality to dovetail with a preordained conclusion in a heated debate over responsibility. Adolf Grimes was shot 14 times, including 12 times in the back, according to Orleans Parish Coroner Frank Minyard. Violently killed in the streets of New Orleans while waiting on his cousin. The first homicide of 2009 in New Orleans. Gunned down by New Orleans police officers. 48 spent brass casings were recovered from the scene.
Plainclothes cops. That many shots fired. And their stories changing:
In the "Superintendent's Major Offense Log" for crimes between 6 a.m. 12.31.08 to 6 a.m. 1.1.09, an unnamed officer in car #4144 wrote in the gist for report #A00426-09 for a code 108 (officer's life in danger) that "officers approached a suspicious vehicle, the subject inside the vehicle pointed a gun at the officers. Officers fired at the subject. The subject expired on scene."

There was no mention of the subject firing a gun, only pointing it at the officers.

Then the next day in the Superintendent's Log, a "Sgt. McMullen" in car #4150 revised the early report, now saying "Officers approached a suspicious subject. The subject fired at the officers, the officers returned fire striking the subject. He expired on scene."

This time the report said the subject fired a gun
Just bloody wonderful.

Next, Wisconsin DNR says "Do what you're told, peasant. No questions."
The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has a simple, blunt message for hunters in Wisconsin: When a DNR warden asks you to give up your legal firearm, do so, plain and simple, no matter what.

What's more, that goes for all citizens, the agency has asserted. Citizens with firearms, the DNR argues, should always do exactly what law enforcement officers tell them to do, regardless of the circumstances of the situation
Along with this crap, it seems that the way a lot of cops are dealing with there being legal open carry is to arrest anyone open-carrying for 'disorderly conduct', including
In West Allis, in August, in a scenario eerily similar to the one Lawhern outlined, West Allis police drew their weapons and arrested Bruce Krause, who was wearing a holstered legal pistol while planting trees on his own property.
Which is bullcrap. It's police playing "We don't care what the law says, do something we don't like and we'll screw you over." Here's hoping Kraus' fighting back helps stop this crap.

Colt CCO is being screwed over. Again. This is the kind of crap that happens when rights are subject to approval of/idiocy of bureaucrats who can't be bothered with anything except having their blank spaces filled in.

And finally, there's some real questions in this shooting:
According to a statement later released by Bellaire police, officers approached Tolan and Cooper under the mistaken belief that their 2004 Nissan Xterra had been stolen.

Police said an argument broke out as the officers tried to detain and question the two men, but family members said both Tolan and Cooper complied after officers ordered them, at gunpoint, to drop to the ground.

Drawn by the commotion, Tolan's parents came outside. His mother, Marian Tolan, told police she was the homeowner and that her son's car wasn't stolen, said Berg, the family's attorney. He said Sgt. Cotton grabbed the 55-year-old woman and threw her against her garage door. When her son rose slightly from the ground to protest, Cotton fired, striking him once in the abdomen, Berg said. At least two other shots missed and somehow wound up in the ceiling of the home's front porch
That 'mistaken belief that the car was stolen' is going to need some explanation. I'm not particularly struck by the 'racial profiling' claim; that's often thrown out with no justification, so I'll hold opinion on that. This has a very 'iffy' feel to it, and I'd be interested to see the results of the investigation.

So the next attack on the 2nd Amendment begins

No, the Evil Party did not learn that attacking firearms ownership and the right to arms is a Bad Thing. Among other bad things, this piece of sh- er, legislation would

1. Require licensing for anybody that owns a gun.

2. Would require photographs and a thumbprint

3. Would require passage of a test that covers:

(A) the safe storage of firearms, particularly in the vicinity of persons who have not attained 18 years of age;

(B) the safe handling of firearms;

(C) the use of firearms in the home and the risks associated with such use;

(D) the legal responsibilities of firearms owners, including Federal, State, and local laws relating to requirements for the possession and storage of firearms, and relating to reporting requirements with respect to firearms; and

(E) any other subjects, as the Attorney General determines to be appropriate;

As the man says, that last is a wide-open door for the government to do anything, including ban anything that makes the GFWs wet their pants.

Start yelling NOW; call/write your congresscritter, and spread the word to everyone you can for THEM to yell at them.

For another dose of slimy politician

we have The Obama and Afghanistan:
President-elect Barack Obama intends to sign off on Pentagon plans to send up to 30,000 more U.S. troops to Afghanistan, but the incoming administration does not anticipate that the Iraq-like "surge" of forces will significantly change the direction of a conflict that has steadily deteriorated over the past seven years.
Which sounds an awful lot like "I don't think we can win(just like we actually lost in Iraq but let's not talk about that) but I'll throw a bunch of troops there to keep the heat off me, so I can say I'm doing something."

I don't pretend to have the magic solution, but I do know that telling troops you're sending to the sharp end "I don't think you can actually accomplish anything, but you'll buy me time to think about it" doesn't sound like the best of ideas.

A little further on there's a bit about counting on his 'popularity in Europe' to get more EU troops; problems there are mainly two I can see:
First, it doesn't matter how many troops whoever puts in there if their government won't let them fight and kill the bad guys. Like the German spec-ops unit that closed in on the Taliban commander and let him go because their rules said "Doesn't matter that he's a murdering terrorist, if you can't arrest him alive and whole then let him go"; that's not going to help win.

Second, if he actually demands the EU/NATO countries put more troops in, I don't think he'll like what happens to his 'popularity' in Europe.

I don't like or trust Obama, but I do NOT want his actions in 'Stan to fail; hell, people, I've got family likely to wind up over there if it does(assuming they don't go there anyway). But I do not think this "I'll play at a surge, but it's not really a serious military effort" crap is a good idea. I'd imagine there's a damn good idea what would actually work, but with Obama & Co. having the contempt for military action they do, they want to play at something else. Which could get awful damn bad.

So we're supposed to believe that Rangel(Slimy Cheat-NY)

didn't know what 'income' was.
When the story first broke, Rangel claimed he didn't know what "income" meant and that his wife, Alma, handled the family's investments and tax returns. Yesterday, he cast the blame even wider: It was the resort management's "failure to provide timely and regular statements," he said, and "the cultural and language barrier" of the Dominican Republic, where his luxury condo is located.

But more interesting is the degree to which Rangel relied upon superlawyer Lanny Davis over the last week to explain the basics of the tax system the chairman oversees
Etc. "I just didn't understand that people paying me money counted as 'income'(he clearly marked the rent received from the property as "income" on his congressional financial disclosure forms)so don't blame me! Hey, I needed a lawyer to explain it to me!"

Absolute effing bullcrap. From a clapped-out bull. We're supposed to believe this? We're supposed to believe there was never an accountant looking at all this crap he was declaring on his disclosure forms? That he 'just didn't understand'?

If you or I tried this, we'd either have already been in front of a judge entering a plea, or the IRS would have seized everything we own and started prep to auction it off. But from the head of the committee that writes tax law, we're supposed to believe this, and think "Aw, he shouldn't be held responsible"?

And Speaker Pelosi(Slimier dirtbag-CA) wants to bury it all and excuse him. Part of her 'most ethical' lies.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The shed is now further proof against high winds,

with a bunch of lead ingots spread around the edges. I had some time today and called around and found a salvage yard that had wheel weights for $.30/pound, so I bought a load. I also bought some lead pipe. After melting, fluxing, removing the wheel clips and the zinc weights(probably snuck in from some place like the People's Republic of Massachusetts)(and it's nice they float in lead) I have about 62 pounds of wheel weight metal, and 22 pounds of pure. Which translates to lots and lots of bullets down the road. Wheel weights make great rifle bullets and are also good for pistol bullets in loads you want to push velocity up on; the pure is for the muzzleloader, and you can also use it to dilute the wheel weights to soften the metal up a bit.

In further news, the fronts are about to kill me. It'll get up into the upper 50's-low 60's for a couple of days, then another cold front comes in. It was about 50 this afternoon; it'll be about 24 tonight. This has two effects that are the primary problem:
First, when the wind's out of the south it blows every allergen in Texas up here, triggering apparently allergic reactions I never had before the last couple of years, and
Second, when the cold fronts come in every joint in my lowerbody, from hips to knees, tell me about it. For that matter, sometimes they forecast it by anywhere from hours to a day or so.
As you might imagine, this sucks.

Speaking of sucking, somebody had a link to this fine example of a miserable little offspring of a STD-riddled whore warrior of islam:
A car arrived with more patients. One was a 21-year-old man with shrapnel in his left leg who demanded quick treatment. He turned out to be a militant with Islamic Jihad. He was smiling a big smile.

“Hurry, I must get back so I can keep fighting,” he told the doctors.

He was told that there were more serious cases than his, that he needed to wait. But he insisted. “We are fighting the Israelis,” he said. “When we fire we run, but they hit back so fast. We run into the houses to get away.” He continued smiling.

“Why are you so happy?” this reporter asked. “Look around you.”

A girl who looked about 18 screamed as a surgeon removed shrapnel from her leg. An elderly man was soaked in blood. A baby a few weeks old and slightly wounded looked around helplessly. A man lay with parts of his brain coming out. His family wailed at his side.

“Don’t you see that these people are hurting?” the militant was asked.

“But I am from the people, too,” he said, his smile incandescent. “They lost their loved ones as martyrs. They should be happy. I want to be a martyr, too.”

Miserable fucking sorry little excuse for a man, and with maybe one diseased brain cell left. I'd explain to him that they lost their loved ones because he and the other jihidis are shits and cowards who like to get civilians killed, but if he has enough working intelligence to understand it, he'd probably take it as a compliment. As for his compatriots, who seem to be of the same 'hide behind civilians' mindset:
He said Hamas militants next to his apartment building had fired mortar and rocket rounds. Israel fired back with force, and his apartment was hit. His wife, Albina, originally from Ukraine, and his 1-year-old son were killed.
And Hamas and the effing useless UN and the EUnuchs will wail and whine about the evil Zionists 'attacking our women and children'.

Speaking of miserable little shits(why yes, my language is deteriorating tonight), ACORN, also known as 'those vote-stealing bastards', want to restrict ammo sales. For The Children, you know.

I heard part of Bush's last press conference this morning. Before I turned it off, I heard basically the same justification for the Pork, Payoffs & Bribes Bailout Bill I got from my Rep. and Sen.(who I'm still pissed at, and I have informed them so, though in reasonably polite language: "They scared me, and I had to do something!" Which is supposed to excuse the "I believe in the free market, but-" crap. Oh, and I did make it partway through the "The Stupid Party has to be more stupidThe Republican Party has to be more 'inclusive' " before I turned it off. I give him full credit for having the balls to fight the war; that doesn't excuse this other stuff.

Hell. It's getting late, I'm tired and ache, and I'm going to bed.

Left-Speak, a useful list

brought to my attention by the Boomershoot guy. For example:
Arsenal: (reader submitted) Plural of "Firearm". An arsenal is found in a "Compound".

Assault Weapon: Firearm

Compound: The home of a firearm owner.

First Amendment: (see "Unity") Leftists acknowledge the speech clause in the "First Amendment" as critically important, but only for themselves. The religion clause grants "Progressives" the power to ban religious practices or religious symbols they find offensive (though they don't find radicalized Islam even slightly offensive). The "First Amendment" is highly flexible. For instance it does not protect "Divisiveness" in any way whatever, since "Divisiveness" is an obstacle to "Unity" and "Fairness".

Peace: The lack of meaningful opposition to socialist, Marxist, Fascist, communist or jihadist military expansionism. Example: "It's time to stand up and fight for 'Peace'". Also see "Unity".

Sniper: A person with a firearm or access to a firearm. (This term, as all others used by the Left, is entirely flexible and is used primarily to denigrate or impugn anyone who owns a gun or has a working knowledge of guns.)

Sniper Rifle: Rifle (though this can also mean any firearm).

With many others. For instance, see 'social justice' and 'victim'

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Back to the vile, Jew-hating scumbags

who seem to be able to take over streets in Toronto, insult and threaten murder without the 'Human Rights Commission' doing anything about it.
When the cops told us it was too dangerous for us to stay, I grabbed the flag from the barricade, not wanting to leave it to the tender mercies of the city's furious cab drivers, terrorist supporters and welfare cheats (the Kadar family was there) assembled only a few feet away.

It is now draped rather awkwardly on a shelf above my computer.

As we left, a gang of very young masked dudes with foreign accents screamed at us second- and third- generation Canadian taxpayers, "Go home! Go home!"

One of them was holding up a Hezbolah flag and the other, a Canadian flag.

This is Toronto, 2009.

That Jewish child who is "gonna fuckin' die"? He was standing right beside me

There are people who you can't decide about:

better dead or locked up forever?
"She was trying to watch something on television," Assistant District Attorney Amanda Calogero said. "She put the two older kids in a room, and she put the baby in the dryer" and turned it on.

During the three minutes Andre was in the dryer, he suffered skull fractures and extensive burns, Calogero said. The baby died at the scene, she said.

Smith initially told detectives that a pot of boiling water fell on the infant, Calogero said. She changed her story to say she hid Andre in the dryer as they played a game of hide-and-seek and that her son must have turned the dryer on.
Smith told detectives she removed clothing from the dryer, put the child in it and started the machine. Smith later removed the unresponsive baby, put the clothing back in the dryer and called her boyfriend and the baby's mother before calling authorities, according to the affidavit. Paramedics found the baby on Smith's living room floor with burns on his face, head, arms, legs and feet
The problem is, I'm just not sure what the proper punishment would be. Aside from putting her in an industrial dryer, turning it on 'high' and locking the door.

So The Obama & Co. don't have the balls to say

what they want to do, so they're trying to find ways to talk around it. As in "We're going to lie our faces off."
David Axelrod, Obama’s chief political adviser, along with campaign media adviser Jim Margolis, are encouraging lawmakers to use the word “recovery” instead of recession and “investment” instead of “infrastructure.” Those recommendations came from focus-group research indicating that such framing would make the package more appealing to voters.
Kind of like Bill Clinton calling tax increases 'increased contributions to government'.

Reinforcing the message, Obama said yesterday the U.S. risks sinking deeper into an economic crisis without an infusion of government spending and a cut in tax rates. He urged Congress to act quickly on a stimulus package.
"Don't give them time to think, dammit, tell them we have to do it NOW! It worked for the Pork Payoff & Bribes Bailout bill!"

Obama officials are using polling data to determine how to frame the economic proposals for voters and what language should be used, Gibbs said. They want to know “how America reacts” to the president-elect’s stimulus proposals and the public’s “attitudes toward the economy,” he said.
Sondra beat me to my reaction to this crap: “Action” with torches, pitchforks, rope and trees.

It's a question, did the islamists pick up the "We're victims,

so don't blame us for what we do" crap from liberals, or the other way 'round?
In London, the police advise British Jews to review their security procedures because of potential revenge attacks. The Sun reports "fears" that "Islamic extremists" are drawing up a "hit list" of prominent Jews, including the Foreign Secretary, Amy Winehouse's record producer and the late Princess of Wales' divorce lawyer. Meanwhile, The Guardian reports that Islamic nonextremists from the British Muslim Forum, the Islamic Foundation and other impeccably respectable "moderate" groups have warned the government that the Israelis' "disproportionate force" in Gaza risks inflaming British Muslims, "reviving extremist groups," and provoking "UK terrorist attacks" – not against Amy Winehouse's record producer and other sinister members of the International Jewish Conspiracy but against targets of, ah, more general interest.
Translation: "If some of our people(allah knows we're not British) decide to kill evil Zionists or blow up buildings or something, neither they nor we are really responsible for it; it's the JOOOOS fault, you see."

Go read Steyn's whole piece. A nice listing of islamist jerkwads using Israel as an excuse to threaten, to attack, to demand "Appease us, or else!"
In Fort Lauderdale, Palestinian supporters sneer at Jews, "You need a big oven, that's what you need!"
In Toronto, anti-Israel demonstrators yell "You are the brothers of pigs!," and a protester complains to his interviewer that "Hitler didn't do a good job."
In Toulouse, a synagogue is firebombed; in Bordeaux, two kosher butchers are attacked; at the Auber RER train station, a Jewish man is savagely assaulted by 20 youths taunting, "Palestine will kill the Jews"; in Villiers-le-Bel, a Jewish schoolgirl is brutally beaten by a gang jeering, "Jews must die."
In Helsingborg, Sweden, the congregation at a synagogue takes shelter as a window is broken and burning cloths thrown in. in Odense, principal Olav Nielsen announces that he will no longer admit Jewish children to the local school after a Dane of Lebanese extraction goes to the shopping mall and shoots two men working at the Dead Sea Products store. in Brussels, a Molotov cocktail is hurled at a synagogue; in Antwerp, Netherlands, lit rags are pushed through the mail flap of a Jewish home; and, across the Channel in Britain, "youths" attempt to burn the Brondesbury Park Synagogue

And as for the professional media we're supposed to trust,
In Paris, the state-owned TV network France-2 broadcasts film of dozens of dead Palestinians killed in an Israeli air raid on New Year's Day. The channel subsequently admits that, in fact, the footage is not from Jan. 1, 2009, but from 2005, and, while the corpses are certainly Palestinian, they were killed when a truck loaded with Hamas explosives detonated prematurely while leaving the Jabaliya refugee camp in another of those unfortunate work-related accidents to which Gaza is sadly prone. Conceding that the Palestinians supposedly killed by Israel were, alas, killed by Hamas, France-2 says the footage was broadcast "accidentally."
'Accidentally' as in "Dammit, we got caught; we'll have to admit the truth now."

Morons and enablers helping those who want them dead or enslaved. Or the order reversed. And they want to drag us down with them.