Saturday, October 17, 2009

Yeah, us right-wingers are out to get them, all right,

unlike the nice, peaceful socialists:
But you see, something will stop them. We (the real Americans, the good and sane people) will have to round them up and put them in FEMA camps. And they know it. We're (some of us) the only ones in denial about this. They are vermin. They are not compatible with the ongoing of civil society, let alone civilization. And if you are right that "nothing will stop them," well, something will. They will finally step too far out of line (note how much rope Obama's administration's giving them) and there will be widespread public support for rounding them up and imprisoning them.

Which will tragically sad, but also absolutely necessary, should it come to pass
Assuming you have a strong stomach, go take a look. You'll find that the study they're reporting on is by James Carville and Stan Greenberg(nah, no chance of slant there). And according to the commenters, there's NO WAY we'd object to these same things being pushed by a white guy(ALL our opposition to Obama is based on his being black, y'know), someone in secret gives Limbaugh and Malkin and so forth their 'talking points' each day, etc. For instance, from one of the clowns,
To suggest that racism is not part of the DNA of these lunatics, is either being naive or deliberately misleading. Why weren't their fear as manifest during the Bush years?. Just asking
Yep, we must be racists, and it's so ingrained it's inherited. We never said anything bad about Bush, did we?(actually we yelled and screamed a lot, but ignore that) Etc.

Just damn.

Added: according to this, the study said Racism is not a factor driving conservative opposition to President Barack Obama, according to the results of focus groups conducted by Democracy Corps, a Democratic organization, released on Friday.
Rather than attributing their dislike of Obama to race, participants in the focus groups, which were a project of Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research, said that their disaffection was borne out of a sense that the president was orchestrating an effort to steer the country away from its “founding principles.”

“They want him to fail,” said pollster Stan Greenberg. “It’s not just a political motivation, it’s an ethical imperative given what they think Obama’s goals are.”

And yet, according to all the enlightened ones, being racist is in our DNA and it's ALL about race. Yeah. Right.

It also has this line:
Whether or not they voted for Obama, the independent voters said they wanted to see the president succeed and were not concerned that he was championing so-called socialist policies.
That sounds an awful lot like "I don't care what he actually does, or is trying to do, I want him to succeed." Which is a hell of an attitude. Is it just "I want the President to succeed" in general, or are they more of the "He's our first black President, so he has to succeed" clowns? If the latter, then you can see one of the groups where race really matters; and it ain't us.


MauserMedic said...

To paraphrase a Norwegian commander I worked under last year, referring to Russian armor in his youth during the Cold War: "I figured if I could just take five of them with me, I could die happy".

I have trouble seeing many of these individuals being the ones to come and take me to the camps.

Firehand said...

I do have to wonder: these people sound sincere in this, so I wonder if they've actually considered the fights that would occur? Not just with citizens on the list, but the police and military that would be tasked with the job?

It's unfortunate that so many with badges and uniforms would want to carry out the orders, but we do know a good many would not. Which also has the potential to get profoundly messy.