Saturday, January 09, 2021

You know it's bad when something like this is sold out

Friend is trying to find .50-70 Government brass.  Fat chance.  EVERYWHERE is sold out of even that.  He did find a bullet mold and some dies, but until some brass turns up his smokepole will have to remain silent.

The most common question at the range for months now has been "Do you have any 9mm?", followed by "- any .223/5.56?"  About 50% of the time both from the same person.  I'm guessing that not only is everyone buying everything they can, but companies have shifted as much production as they can to the most-in-demand stuff.

This is not fun.

The end of a kind of ratty week, but the data has been gathered

 for your study

Friday, January 08, 2021

Since the previous post has ruined my mood, at least I can go with a regular feature

to take some of the bile out of the throat.

The ABC News Political Director is either a God-damned fool who doesn't understand

what that wording means, or he's a God-damned fool who's looking forward to it. 

'Cleansing the movement'.
  Words that historically tend to involve boxcars and camps and mass graves.  And he happily put this out on Twatter.

I'd really hoped my later years wouldn't involve a civil war, but these morons seem determined to force one on us.

Secondary effect: If you know that's what this network thinks of you, and the other networks aren't condemning it, why the hell would anyone in the center or right trust a damned word from them?  And yet they bitch about people not trusting them...

Why I've come to hate the Postal Service

Tracking a package: it's gone from Missouri on the 4th to SOUTH CAROLINA on the 7th.  Which makes their 'arriving today' to sound like bullshit.

I'm sick of the mess, and really don't have much more to say right now

Expect minimal bloggage for at least a few days.

Thursday, January 07, 2021

I had a bunch of words worked up about the mess yesterday,

but I have no problem borrowing from someone who says it well in a piece over on Fecesbook:
1. If you supported the BLM riots, called them mostly peaceful protests, posted that quote from MLK Jr to pseudo-justify riots, and said that destruction of property and trespassing wasn't violence while simultaneously turning a blind eye to the multiple murder victims that resulted from said riots, but are now calling the storming of the Capitol building a riot and domestic terrorism and are blathering about how scary and terrible it is...'re a fucking hypocrite and partisan hack.

2. If you denounced all the BLM riots but support the storming of the Capitol building, you're probably still a partisan hack, but there's a consistent line of logic here. You learned it from watching the Left and the ineptitude of the court system. You saw politicians and celebrities raising money to post bail for violent rioters. You saw AGs and DAs refuse to press charges against rioters. You saw police departments arresting and charging counterprotestors and people defending themselves and their homes from these rioters while the rioters got away scot-free. You saw the BLM riots celebrated, and defended, and encouraged, and saw the Supreme Court abdicate its responsibility purely to avoid further riots.

...So you basically picked up on the lesson that the only way to get anything done is to riot, and even then, you're not burning shit down, killing people, or targeting bystanders and civilians, but specific federal buildings. Not what I would do, but I can't call you a hypocrite over it. You're just adapting to the environment you're surrounded by.

3. If you denounced both, I don't really have a problem with you, and I'm mainly in agreement with you, BUT I should warn you, you're not gonna have a fun time for the next couple of years, at least. The problem isn't going away and your solutions won't work. They're what got us here in the first place, so you too are going to have to adapt. 4. If you supported both, you're a fucking retard.

What now?  Messy.  Bunch of leftists are calling for anyone guilty of badthink- which includes not condemning ALL the demonstrators for what a few did- to be reeducated, put in camps, all the other crap they've been calling for for years.

Bunch of people on the right are declaring "About damned time!"  Which I understand, but I don't like what happened.  Of course, worrying about it being used by the left doesn't really matter, because if this hadn't happened they'd have pushed people into something else.

After watching rioters being excused over and over by the same asshats now calling for mass arrests, or just shooting anyone who supported Trump, or dared to actually march in DC, Oh yeah, I understand it.  It's truly amazing how many on the left practically crap their pants in outrage when you point this out("It's DIFFERENT when WE do it!", etc.) 

Best things I can see right now is pushing your state/county government, in states not blue, to negate some of the bullshit that'll come out of DC: 1st Amendment/2nd Amendment sanctuaries and such.  Which would help mute things down some, give time to work on stuff.

Right now, I don't know whether I wish I had a crystal ball or not.

Wednesday, January 06, 2021

I need to clear some space on the PC, too

                                                    This one is why men wind up drinking

                                                "I'm already muddy, just put me back down!"

                                                        El Chapito finally brought to justice