Saturday, July 12, 2014

More information has arrived

for study.  Which is good, because I'm done with the other stuff that needs doing around here.

More of the wonderful contributions of these illegal immigrants

A Border Patrol agent from the Laredo, Texas, Sector has been hospitalized for seven days with bacterial pneumonia, which the agent contracted while processing illegal immigrants, officials from National Border Patrol Council 2455 tell National Review Online. 

Agent Jarrad Seely, vice president of NBPC 2455, says the agent is expected to have chronic asthmatic symptoms for life, according to information relayed by the agent. The illness has so swollen the agent’s throat that it’s difficult for the agent to speak, Seely says.
Seely says the Laredo Sector has recently had illegal immigrants arrive with active cases of tuberculosis, scabies, lice and chicken pox
Sooner or later we're going to hear about people getting lice and Deity-knows-what after flying on the planes or riding the buses they've been putting these people on.  And that nice med-resistant TB and whatever else we're not hearing about yet.

Wonder how Obama will blame it on Bush?

Friday, July 11, 2014

After today, reviewing data

is more of a pleasure than usual

So at some point, for hippo, you may be able to go

to Colombia.  Thanks to a drug kingpin and his private zoo.

Yeah, his camera malfunctioned.

Repeatedly.  At critical times. 

Now someone's dead.  Yep, camera 'malfunction'.

Albuquerque isn't firing a lot of these clowns why?

I'd forgotten Holder was right in the middle of the Elian Gonzales kidnapping

“Tell me, Mr. Holder,” Judge Napolitano asked on April 23, 2000, “why did you not get a court order authorizing you to go in and get the boy [Elian Gonzalez]?”
Holder: Because we didn’t need a court order. INS can do this on its own.
Napolitano: You know that a court order would have given you the cloak of respectability to have seized the boy.
Holder: We didn’t need an order.
Napolitano: Then why did you ask the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals for such an order if you didn’t need one?
Holder: [Silence]
Napolitano: The fact is, for the first time in history you have taken a child from his residence at gunpoint to enforce your custody position, even though you did not have an order authorizing it. When is the last time a boy, a child, was taken at the point of a gun without an order of a judge…Unprecedented in American history.”
Holder: “He was not taken at the point of a gun.”
Napolitano: “We have a photograph showing he was taken at the point of a gun.”
Holder: “They were armed agents who went in there who acted very sensitively…”
Yeah.  Sensitively.

Borrowing from Doug,
The Elian Gonzalez episode was shameful,
but I didn’t realize at the time that Holder played such a big role in that goat-rope.
Not surprising, really, since we were lied-to all during the event by media, Clinton Administration flying monkeys, and feelgood RINOs.
Thought you folks might want to read up on it, you know, considering …

(What? Well, yeah, he waaas a Cuban, so Progs wouldn’t consider him a real refugee or a real Hispanic.)

One more thing: I'm of the theory that one reason so many feds started wearing masks was that picture: they don't LIKE it when people know who the clown holding the subgun is.

Guy named Michael Waldman wrote a book on the 2nd, but

can't be bothered to get his information correct.  Or deliberately lied.  Who knows?
Yet in Waldman’s merely two sentences explaining what was at issue in the case that has defined the modern meaning of the Second Amendment, 2008’s District of Columbia v. Heller (I wrote the biography of that case, Gun Control on Trial), he seems strangely ignorant—or wants his readers to stay strangely ignorant—about exactly what law the case challenged.

He writes that the D.C. statutes overturned by plaintiff Dick Heller (and, originally, five other co-plaintiffs booted off the case on narrow procedural grounds) “barred individuals from keeping a loaded handgun at home without a trigger lock.” In a later sentence he again refers merely to “the ban on loaded handguns.”

This is quite off-target. The laws challenged in Heller did not merely ban the possession of a loaded handgun without a trigger lock. They banned the registration of any handgun that you hadn’t already registered before the restrictive statutes went into effect in 1976. They also banned owning unregistered handguns. That means D.C. law banned handguns entirely for anyone who hadn’t been grandfathered in decades before.
If he can't get this correct, why trust anything else in the book?

In Virginia is a DA named Claiborne Richardson,

who apparently is an idiot.  And needs to be removed from that office.

Not to mention some police who, since they apparently have actual crimes(vs. 'stupid teenagers being stupd') so under control that they have the time to screw around with this.  Also that the female was also sending nekkid pictures of herself, but she wasn't charged, and couldn't a lawyer who wanted to make hay with that?

Yes, Mexico is actively helping this mess.  Openly, now.  Wonder just what kind of sanctions could be done on this, assuming some politicians who have the balls to do so?

Also, some of what Mexico is helping shove over our border.

New Zealand wants to get rid of that troublesome 'innocent until proven guilty' and 'right to remain silent' stuff in some cases.  Guess which ones?
Both major parties claim the current system is not upholding justice for victims, and are looking at changes that would effectively make it easier for prosecutors to obtain convictions.

National wants to explore allowing a judge or jury to see an accused's refusal to give evidence in a negative light, while Labour wants to shift the burden of proof of consent from the alleged victim to the accused.

Hey, Connecticut, how's it feel to know your politicians are sending more jobs to another state?

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Good for causing the Usual Suspects to peg their outrage meters

But as a practical matter, does that really make much difference? When you defend yourself against an assailant who happens to be a common criminal, after all, you're defending your rights from violation, no less than if your attacker--and aspiring rights violator--draws a government paycheck, carries a tax revenue-supplied firearm, and is acting on government orders. Likewise, in resisting a tyrannical government, you are defending yourself from that government--and the hired muscle of said government, from whom you are defending yourself, is no less criminal than the common street thug or rapist.

To claim a difference, other than one of scale, between a thug who rapes a woman, and a tyrant who rapes a nation, is to elevate the tyrant to something greater than the thug-writ-large he is. It is to claim that he can be resisted only by "revolutionaries," rather than by every man and woman who refuses to submit to thuggery.

If you need primers, here's a deal

Midsouth Shooters, five boxes or more no Hazmat fee

Makes you think they really don't want people seeing what's going on,

doesn't it?
- No recording devices will be allowed
- No questions will be allowed during the tour
- No interacting with staff and children at the shelter
- We ask that your questions be provided via email or phone after the tour to Kenneth Wolfe
- HHS ACF public affairs will provide answers to your follow up questions as quickly as possible
- We will provide photos of the facility after the tour
- There will be no on-site interviews by HHS staff before or after the tour, all inquiries go to Kenneth Wolfe

From 'the most transparent administration EVER!'

A lot of the clowns responsible for this mess don't buy groceries; they have a housekeeper or someone who does it.  And you think they pump their own gas, most of them?  And they make enough that the rise in cost doesn't much bother them(if at all).  Put bluntly: they don't care that lots of people are having trouble because gas and food cost so much more.

Lecturing the Israelis on being more understanding and compliant.  At a meeting that had to be adjourned because Hamas was firing rockets...

Gee, why might she have been so worried about Congress seeing what they were doing...
Embattled former Internal Revenue Service senior executive Lois Lerner cautioned colleagues against including comments in official emails and text messages that might be seen by Congress. 

"I was cautioning folks about email and how we have several occasions where Congress has asked for emails and there has been an electronic search for responsive emails — so we need to be cautious about what we say in emails," Lerner said in an April 9, 2013, email to IRS technology staff member Maria Hooke and Nannette Downing, manager of the IRS Exempt Organizations Exam Unit.

Why I don't trust the climate doom-mongers, #73:

Day before yesterday, 20-30% chance of rain.  Through the night.  At 2:30am I woke up to rumbles, and got up to close windows.  And since there was so much rumbling, checked the weather.

In three hours it had gone from 30% chance to 70% chance, and the 20% for Wednesday was now 60%.  By the time it ended late in the morning we got right at 2.5".

They often can't successfully forecast 24 hours in advance, but I'm supposed to believe someone can tell me the climate for the bloody world 50 and 75 years from now?

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Made a change on the bike wheels the other day,

installed these angled valves.

Reason?  Because with these wheels, the standard valves made it a PITA to check pressure, let alone add air.

I've actually had the valves for several months, having lucked out and found them on sale.  Finally decided to get off it, took the wheels to Performance Cycle in Bethany(highly recommended place to find a bike or get work done) and had them installed.  I'm really going to like them.  After putting the wheels back on checked the pressure, and added a bit in front, and it was a lot easier.  Especially on the front.

You're disarmed because Joe Biden doesn't like commoners being armed

on his toy trains, and because "The Amtrak cops and DHS will protect you."

Not so much.
He then paused for a few moments, looked around and allegedly said, “I feel like killing someone.” Then, according to the witness, he proceeded to beat the victim with his fists until he was dead.
And, of course,
According to Breitbart Texas' original source, Amtrak security arrived at the scene within a minute or two, but it was too late. The witness described the victim’s face as “unrecognizable as a human face.”
I'm sure Uncle Joe will lecture anyone who desires to carry as to how we're too stupid/unskilled/untrustworthy to be allowed arms, and how if this victim, or someone else there, had been armed 'it wouldn't have done any good.'

Want to bet?

An idiological twin of Bloomberg, Watts, Feinstein and Obama,

from (formerly Great)Britain, makes a number of the standard attacks on our 'unreasoning' affection for the right to arms.  This guy deals with him pretty well.
Does Fiske-Harrison not realize that from the American perspective—using our Second Amendment and state and federal gun laws as the standard—the right to keep and bear arms no longer exists in Britain? Far from enshrining it, the Brits have amputated it almost beyond recognition. Treating the two nations as if their gun policies were in any way similar is disingenuous at best. It mystifies me why Fiske-Harrison would attempt to foist such misinformation upon us.
(Because he's a liar, like the above-noted quartet?)
But he shows his true colors when he argues that “the state has, and should have—in large part—a monopoly on the legitimate use of violence, and therefore on the tools of violence,” revealing himself as an opponent of the Second Amendment, which stipulates specifically that the state shall not have a monopoly (“in large part”—whatever that means—or otherwise) on tools of violence: that citizens too have the right to utilize those tools. “The legitimate use of violence” includes citizens’ use of firearms—including pistols—in lawful self-defense.

What Fiske-Harrison’s words do accurately describe is the current state of affairs in Britain, where the state does possess a complete monopoly on specifying the conditions of gun ownership. Is Fiske-Harrison mystified that we Americans do not wish to surrender our freedoms in a similar fashion?
I have my doubts he's mystified; I think he's dismissive of us, and is doing all he can push us into surrender.

It's hard to deal with people like this at times; you wonder if they're actual believers in what they write, or if they fully understand our point of view and see it as an obstacle to complete .gov control, therefore we must be changed.  Or, in the view of the Madame Defarge of Slate, Susie Madrak: what point does the federal government literally go to war with its own citizens? Because we’re not talking about bank robbers here, we’re talking about (mostly) non-criminal cranks — scofflaws and political malcontents. So what line has to be crossed in the good old U.S. of A. before we start mowing them down to make our point? Because you can’t talk about the Bundy ranch without talking about Ruby Ridge, and Waco.
we're people who refuse to toe the line she and the other socialists demand, therefore we should be killed.*

Go read it all.  Stell concentrates on two parts of the right to arms, self-defense and warning the .gov that there are lines much better not crossed, but well worth reading.

*Note that she writes this crap, and then claims that These assholes want a civil war so bad, they can taste it.  Which assholes you talking about, Madrak?  When do you realize you're looking in a mirror when you say that?

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

My response to the EPA: "We should be able to hang overreaching bureaucrats

without going through that troublesome courtroom stuff."
In a Federal Register notice on July 2 titled “Administrative Wage Garnishment,” the EPA stated that by the authority of the Debt Collection Improvement Act (DCIA ) of 1996 it issued a proposed rule that “will allow the EPA to garnish non-Federal wages to collect delinquent non-tax debts owed the United States without first obtaining a court order.”
No.  HELL no.

In the "Only cops are professional and trained enough" category,
An off-duty NYPD officer who was allegedly intoxicated when he randomly opened fire in Pelham and shot at two strangers was indicted Thursday on attempted murder charges.

Speaking of such, when the police do this to one of their own officers due to butthurt, why should we trust them to treat us any better?

Not to mention the other behavior in the matter:
There is much, much more to the story than I have space for here, but the incident and its aftermath were thoroughly described in Randall Sullivan’s 2002 book Labyrinth, which not only detailed Kevin Gaines’s ties to gangster rap recording label Death Row Records and a Los Angeles street gang, but also similar ties connecting a number of LAPD officers to the same recording company and same street gang.  Some of those same officers, Rafael Perez chief among them, would, not long after the Gaines shooting, become the central figures in what became known as the LAPD’s Rampart scandal, in which a handful of officers at Rampart Division engaged in all manner of corrupt activities, including shooting and paralyzing an unarmed man, then planting a gun on him and fabricating a case against him that would send him to prison in a wheelchair.  The scandal was discovered after a large quantity of cocaine went missing from an evidence storage facility, cocaine that had been seized and booked into evidence by Lyga.  Investigators theorized that the theft was partly motivated by a desire to discredit Lyga as payback for the Gaines shooting.

Finally, in the Annals of "Oh SHIT!",
ATLANTA (AP) — Government workers cleaning out an old storage room at a research center near Washington made a startling discovery last week — decades-old vials of smallpox packed away and forgotten in a cardboard box.

The six glass vials of freeze-dried virus were intact and sealed with melted glass, and the virus may well have been dead, because it wasn't kept cold over the years, officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Tuesday.

Still, the find was disturbing because for decades after smallpox was declared eradicated in the 1980s, world health authorities believed the only samples left were safely stored in super-secure laboratories in Atlanta and in Russia.

Some people are really pushing this 'Pedophilia is normal!' crap

a bunch of them being British, wonder if they're trying to provide cover for highly-placed connections?
A: These people are disgusting.  The people doing it and the apologists.
B: So, are they saying female pedophiles are abnormal?  Isn't that discrimination?  Oh, they'll get in trouble for that.

Oh yeah, THIS is going to end well...

With the system being overwhelmed, Border Patrol agents are concerned about minors who have admitted to being MS-13 members, a brutal street gang from El Salvador that has been successful in infiltrating American communities. Agents are also concerned about minors who have committed acts like torture and murder in their home countries before heading north to the United States.

"We have six minors in Nogales who have admitted to killing and doing grievous bodily injuries. One admitted to killing as young as eight years old," an agent tells Townhall anonymously for fear of losing his job for speaking out. "They are being held for placement in the U.S."

By U.S. legal standards many gang members operating in Central American countries and traveling north are classified as minors due to being under the age of 18. However, many young males are actively engaged in violent cartel and criminal activity, yet are treated as children when processed through the Department of Human Services or Department of Homeland Security systems.
I'm sure the farging idiots will tell us that 'Now that they're here, they will become models of Hispanic society' or something.

Especially the idiots who played such a part in creating this mess.

Y'know that saying "Some people would just look better dead" ?  I think the mahout fits in that category.

Monday, July 07, 2014

The July E-Postal Match

is up.

I have got to remember to print this off and try it

Some idiots are setting their diesel truck up to smoke

a lot on demand.  This has led to some Puffington Host writer doing a breathless "Conservatives are doing this to people who care about the environment!" article.

Let's have one with "Environmental hypocrites drive cars full of toxic metals and chemicals!" about Prius drivers.

If the information in this article is correct, there's a bunch of cops who should be prosecuted and sued.  Absent all else, these two things should get people fired:
The unconscious man was transported to the hospital and placed on life support.  It was not until 4 days later that any family members were notified.  CBS reported that the detective who was responsible for notifying the family used the excuse that it was unnecessary because the patient “hadn’t died yet.”
Treavor says he had confidently assumed that an autopsy would be performed; it was also required by Florida law. However, with no logical explanation being offered, the police hurriedly shipped his body off to a funeral home and asked for it to be cremated, CBS reported. This was not only against police protocol but also against the law, and was done behind the backs of the surviving family members. By sheer luck and coincidence, the funeral home did not get to the cremation in a timely fashion — the body was there for 7 days.
Can't be seen as anything other than 'trying to get rid of the evidence'.

We're supposed to trust the police why, again?

Sunday, July 06, 2014

A: I'd bet you money there was evidence and reports of this before, but

the police wouldn't touch it.  Because high-ranking politicians and 'nobles'.

B: Some people really would look better dead.

When the usual suspects call Durbin a racist

and so forth, I'll believe they actually mean the crap they spout.

"We have told you what the truth is, stop following that 'air both sides' nonsense!"  Wonderful words from a scientist, what?
The report re-affirms another published in 2012 in which genetics professor Steve Jones criticized the organization’s “‘over-rigid’ application of the Editorial Guidelines on impartiality in relation to science coverage.”
Because Science! doesn't need both sides of the argument being aired; it might confuse the serfs.
The coverage “fails to take into account what [Jones] regards as the ‘non-contentious’ nature of some stories and the need to avoid giving ‘undue attention to marginal opinion,’” read the 2012 report, which noted that Jones cited man-made climate change as an example.
They declare what they believe 'non-contentious' and therefore the other side shouldn't be heard.  Friggin' wonderful.

Well, Officer Jacobs, if you and your uniformed friend acted properly, why don't you demand the video be released?  Some reason you don't want it seen?