Saturday, November 13, 2021

The new 7th night has rolled around, so

here 'tis

Movie called 'Last Man Standing' had one of the best "Here's the problem and

here's what I'm going to do about it" speeches ever.

Well worth the time

Scene from the range

Guy comes in near closing, leans on the counter, looks at the bullets for a minute(bullets for reloading, not ammo), finally says "Do you have any .700 Nitro Express?"
"No sir."
"Any .600 Nitro Express?"
"No sir.  Those are specialty ammo, you're going to have to order it."
"Any .500?"
"No, same thing, it's specialty you'll have to order."
"Would anyone else have any?"
"No.  Again, specialty ammo, you'll have to order it."
Moment of thought.
"Do you have any .45-70?"
"Is that a bolt action?"
"No, usually a lever-action or single-shot."
"Where are those?
"If we have any, in the rifle sales over there."
And off he went.  

No, I have no idea.  And I'm not sure if I want to.

Friday, November 12, 2021

But in the meantime, something

to take your minds off the bullshit emanating out of the DC area

I've got thoughts about my version of one of Kevin's uberposts,

 but it's going to take a while to put together.

And yeah, I've still got to get  more of the blogroll changes done.

Be patient.

These people are scum and should be treated as such

Early Thursday morning Cranbrook RCMP were notified that someone defaced the cities Cenotaph mere hours before the Remembrance Day ceremony was set to take place.

Spray-painted across the memorial were the words “the real heroes are the vaccinated.”

Same level as CNN posting that tweet that "We love and respect the troops, but you should also love and respect us journalists."

Fuck 'em all.  With an old shovel handle.

I cannot argue with what he says

First, the EffingBI raids Project Veritas over a year-old lost diary.

Then, because the head of the place talks about it, the EffingBI raids his house.

Then a federal judge says "Stop searching his phone."

Now the bastards are leaking stuff from their searches to the NYeffingTimes.

Yes, it's a criminal organization, and should be treated as such.

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

I watched some of the video of the Rittenhouse trial, and holy CRAP the prosecutors are either stupid, incompetent,

arrogant, or a nasty combination of the above.

Ignore everything else(if you can) and reflect on this:  Not a lawyer, but I had some law/LE classes back in my undistinguished college career; sometimes had people from the DAs office, sometimes other attorneys, and among the things I remember are
You never ask a witness a question if you don't know what the answer will be, 
and(big one)
You NEVER piss off the judge.
And the prosecutors have done both.  Multiple times.  The gentleman over here has some video collected and commentary from his own legal background, and it's much better to let him go over it.

I'll say this: the saying I've heard is that when someone says "With all due respect" they're telling you they don't have any for you; when the prosecutor uses that phrase to start to tell the judge "You should be quiet and let me do this", you can just about see him close to saying "You'd better sit down and shut up, pissant, because I've had  it with you."

I don't know if Binger has such arrogance that he's managed to get away with this crap before and thought he could do it again(after the previous demonstrations he can't, he should've known better) or he's actually stupid.  When you've pushed the judge so far he's considered a mistrial with prejudice, which means your case is gone forever, if you've got three brain cells to rub together you should realize it's time to start shutting up.

Tuesday, November 09, 2021

In case there was still any question, the EffingBI

stopped being a law enforcement agency and became the Democrat Gestapo some time back.

And a bunch of Professional Journalists who should be having screaming fits about this won't say a word.  Because they hate anybody who actually reports on Forbidden Subjects far more than they consider said EffingBI will happily do the same thing to them the moment they offend the right politicians.