Saturday, May 27, 2023

And now let us once again see to that seventh eve stuff

Which, as usual, is right down below

A Biden official using an agency as a political hit team?

My shocked face is all worn out.

Speaking of .gov employees who may have need

of a lesson,
For those of you who didn't follow the case, the EPA tried to tell a couple that they couldn't build a home on their own property because the backfill was "discharging pollutants into a navigable water." Which is weird, because a soggy backyard isn't a navigable water.
The EPA lost in a unanimous decision by the Supremes, rightly so, and now some of the usual suspects, such as Sen. Schumer, are losing their shit because 'the MAGA Supreme Court is eroding environmental laws!', etc.

I wonder which part of 'unanimous' he doesn't understand?

Friday, May 26, 2023

It is now time for the sixth evening stuff,

so painstakingly prepared for all nine of you

More bureaucrats who need an appointment in the town square,

with a flagrum.
But NOW, the unelected, unaccountable, faceless, nameless, power-hungry monarchs at the FDA have decided that none of our farmers, ranchers, or hobbyists will be allowed to have those medicines anymore without visiting the vet for a prescription. This will cost the farmers tens of thousands of dollars a year in added vet bills, which they will then pass onto the consumer, forcing prices even higher during a time of record inflation.

There was no debate in Congress, no federal law passed, no chance for a town hall or public debate, no reading of a bill, no commercials warning the public so they could stop this encroachment on liberty and sanity. We have been informed by federal decree that this is now our new reality.

How much you want to bet that this is connected to John Effing Kerry & Co. and their "We have to deal with farming, because Climate Change!" bullshit?

Spotted at a rest area on a highway,

and very happy with the trip

It appears that Google now considers all kinds of things

sufficient to cause a warning of 'it may upset someone if you read this' for a post.  Like saying someone was upset with the cops.


Another bit of ammo testing, and now that I can add pictures,

this time the venerable .45 Colt, ammo from Fiocchi*
Pretty close to the original on ballistics, with a FMJ bullet for range use.  Test gun was a Ruger Blackhawk with a 7.5" barrel.  First shots at 10 yards from a rest were nice,
even with me pulling the last one.  Same range offhand produced nothing special(that's on me)

Now moved it back to 15 yards offhand, and
which is not bad at all.  One of the nice things is that this barrel length puts the front sight far enough out that I can get it fairly sharp.

For the last of today's groups, I moved it back to 20 yards and fired offhand:
That far up & right was the first shot.  Then I settled in more solidly, and when I ran the target back I was amazed.  I'd have been very happy with that group from a rest, seems I had a good day.  Or fate is setting me up for a future "Why can't I hit anything!?" day.

I saved half the ammo for more testing later, I'd like to shoot it at 25 and 50 yards.  This stuff was consistent, everything ejected easily, and accuracy was all I could expect.  I've fired other Fiocchi ammo with nice results from all of it, and a friend using their .300 Blackout with the 125-grain SST bullet had a clean kill on a deer.  Their .22 LR I've tried has been quite nice in accuracy as well.  This stuff adds to the list.

*Supplied by Widener's

An experiment: Let's say he's upset with the heat, so no donation for them

Nazaroff told the Daily Caller he always strove to support law enforcement in the past, and claimed he donated ammunition to the MTOA for their previous training conferences. That changed, however, when his business was fined by a local police officer during Covid-19 lockdowns for not complying with mask mandates.

“Respect has to go both ways,” Nazaroff told the Caller, later accusing the MTOA of “whole-hog deepthroating Gretchen Whitmer’s high heels two years ago.”

The experiment part is Blogger says 'if you fix the offensive part we'll review the post', but they don't tell you what part offended someone.  So I altered the title a bit; the rest is direct from a news story.  We'll see if this changes anything.

That's some high-level delusional right there

The probable cause statement said the maid asked to see Corrado’s grandmother, so he took her to the bedroom, where there was a blue tarp. Deputies said Corrado removed the tarp and showed the maid his grandmother, who had a bag over her head.

“When [the maid] attempted to remove the bag from [the victim], Corrado told her to stop and that she would get blood everywhere,” the probable cause statement said.

The document alleged that Corrado asked the housekeeper to help him get rid of the body and clean the home before his grandfather got home. When the woman told him to call 911, Corrado said he could not because he would “go back to prison,” according to the statement.

Thursday, May 25, 2023

I hope she sues every damned one of them,

preferably for everything they and their networks have.
This guy Richey should be the first one, because he really earned it.

The main antagonist, The Young Turks’ Rashad Richey, blasted the woman’s name and her place of employment onto the web and explicitly called for her firing. He even put the CEO of her hospital on screen and appealed directly to him to dispose of her in his segment, which he titled, “Karen Weaponizes White Tears To Hijack Black Man’s E-Bike.”

Being the cowardly organization that it is, NYC Health + Hospitals suspended its employee before apparently bothering to look into the case at all. White people targeted by online racialized mobs, after all, don’t deserve the benefit of due process.

The issue for the race-baiter is that the entire hoax was fabricated. The physician’s assistant, Sarah Comrie, through her attorney, provided receipts proving she had purchased the bike.
Richey’s original defamatory video was quietly scrubbed from the archives a few days after upload — unfortunately for Comrie — after the damage had been done.

Presumably under advisement from his lawyers, Richey recently uploaded an “apology” video to clarify his defamatory statements, and it’s a doozy.


Well, I was going to post some pictures, but effing Google won't let me unless I sign in; except

I'm already signed in.  And it won't let me get to the 'sign in' box, and they says 'The request is malformed, that's all we know'.

Effing Google.

Being home and tired out, ran across this from Sarah Hoyt on lies,

in particular the bullshit that slavery started in the US and only affected black Africans.
I don’t know who thought it was brilliant to tell black people in the US that they were the first people enslaved in history, ever, and that it was all due to racism. I know they were already doing this in the 80s and before, because, after finding out a black friend believed this (and disabusing her) I confronted another friend who was a history teacher and she told me that of course they couldn’t tell black people that slavery had been endemic since pre-history, mostly among groups so homogeneous we can’t tell them apart, or that most black people brought to the US were enslaved by Arab traders. Why couldn’t they tell them that? “It will hurt their self esteem.”

I don’t know about you, but to my mind that is bizarre and exactly opposite. To think my people were the only people so weak as to be treated as chattel by other humans, and/or that every other race hated us would instead reduce me to a gibbering mess, and it probably explains the demand for reparations from people who were never slaves paid by people who never held slaves.

And continues on the women being utterly without agency and unable to own property till sometime in the 20th century stuff.

Lots of distance to cover today,

so maybe something tonight.  If there's time and I'm not dead.

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

A vaccine for arthritis?

 I really hope this works out.

Another of those wonderful people in Higher Education,

especially, it seems, in the Arts:
Shellyne Rodriguez was sacked by Hunter College just hours after the adjunct professor was caught on camera holding the blade to the veteran reporter’s neck while threatening to “chop” him up outside her Bronx apartment.
This is after another situation in which she cursed at student, and damaged their table display, for daring to be against the holy sacrament of abortion.

Then we have John Effing Kerry, again, lecturing us about changing our eating habits because, as the WEF insists, 
Cutting greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural production is essential to the global fight against climate change, U.S. climate envoy John Kerry said on Wednesday.
He said this during a break in his private jet flights around the world.  Which don't count for fighting Climate Change because he's Important, not some peasant who can wait around for a commercial flight.  And what would it look like to all the other Important people if he didn't show up in his private jet?  The embarrassment!

And last, I have to admit that these are some gun laws I can't really argue with.

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Ah, another cultural import to deal with

Ever hear of Santa Muerte?  I'd heard of it, a bit; BRM has a lot more.

I'm sure all the illegals flooding across the border will bring us even more cultural enrichment to deal with.

A 2-bore rifle...

I cannot imagine firing this thing

Andrew Sullivan can be a first-class squirrel- remember his fixation on Sarah Palin's kid?-

but he can do some thinking, and he's got real problems with the current gender dysphoria crap, including
You might imagine that, given this record, the queers would go out of their way to reassure us, to show how tight the safeguarding is, how they screen thoroughly to ensure that gay kids are not swept up in this. But they regard the very question of whether gay kids are at risk as out of bounds. Here’s a queer activist writer, Masha Gessen, saying that one thing “should be off limits” in this debate:
[In the NYT] there’s a [paraphrased] quote from Andrew Sullivan, the conservative gay journalist, who says, Well, maybe these people would’ve been gay—implying they’re really gay and not really transgender. That really clearly veers into the territory of saying ‘These people don’t exist. They’re not who they say they are.’ So that’s why it’s so painful.
No it doesn’t. It’s perfectly possible to believe that transgender people exist, but that children may not know who or what they are before they’ve even gone through puberty. I’ll defend the right of adults to define themselves as they wish and take irreversible medical measures as they please. I’d march in defense of those rights. I’m just saying something that we recognize in every other area: children are different. And children should not be self-diagnosing a medical condition.

In the same interview, Gessen also says that we can’t “distinguish [being homosexual] from being transgender” anymore. To which I have to ask: if we can’t tell the difference among adults, how on earth can we with prepubescent children? And if we can’t, and the treatment is irreversible, the safest option is to let them be until they’re adult enough to decide.

Don't agree with him on all points, but he's damn well right on some.

Monday, May 22, 2023

In the name of Green, we must kill birds

and bats and insects, destroy habitat, destroy archeological sites, and still have unreliable and expensive electricity!  It's for the CHILDREN!!"  Etc.
Over the last few years, this swathe of desert has been steadily carpeted with one of the world’s largest concentrations of solar power plants, forming a sprawling photovoltaic sea. On the ground, the scale is almost incomprehensible. The Riverside East Solar Energy Zone – the ground zero of California’s solar energy boom – stretches for 150,000 acres, making it 10 times the size of Manhattan.
But there’s one thing that the federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) – the agency tasked with facilitating these projects on public land – doesn’t seem to have fully taken into account: the desert isn’t quite as empty as it thought. It might look like a barren wilderness, but this stretch of the Mojave is a rich and fragile habitat for endangered species and home to thousand-year-old carbon-capturing woodlands, ancient Indigenous cultural sites – and hundreds of people’s homes.
Kevin Emmerich worked for the National Park Service for over 20 years before setting up Basin & Range Watch in 2008, a non-profit that campaigns to conserve desert life. He says solar plants create myriad environmental problems, including habitat destruction and “lethal death traps” for birds, which dive at the panels, mistaking them for water.

He says one project bulldozed 600 acres of designated critical habitat for the endangered desert tortoise, while populations of Mojave fringe-toed lizards and bighorn sheep have also been afflicted. “We’re trying to solve one environmental problem by creating so many others.”

And on, and on.  But it's all good, because Green Energy!  Unreliable, and damaging, but Green!