Saturday, April 18, 2020

Another Saturday evening,

I'm tired, here's the data

Tomorrow's a very important date,

and I'm borrowing from NLOGAM:
Just like when Longfellow wrote Paul Revere’s Ride, we are facing a time of danger. The danger is not just from COVID-19. The more critical danger is that civil liberties are being trampled upon by public officials with their proclamations, emergency orders, etc. Whether it is police in Greenville, Mississippi interfering with a drive-in church, police in Raleigh saying people don’t have the right to assemble even if keeping their social distance, or Gov. Baker’s order on gun stores, the First and Second Amendments are being spit upon by small men with big egos and a misguided sense of their own importance.

It is time for that to stop.

What I've been messing with

On the left is a .45-70 with a 405-grain bullet.  On the right is a .40-65 with a 400-grain.
The height is partly because the .40 bullet is seated a bit far out with the last lube groove exposed, but the bullet is longer than the .45 405-grain.

I won't go through the 'how I got started with this' story, suffice it to say it's been frustrating at times.  Basic of loading this thing:
You can get cases from Starline, or you can form them from .45-70 brass: anneal, then use a .40-65 full-length sizing die to reform them(this is a 'take your time, a small bit at a time' process).  Starline cases are fine quality, but tend to wind up a bit on the short side after fireforming.*

So you decide to use .45-70 cases.  Start by annealing the front third of the case.  Then, with the .40-65 sizing die and plenty of suitable lube, you resize/reform it a bit at a time: push it in max of 1/2", back out, redistribute lube, do it again, until you've done it all the way down.

Which means your case is longer than it was, in this case a lot longer.  So you have to trim it a bit before it'll fully chamber, which you check in the rifle you'll be using it in.  Which is where this can get less than fun.  Because reports are that some dies won't reduce the diameter all the way down to just above the rim sufficiently.  That means you either get another set of dies(expensive), or- if all else is good- you do a little careful grinding on the bottom of the die to shorten it(no, that's not my idea; I read about it in several posts on the subject), which means grind a small bit, deburr and clean up, then use it to resize one of the cases and try it in the chamber until it's a proper fit.  Complicate this by Shiloh apparently making these with a tight chamber, and one company makes a die set specifically for them.  The good thing being that once you have cases that chamber properly, you should only need to, at most, neck-size them after that.**

All that's because the original cartridge used about a 250- to 300-grain bullet in Winchester lever rifles, and it's now mostly used in single-shots like Sharps and High Walls for long-distance shooting.  So the chambers wind up being a touch different, which has caused people to get creative in fixing the problems.  Etc.

Why the long bullet in single-shots?  Seems the dimensions make it pretty ballistically efficient, more so than most .45-70 bullets, and it does it with a fair bit less recoil, reaching out to some impressive distances according to what I've read.

Yes, I've fired these, with both smokeless and black powder.  There really was less recoil than my .45-70 with its long-range bullets.  Accuracy seemed good, though real work on that will be after I've got more fireformed brass.

So that's what I've been doing in part of my 'keep from going nuts because most places are closed' time.  We'll see how this goes.

*If you've not done this kind of thing, the first time you fire a cartridge case in a particular rifle the heat and pressure forms it to fit the chamber.  This often causes the length of the case to shrink a bit.

** Mentioned before, a lot of people using black powder in rifles for single-shots don't resize since the bullet has to sit right on top of the powder.  For match use, many don't crimp, either.

Racism and hate are just fine to the left, as long as

the racist is the right sort of person, and the target is a disapproved type.

I'd imagine this craphead is going to have fun dealing with doctors outside her bubble, who just might resent knowing they're having to work with a clown who thinks they'd actively work to kill blacks.''

Link fixed now

Of course they are; if kids aren't being indoctrinated in public schools

they might actually learn to think and question.  And that's intolerable.

Friday, April 17, 2020

Friday evening,

windy and chilly, so

Cops and Bureaucraps who need to be fired as well as sued.

Starting with Sheriff Joseph Konrath and Patrol Sergeant Cameron Klump from Marquette County Sheriff's Department, followed by the supposed adults running the high school.

Short version: kid got sick, doctors decided she had the Wuflu, she posted about it, and the uniformed thugs demanded
...remove Amyiah's Instagram posts. If they refused, Klump said the family faced charges for disorderly conduct and Klump told them he would "start taking people to jail," according to the suit.

What the hell, you may ask, was their supposed justification for this?
Konrath's justification was that there had been no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the county. He found out about the Instagram post from Amyiah's high school. The Cohoon family had contacted the school to let them know about Amyiah's infection, but nobody ever contacted them back to get more information. It appears that instead the school contacted the police.
But wait!  There's MORE!
That evening the family would discover that a school administrator sent out an alert to families accusing Cohoon of making it up and assuring families that any information of infection was just a rumor. "Let me assure you there is NO truth to this," the message read. "This was a foolish means to get attention and the source of the rumor has been addressed. This rumor had caught the attention of our Public Health Department and she was involved in putting a stop to this nonsense."
Well then...

I hope every clown involved in this loses their ass.

Short version: "Oh my, lots of these people got the Wuflu,but

never got sick!"  Surprise!

There's the obligatory
“How much of the COVID virus is being passed by people who don’t even know they have it?”
and this gem:
“It tells you, you don’t know who’s at risk. You don’t know what you need to do to contain the virus if you don’t actually have the details or facts,” said Marty Martinez, Boston’s chief of Health and Human Services.
A: Ignores completely the matter of "How many people are immune to it and can go about their business while troubling no one?"
B: 'Containing' this is a pipe dream.  I think they need to stop pretending they can.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Seriously? (updated)

In Texas?

I wonder, if you turn in enough people do they give you a snazzy red armband to wear?

 Update: was informed in comments that the city has decided their "Please inform on your neighbor" app wasn't a good idea after all.

Politicians who deserve removal from office at the very least,

and chiefs of police and officers who, at the least, need some serious retraining.  Assuming they can be trained.
The idea that Pastor Arthur Scott and Temple Baptist Church were causing a coronavirus hotspot by worshiping together over the radio while enclosed in separate cars is not just asinine — it's unthinkable. The fact that Greenville police gave parishioners $500 tickets — even when those tickets were later dropped — is chilling. The only possible spread of the virus during that church service came when the police forced the parishioners to roll down their windows to get ticketed. In the name of protecting citizens from the coronavirus, police not only penalized a completely safe activity but also introduced the only dangerous moment in that worship service.

When police handed out $500 tickets to Christians at Temple Baptist Church, Pastor Scott recalled, "One of the police officers said the mayor wanted to make an example of our church."
Oh yes, examples need to be made.

The 'Let's go straight to hanging' comes from the D&FSofNJ:
Having prefaced that with
Strikes me as the kind who'd say "I wish that stupid Constitution would stop getting in my way!"

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

I remember hearing about some of this crap back in the 1980's,

it was the first time I heard of 'stigma' being more important that possibly killing people.
Now we've got idiots playing "Protect the PRC!  RACISM!!" over the Wuhan virus.

History does repeat, sometimes in the most stupid ways.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

My personal view on abortion has been

If you want one, get one.
Don't tell me I have some obligation to pay for it.
The way so many have come to see it as just a method of birth control really creeps me out.

Then I run into people like this...

Maybe her statement sounded better in the original German.

Maybe she did, but if so

her bosses still kissed the PRC ass.

Some pigs are more equal than others

For instance, snitching on your neighbors or the church down the street is fine, but talk about a mosque violating the rules...

Sunday, April 12, 2020

It stopped raining and the sun is out, and there's a cold front coming in

So something to take your mind off the weird weather

Same kind of idiots in Australia as here

Doc says "Telling people not to be on a beach or otherwise outside is dumb", asshat responds:
Asked for a response, Deputy Chief Health Officer Dr Nick Coatsworth, said, "The current measures to limit gatherings are consistent with those adopted in other nations such as the United Kingdom and are necessary to prevent Australia's epidemic worsening."

Australian authorities have so far refused to release the modelling behind their decisions.

While Deputy Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly said earlier this week that the modelling would be "unlocked" this week, he appeared to backpedal a little on Wednesday.
Basically "Everybody else is doing this, so shut up and do what you're told.  And you can't see our models!"
And I wonder why that might be...